Ringtones Saved From Audio Files In Sd Card Disappear After Reboot

I'm having a problem creating ringtones from files saved to the sd card. I have succeeded in getting the information to be written to the mediastore database, and the files do show up in settings -> sound & display -> phone ringtone. However, as soon as i reboot the phone, the files disappear from the list of ringtones.

The only clue i have is that the database in /data/data/ Providers. Media/databases/external-. Db is getting its rows deleted on startup. The files themselves are not changing. Even stranger is that, if i simply copy the file from the sd card to the files/ directory of the internal storage directory for my app, and then save that file as the ringtone, it works!  However, it doesn't really seem feasible to me to force the user to keep two copies of the audio file.

I do have a . Nomedia file in the audio files directory (to avoid the files showing up in the music app), but i have tested this with and without the . Nomedia file and the same problem occurs.

Below is my code for creating the ringtone/notification. The users of my app would be really grateful if i figured this out.


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Htc Droid Eris - Save Pictures / Videos And Audio Files (like Ringtones) To Sd Card Directly From Text Message

So this week i am planning on getting the htc droid eris and was wondering if this phone allows you to save pictures/ videos and audio files (like ringtones) to the sd card directly from a text message? How about from gmail?

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Cannot View Saved Image Until Reboot / Fix It

I am saving an image taken by the camera to a unique folder on the sdcard. The image saves fine, but i cannot view it in the gallery. I can see it in the file system, but i cannot view the image in the gallery app until i reboot the phone or mount the sdcard, and then umount.

Here's the code.

As i said, the file is saved fine, i can see it in the fs, and i can view it after the card has been umounted/mounted or rebooted. Is it an issue that i'm not correctly closing the file?I don't think that's it, but i'm not sure why i can't view the image. I believe i tried saving the file using getcontentresolver(). Insert() and didn't have this issue, but i want to save the images to a specific folder that i create.

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Where Napster Store Saved Music Files

Where does napster store saved music files? I'm rooted and want to navigate to it.

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Motorola Droid X - Ringtones Reset After Reboot

So i took notice some of my ring tones reset for some reason the other night randomly. This morning i restarted the phone and i had to reselect the phone ringtone and the ringtone i had set for one person, and i also had to reset the sound for notifications. Anyone else have this problem?The droid x is literally brand new. I took notice when it was starting it said prepping sd card. Is that normal?

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Issue: Apps Disappear From Sd Card, After I Factory Reset The Phone

Moved apps to sd card, did master reset, where did my apps go? I moved all my apps to my sd card by using my phone. I backed up all of my pictures and everything, and then did a factory reset on my phone. I plugged in my sd card expecting to see all of my apps that i had moved to my sd card (about 15 of them) and i can't find them anywhere. Anybody have any ideas? Of course, i can download all of my apps again, but some were paid apps, some from the amazon appstore. I have searched everything that i can think of, and haven't found any sort of answer. My phone is not rooted either.

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Htc Evo 4g - Saved Attachments To Sd Card - Viewing Them

I saved some email attachments to the sd card when asked. But how can i view them? Clicking the paper clip asks me if i want to save it again. I know i can probably connect via usb to view on the pc, but is there an sd card "viewer" that i cannot seem to locate?

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Samsung Fascinate - How To Tell If Apps Are Saved On Sd Card Or On Internal Drive

I know these questions are really elementary, but:

1. In my task manager, it shows for ram 214 mb/325mb. Why is so much memory already used when i have so little extra on the phone? Does the pre-loaded stuff and os take up that much space?Confession: i have only downloaded 4 apps so far (google maps, handcent, swiftkey, smart keyboard pro) and 1 widget (digital clock widget) plus i have 4 ringtones and 1 song. Obviously, i am not a superuser.

2. How can i tell if my apps are saved on my sd card or on my internal drive?

3. If on my internal drive, how do i move them to the sd card?

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Htc Evo 4g - Unable To See Any Of Pictures / Music Saved On Sd Card

I'm having some problems with my htc evo. The evo is unable to see any of the pictures/music saved on my sd card. If i open the gallery, the phone says "no pictures or video were found". However, if i open up astro file browser, i can navigate the sd card and open up each picture individually.

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Htc Incredible Reboot When Downloading Massive Files / Fix It

Our app need download a lot of files. Current it works on samsung galaxy but always makes htc incredible reset with a sad announcement"droid".

Does anybody know if htc incredible has some limitation on network connections, downloading files/size, or memory leaking with downloading etc. Issues?

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Cannot Play Audio Files In Raw Folder

At the moment im working on an application which uses audio files and the issue is when ever my audio file gets called it gives me this error: the file is only 2kb mp3 and 30kb . Ogg and 130kb wav. Does anyone have any suggestions on how do i fix this?

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Motorola Droid X - Download Ringtones (like Music) Saves In Sd Card / Why Is So

This is very frustrating. Why is it that when i download ringtones (like music ringtones) it saves in the sd card? I haven't put my music in my phone yet but when i click on the music player it shows the ring tones i've downloaded. This would suck if im playing music and out of no where i have to listen to parts of a song. What can i do about this? New to android.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Save Ringtones To Phone Storage Instead Of Sd Card

Is it possible to save ringtones to the phone storage instead of sd card? I would prefer this so when i set my ringtone and hook it up to my computer. I don't have to have my ringtone took away temporarily.

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Killi Process With Files On Sd Card

I found that android kills my app process that has files open on sd card when the card is mounted when the device connects to a computer. It is done without any notification, i see in the log something like killprocesswithfilesopenedoncard message, my app receives no notification, has no chance to gracefully shutdown. Moreover android restarts my app immediately after killing it with latest activity not the default activity launched in default standard mode. It does it while the card is still mounted and device is still connected to a computer.

