Extend Twitter Oauth Demo To Use Accountmanager

I've researched the earlier threads about accountmanager and still am having problems. I'm trying to extend my twitter oauth demo to use the accountmanager. I've built the beginnings of a class based on abstractaccountauthenticator and a service that seems to do what it is supposed to do.

My authenticator does get installed on a 2. 1 emulator. I can see it when i go to the accounts & sync settings app. If i click on add accounts and then on my authenticator, i go through the oauth process, with an activity being fired off (by the account manager?) From the keyintent that the authenticator returns. The authentication process proceeds and the activity fields the redirection from the browser in its onnewintent() function (it's a singleinstance activity). Everything appears to be working and the activity returns its results the way it seems it is supposed to. The problem is, the new account never shows up in the accounts list on the accounts & sync page.

My second problem is that i also have an activity in the application that contains the authenticator. When i try to do an addaccount() from that activity, which is my original demo tiny twitter client, i get a very succinct bind failure of my service to the accountmanager.

So, when i run the authenticator from the accounts & sync settings page, it all works, except the new account isn't showing up. When i try to run the authenticator from my activity which is in the same package, i get a bind failure.

Now i'll document how i'm returning the result in the activity, which is derived from accountauthenticatoractivity:


And here is the short stack trace i get when i try to addaccount from my activity, rather than through the accounts & sync page:


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Api Demo Slow Adapter

I built the api demo and in the view list slow adapter demo it is showing a issue i'd like to understand. Searches and googling didn't turn up an answer so. The demo works just fine if you fling, but if you touch scroll and then lift your finger off the display when there is zero motion all the "loading. " Data just stays and is never replaced with real data. Logging shows that the scroll state never goes to idle, it just stays in touchscroll. I've tried putting ontouch handlers in the items in the list and they also see the down and moves but never see the up event.

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Accountmanager In The Sdk

I've seen accountmanager in the android sdk, and can see it is used for storing account information, but i can't find any general discussion of what it is intended for.

Anyone know of any helpful discussions of what the intention behind accountmanager is and what it buys you

Any opinions of what type of accounts this is suitable for? Would this be where you'd put your user's account information for a general web service?

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Accountmanager - Confirmcredentials

Anyone with experience with this api? I did some searching through the google code docs, and code search with not much luck for what i'm looking to do.

I want to provide an alternate authentication mechanism for my app in case the user forgets the password they set using one of the registered gmail addresses as follows:


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Securityexception In Getpassword Of Accountmanager

I'm trying to retrieve the password of google account, but getting security exception at string pwd = accountmanager. Get(mcontext). Getpassword(account).

Also i have given permissions in androidmanifest.xml to account_manager, aunthenticator, get_account, manage account.




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Accountmanager.getauthtoken() Problem With More Than One App

I think i might have found an issue with using accountmanager in android 2. X devices. I have 2 apps in the market that use google reader: reader widget pro and reader widget free. I was updating them both to use accountmanager and the new authentication method. I noticed that on my nexus one when one application (say the free one) obtained a token using accountmanager. Getauthtoken() with the service set to "reader" the other app (say the pro one) was unable to obtain a token afterwards.

Even using accountmanager. Invalidateauthtoken() in the first app did not work. Sample code:


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Accountmanager.getauthtokenbyf­eatures() With Null Authtokentype

In android 2. 2 the private api googleloginservicehelper can no longer return auth tokens with the getcredentials() method it seems. This is fine as it is a private api and using it was always risky. However, i was using it to retrieve an auth token for use as a cookie to visit the google reader site in a webview. This was retrieved by setting the service string in the getcredentials() call to null. This required the permission Permission.google_auth. Other_services in the manifest.

I have tried using the accountmanager available since android 2. 0 and i can retrieve an auth token for the google reader api by setting the authtokentype to "reader" in getauthtokenbyfeatures(). However, this token cannot be used as a cookie in the webview. The user is asked to login in again which isn't a great experience. I have tried retrieving a second auth token with authtokentype set to null but this causes an illegalargumentexception. I have also tried "misc", "all", "web", "generic", "general", "other", "google" and an empty string, none of which work.

I guess what i am getting is, can a list of valid authtokentypes be published?

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Motorola Droid Call Accountmanager.getaccounts()

In android 2. 0 there is a new android. Accounts. Accountmanager class has a function getaccounts() see: ()

Unfortunately, as most of you know the sdk doesn't come with any of the google apps that utilize the google account associated with the phone (gmail, google talk, calendar, etc. ). This means that when you call getaccounts in an emulator it returns an empty array.

The hope is that google has modified the google apps shipped with android 2. 0 to use the accountmanager api instead of whatever internal and super-secret-closed system they were using before. If this is the case, then 3rd party apps can hopefully gain access to a google auth token via the accountmanager instead of having to ask the user for their username / password.

Unfortunately, the only phone that has android 2. 0 on it to my knowledge is the motorola droid. So this is a call out to any developers that have access to that phone to please call accountmanager. Getaccounts and let us know whether or not there is a google account on a production android device.

If not then it appears that it will be up to 3rd party developers to write an authenticator (ideally a free / open sourced one) that returns a google auth token (and prompts / stores user's google credentials with the android. Accounts api.

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Simple Twitter Query

Just trying to search for a user's latest public twitter post. I have not worked with http in java before, so i don't know how it all comes together with http gets and requests, and such.

I just want to get the latest post from a user (say fred1000), in the form of a json object. If there is a callback ( i assume it is asynchronous) if you could include that, as well as any imports, that would be great. I'd prefer not to use a library like jtwitter at this point, as i want to really see what's going on. Thanks.

