Phototrader - Random Photo Trading Apps

I had phototrader on my iphone and was wondering if there was any random photo trading apps like that out for the android?

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Motorola Droid - How To Move Photo Contained In Text Message To Photo Gallery

Droid by motorola w/verizon:how can you move a photo contained in a text message to the photo gallery?

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Intent To Take Photo With Better Resolution

My app is using this intent to take photos:
Startactivityforresult(new intent(mediastore. Action_image_capture), take_picture);
But the resolution is really low.

Is there any way to improve the resolution? Or i have to create my own camera activity?

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Glasses Free 3d Photo Application

Recently, i've played a very pleasant game named labyrinth lite on my htc desire. This little marble game includes an option to turn the display in "3d". In that mode, the display adjust itself to show a slightly different image depending on the angle between the screen and the user's eyes.

Of course, no android phone is capable of head or eye-tracking. So, i believe this is accomplished by tracking the rotation the handset on an axis which would be in the middle. It's a very clever use of the accelerometer and it works pretty well in that particular game, due to the small size of the screen. My idea is to adapt that system to create a glasses-free 3d photo application.

First you have to take 2 pictures of the same subject from a slightly different angle. (i.e. : Take a picture, step to the side and take another one) then, the software part begins. The soft would analyze the 2 pictures to recognize they have a number of things in common ( just like stitching softwares do).

After that, it would have to distinguish different layers of depth. The idea is to animate these different "layers" at slightly different speeds when the screen rotates on the middle axis. It's important that that the viewer can see different layers in the picture when he rotates the screen to create the depth effect and the illusion of 3d.

Typically, if the screen stands totally still, (i.e. : Laying on a table) the picture will stay totally flat. So this technique is based on the movement. It's different from the 3ds technique because the screen is not physically divided in 2. I'm not a programmer so i can only suggest that someone should code that concept into a great software.

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Is It Possible To Attach Word Doc / Photo To Forum Like With Os

I'm considering an android to replace my iphone and i have a couple questions about its capabilities. Is it possible to attach a word doc. Or photo to a forum like this with the android os? Is there a work around if not natively possible? I'm a small business it consultant. How do the apps available in android market compare to iphone apps in the productivity/business category? My completely uneducated opinion is that there are more productivity apps for the iphone and the majority of those apps are more refined.

Is there a common place most android users go to look at apps (comparable to apple's itunes)i've looked around at the available phones is the evo the only one with a front facing camera? The incredible seems amazing except no front facing camera.

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Trick To See All Photo Albums In The Gallery - Lg Esteem

Its not really "interesting", but i just found this out. Go to your gallery, and you will see all the photo albums there. Place two fingers (index and middle finger) on an album, and while not lifting up the fingers, spread your fingers apart. You will be able to see every picture in that album, with out actually going inside the album. Its kind of like a deck of cards. Idk if you guys already knew about this. But if you didn't, then there you go.

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Free App - Take Photo With Camera To Scan Minds

Hey guys, just like to announce our cool + funny android free app "mind scan camera" just enjoy this app with your buddies. Take photo to scan their minds happy? Angry? Is your face really happy? Mind scan camera tells the specific mind from your face it's fun and amazing. Sometimes, i smiled, but people think i was angry. Do you want to know why? Scan you face. If your face is still angry, that means you need more and more smile.

Mind scan camera free can detect 12 minds(mood). (Happy, exciting, no-idea, angry, joy, worry, lonely, tired, sad, poker face, surprised, boring )

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Htc Tattoo - Geo-tag Photo Not Working

Geo-tagging is not working on my tattoo. When i set phone to geo-tag photos, the resulting photo does not have location data.

I have confirmed that camera > settings > geo-tag photos is , and phone settings > location > enable gps satellites is checked.

I have also confirmed that when taking a photo the satellite icon is initially on the screen and switches to the cross-hair symbol to indicate that gps has determined location.

However, when i navigate to the photo album from camera mode and view the just taken photo and view its details both the lat and long equal zero and the location is usa which is not correct.

I have read that there are apps available to geo-tag photos, but the tattoo should be capable of geo-tagging photos without an app.

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Motorola Droid - Photo Organization App For Phoone

I am looking for a photo organization app that will allow organize my photos by name, and if possible in folders or albums. Any ideas?