Can someone explain this all to me, how it i supposed to work, and if there is any way to alter this weird rude behavior? Particularly, if there is way to get any notification before the process is killed by the os and to prevent relaunching it while the card is still mounted?

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Samsung Behold 2 - How To Get All Old Files Off Old One To New Sd Card

I bought a 16gb sd to replace the 2gb one the phone came with my question is how to i get all the old files off the old one to my new one help please

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Htc Desire - Phone Sometimes 'looses' Sd Card - All Ok After Reboot

Have an orange desire that came with 4gb sd card. Every now and then the phone reports that it can't see/access the card. If i plug the usb in and set as disk drive, i can see all the data on the card?!
All ok after re-booting the phone?!
Anyone else?

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Motorola Droid X - Files In Svox Folder On Memory Card

I have a droid x. I recently upgraded to 2. 2. There are files in the svox folder named like de-de-gl0-sg. Bin and de-de-ta. Bin. The other files are en-gb, en-us, es, fr and it. What these files for? Can i delete everyting but en-us, as i will never do anything in german, british, spanish, french or italian.

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Deleted Pdf Files On Sd Card Keep Showing In Adobe Reader

I deleted my pdf files on sd card in my sgs2 and they still keep showing in adobe reader. What is the right way to delete pdf files on sd card?

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Installing Apps, Games Files Into External Sd Card On Samsung Galaxy S2

I have a samsung galaxy s2 i9100g, along with sony xperia neo and htc desire z. After searching extensively throughout the internet and, i needed to post this thread.

On my xperia neo, which has no "internal storage" unlike the sgs2, apps/games can install completely on its "external sd storage". The same is applied to the desire z.

On the sgs2 however, the app/game is present on the "internal sd storage". (11gb out of 16gb). It only move 1% in reality to the "external sd" that too into the secandroid folder.

What i want to ask is that apps such as "sygic", "gta 3", "asphalt", "nova" etc have considerable size of files and while the sgs2 has 11gb available they install into the "internal sd" but in xperia neo, which has about 200mb of "internal phone memory" and no "internal sd storage", these apps/games install their bulk files into the "external sd storage" which is shown as "sd storage".

Please help me and tell me how i can makes these apps/games install their files into the "external sd card". Since "asphalt 6" is about 900mb and on sgs2 it is on the 11gb "internal sd" while on the xperia it is on the "external sd" which is mounted as the "sd card". I am waiting for your helpful replies and advises.

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Create Sd Card Image In Emulator To Paly Files Present In It On Media Player

Can any body please tell me how to create a sd card image in emulator to paly the files present in sd card on media player

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Email Disappear After Receive On Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

Having some issues with the e-mail application which comes with the sii. First problem is that when i receive e-mails, within 5 minutes, they disappear. It's set on never delete from server, and i can't find anything else to do with saving them. I want my e-mails to stay on my phone for future reference.

Second problem. If i receive them on my phone, i don't receive them on my pc. Any ideas? I'd appreciate the help.

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Htc Incredible - Yahoo Mail Sporadically Disappear / Stop It?

This has probably been discussed but why does my yahoo mail sporadically disappear. I have it linked to the htc mail. Why, and how do i stop it.

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Motorola Droid - Phone Reboots - Turns Off Several Widgets Disappear / Avoid This

Not sure if this is the right forum for ultimate droid questions, but i'm running ud extreme froyo rc2, and every time the phone reboots or turns off several widgets disappear, and ill have to uninstall and reinstall those apps to make the widgets available. Any idea how to fix/avoid this?

Also, the screen takes very long to load and lags after closing apps.

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Htc Evo 4g - Notifications Doesn't Automatically Disappear After They Are Shown

I recently rooted to 2. 2 (coming from 2. 1) and i coulda remembered that after i swipe the top left to view the notifications, the apps that i just downloaded will automatically clear out from the notification bar?

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Static Variables Can't Be Saved In Onsaveinstancestate / What To Do

Consider following code, it saves static variable: mmyarray in onsaveinstancestate and restore it in onrestoreinstancestate, however i found it can't save the int array at all. I tried primative type value (int), it can save/restore primative type value.code.

I got to know it doesn't need to save the static variable, but why this happen?

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Activity Saved State Not Always Working / What's Going On

I've got a textview which keeps losing it's previous value between intent invocations. If i enter some text, hit the home button then relaunch the app the text is restored as expected. If i change orientation, oncreate fires and again text is restored as expected. However if i navigate elsewhere in the app via menu option then navigate back to the original screen via the menu, oncreate receives null for the incoming bundle and my textview loses state. I can see onsaveinstancestate being called before navigating away so i'm scratching my head as to what's going on.

Menu option is firing an intent like so code.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Way To Obtain Passwords Saved In Web Browser Of Phone

Is there anyway to obtain passwords saved in the web browser of my sprint htc hero? I made some accounts on the phone to sites but forgot the passwords and want to be able to log in from a computer rather than just my phone.

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Htc Droid Eris - Internet Always Returns To Saved Home Page / Fix This

I installed the ota manually last week and now when i go onto the internet it always puts me on the homepage (google). So for example, if i'm reading and the screen shuts off after 30 seconds of inactivity, on 1. 5 when i clicked on the internet icon again it would take me back to Now on 2. 1 it brings me back to my homepage. It's so friggin annoying to have to go back and forth. Any setting change that will fix this?

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How To Reboot Device

I just want to reboot the device just after the installation package has installed on the device. How can i do this? Is there any way to do this?

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Htc Desire - Clear Memory Card But Keep Gold Card For A Fresh Install

I need to clear my memory card but keep the gold card for a fresh install. Anyone tell me what i can keep and delet

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