Which Root Ca Certificates Are Installed Default With Version 2.1

I'm surching a while but i still find no answere for my question. In the file adb pull/system/etc/security/ cacerts. Bks i found the installed rootca certificates on my phone. But do i have a alternative way to find all roots that are installed on my android 2. 1 phone?I need to know which root ca certificates are installed default with version 2. 1.

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Get Installed App's Latest Version From Market

Are there any ways i could use to get the installed app's latest version from market? Just like some version tracking app.

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Samsung Moment - Way To Get 2.1 Update For Phone / Installed Root - Flash Through Recovery?

I have a moto droid that is forced 2. 1 onto. My friend at work has the samsung moment, is there anyway to get the 2. 1 update for his phone. How would it be installed root or flash through recovery?

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Root Firmware Version 1.6 G1

How to correctly root my firmware version 1. 6 g1 build number dmd64? I was working through this tutorial ( to root my g1. However, i encountered some problems around step 9 and 10 where you install the flashrec.apk file. I originally tried installing it with version 1. 1. 3 ( but got the 'could not run command' error which indicates my firmware is patched. I then tried to install 1. 1. 2 but am just given the error message, 'recovery flasher could not be installed on this phone. '

After doing a google search, i was directed to this procedure to root my g1 on build number dmd64: http://forum.

Was wondering if anyone has ever used this rooting method, if anyone is familiar with it, if anyone knows if it works, or if someone could provide a better tutorial for my build number?

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Current Version Of Floating Image (version 2.5.0, Code 36) Randomly Crashes Nexus 1 / Fix It

The current version of floating image (version 2. 5. 0, code 36) randomly crashes nexus one phones. Obviously i'm looking into fixing this problem, but i though it would be prudent for me to report this. It's always a problem if you can crash the phone. As i'm working with opengl i'm guessing this is the problem, as i'm working directly with the hardware. When the phone crashes it hangs for a couple of minutes, being very chatty in the log, and then reboots. I will post the log after the next crash.

Not sure if this will be useful or not, but i thought i ought to report it.

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Installed Nero V3 On Vibrant

Couldn't be happier ran a quadrant benchmark before on my rooted vibrant and scored 802. Installed nero v3 and scored 995. Enabled voodoo lag fix and it jumped to 1523 so far the rom has all the added little extras i wanted plus some that were just a great surprise. Highly recommended

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Find Out Which Browsers Are Installed

I'm looking for a way to find out which browsers are installed on the android smartphone and their package names.

Why do i need it?

Well basically, my app reacts on certain urls, i.e. http://bit. Ly, so when the click such an he will get an choice in which app to open it. So far everything is working as intended.

If the user sets up this app as default for this kind of links, it will always open in this one without further asking the user. So far so good too. But by doing this, he will be completely unable to open this links in his browser.

So i need a way to send this intent directly to the browser, but to do so i have to know which app the user has set to be default for http/https scheme for example (as user can change it if there is more than 1 browser installed).

Sending the intend with


Should't be a problem i think. The problem is, i can't send a standard intent fr urls, because my app would catch it again if set as default by the user.

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Multiple Browsers Installed

I've installed a number of browsers on my desire and am having a couple of issues. (The desire is unbranded with froyo and the browsers are opera mobile, firefox 4 beta and dolphin, plus the default. )

Flash only works in the default browser. Am i missing something that enables flash content in other browsers? Although flash has always worked in the default, i've installed flash 10. 1 from the market, but that made no difference, and i've also clicked through to install missing plugins for at least one of the additional browsers, which takes me to an adobe page saying flash is not available for my platform (go figure).

Every link i click on asks me which browser to use. Every time i click a link, i get a "complete action using" dialog, listing my browsers (normally minus opera, though occasionally the list differs). I can't seem to stop this and it's driving me nuts. It's as if the http request goes through the os rather than the browser itself, giving me the option every time. Telling it to always use the chosen app for the action has no effect, so either it's not remembering that or each request or url constitutes a different action (!).

Is my only option to uninstall other browsers? I'd rather not, since it's the only way i can see of having the option of browsing either mobile or standard versions of the same sites (generally i want the full versions, but some things, like the bbc iplayer's controls, are unusable in full mode). Ideally i want to have a second browser if for no other reason than using the iplayer in mobile mode, but that requires me to have flash running in it and for the sake of my sanity also requires me not to have to go through a dialog for every link/action i click on.

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App That Prevents It Being Installed Without My Consent

I am looking for an app that prevents any app being installed without my consent - so a password must be entered before installation of a new app can begin. While i take every precaution to safeguard my phone i will be moving into uni halls in september and i know at some point i might wander out of my room and leave my phone unattended - better to be safe than sorry.

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When Installed And Run Application On G1 It Gives Error

I had written code which encode image in base64 format. It requires base64outputstream class, as i know it is present in api level 8, but i want to develop application for g1(api level- 4). Save in src folder of android application . The program compiles and when i installed and run application on g1 it gives me error as java. Lang. Verifyerror .

But this code produce encoded string but when i decode it , this site then it gives me error as the input is not a valid base-64 string as it contains a non-base 64 character, more than two padding characters, or a non-white space character among the padding characters.

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How To Get Already Installed Applications Onto Partitioned Card ?

Ok so my sd card is partitioned thanx to the amon ra recovery seriously a one button push partition and no using ur computer to do it. Now how do i get my already installed applications onto my partitioned card? I have the newest version of cyanogen 2. 5 and it said apps2sd was part of it. So, . What do i do now? I tried playing around with astro file manager.

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Get Pre Installed Facebook Page Back

Deleted the pre installed facebook page, but now i want to use it! How do you get it back?

