Motorola Droid - Share Android Calendar With Blackberry

I have a droid and my wife has a blackberry. I want to be able to share my calender with her. Is this possible. She normally uses lotus notes for her calendar but that doesn't have to be the only solution.

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Motorola Droid - Unable To Text To My Blackberry Phone / Solution For This

I have a black berry tour and its with sprint. My wife has the droid. I have tried multiple times to send a txt from her droid to my bb and it fails. Says i need an area code. I have made sure to put my area code in and still wont work. I have completely changed my contact page on her phone making sure to put my area code in. No change. Any help would be great. Oh and it seems to be working with other numbers just not to my black berry!

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Motorola Droid 2 - How To Share Apps With Friends

How can i share apps with friends? I had the incredible and this came with froyo.

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Call "share" Menu To Share Some Item (url Via Email, Sms, Twidroid)

How do you call the "share" menu to share some item (for example a url) via email, sms, twidroid, etc? Any examples of doing this?

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Motorola Droid - Uninstall On Board Droid Calendar And Then Reinstall

Is it possible to uninstall the on board droid calendar and then reinstall. I am unable to delete some events from the past on that calendar and thought the uninstall/install might do the trick.

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Droid Pro Vs Blackberry Bold 9650 Os 6.0

Im not really sure if this belongs here but my contract with verizon is up tuesday and im debating between the droid pro and the blackberry bold 9650 6. 0 os. I know this is a android forum but if you say no to the bold 9650 6. 0 os id like experience with before you bash it. As of right now i have an htc ozone windows phone.

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Motorola Droid - Sync Tasks With Google Calendar

Is there any way to sync tasks with the google calendar? I know you can use companion link to sync tasks from outlook into the calendar on google & droid, but what about tasks from google to droid?

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Motorola Droid - Messaging App Takes To Calendar

All of a sudden, when i open the messaging app it opens calendar instead.

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Motorola Droid - 2.2 Update Woes - Calendar - Setting Profiles Pro And Keyboard

Droid with 2. 2. Just updated last sunday and am now experiencing the following: 

1) "corporate calendar" has been merged with the google calendar. In and of itself, not such a bad thing except by doing that, "setting profiles pro" ( stopped working for calendar-based rules.

2) had installed the htc touch keyboard which is far and away superior to the standard virtual keyboard under 2. 1. No longer works with 2. 2. Fc 

Does anyone have workarounds/fixes for this? Can't say i'm thrilled with some of the other changes either but i can live with them.

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Motorola Droid X - Make Jorte Sync With Google Calendar After Installing Tranquility

Anyone know how to make jorte sync with google calendar after installing tranquility. The default calendar is ugly. Just wondering.

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Motorola Droid - Schedule Appears On Google Calendar Will Not Sync To Phone / What's Wrong

I have been using google calendar with my droid without any issues until i added my favorite big ten basketball schedule. The schedule appears on my google calendar but it will not sync to the droid. Has anyone else tried that and tell me what went wrong.

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Htc Droid Eris - App Name That Send And Receive Messages From Someone With Blackberry Messenger

Does anyone know what the application is called that lets you send and receive messages from someone with blackberry messenger.

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Share Option Not Working For Pictures To Facebook

Anytime that i go to my picture gallery and try to upload a picture to facebook (hit share then facebook then upload) it starts uploading in the status bar but never finishes. The orange alert/exclamation icon appears and it always says "facebook error" then underneath it says "cannot upload 1 of 1" or "cannot upload (whatever i put as my caption)". Everything else for facebook works. It says my password and username are correct, my happenings update, and i can upload my status via motoblur with no problems whatsoever. It just the share feature for pictures that doesn't work. Instead if i want to upload pictures to facebook i have to hit share then email it to my facebook mobile account. All other picture sharing (twitter, myspace, email, and text message) work jsut fine too.

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Share Feature Of Menu In Droid Application

I asked so many question regarding my title but i could not get my proper answer till yet. I need to implement android's menu feature in my application ie when we goes to gallery in android phone, when we press menu than it comes with lots of option like share. Etc. My question is can i implement same menu feature in my application? It is possible or not?

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Full Source Code To Put Twitter Share Button Into Droid Application

I used android 1. 6 version. I want to integrate twitter button to share songs on my web based application to my twitter followers for that i integrate jtwitter. Jar file into my application
But it is not taking username , password what i provided
Here i am using the below statement to check the authentication

Twitter = new twitter(username, password);

Please solve my problem. Provide full source code to put twitter share button in to android application

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Is There Im App That Can Use Between X And Blackberry Curve

Is there an im app that i can use between my x and a blackberry curve, that is similar to bb messenger? Sorry if this is a simplistic question.

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Games - Will Someone Port Brickbreaker Game From Blackberry

My mom can me her old blackberry curve 8330. Pos. Imho. But hey it's good for a backup for camping trips or whatever switch over to that real fast at their website. Anyway i love the brickbreaker game that it comes with and no game on the market even compares. That i know of.

