Capture Text Value Of Item Clicked In A Listview

What i'm trying to do is set the text of the item i click on into the myedittext. Not sure how to access the specific item in listview though.code.

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Get Index Of Clicked Item In A Listview

I want to get the index of the selected item ( clicked ) in a listview.

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Listview That Can Be Clicked

I'm trying to create an application where a listview contains items that can be clicked. However, i can't seem to find a way to have an onclick() handler. Can someone post an example please?

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Listview Touch - Each List Item In Listview Is Linkified Textview And A Regular Textview

Each list item in my listview is a linkified textview, and a regular textview. The problem is that once there is a touchable item in the listview, the touch works only for that item, that is - only links work, but the entire list item containing the link cannot be touch selected (only with the trackball). I tried this also with buttons inside the list items and the touch behavior was the same - only the button view could be "touched". Is there a way to make a list item touchable with touchable views inside?

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Custom Listview Complex Item Does Not Appear Correctly / How To Do This

I am having a very difficult time with making complex listview items show properly.

I am using the following layout xml for the item code.

The idea is to put a text (this item is a child of an expandable list view item) and a simple arrow icon to the right of the item. The problem is that with longer text, the icon doesn't show up, probably having been pushed to the right outside the screen. Is there a way to make sure i can solve this in a device independent way from the layout only? Ideally the text should ellipsize and scroll in the textview, if not possible, then it should cut off a few pixels before the icon. How can i do this. Please help me asap, i am having problems understanding how each layout settings affect the position. Speaking of which, is there a comparison with options for each layout, item position combinations other than the api demos source code?

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Optimizie Listview With Different Item's Layout

In my listview i have items with different layouts, in fact they use one sub-layout few times. I cannot use getviewtypecount() and getitemviewtype(), because i don't know how many times the sublayout will be used. Is it possible to optimize somehow getview() method and use it's convertview parameter, or do i have to inflate view each time?

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Can't Add Different Type Of Item In Listview Using Simpleadapter / Why Is So

I want to add a different type of item (like a simple textview) to the last position in my listview.

I extends the simpleadapter and override some methods code.

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Create Listview With Images On Left Side And Text Right After It

What's the way to create a listview with images on the left side and text right after it?
(Note: the images were previously downloaded from the net)

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Listview Losing Text On Phone Rotation / Save Active Screen View

I was wondering how to save the active screen view when the phone is rotated. Right now i have a listview that contains a bunch of entries when i rotate the phone everything on the screen gets replaced to its original state.

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How To Know In Which Pixels Of A Image User Clicked

I want to draw a image filling the complete screen.
Then when user clicks in any pixel or group of pixels they turn black.
How can i know where the user clicked exactly and how can i turn the touched pixels black?

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Using Custom List View - Get User Clicked Row Value

I am using custom list view . I have trying to get user clicked row value
Can anybody tell how to get the value?

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How To Capture And Save Image Of Google Map (mapview)

I'm trying to develop a map application which can save some part of map inside a phone. So, refering to the example of google developer site, i created my activity that using the mapview class to display the location what i want to see. It works. And i attached some code to save that view into png format file using bitmap and canvas classes. But it didn't work. One image file was created but it didn't contain any information of the map. I don't know the reason why those codes didn't work and couldn't find any related information on the web.

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Capture Touch Events In Status Bar In Phone

Is there a way to capture or intercept touch events in the android status bar? Currently the behavior looks like it displays the current date when i touch on the status bar and also pull down the expanded view. Is it possible to catch this touch event so that i can possibly launch an activity from this instead of displaying the date? Ideally if it can be done in the application level that would be great, but i'm not sure if it can be done that way.

I wrote a simple app that basically logs when ontouchevent() or dispatchtouchevent() is called from my customized view just to see what coordinates are captured when these callback functions are called. Whenever i touch on the status bar, ontouchevent() or dispatchtouchevent() are not getting called, which indicates some other event is getting called when the status bar is touched (?). But once i go beyond the border of the status bar (and the app title), these events are then called. My approach would have been to implement a service that listens when touch events are detected in the status bar, but if it can't even get those events(), not sure my approach would even work.

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Cannot Screen Capture Anything After Ics Update - Samsung Galaxy S2

I updated my sg2 when the ics update came about (im on 3 btw!) Ever since i have been hit with a fair few issues and i wanted to know if you guys can help. I can no longer screen capture anything on my screen, holding down the lock button and the home button no longer does anything, also when i am trying to take a picture now i get vertical wobbly lines down the screen.

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Why Image Capture Doesn't Work With Trackball Click On Htc Magic

I have got a bunch of questions why image capture does not work with the trackball click on htc magic. Here is the code, which works on g1 phone. Basically what i am trying to do is to use the autofocus feature whenever possible (if the user pressed the focus key or if the user pressed the camera key). Once the autofocus was completed successfully the camera will capture an image.

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Item Went In To Bin / Retrieve It

I accidentally scrolled down with my finger and an item went in to the bin so am wondering if i can retrieve it?