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Issue: I Found Photographs In Photo Gallery Which I Have Not Imported

I have just got myself a samsung nexus after having a htc desire for the last 2 years and i'm loving it, one thing has me baffled though. In my photo gallery there are several photographs which do belong to me but i have not imported them from my desire and i have no idea how they have found their way on to my phone.could anybody advise me as to how this might have happened?

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Who Generates Pseudo Random Events

Am new to android . I studied some documents n am more interested to know abt monkey tool lyk what it really do? How it does ? Can u guide me so that it may help me in my project. My major question is it generates a pseudo random user events- right?

Who generates these pseudo random events? Will they be available and when the user performs an activity the monkey will fetch the corresponding event and throw? Or the monkey tool by itself generates it and throw when an activity is performed by the user? Hope am clear in my doubt and will soon hear from u. Awaited for your reply.

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Htc Incredible - Resetting Camera Photo File Names

I love my htc droid incredible. I have no problems using the camera or moving images where i want them (facebook, flickr, or my pc). As i take photos, they are saved as a file name like "imag0029.jpg". They sequentially increment. I am fine with that.

What i would like, is, a way to re-set the embedded number to zero; either when the camera is empty (after a download), or manually.

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Motorola Droid - Cannot Delete Corrupted Photo Or Video Files

I am having a problem deleting photos and videos. I think i might have corrupted files and therefore cannot delete the corrupted photo or video files. Any one know how i can solve this problem?

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Htc Incredible - Keep Getting Random Vibrations / Stop Them

I keep having random vibrations every few minutes, usually 2 quick short vibrations but sometimes there are 3-4. There are no visual alerts to go along with the vibrations and i am pretty confused. It has been doing this for about 24 hours now at least.

I tried disabling many of my widgets/apps that i know cause vibrations but no results yet. I have also restarted the phone and it seems the vibrations start right away after reboot (but that could be a start-up vibration if there is one). Anyone have any ideas or know how i could create a log of apps calling the vibration feature?

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Htc Evo 4g - Picture Too Big To Text - Settings To Change Before I Take Photo

Is there some settings i would need to change before i take the picture? To clarify, i take a picture with my evo camera, then i go to text message and insert the picture as an attachment, but when picture comes in, it says it is to large.

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Restrict Photo Gallery To Display Images From Specific Directories / Folders

I've been searching for some solution to this. Ever since i got my htc legend, one of my least favorite apps has been the default gallery. I have a 16 gb card, which i use for a lot of things. Besides photos, there's mp3s, portable apps, work documents, etc. The gallery scans the entire card for images. Thus, even mp3 album covers, application icons, diagrams in work documents are all showing up. Why isn't there a way to control and restrict the gallery to display only in specific directories, or to ignore particular directories?

Besides, i've got photos sorted in sub-folders, such as for my wife, my baby, etc. The folder names are not showing up in the albums list, even though the photos can be seen in all photos. Any suggestions or pointers? If any android developers read this, could something be done? Am i the only one feeling frustrated with the gallery app?

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Motorola Droid - Random Reboot When In Sleep Mode

The problem occurs when i "sleep" the droid. For some reason when its in sleep mode, my phone will randomly reboot and i'll notice it becaue the lock screen is displaying and all my notification bar symbols (like weather channel) are gone. This is really annoying and it appears to be draining battery pretty well too. The phone has also reboot when not in sleep mode but this is much rarer.

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Droid Eris - Keep Getting Random Htc Screen / Stop It

I keep getting the htc screen you see on power up. Totally random, each time i was doing different things. 3-4 times since last night. Anyone else experience this?

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Random Vibrations / Where Its Coming From

My backflip been having issues of random vibration. I'll be at work even with the phone on silent (not vibrate) it seems to vibrate. Sometimes it vibrates a few times an hour, sometimes a few times a day.

I've got about 5 email accounts linked as well as facebook and twitter. None of them show me new msgs when it vibrates so im pretty confused. Any info / tips on where to look?

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Htc Eris - Random Sound Death / Get It To Work

The sound on my eris stops working periodically. The trigger is always phone related. Triggers:

Screen comes on during a call
After a received call is finished

Once this happens, i can't hear anything, and supposedly the person on the other end can't hear me. No media sounds work either. I have to reset my phone.

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Random Crashes On Mapactivity When Rendering Tile / Fix It

I have from time to time some crashes on the google code for drawing tiles on a mapactivity.code.

