Htc Hero - Google Contacts Haven't Synced Since June / What To Do

My contacts haven't synced since june. Every time i go into the sync setting and try to sync to google it says google sync is currently experiencing problems. Mail and calendar sync fine but not contacts.

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Htc Hero - Delete Google Contacts Both Ways

My hero did sync "all" my google contacts. Also every one i've ever sent an email to.

So, i found out i can sync only one group. Therefore i made a group for the contacts that i want on my phone.

But, how do i delete the contacts already one the phone that i don want. Without deleting them on my google contact as soon as i sync?

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Htc Hero - Make All Contacts Say Google By Default

In my people app, all my contacts have the word 'phone' on the right hand side of the name bar, except recently added contacts which says 'google' instead.

My question is, how do i make all contacts say google by default? This is so i can sync them to google i guess.

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Htc Evo 4g - Need Google Browser / App To Have Synced Bookmarks On Chrome Into Phone

Is there a google branded browser for android? (Or is that the default browser).

2ndly and more important to me: google sync on google chrome. Is there an app to have my synced bookmarks on chrome into my evo? Maybe like just a bookmarks widget or app which syncs to my google chrome bookmarks. That would be sweet.

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Htc Droid Eris - Pulled All Google Contacts In Google / Fix This

My eris pulled all my google contacts in - not just the "my contacts" in google. How do i fix this?

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Samsung Epic 4g - Twitter Contacts Won't Sync / Haven't Synced

My twitter contacts aren't syncing, what i think is the epic's twitter app hasn't synced since september 25, and the official twitter app sync indicates it hasn't synced since 8/31. I've tried manually updating both and neither seems to work, while twitter data syncs no problem, i can't update my contacts. Anyone else experienced this or know a workaround? I haven't tried pulling my account info out and putting it back yet, but i guess that's the next step.

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Phone Contacts Not Showing In Google Contacts

Just bought a vibrant about a week ago and noticed that my phone contacts are not syncing up to google.contacts sync down to the phone, but contacts i created (or had) in the phone's internal memory do not go up to google.

The touchwiz contact app is a total piece of **** (and the only thing i don't like about this phone which is awesome in every other way).google contacts don't sync down in their former groups and i don't see any way to add custom ring-tones or pictures if they are google contacts.

Been on with t-mobile about this, and all they said was reset my phone, which i did to no avail.

Am i the only one having this problem?

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Htc Desire - Google Went Totally Down Would My Contacts Still Be Available On Phone

Had an iphone and a blackberry, so the desire is my first htc/android phone. Noticed the today that all my contacts are on my contacts on gmail, i never put them there, so obviously the phone syncs up to google and managed to get calendars running as well, great. Was curious to know though; this is probably i really ignorant question, but, if say google went totally down would my contacts still be available on my phone, you know, once they are on my phone, are they there to stay? So, if i scrubbed my phone and got the contacts from google again.

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Htc Evo 4g - Google Contacts Snyc Fails / Fix It

I've had my evo since the release date and have been able to sync my email, calendar and contacts from my gmail account with no problems since day one. But yesterday i noticed that my phone had the sync symbol in the notification banner all day and burning up my battery. I finally isolated it to my gmail contact sync failing and constantly trying to sync. The error message is " sync is currently experiencing problems. It will be back shortly. "

This problem has been going on for 12 hours now and i can't find anything that would explain why the smyc failure is occurring. I've looked for a setting that may account for the problem on both the phone and my gmail account and have found nothing.

Any ideas on what the problem is or what actions to take to fix it? Now i have to manually sync the account and cancel sync when it starts looping on the contacts sync!

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Htc Hero - Syncing Contacts With Exchange

I want to sync contacts. The days of "this data is exclusively on my phone" and "this data is exclusively in my e-mail" is over for me. But there is still a difference between what is useful to me on a super-portable device (handset) used not least for calling, texting and on-the-fly data checks, and a less portable device (laptop) used not least for writing and overview. My contacts contain many kinds of data, multiple phone numbers, addresses, b'days, notes and stuff.

The following is my findings:
- Android seems to think that syncing contacts with exchange is bad. Maybe it's a google thing. I don't know. Can't make it work for contacts unless using a third party client.
- When syncing contacts with google i can only sync all my gmail contacts or none.

My dilemma is this: i can't sync with either platform without a mess!

In the blue corner: i have in my outlook exchange my telephone contacts. This is because my previous phone was winmo, not because i love outlook.

