Htc Incredible Issues With Gmail

Trying to figure some things out on my new phone here. I have the verizon htc incredible. The contact manager on my phone is simply called "people". I have successfully managed to get all my contacts moved over and looking pretty good - had to "link" several people so they would stop showing multiples.

I'm set up to sync with exchange and gmail. When i edit a contact, it prompts me to choose whether to edit the outlook version or the gmail version. What the *** is going on here? I assume if i link two contacts together, i now have one contact entry and it will sync that entry to any of my linked accounts. Is this not the case?

Also, when i enter a contact in from the phone, it defaults to "phone" as the type. This does not get sync'd to anything, apparently? I'm just a little confused as to how this whole thing is organized. Is my error trying to sync between outlook and gmail at the same time? Do i need to select one and just use it?

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Htc Incredible - App To Use For Non-gmail Accounts / Why

Htc's mail default zoom on mail with images rather than displaying the entire message is pretty annoying, and it's handling of anything other than raw text has quite a bit of room for improvement. So, i thought i'd find out what other people are using.

Which mail app do you use for your non-gmail accounts, and why?

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Htc Incredible - Email Someone A Map / Directions From My Phone Using Gmail

How do i email someone a map or directions from my dinc using gmail?
I could not see an option to share or attach within google maps or gmail.

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Htc Incredible - Gmail - Unable To Send An Email From My Phone / Fix It

I am running virtuous 3. 1. 0 and i had the same issue when i used virtuous 3. 0. 1. I am unable to send an email from my phone. When i press send, it says "sending" in red, but no matter how long i wait, days included, it never sends. It's actually caused me some problems in the past because i was supposed to have emailed people things and thought that i had, only to find out that they never got it.

Anyone else experiencing this or am i alone here? Any ideas for how to fix it?

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Htc Incredible - Set Gmail Invites To Be Private By Default On Dinc

Is there a way to set gmail invites to be private by default? Google help says that if your calendar is set to private (mine is) then all invites will be private too. That is not the case though - when my husband receives an invite in outlook and he has to manually change it to private. So short of using my pc for all invites (where i can manually set them to private each time) is there a way to do this on the dinc?

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Htc Incredible - Email Sent Through Gmail App Can Take Hours To Deliver / Solution To Send Fast

I've been told that some of the emails i send through the gmail app can take hours to arrive. Anyone else having this problem?

I have gmail set up to send through the server for my personal address (such as, anyone think that could contribute? I don't seem to have any issues when i send through gmail direct in a web browser. Also, can sending pictures from the phones camera directly through the gmail app cause a delay?

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Htc Incredible - Possible Incredible Facebook Contact Solution

There are many topics on the subject but i couldn't find where this option was as many of us with an incredible know, the facebook integration is cool but annoying in that it throws every facebook friend with a listed phone number within your dialer screen and other key contact locations. So here's a possible solution if someone can help me. On my friend's motorola droid, his facebook app has an option that will only sync facebook contacts with known phone contacts. It's listed under menu>settings>other settings (the incredible shows only 'helpful hints' under this same menu item, although it's version number is higher). This is awesome in that it gets rid of the zillions of people you don't want showing up in your dialer.

So, can you replace the incredible's facebook app with the moto droid's? I have it downloaded but can't install it since i can't remove the stock facebook apps that came on the incredible. Is it possible to use the moto droid facebook app instead?I didn't have much time on his droid so if i'm mistaken on any point then so be it. Just hoping for options.

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Htc Incredible - Getting Internet On Laptop Using Incredible

I have the incredible. I use verizon. I travel from home quite a bit and would like to be able to use the incredible to access the internet on my mac. How do i do this. I have tried hotspot connect and it said wi-fi not available.

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Htc Incredible - Incredible Accessories On Line Now

Pcd (personal communications devices) who verizon uses to post device updates now list accessories for the incredible adr63000. They all show out of stock but i assume that is until the phones release. It shows the extended battery and door for 64. 99 (2150 mha). I hope this means were are really close.

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Htc Evo 4g - Gmail Site Down / Up It?

Anyone having problems going to gmail mobile site on their evos?

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Htc Wildfire - Gmail - Truncated Emails

I am stuck with this gmail app on my htc wildfire. Some emails (not all) are arriving truncated - like this example.

Some emails are intact but when re-read later are truncated, but some are not touched at all and work fine, i don't see a pattern.

As is, i cannot use this device for reliable email.

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Htc Desire - Put All Contact Onto Gmail

I need to put all my contacts from my phone onto my gmail, but for some reason, i can't find a way to do it easily. I was thinking that all my contacts would sync accross the phone, but this doesn't seem to happen. I have a htc desire, and have used htc sync to try and update all my outlook contact with my phone contact, but they don't seem to come across. So how can i do this.

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Htc Desire - Get Rid Of Gmail Contacts

When i go to send a text message and hit the contact button, it always brings up my gmail contacts in with my phone contacts. Is there a way to get rid of the gmail contacts, i would just like to be able to scroll down and only see my phone contacts when sending to multiple contacts.

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Htc Evo 4g - Turn Off Gmail At Night

With my old windows phone, there was a simple setting that lets me set a time that the email will come to my phone. I usually had it set to check email from 8am to midnight, as i don't need my phone going off all night and waking me up. I have searched all over this phone, and cannot find an option to turn off gmail at night. Is there a way to do this, or am i going to have to get an app to do this?

