Stamp Bitmap Along A Line In Droid

Is there any easy way to stamp bitmaps along a line in android? I've found the pathdashpatheffect class but that only allows paths to be stamped, rather than bitmaps. It seems like it should be possible, but i'm not sure where to start.

I could obviously just draw bitmaps along the line, but it seems to me like that would be a bit more resource intensive, especially because i would not be doing it in native code.

Any help or suggestions?

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Motorola Droid X - Text Messages Don't Order Themselves By Time Stamp / Why Is So

Can anyone explain to me why the text messages don't order themselves by time stamp? I can't seem to figure out whether there is any reasoning behind the way they order themselves, and i can't find a way to change this either.

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Draw Map From Textfile Onto Bitmap But Bitmap Is All Black

I'm trying to draw a map from a textfile onto a bitmap, but the bitmap is all black

First i load a textfile that looks like this (shortened):

0000000000 (200 width)
(120 height)

Where "1" is ground and "0" is a wall, 1 should be white and 0 should be black.


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Tile Bitmap - Bitmap As A Background Image In App

I'm trying to load a bitmap in android which i want to tile. I'm currently using the following in my view to display a bitmap: canvas. Drawbitmap(bitmap, srcrect, destrect, null)

I essentially want to use this bitmap as a background image in my app and would like to repeat the bitmap in both the x and y directions.

I've seen the tilemode. Repeat constant for the bitmapshader class but am unsure if this is to do with repeating he actual bitmap or to do with applying a filter to the bitmap.

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Htc Desire - Text Message Time Stamp Delay / App To Correct It

I have a telus unlocked htc desire (running on rogers).

I am having an issue with msg's that i send having the correct time on them, but than the ones that i receive all have times that set them 4 hours early. This makes any msg steaming useless.code.

Does anyone know of any way to fix this issue?
Or any apps that will correct this issue?

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Can't Add More Than One Line (overlay) To Droid Google-map / What To Fix It

I'm having problems with adding lines to the map in my android project. Basically, when i want to draw lines from point a to point b android is painting them just fine, but when i want to add another line later (say from point b to point c) android is removing the old line and drawing a new one. I guess it has something to do with collections because i'm using the itemizedoverlay class to collect all markers and it seems to work, but how to do the same with lines or anything else i would like to draw? How to prevent android from refreshing the map? Itemizedoverlays seems to do the trick, but only with markers/drawables.

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Display A Bitmap In A Editbox In Droid

I have two bitmap images . And i need to merge the bitmaps with precise positioning of one bitmap over other and get a resultant bitmap (which is combination of both)

And the resultant bitmap is a font character and i want that bitmap to be displayed in a edit box where i am inputting text.

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Convert Bitmap To Sepia In Droid

Is there any way to convert a bitmap to sepia?
I know to convert to grayscale is to set the setsaturation in colormatrix.
But what about sepia?

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Render Text Over A 48x48 Bitmap In Droid App

I'd like to know how can i render a text over a 48x48 bitmap in my android application, considering sometimes the text exceeds the bitmap width . In such cases i need to render only a part of the text followed by dots such that all fits the available width .code.

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Move A Path With A Repeating Bitmap Image In Droid

I'm currently writing an android side-scrolling game and am having trouble filling a path with a repeating bitmap image. I'm creating a path from a number of coordinates to make up the "ground" area. I have a character who is fixed in the middle of the canvas and screen and am moving the path to represent the movement of the character. I've been able to fill the path with a repeating image using a bitmapshader. Also i can move the path shape from side to side on the screen. However, the bitmapshader seems to be using a default origin of 0, 0 which means the shader is always drawing the ground repeating image in the same place. This means that even though the path is moving the ground repeated image never appears to move. Does anyone have any idea how to change the origin of the shader or know of a better way to fill the path with a repeating image?

Alternatively, can anyone suggest a better solution for filling a drawable shape with an image?

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Unable To Access Pixels Of A Bitmap Image On Droid / Solution For It

In short i am unable to access all the pixels of a bitmap image.