Syncing: either via a third party client (which has yet to work for me) or i can stuff them in a csv-file and put them on my handset - but then i can't sync them and every subsequent update will only exist on the handset.

In the red corner: i have in my gmail account a huge mess of e-mail receipients. Syncing between handset and google is hella easy. But many, many of the gmail contacts i very seldom use, and only for e-mailing.

To sum up rhetorically: am i the only one to think that my handset contact list should consist of some of my gmail contacts (e.g. Those with a phone number attached to them) rather than all of them?

I think i need a separate site: where i can decide what contacts i want to share between which platforms, sites and clients.

I want to leave exchange behind. I want to sync with google. Not one-off import from google, but sync. How do i not get every last person i ever sent an e-mail to clogging up my handset's phonebook?

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Htc Hero - Put All My Contacts In Phone Onto Sim Card

Wifi trouble with hero on orange so it going back ! How do i put all my contacts in phone onto sim card? It a disgrace that a smart phone can't connect with wifi until it is solved i won't accept it

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Sprint Htc Hero - Add New Contacts Doesn't Seem To Be Syncing

My phone is perfectly syncing with my gmail account, all contacts from the specific group called phone in the gmail account are on my phone. But when i add a new contact on the phone (group gmail), it doesn't seem to be syncing, after some time contact is gone. Does here syncing both ways? Or only from google to phone?

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Htc Hero - Google Map Query

Ive just set up a google account for the gf with the thing is ive added her to my friends list so we can see each other etc but when i turn on my gps and finds my position, my position is different to the one on her laptop screen, according to hers iam about 1 mile away but my phone is showing me to be spot on! Will her laptop not having gps having anything to do with it?

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Sprint Htc Hero - - Acquiring Location

When i go to on the htc browser, it used to report my location under the search box. Now, it just says "acquiring location. ". I haven't change any of the location settings (still have the first two checked, gps off under location settings). Is anyone else having problems like this?

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Htc Incredible - Set A Default Group Like "my Contacts" (on Google)

I spent a nice amount of time on google sorting my contacts by groups so it's neat and being i dont have a landline i have numbers in there that i dont ever call but i need to kepp them. And i know smart dial searches everyone if they are in a group or not.

My question is: is there a way to set a default group like "my contacts" (on google) when you go into your contacts insteal of "all contacts" (on the incredible)?

On google all the people who are in my contacts just fall under "all" even google considers it a "group"

Or maybe just put all of them in a new group and set it to default to that group?

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Htc Hero - Get Rid Of Sense And Just Have Plain Old Android As It Comes From Google

I'm going to root my phone over the next few days, but ideally, i would like to get rid of sense and just have plain old android as it comes from google. Is this possible, and if so, are their any drawbacks?

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How To Sync Phone Contacts To Google?

While using the android os for a couple of months, i found one thing that seems to not working very great with my htc hero. I have imported my contacts from my addressbook (mac) to google mail. From there i set up a sync with my hero. So all contacts are copied/synced nicely to my hero.

But in time i also added new contacts in my phone, however they appear only to be in the phone memory and will not be synced to google mail. When i add a contact my hero only give me the option to store in in the phone- or sim-memory and it does not sync it to google mail/contacts. So in my contacts list you see behind a lot of names google and a few contacts (i personally added) names phone.

How can i add the functionality to store my 'internal' contacts to google mail automatically? Because i like the way to keep it in sync so i always have a backup of my contacts and also to assign e-mail adresses to my contacts.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Google Places Or Stock Browser Causing 100% Awake

I have been posting semi steadily about my 100% awake time. I've reset the phone twice now. The first time, my 8% awake time lasted one night before reverting to 100%. This most recent time, it lasted about 3 days around 8%. I've been trying to pay close attention to what apps i use to see if any of them are causing the 100% awake time, and as far as i can tell, the only difference last night (when my phone went back to 100% awake), and before (when it hovered between 8-12%) was extended use of the browser and google places. I had used both before in short uses (maybe 4-5 minutes at a time) and i was still running normal awake time, but last night i used them each for about 20-30 minutes. Since then, i'm at 100%.

Also, despite the upgrade and the hard resets, i found that i had to use the handcent workaround, but i don't see that as related here.

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Google Talk Has No Contacts

I have no one on my contact list inside gtalk. On the gmail client and gtalk client on the desktop i have all my  contacts, i tried adding some people, but it does not add. I have 2  people on my list now, this is really strange and sad, becuase i use  gtalk a lot! I factory reset my phone yesterday because it was having some issues.