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Cannot Select An Item From List Anymore - What To Do

I have a listview with a custom adapter for each item of the list. If my custom item is some textview everything works fine. But each item has to be some html and hence i need each item to be a webview. The problem is that the webview steals my click and thus i cannot select an item from the list anymore.

So this code.

Click is dead. I don't have any link in the webview or have to navigate i only use it to have a nice formatted text (fromhtml for the textview is not that nice). Any chance?

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Get Value Of List Item From Previous Intent

I want to get the value of list item from the previous intent.code.

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Get Selected Item Of A Singlechoice Alert Dialog

I have this code to show a dialog with singlechoice(radio) options.code.

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Possible To Have A Clickable Imagebutton On Expandablelistview Child Item

Is it possible to have a clickable imagebutton on expandablelistview child item? If yes, how to program its event listener?

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Adding A Bitmap Texture To Non Rectangular Item

I have a widget which looks like this:every cone is a "touchable element". Now i want to put a bitmap texture above each cone. However, bitmap images are all rectangular, so a bitmap texture above one cone would interfere with the bitmap texture above another cone. I'm wondering what is the best solution to this approach. Should i just create an image which fits (as a rectangle) exactly above the cone and make the non used areas transparent?

A second question is, how do bitmap textures work with stretching? Because this whole circle draws itself to fit the whole screen size, while bitmap textures are pretty much one size.

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Budget App With Line Item Carryover

I need a budget app that will carry over not just the account balance but the balance of each line item in that budget. For example, if i budget a 100 bucks a month and have 20 left over, i want the next month to start with 120. I cannot find one that does. Pay or free wouldnt matter much if it can do this feature. Anyone know of an app that does that?

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How To Have Selected Item Show A Static Html File

From a list view how can i have the selected item show a static html file?

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Remove Last Item Inserted In List Doesn't Work

I am trying to remove the last item inserted in the list it doesn't work for some reasons.code.

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Disable Onitemselectedlistener To Be Invoked When Setting Selected Item By Code

Just wondering how you handle the following problem: a result is calculated depending on two spinners' selected items. To handle the ui things, i.e. A user picks a new item in one of the spinners, i install a listener using setonitemselectedlistener for the spinner in my oncreate() method of the activity.

Now: that works, of course, fine. The listener's work is to trigger a new calculation of the result.

The problem: because i intercept onpause() onresume() to save/restore the last state, i got a method that sets these two spinners' selected item programmatically like in here:

Startspinner. Setselection(pstart);
Destspinner. Setselection(pdest);

These two calls invoke the listeners, too! My calculation method for the result plus the notification of a new result set is invoked twice here!

A stupid direct approach for this would be to have a boolean variable disabling whatever the listener does inside, setting it before setting the selected items and resetting it afterwards.
Okay. But is there a better method?

I don't want listeners to be called by code - actions, only by user actions! How do you do it?

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Source Code To Change Activity On Item Selected In Droid?

I have a list view with 15 items. When i click on any item i want to change the screen(intent). How can i change the activity on item selected in android?
Any tutorial or source code?

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Text Someones Normal Number Through Google Voice App / Taking Up Text Still

Question, if i text someones normal number through the google voice app, is that taking up a text still?

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Motorola Droid X - Email - How To Get Logo/ Text Icon To Show Getting Text?

When i get a text , i get a notification up top, fine. How can i get the logo/ text icon to show i have a text? Like doesn't have like a 1 or 2 ontop to let me know?

Also, email is there a way to separate accounts , i just see that one email icon and all my accounts are in there.

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Motorola Droid - Where To Put Custom Wallpapers To View Them Through Its Menu Item?

Where can i put my custom wallpapers so that i can view them through the wallpaper menu item from the "add to home screen" menu? I know i can just dump my wallpapers in the dcim/camera directory, but i would like to have all my wallpapers accessible from the actual wallpaper gallery.

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Htc Hero - Turn Off Predictive Text On Text Messages On Phone Keypad Setting Permenantly

I have a load of problems with my hero (on orange)that i bought off ebay and i put some in different threads but i thought it better to put them in one thread instead of clogging up the board with minor probs.

1) my aol email acount was working great untill last night when emails stopped coming through. I deleted the account and added it again but still no joy.

2) i need to update to 2. 1 but my phone cant find htc sync on my vista laptop

3) is it possible to turn off predictive text on text messages on the phone keypad setting permenantly?

4) again on my text messgaes they have started going out of sent/recieved order. Can i set this again?

5) when i log into facebook or ebay it either logs me in then logs me out when i try to go on next page or it just says my password/username is incorrect

6) aggghh i have more but i suppose i need to sort these 1st!

Im starting to think i should have got an iphone as loads of my mates have them and seem to have no problems. Although everything i do i seem to have problems so if i did get an iphone it probably explode or somthing!Hopefully someone with a bit of patience can help and sort these problems out.
Fingers crossed!

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