I have used an intent to fire the native camera app and returned a bitmap image to my application activity. The data is definitely a bitmap object and i am able to display, get the height/width etc and access some pixels using getpixel(). However when i use the values of getheight() and getwidth() i get an array out of bounds error. By trail and error i have found i can only access a reduced number of pixels of the image, for example with one image which returned a height and width value of 420, 380, i could also access 200, 100. I then do some image processing and used setpixel() on the original image. When i display the image it shows the, say 200, 100, processing pixels and the rest normal, therefore the pixels are obviously there and accessible by android but not by me. I have to spoken to other people who have also had this problem with images.

Does anyone know anything more about this, reasons? Or a work around?

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Unable To Display Complete Bitmap In Droid Using Canvas / Get Full To Show

I am using following ondraw method to display bitmap on screen.code.

Image is displayed on the screen but some part because android screen is small
How can i display complete image in whole android screen?

Can i set scaletype of image to fitxy in canvas ?


Can i add android layout image to this canvas so that i could set fitxy property or image there as i have commented the code?

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Display Line Between Two Points Of Map

I am displaying map and some point on it. But some how it is not displaying directly on particular point. Instead of it is displaying screen from which i have left previously. Can some one tell me how can i make display of the map on particular point.

Another thing is i want to display line between two points of map how it is possible ?

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How To Audio Out Get Work Like Mic In Or Line In

The idea is produce some analog data into phone via audio jack output, let me know the api function calls.

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Programatically Remove Button Line In Spinner

I used a spinner to display a list:

At the bottom of the list, there is this grey line. How i can remove it programatically?

Posted On: Jul 6 at 14:09 . View Related Posts . . View 1 Replies . Exception At Line 764

I am getting an exception thrown by the audiotrack. Play at line 764. It doesnt happen every time if i play it long enough it does sooner or later. I dont seem to be able to find the latest audiotrack source code. It happens when i repeatedly create a new audio track object and release it.

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Budget App With Line Item Carryover

I need a budget app that will carry over not just the account balance but the balance of each line item in that budget. For example, if i budget a 100 bucks a month and have 20 left over, i want the next month to start with 120. I cannot find one that does. Pay or free wouldnt matter much if it can do this feature. Anyone know of an app that does that?

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Get Lat And Long About One Bus Line From Google Maps

I want to know the lat and long by a busline, or know the busline by the lat and long.

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Htc Evo 4g - Add Signature Line For Texting / E-mailing

I looked into this but i am having no luck. My question is how do you add a signature line for texting or e-mailing? Is it possible for all?

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Tab Control Displayed On Top - Want To Show On Bottom Line

I want to make an tab control on android.
But the tab control is displayed on top, wherein i want it to be displayed the bottom line.

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Stock Camera Gray Line - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I took my galaxy nexus to new york city this weekend, and have been snapping pictures like mad. However, i accidentally dropped my naked galaxy nexus while in central park. The extended battery door popped off and slightly scratched the backplate. After cleaning the dirt and reassembling my phone, i noticed it was working just fine. However, when i launch the default camera app, i notice a very slight gray line along the left side of the picture when i'm about to snap a picture. Luckily, the line disappears on the actual picture, but is there a method to rid of this problem? Has anyone noticed this issue with their nexus? I find it weird this problem only appears on the camera app, when the imact shoul have caused a hardware failure rather than software. In other words, shouldn't this gray line be there constantly? All in all the problem isn't serious, but it would be nice to get rid of it.

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Gradient Becomes Hard Gray Line When Change Layout_height Of An Edittext Field / Fix It

When i change the layout_height of an edittext field in android, the nice looking gradient becomes a hard gray line as you can see here:

Is there a way to either fix or disable this gradient?

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Internet Broswer Apps For X10 Mini / Remove Black Grey Line On Screen When Surf Net On Phone

The one i have is slow and gay lol. I was wondering the best broswer for the xperia x10 mini? Or maybe the top 5 best latest broswer app? I'm willing to pay too

Also, at the momment when i surf the net on my phone a black grey line is across my screen? How to get rid of it?

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Get Bitmap From An Uri

How to get bitmap object from an uri (i suppose i succeed to store it in /data/data/myfolder/myimage.png or file///data/data/myfolder/myimage.png i used both path) to use it in my application. But i failed to get it.