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Sync G1(google Reader Feeds, Contacts, To-do Lists) With Kontact

I'm a linux user (kubuntu), and i use kontact as my pim suite. Does anyone know how to sync my google reader feeds, my google contacts, my to-do lists, and other such information with my g1?

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Motorola Droid - Import Movies From Itunes Into Doubletwist Where They Can Be Synced To Phone

Is there a way to import movies from itunes into doubletwist where they can be synced to a droid? I've been struggling with this for weeks and am frustrated that syncing movies to my ipod touch is effortless, while it seeming impossible to do so with my droid.

I know a file conversion is needed, but i thought doubletwist would do that.

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Htc Desire - Best App For Message And Contacts Management / Update Handcent Not Picking Up Some Contacts - Fix It

?What is the best app for message and contacts management?

I'm using handcent and dialerone at the moment, is there anything better?

For some reason, with the new update handcent is not picking up some of my contacts, is there anyway to fix this?

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Way To Have "hidden" File On Hero Like On Google Documents

I am using gdocs and like it. However, it has only synced over about half my notes on goggle documents. Any idea what i can do to solve that?

Also, is there a way to have "hidden" file on the hero like on google documents?

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Htc Hero - Hero Takes Another 2 Awards

Hero takes another 2 awards - smartphone essentials magazine smartphone of the year and also consumer smartphone of the year
Htc hero named as smartphone of the year | smartphone daily

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Htc Hero - Best 2.1 Hero Roms For Phone

What are the best roms for the htc hero on android 2. 1?

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Htc Hero - Class 10 Sd Cards On Hero

I'm looking to upgrade my sd from a 8gb/class 4 to a 16gb card. Can anyone confirm that class 10 cards work in the hero. From the quick searching i've done, it looks like people have only tried class 6.

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Htc Hero - How To Root Telus Hero

Basically i rooted my phone a few weeks ago, and now its super buggy. It freezes constantly, its really slow, my wifi keeps screwing up, sometimes my phone even inverts the screen and turns yellow/orange/green(sorry kinda hard to explain). Anyways, i don't know if its the rom i downloaded(villain12) or what, but can someone please help me? I honestly don't really know what i'm doing, it took me 6 hours to do the whole root successfully, and i dont want to start doing anything else and possibly screw something up completely. Someone please help! Btw, the site i used to do the root was how to root your telus htc hero | bak 2 basiks

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Htc Evo 4g - Sync Only My Contacts

I have a vanilla 2. 2 updated evo. I want to sync only "my contacts" from my single gmail account. I have already removed the "show all contacts" from the view menu. Instead of having the "my contacts" option in the view menu it only shows "google" and that option subsequently corresponds "all contacts" in the gmail interface and loads all of the gmail suggested contacts. This was not like this on 2. 1 and it worked perfectly.

Also, i have already filtered the list with "show only those with phone numbers" but this does not stop the auto-fill feature in the email interface.

Anyone have an idea? I have spent considerable time looking for a solution and it would seem even rolling back to 2. 1 is not an option.

I forgot to mention that i have already reset the phone to factory defaults twice so it's indeed as vanilla as it gets.

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How To Move Contacts In Htc Desire ?

Every thing was fine first, then i did factory restore. And now i want move some of my facebook for htc sense contacts to group, how to do it, there is no option of edit.

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Htc Nexus One - Contacts Double Entries

So i switched to my nexus one from a nokia n95, and when i did, i brought over all my phone contacts simply by copying them to the sim while it was in the nokia, and then importing them from the sim after i put it in my n1. Then i rooted my phone in order to install thai fonts, and that wiped them out. But i exported them all to the sd card first, just using the 'contacts' menu, then re-imported them from the sd card after the wipe.

Now, they're all in there with double entries. They don't show up twice in the list, but when i click one, and select 'edit contact, ' all the information is in there twice.

The entry starts look like this:

- "Google contact"
- From (my email address)
- Icon, or blank icon slot
- The name slots
- Phone numbers
- The empty slots for email and address information, etc.
- 'more' dropdown button

Then all of the stuff i just listed, is shown again, right below the first entry. It's that way for every single one of the contacts i brought over from my old phone (these are currently the only contacts in my n1, as i haven't added or imported from any other source yet). Any ideas what happened, and how to fix it?

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