Any idea what could cause such crashes and how to avoid/prevent them to crash my application?

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Upload Photo Picasa Album List Blank On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I just noticed this recently when trying to upload a picture from the gallery to picasa - the folder list is blank, clicking it or the new folder button does nothing. I've used it in the past so i'm not sure what changed - also working fine on my t prime, and, all of the folders are visible in the gallery itself, just not the upload screen. What i've tried so far that hasn't worked:

1) rebooting phone
2) disabling then enabling photo syncing in accounts and sync
3) clearing gallery and media storage data
4) multiple combinations of the items listed above

Anyone else have this issue? Or know how to fix it? ( I'm running stock ics ).

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Random Reboot With Camera

I have now had my x10 for a week and am quite happy with it in the main. The only problem i seem to have, is it sometimes reboots when i try to use the camera. It first did it before i had any marketplace apps on, so i don't think its due to something i installed. It happens when i try to open the camera, and it has also happened when the shopsavvy app tried to start the camera.

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Htc Incredible - Random Reboot - Signal Strength Is Unbelievable

My dinc literally just rando-booted and when it started back up my signal strength jumped from 90dbm to 72dbm from 1-2 bars to 3-4! No idea what just happend but was curious to see if this happened to anyone else. Btw i'm in phx, tempe area!

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Motorola Droid - Random Battery Drain From Email App

I have had two incidents where my droid 1 battery will be at 90% charged and about a hour later be in the red and phone is very warm. Battery usage always showed that Email was the top app using the battery.

This was on 2. 1 i had a good charge and i was out to lunch, checked my phone once and on my way back to the office i get back and check my phone again see that its almost dead and warm. Email app used all the battery at the time i only had my comcast account sync'd and had email checked every hour.

Second time was yesterday i have 2. 2 now and i left the phone idle with a full charge and went to bed. By morning the phone again was warm and almost dead. Email app again drained a full charge. While display was off and idle. This time still have my comcast email sync'd and now my corporate outlook account sync'd and checking every 10 min.

It rare when the phone does this. But i just want to get something out there about it because i searched and cant find any other threads about this.

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Motorola Droid - Random Reboot When Try To Send Text Messages

I have noticed the reboot occur when i try to send text messages. It is very random. Am i hitting a key that is causing the problem? I have only had this phone for a week and a half. I haven't downloaded any other applications yet so i don't think it is a problem with applications.

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Samsung Captivate - Setcpu Causing Random Shutdowns / Solution For This

I have had setcpu installed since day one, but i just today started creating the profiles and everything, but it made a mess of my phone.

The phone shutdown every 5 minutes and i had to take out the battery and put it back in about 15 times today. And when my phone was rarely on, it was slow as ***. (Even at full battery, where i had a profile set to run at full power, so it wasn't a user error afaik)

I realized that setcpu may have been the culprit, and the second it was uninstalled my phone started running fast again and i have not had a random shutdown since.

So, if you are still experiencing the common random shutdowns, try to see if setcpu may be your problem too. If it is, contact the developer and try to get an explanation or solution, which is what i plan to do tomorrow.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - How To Zoom When Taking A Photo In Phone

How to zoom when taking a photo in xperia x10 mini/pro.

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Random Reboots - Significant Battery Drop Within Seconds - Samsung Galaxy S2

In the past two months or so (i've had the phone for seven) the phone just randomly turns off (maybe 1-2 times per week) and when i reboot it, the battery has dropped sharply (from anywhere between 10 and 70%) within the space of minutes being off. It's legitimate battery loss as well - it takes the same time to recharge the battery back to where it was. Other than when that happens the battery performs well and i get quite good battery life. This happened before and after i got ics so that can be ruled out, and otherwise i think it makes more sense for the problem to be hardware related.

Usually the battery doesn't drop that significantly but today it dropped an insane amount, from about 85% to 20%. Any ideas what could be the problem/possible fix? I would post a screenshot but there are limitations on new users.

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Motorola Droid - Filter Cached Images Out / Need Photo Viewing App Similar To Hero - Iphone

I'm coming from the iphone 3gs & hero on this question.
1. When i go to view pictures for wallpaper from my gallery (not wallpaper gallery), it displays cached album artwork from slacker and cached images from my browser. Is there anyway to filter cached images out?

2. Is there a photo viewing app similar to the hero / iphone will let me swipe through albums without including my cached photos in the mix?

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