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Htc Desire - Can't View My Emails On Gmail / What To Do

This is happening in different places i'm trying to log in. I can't view my emails on gmail because of this - any ideas how to fix this? I've tried clearing data.

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Htc Evo 4g - Two Separate Gmail Accounts On One Page

I use two personal gmail accounts. Yesterday, i set both up and added the apps to home page so i could see both (two gmail icons. Two separate accounts). I returned that phone b/c of boot loop issue. On new phone, i set up the two accounts and added two icons, but when i switch accounts on one, it switches the other. Now i cannot get back to two gmail icons, each representing a different account. Can someone help me with this?

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Htc Evo 4g - Gmail Still Not Syncing Reliably On Phone / Fix It

This issue comes and goes from day to day. When it stops pushing my new messages it seems like the only way to get it back up and running is to go into the account and sync settings and hit sync now for my gmail account. I have background data and auto sync turned on and all that.

I'm not running a task killer anymore, but is it possible that when i did i killed something i wasn't supposed to that wouldn't come back on even after a reboot of the phone? What apps or services should i ensure are running to make sure my account stays up to date?

I know this isn't a google issue since new mail still comes to my computer and ipad (exchange activesync) instantly.

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Htc Evo 4g - Gmail Not Syncing After Phone Reset / Resolve It

I cannot get my "contacts" to sync with gmail after resetting my phone because i have had many issues with froyo 2. 2. I have tried deleting all contacts and then syncing. But the sync always fails.

This issue came up after using the reset suggestions by earlymon. I understand this worked for many. However, it really didn't fix my issues. In fact, now i have more (not receiving mms, caller id not working properly, etc).

And, even though i had everything backed up on the phone (using mybackupprop and an sd card), i had to completely reconfigure all my settings and reinstall many apps.

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Htc Droid Eris - Get Rid Of One Of Mail Icons In Gmail

I was wondering there are two mail icons one is a mail box and the other is a gmail logo is there anyway to get rid of one of those do you really need both of those apps can't you just use one or the other all my mail is sent to both of those and i just think that this is just overkill or how do you disable one or the other?

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Htc Droid Eris - Send Audio Through The Gmail App

Had my eris for about 3 weeks now and i have a question or 2 that i just can't figure out. Is there any way to send audio through the gmail app? Alls i can figure out how to send is photos. Same with handcent. I can send audio with handcent but not pre recorded audio. I am a musician and often when i had my "dumb" phone i would record snippets of songs and send them to my band members. If i cannot do this it would probably be a deal breaker for me. On another note, i can't seem to get the gmail app to work right atm anyhow. Replied to an email and it has said sending for about an hour now.

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Htc Droid Eris - Change My Gmail Password On Phone

I'm in the process of changing all my passwords again. How do i change my gmail password on my phone? I went to the accounts/sync under settings but i didn't find an option for it.

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Htc Desire - Gmail Stopped Syncing All Of A Sudden / Get It To Work

About 15 minutes ago, my gmail stopped syncing all of a sudden!

I've tried turning off and on, removing the battery but nothing works!

Everything else, calls, sms do though as well as phone calls!

I did install the new gmail app a few days ago but haven't had a problem, until now!

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Htc Evo 4g - Contacts Update - Sync Automatically From Gmail

I am curious to gmail and contacts from android shift. I get new contacts every day. I want to know how the update contacts works between my phone and gmail? Is there something i have to do, or its sync automatically?

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Htc Evo 4g - Installed Unrevoked - Gmail Wont Notify Me Now / Fix It

Like the topic asks. I installed unrevoked, now gmail wont tell me i got emails. I gotta manually refresh

Everything's enabled though.

I see others have the same issue. Any fixes?

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Htc Evo 4g - Gmail Doesn't Automatically Sync / What Happened

My evo was working perfect even after the update. All of a sudden the gmail doesn't automatically sync, i have to do it manual. Also, i noticed when i drive from one city to another its no longer refreshing unless i do it. Any suggestions?

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Htc Evo 4g - Way To Specify Certain Contacts In Gmail / By Group / Don't Sync To Phone

Is there a way to specify certain contacts in gmail, perhaps by group, where they don't sync to your phone? I'd swear i had it set up to where it wouldn't, but i noticed the other day i had a bunch of random contact on my phone. . .

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Htc Incredible - Htc Mail Memory Leak Solution

I slowly watched the memory usage for htc mail creeping up and up. I was up to over 80 megs, and the performance of my incredible was notably getting worse. I was looking and looking, and although i found a lot of other people having problems with htc mail, i never found a solution to it other than a hard reset.

So i deleted my hotmail account (left the gmail account alone). Instantly down to 15 megs. Reinstalled the account, reloaded my mail. Still only at 15 megs. So if you're getting the "low on memory" error, try removing all your email accounts except gmail, then re-adding them. Worked for me.

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Gmail Down / Get It To Work Again

I can't get into gmail this morning, it's just clocking and clocking and clocking. Gv and docs etc. Seem ok, it's just gmail (and gtalk).
Anyone else having issues?

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Gmail Stopped Coming Through / What To Do?

All of a sudden my gmail just stopped coming through. I checked on my computer and i have 50+ emails but nothing has come through on the phone in over 3 days. I've restarted the phone, taken the battery out and nothing is working. Any ideas?

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How To Copy / Paste From Gmail?

Is there a way to copy and paste from a gmail message?

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