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Button Over Bitmap

I am a beginner android developer and i am trying to have a button display on top of the bitmaps i am outputting.

Here is what i have:

My activity sets this:


Main.xml is framelayout that i stuck a button on top of, that's it.

I guess my question is, how do i insert something into the main.xml as a "canvas" in order to paste my bitmaps to, but still have the button always on top regardless of how many bitmaps i draw?

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Copypixelsfrombuffer() To Particular Bitmap Offset

I am working on an android application that deals with graphical operations in native code on a shared memory buffer. I have made functions to call my native code from java using jni, and my native code uses the jni api to call java from native code. Since copying large arrays of pixels has a significant effect on performance, i need to avoid it as much as possible.

The android documentation for the bitmap class talks of two ways for copying pixels onto the bitmap internal buffer:

Setpixels(int[] pixels, int offset, int stride, int x, int y, int width, int height) replace pixels in the bitmap with the colors in the array.copypixelsfrombuffer(buffer src) copy the pixels from the buffer, beginning at the current position, overwriting the bitmap's pixels.

The problem with the api documentation is that it is very vague about what is happening behind the scenes when you use those functions. However, it is mentioned somewhere that copypixelsfrombuffer() copies pixels directly without any internal color format conversion, as opposed to setpixels() which will in all case do that conversion even if the original pixels are in the target pixel format. Obviously, that is not something i want, since the pixels in my buffer are in the good format already.

Now, copypixelsfrombuffer() looks very nice since it won't do that conversion, but the documentation does not talk of how to copy pixels from a buffer to a particular offset in the target bitmap. Oops, that is something very important, since i don't want to copy the entire buffer every time, but only a region on it. Yes, the documentation says that it is going to copy from the current position in the source buffer but nothing is said about the destination buffer. Setpixels() does the unnecessary conversion, but allows you to specify an offset in the destination buffer.

So, i am stuck between:

Copying only the region that i want at the cost of having pixel conversion


Avoiding pixel conversion at the cost of copying the entire buffer every time

To get an idea, i may have a buffer representing a 1024x768 screen, with an invalid region that goes from (300, 300) to (400, 400).

If i copy only the region i need to update, i can copy and convert 100*100 pixels or copy without converting 1024*768 pixels. A 100x100 invalid region is small and only a particular case, most invalid regions would take a much larger portion of the buffer. Both methods have very negative effects on performance.

Does anybody have an idea on how i could copy pixels from my buffer to a particular offset on the target buffer, without forced pixel conversion? That would be the best of both worlds, and i don't see why it does not appear to be available.

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How To Convert A Drawable To Bitmap

How can i convert a drawable to a bitmap?
I would like to set a certain drawable as the device's wallpaper, but all wallpaper functions accept bitmaps only (i cannot use wallpapermanager - i'm pre 2. 1).
Also, my drawables are downloaded from the web and do not reside in r. Drawable.

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Bitmap Allocation Weirdness

I'm having some trouble understanding why this code:


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Merge Bitmap Overtop Of Another

Ok so i have sort of a picture frame type bitmap and a picture bitmap so think of it like this i have a 64x64 frame image where (5, 6) to like (56, 54) is where the picture should be, how can i merge the picture bitmap into the frame bitmap with those bounds and make it one bitmap? Ive been searching everywhere to no avail.

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Bitmap Encoding Is Always Lossy

I have a case where i need to retrieve the bitmap from an imageview and write that bitmap to a file so that i can later on retrieve it back again and set it on a new imageview. I do this using bitmap.compress() method. However, the problem is that after i do this about 5 times, the quality of the bitmap degenerates badly. The format i use for the bitmap.compress() is jpeg with the quality as 100. In my mind 100 would mean no compression of the source bitmap and that the bitmap should be lossless, but it doesnt seem to be that way. Is this a bug or is this how it is meant to be?

I want a lossless compression and i tried to use png as the format with bitmap.compress() but that doesnt seem to work either. After digging around i found out that png encoding is not supported, which basically leads me to believe there is no way of storing (in a lossless way) a bitmap isnt that weird? How else can i achieve this lossless writing of bitmap to the file. Why doesn the bitmap class simply have an encode() method to write the bitmap in memory as is?

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