Huawei Ascend (metro Pcs) - Rooting Vs. A2.2

I have a few questions about rooting vs. A2. 2. I want do more with my phone so i have been reading about rooting the phone, but frankly that scares the crap out of me since i would not really know what i was doing. The system on the phone is a2. 1, but i think i read where a2. 2 will be available soon for the ascend. Can anyone give me details:

If i should root my phone or just wait for 2. 2? Does any one know any thing about text to speech? Does any one know why youtube freezes up and how to stop that? The cam is crap and i just have to deal with that, but is there an app out there that will help in modify the pics? Does any know about how to boost the sound when you have the headsets in working out? Is there any way to boost battery life? I keep the gps, wifi off. And make sure to turn off all apps not being used. I have a lot more question, but i'll start and end there.

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Htc Incredible - Not Receiving Texts From Metro Pcs / Fix This

My friend texted me though 2 different metropcs phones multiple times and i got nothing but they're getting all of my texts.

How do i fix this?

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Application - Huawei Ringtones

I'm real new to the huawei ideos. Have always used nokia and changed my ring-tone whenever. Help how do i import my favorite ringtones from a video clip in the gallery or from wherever.

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Run Netflix Off Of The Metro 4g Connection - Lg Esteem

I don't have wifi at my house so i was curious if it is possible to properly run netflix off of the metro 4g connection. Thanks for feed back.

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Lg Esteem 4g Data Speeds Of Metro Sufficient To Stream Music ?

Is the 4g speeds of metro sufficient to stream music without a ridiculously long buffering time? Or no buffer at all would be better and not like "yeah you can stream netflix on 1x but it might not work well. " No i want personal opinions about the data speeds. Like real world experiences. I want to stream music (xm radio to be exact) over the 4g data network at work to listen to. I usually have like 1 to 2 bars with my om at work so im hoping that the esteem will give me better signal too.

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Htc - Rooting G2

I have two questions, first being can you root the htc g2 from tmobile with out voiding the warrenty on said handset?, And the second question being since i'm not super tech savvy is there an app or program out there that will root my phone automatically (spelling?)? If so can some one point me in the right direction please. Also can some one explain how to do so.

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Perks Of Rooting

Been using android for a good while now. Was using the htc magic for about a year before upgrading to my htc desire in april. Now, i've done a bit of reading, and very nearly went down the rooting process with my magic but never did, and once again i've found myself looking into the possibilities. Since i'm using the desire i'm running 2. 1 (i believe). Simple question, is it worth rooting to 2. 2?What real perks will i get, and would i get pretty much the same experience if i helf off for the offical update to 2. 2?

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Rooting Service Anyone

Is there anyone in sw england who can roll back & root my htc legend. I am not advanced in computers & firmware but i would really like to get rid of the vodafone branding. I'm in devon & willing to travel if you know what your doing.

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Desire Hd Rooting Problem

I face one problem while rooting my desire hd, as when i installed visionary all seems to be fine, than i jumped to temroot now, now from there i was encountered with a problem as soon as i hit temp root now my screen went into usual temroot process than after 20 second my display disappeared and i can only see my top time bar and beneath that every thing was black, now when i hit home button after few second i jumped my home page, but than when i again open visionary the same black screen and time bar appears now if i choose to force stop from my setting my visionary stopped but again my phone lags as its cpu clock running on 100%, the only way i can get back to my visionary usual screen is to restart my phone but from there when i use the temroot again all things happened as in my first try.

Please provide me the solution of this should i jumped into perm root directly or what?

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Rooting A Motorola Spice

I am new to this rooting stuff and hve done a few days of research, i am just looking for some guidance now. I have decided i want to root my motorola spice xt300 i order to install android 2. 3 gingerbread, or atleast 2. 2 froyo.

My questions are, what do i need to root my spice? Should i use z4root? Is there a current lik to download z4root? How do i go about installing the new adnroid sdk onto my spice after i have rooted my phone?

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Rooting Htc Nexus One

I am new nexus on at&t 3g phone owner. I work for a software company here in the united states (i am a product manager, not software engineer), and i am thinking of rooting my nexus one. The reason i am looking into this is due to the google tech support bug report system. It is obvious, that google has limited their resources to the support of community feature request.