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App For Blackberry Allow Me Sms To Be Forwarded To Email

I'm currently using an app for the blackberry that allows my sms to be forwarded to my email and when i respond to the email containing my sms it sends it back to my phone and then out as a text allowing me to text at work since phones are banned. Does the droid have an app that does this?

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Dialer App That Rivals Blackberry Contact Search / Dialing

Performance - fast!T9 search - start typing letters and it narrows your contact list to contacts that fit what you're typing as you type. And it does it fast. Nice looking ui with several color/format options. Lots of other settings. Search looks very accurate and inclusive of business and personal names. Able to become default "return to" dialer after calls end (not all dialers do this)speed dial! Assign contacts to 1-9 numbers. Optional notification bar shortcut. Rotates and fully functional in landscape orientation! And so on. In short, haven't found a shortcoming yet. Definitely the closest thing to the bb contact search/dialing experience on a droid that i've ever seen.coming in second:

- Acontacts not as fast, not as nice a ui, but good, able to be default dialer
- Spelldial - much simpler ui, few features, very fast and easy to use. No speed dial, and can't replace normal dialer as the "return to" program after a phone call.

Give dialer one a whirl if you're a former bb user and miss the dialing feature, this will fill that void.

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Htc Desire - Good Instant Messaging Service To Work On Both Phone And A Blackberry

Does anyone know of a good instant messaging service that will work on both a htc desire and a blackberry? This week i finally upgraded from a bb 8900 to a desire. My girlfriend still has a bb though and while we used to use bb's im which was great, that obviously isn't an option now. Any suggestions?

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How To Create Full Functionality Of Calendar In Droid

It seems android calendar api is not available. Can you please give me some tips and tricks for creating a similar thing. Just like creating events, meeting, birthday etc. And also notification when the event occurs. And also layout should be similar to-our in-built calendar give me some ideas or hint about look and logic?

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How To Share Project

I am trying to send the files from an android project so that a friend of mine can open a new android project in eclipse and mess around with code/run the project from their home machine. However, i have run into some problems dealing with missing manifest files, and non-matching signatures.

What is the simplest procedure for bundling up an android project (not an .apk) to send to someone for their use in eclipse?

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Calendar App Don't Run In Droid 1.5 / Why Is So

Why calendar app don't run in android 1. 5?

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Can't Access Droid.provider.calendar / Get It To Work?

I am trying to run the calendar widget on the emulator. I checked out the calendar project (calendar & calendarprovider) from: http://android. Git. Git;.

When i try to run the code i get the infamous "the import android. Provider. Calendar cannot be resolved" i tried searching online but the only explanation that i found was "calendar is not part of the public api" what does that mean? There is no way for us to test and play around calendar?

Is there a way to get calendar to work? What if i built the entire android platform? If you could clarify (with examples if applicable).

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How To Share Datas Between Tabs In A Tabactivity

I created a tabactivity with contains 3 tabs. Each tab's content sets different intents. All these intents extended listactivity.

Is it possible to retrieve informations from these three activities in the main tabactivity?

Here are some of my codes .

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Share An Webview Control Among Different Tabs

I'm developing an android application based on html.
I made several tabs and put a webview into each tabs to display the page.
Currently i want to use just single webview instance for all tabs to support login/out feature.
I mean i need consistency of user's status during transition of each webpages in tabs.

Is it available to share an webview in different tabs?

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App To Share Any Url To Google Reader

I know you can share things that show up in your google reader. But is there any way to share some random website i come across during my browsing? Like the "note in reader" button you can drag to your bookmarks toolbar?

If i long hold on the url bar, and then pick share, twidroid shows up as an option. So where is the app that ties into google reader and lets me share there?

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Add Share On Chooser Send Menu

I'd like to know if any 3rd part app can be added to the menu that is called on

Intent intent = new intent(intent. Action_send); startactivity(intent. Createchooser(intent , "send options"));

For example an application that shares to flickr or facebook.

Or if this is something that should be added in the operational system source code. On android 1. 5 the picasa was added the list that on previous versions only contained e-mail and messaging.

My question is how to make this available so that any developer can use this to make applications that share pictures, etc.

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Media - Share Video Via Bluetooth Between Driods

I was wondering if we can share videos via blutooth. My friend took a long video of me with his droid 2, and cant email it to me because it is too big. Can i connect to him via blutooth somehow and he can share it with me? Is this possible?

How else could we do it without taking the memory card out and putting it in a computer?

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Htc Incredible - Share Pictures Through Messages On Phone

For pics, how come when i click on share, there is no option for messages? Can only share through email? If i'm in gallery and want to send a photo through mms i have to back out and go through photos. Kinda of annoying. Maybe its something obvious and i'm just missing it.

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