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Created A Twitter App - Oauth_callback

I created a twitter app i need user of my android application to authorize its use. I'm at the point where i can call twitter app page in the browser and successfully authorize. However, the callback seem not to be working, i end up with the confirmation message and pin in the browser but my android activity is never called (onresume is not triggered).

Here's what i have:


As i stated - i get confirmation but not redirect so the android app is never called back

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Some Twitter Clients To Integrate With Droid

Exist some twitter clients that can integrate with android.

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Way To Twitter Music From Droid / App To Do So

I am looking for something like qstatus for iphone, that will let you twitter and facebook a current song you are listening to on the radio. I see that shazam has a twitter feature, but it broadcasts it as music you are "discovering" i want something that broadcasts "now playing" anyone know an app?

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Integrate Twitter With Droid Application

Possible duplicate:
Witter integration on android app

Any one have idea how to integrate twitter with android application

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Incredible New Twitter App Touiter

The folks who brought us "beautiful widgets" have now worked their magic with twitter: touiteur. Just hit the app store this morning. Free, and us/ $2. 73 for premium (multiple accounts, more). Beyond awesome! Slick ui, feature-rich and smooth functionally (droid). Hard to believe it's a "1. 0" release. I played around with it @ lunchtime, and can't wait to dig in again after work. But it seems to have every feature desired covered. Be sure to long-press on icons to reach em all.

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Htc Hero - Best Droid Twitter App

I have a hard choice to make. I like more then one twitter client, but i need one, the best. I like twidroid, it has good options, i like twitter ride's ui and speed and being lightweight, and lastly, swift, awesome options, polished ui, but i don't like the button placement.

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Good Twitter And Droid Integration Tutorial

Can you please suggest good twitter and android integration tutorial.

I found on net those are not working for me. I am confusing by watching lot of tutorials.

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Create Searchbar Just Like Twitter App In Droid

I wounder if there some example on how to create a searchbar just like twitter app in android? Code.

And also i wounder about the popup.
Are there any samples?

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Sharing Url To Facebook - Twitter And Email

Is there anything similar to for android? It allows to share url's to social networking sites. Is there anything similar to this or do i need to code separately for facebook, twitter and email?

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Motorola Milestone - Twitter Connectivity T-mobile Uk

I've got a little niggle with my milestone that i don't quite understand. My data connection appears to be to working absoluetly fine for everything i use it for, browsing the web, gtalk, mail, facebook whatever, whether i'm using wireless network or 3g/hsdpa. The only thing that i can't get to work is twitter when i'm connected through 3g. It works fine when i'm connected to my wireless network at home (or any other wireless network for that matter), but when i'm on 3g i can't get it to connect. I've can still browse the web, get fb updates, do anything else a data conn lets you do. Except connect to my twitter account.

I've tried various twitter apps to no avail. This is my 2nd milestone and the first worked fine. Anyone got any ideas where i might be going wrong?Running 2. 1, unrooted btw.

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How To Delete Search History In Twitter App

How do you delete the search history in the twitter app? I don't seem to be able to delete the history of people and companies i have searched for.

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Stop Update Notifications For Twitter & Google

Stopping update notifications for twitter & google, i do not use google goggles or twitter, cannot uninstall them, but keep getting update notifications for them on my droid phone. Sine i cannot uninstall the apps, is there a way to at least stop the update notifications? I don't want to keep them updated because the updates take up needed space on the phone.

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How To Get Call Back Url For Registration Of My App In Twitter

I need a call back url for registration of my app in twitter. How to get it?

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Htc Desire - Twitter Not Connecting On Mobile Data

Using the last few versions of defrost rom and the latest radio (32. 47. 00. 32_5. 10. 05. 23) i seem to be unable to connect to twitter (thru either the official app or twicca) when on a mobile data connection (g or h). It works fine on wi-fi though. Not sure when this started as i'm usually within wi-fi range. All other apps and the browser work fine on both mobile and wi-fi. I've tried flashing to an older radio but no joy still.

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Twitter App Frozen While Installing / Upgrading - Is This Draining Battery

In the app market, twitter was apparently doing an upgrade, and now appears stuck on "installing" for at least the past few hours. Tried to delete the app entirely but unable to. Is this draining my battery?

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Htc Desire - Small Pixelated Contact Photos From Facebook And Twitter / What To Do?

So all my contacts are saced in my phone. For some of them i have added facebook and/or twitter accounts, so desire takes picture from twitter/facebook and use it as contact image and i love it, but using facebook or twitter pictures for contacts they are pixelated and in bad quality but if i use picture from my phone memory it looks great, why and what can i do?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia - X10 Mini Pro Can't Use Twitter

Jut got my new phone. Cant seem to log-in to twitter with my x10 mini pro. Timescape not working

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Timescape Twitter Error - Sync It

Today, since 6 pm past i cant sync timescape with my twitter account, anybody with the same problem? Tried deleting the account and creating a new one, change passwords, etc.

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Full Source Code To Put Twitter Share Button Into Droid Application

I used android 1. 6 version. I want to integrate twitter button to share songs on my web based application to my twitter followers for that i integrate jtwitter. Jar file into my application
But it is not taking username , password what i provided
Here i am using the below statement to check the authentication

Twitter = new twitter(username, password);

Please solve my problem. Provide full source code to put twitter share button in to android application

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Twitter App With Internal Picture Viewer / Preview For Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Looking for a twitter app that has the following features - any recommendations?

- Preview pictures (thumbnails) in the tweet no matter the source (moby, twitter, etc)

- Internal picture viewer (doesn't send me to browser to view the pic)

- Can read/expand long tweets inline without having to go to a browser (twitlonger, tmi, etc)

I used to use twitterlator on the iphone that had these features and i really miss them. Oh, also, facebook integration would be a plus, since i've ditched the native fb client cause its sucks my battery too much.

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