This is not a bad thing, as it can get out of hand real fast, especially when you have real bugs and contractual feature request's that are utilizing the majority of your resources. All of that being said, there are some things i would like to get out of my phone that google will not be addressing.

My concern is what will i be losing by rooting my phone. I know this phone was specifically designed as an open source phone, but i have no experience in that arena. In my world, we are proprietary. So, i have a few questions, a few of you may be able to help me with.

1. How large is the open source community for the nexus one (android)?

2. How is the support (forums etc. ) For problems with the open source rom's?

3. What will i lose in regards to functionality on my phone by rooting?

4. I noticed several apps in the app store say they do not work with open source rom's. How big of a problem do you see this ass?

5. I know some benefits, but i would not mind some end user responses to what are the major benefits to rooting.

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Rooting Htc Wildfire

Im considering rooting my htc wildfire because i like the idea of overclocking the cpu when using the phone and underclocking it when not to save battery. Also i want to be about to use the ability to share my mobile internet via wifi.

My question is though. How do you root the wildfire. I don't have a clue where to start but am good at following instructions so if someone could post a step by step guide including links to what needs to be downloaded i would appreciate it.

Also if i root will i loose the htc sence part of the phone as this is something else i do not want to loose, if anything i would like to improve it so that more of the sence stuff works on the wildfire rather then just the desire hd and z.

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Rooting A Htc Desire

I wonder if i should root my desire. I read that it is trickier and the rewards are less compared to the nexus one, but oh well, desire is great and i have no regrets about it. Just wondering if i should root it. Is it advisable to? And after rooting will i be able to get froyo ota (rumored to be released in a couple weeks).

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Htc - Rooting Hero

I'm fed upo with not being able to put apps on my sd and as it seems i'll never get 2. 2 or apps2sd any other way i'm thinking of taking the plunge and rooting. Bit nervous though, can you please point me in the direction of the easiest, most reliable method. I'm on uk t-mobile 2. 1 if that makes a difference. Oh and i suppose if putting apps on my sd isn't possible, please tell me.

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Samsung Moment - What Is Rooting

This may have already been answered but after using the search too many topics came up. Can anyone explain to me what the term 'rooting' means? I have been using nokias for years. So have never been on android. Also what sites are best for apps? Free and paid?

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Lg Optimus V - Is Rooting Easier Now ?

I used to have a g1 but i just upgraded to a lg optimus v, is rooting easy now? Cause i hate having these pre-installed apps that take up memory on my phone.

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Uk Update To 4.0.4 Via Ota Without Rooting

As the title says really, currently on 4. 0. 2 yakju, i only got my handset a few weeks ago so are the imei updated in order?

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Rooting A Sprint Htc Hero

My friend has a sprint htc hero running android 1. 5, software version 1. 56. 651. 2. He just got the phone and wanted me to root it for him, but sadly, i can't find a "one stop shop" for how to downgrade this phone, get root access, upgrade the phone, and install a custom rom on it. I've heard that cyanogen won't work on heros, so i guess that could be out of the question (or can it work?). So basically, what i'm looking for is this:

1. How do i downgrade his software version?
2. How do i root it? (I'd prefer not to use adb, if at all possible)
3. Which rom should i put on his phone after i root it?

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On Rooting Cdma Hero Questions

I know this was probably all covered in prior posts, but for the life of me i can't find any of it.
Ok here goes.

If i root my cdma hero, do i have to install a custom rom, or can i just go about using my phone as i would normally, just with the added root capability?

If i do root, will deleting pre installed items such as amazon mp3, stocks, footprints and the like free up any app memory space at all, and if it does, will it help to increase the phones overall performance any?

I am considering cyanogenmod, but i've already grown used to the original functionality of the phone, and am unsure of how different it is. I know it's faster than the factory fw though. I know that if i don't end up liking it for any reason, i can just go back to the original rom, so i might just as well try it and see for myself, huh? ^^;

Also, i only have a class 2 micro sd. Do i really need a class 6 for app installs on the sd? Will a class 2 make the apps load slower that they do from the phones internal memory?