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Determining Real Rom Installed On Device

I'm having trouble programatically determining amount of rom installed on device. I've tried proc/meminfo, but this file contains only rom available to os, not the physical amount of it. Can please someone help me with it?

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Samsung Fascinate - Way To Get Apps Installed On Incredibles

I have some friends of mine that both have htc incredibles and absolutely hate the messaging and email apps. But love the apps that came with my phone. Is there anyway i can get my apps installed on their incredibles?

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Linked Programme Is No Longer Installed On Phone

I've got my bookdroid which i love as i'm a book addict. I downloaded the update and now the bloody link doesn't work. I go into programme press the icon and get a message saying "the linked programme is no longer installed on your phone". When i go to market, downloads i can open it there and access all my information. What the *** has happened?I don't want to uninstall it as i'll loose everything, is there a way of unintalling the update?

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Htc Thunderbolt - Deleting Pre-installed Apps

I'm thrilled to finally have this thing in my sweaty little hand. But it came with tons of apps pre-installed, and the uninstall button appears to be disabled for them. Any idea how to kill those unwanted memory-wasters?

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Htc Incredible - List Of All Apps That I Have Installed On Phone

I'm not sure if this is in the right thread, please feel free to move to a more appropriate place.

I'm looking for a way to make a list of all apps that i have installed on my incredible. Anyone know of an easy way to do this? I have so many installed, i simply don't know what most of them are anymore. If i have a list, i can weed through them quickly and uninstall ones i don't want, or make a shortcut for ones i forgot i have. I'm a list person, and this would be awesome!

Fwiw - i haven't always d/l everything through the market. Some have been restored through backups (so not showing in market history) and have also d/l a few directly through dev websites. Don't know if they are showing up or not (not sure which ones anymore, really!). I think i have about 120 apps or so, and the list keeps growing!

I don't care if it's an app or simply 'just a way to get my answer'. Easiest answer wins (ie: if there is a 'setting' somewhere in some app, that would work for me!).

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Motorola Droid - Installed Bugless Beauty - Where _ How To Overclock It

How do i overclock, how/where do i access that functionality?

Edit -just installed newest bugless beauty rom.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Installed Apps Disappearing From Its Drawer / Why Is So

So some of my installed apps are disappearing from my app drawer. I know they're still there because i can see them in manage programs. It looks like they've moved to the sd card but the icons are disappearing. Is there some option i'm missing to unhide them or something else? It's getting kind of annoying.

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Samsung Fascinate - Find App Icon Locations That I Have Installed

Anyone know how i could possibly find the locations of the icon files for apps that i have installed?

Some apps are easy to find in the /system/apps directory but others like gasbuddy for example don't show up and i have no idea what else it could possibly be hiding under.

Is there another app perhaps that i could install that would show me that type of install information? Or a list somewhere on the internet? I've searched all day but didn't turn up much of anything useful.

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Motorola Droid - Re-installed Too Many Times _ Swype Says No More Installs / Fix It?

I've been doing so much rom swapping lately that i've evidently used up my quota of swype installs.

Is there a way around this? I tried a couple of the leaked versions around and they both said they were expired.

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Motorola Droid - Installed Helix Launcher - Can Not Get It Closed / Fix It

I installed helixlauncher on my droid tonight. Worked fine for a while but i got a force close message, but i can not get it closed. I have powered down and i have also taken the battery out but when i unlock the phone it goes right back to the error message. I can do absolutely nothing.

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Htc Desire - How To Get Rid Of Bloatware / Provider Installed On Phone

Just rooted my cdma us cellular desire with unrevoked 3. 1two questions:

1. What is and how do i get nandroid back up. Can some one direct me to a walk through or a guide on how to use it.

2. How do i get rid of the bloatware - crap- my provider installed on the phone.
Primarily, i want to get rid of uscc's city id trial, tone room deluxe and your navigator (uscc's nav software, pointless since there is google maps navigation)

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Motorola Droid - Uninstalled App But Marketplace Still Shows As Installed / Change It

I uninstalled dockrunner becasue after i downloaded it with a couple other programs my phone started to malfunction. However for some reason in the marketplace it still shows it as installed and i can't figure out how to change that.

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Some Widgets Not Working Since Installed Update / Fix It

Since i installed the update widgets are not working on some of the screens

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Dvm Instance Creation - Launch Installed Droid App At Runtime From Another

I trying to understand how a new process is being created based on androidmanifest.xml, also looking for the possibility of creating/ forking a new java process/new dvm instance at runtime.

I could find that using runtime.exec one can issue system commands or launch native applications, but this is not what i am looking for, i am looking for creating an equivalent java process just as the parent java process.

Can i launch an installed android application at runtime from another android application? Whats the way for doing this?

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Htc Evo 4g - Installed Unrevoked - Gmail Wont Notify Me Now / Fix It

Like the topic asks. I installed unrevoked, now gmail wont tell me i got emails. I gotta manually refresh

Everything's enabled though.

I see others have the same issue. Any fixes?

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Motorola Droid - Getting Message Gallery Not Installed After Recent System Update / What To Do

After recent system update, when i click on gallery, i get the message that gallery is not installed. What do i do?

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Htc Evo 4g - Downloaded And Installed Swype Don't See In List Of Apps / What To Do

Can only uninstall it. As a matter of fact when i first installed the program it didnt let me open it, just hit done. Anybody know what i need to do?

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Htc Desire - Apps To Load / Relocate To Sd Card Space After Froyo 2.2 Installed

Is there a list apps that will load or relocate to sd card space after froyo 2. 2 has been installed?

I have had had a look through my apps and have yet to come across one that will .

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