Thanks bunches in advance for any answers. And i apologize once again, knowing this was probably all covered somewhere else on the forums.

As a side note, though. If all of this info isn't like in a faq somewhere, it would probably would be a good place for indecisive people like myself to get some of the answers they're seeking.

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G1, Rooting, Rom Flashing Question

I purchased a phone that has already been rooted and has cyanogens froyo 2. 2 on it, dont get me wrong its a great rom, i was just hoping for something a little bit faster, such as superd 1. 11 , so i guess my question is in order to flash this new rom, is all i need to do place the new rom i downloaded as in the root folder of my sd card then restart the phone holding the home and end keys simultaneously? Do i need to delete the previous rom files or anything?

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Htc Evo 4g - Rooting - Sd Cards

Will we ever get to a point where rooting will be as simple as putting in an sd card that has the correct files on it and rebooting the phone?

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Is Rooting A Droid Worth Risk

What are the risks from rooting also is it worth the risk, also i cant find a tut for rooting lg optimus will i just get a tut on rooting whatever firmware i have

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Why Is Rooting Such Big Deal To Companies

Root is a part of android, google doesn't have a problem with it, pretty much every employee at verizon has a rooted phone, so why is it such a big deal and why do they keep trying to block it. Yes i understand it can be bad for the phone and it ruins your warranty but why cant they just make life easy and give us the option to agree on termination of warranty if we click "root my phone" button. I really don't get why its not an option, beside from the fact that some companies can lose money with things like tethering. I still believe it should be an option inside the android os to unlock root without having to "hack" it. Any other opinions?

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Htc Desire - Stuck On Rooting

Im trying to root my phone using this guide on bootloader 0. 8;14/jun r6 riskfreeroot - htc desire rooting guide - now with hboot 0. 80 and os to 1. 21 support - android @ modaco. "However every time i run step 5 i get fastboot-windows-exe is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable command or batch file" which leads to problems further on. Anybody in the know have any solutions to this or a different guide for bootloader 0. 8?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Rooting Through Oclf

The most simplest way to root your android device is by downloading a app from the market, just type in one click lag fix in the search box and it will show up. Once you install this app, just go to your app menu and click on it. In it, it will give you series of options to choose, first, click 'root device/phone' after it does that, reboot your phone and hold the power button and the volume buttons at the same time when you turn it back on. When you see the menu where you are in download mode, use the volume button to select download packets. Once that is done, then your phone is rooted.

After your phone is booted up and ready to go, go back to oclf and click on 2. 0+ lag fix, this will put your phone on plane mode and will take a while to finish. Once it does finish, it will reboot and turn back on (by itself, i believe) once you get to the galaxy s logo (before your phone is booted up and on it's ui) it will take a while, so do not panic! It takes about 2 to 3 minutes for it to load up. After that, you're set and you may do what you wish to do!You must have a high end phone for this and it must be running eclair for you to install this.

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Samsung Galaxy Original Firmware After Rooting

I would like to know if it is possible to get back to the original firmware if i rooted my galaxy s. Sorry if this question had been posted before.

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Samsung Behold 2 - Restore Phone Before Rooting It

Would you be so kind as to tell me how to restore my phone before i try to root it.

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Htc Evo 4g - Rooting For Better Battery Life

I have read plenty of topics about how rooting can give better battery life on the evo, however i like some of the htc stuff that is included such as the home screen and various other things. I don't mind to spend the time to do it and i want to remove most of the sprint crap, but i don't want to remove everything. Is it possible to keep some stuff. I am new to rooting and i got an android for the first time when the evo came out.

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Htc Evo 4g - Benifits Of Rooting Phone

I'm considering rooting my device but i'm not too sure what the benifits of this are. The evo seems to be pretty open sourced as it is and i can get free app from so i'm not sure rooting my device is that beneficial. Can someone give me a reason why i would want to do this.

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Vpn App For Phone That Does Not Require Rooting

Is there a vpn app for android yet that does not requiring rooting? I won't be messing around with my new incredible on that level (i know enough to know i would probably just screw something up. ) So i would be looking for your standard download-and-go app here.

(Secondary question, doesn't vzw charge extra for exchange email support. Like $10 on top of your data plan?)

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