Can't Get Facebook App To Work At All / Log Into It

I just got my phone (htc incredible) 2 weeks ago and ever since can not figure out how to log into facebook app for the friendstream app. Everytime i try to sync my facebook account i get a error message that says "warning: the service is currently unavailable. Do you want to try again?" And no matter how many times i click yes it says the same thing.

As a result i can not get my contacts in my phone that are on my facebook to show their profile pic in my contacts like it used to do automatically on my blackberry.

So i had to download another facebook app from the market and when logging into the other facebook app i downloaded that one works fine but is not synced with teh one that was preinstalled on the phone nor with my contacts.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Facebook App Won't Let Me Log In And Can't Send Pictures / Correct This

I installed the facebook app on my droid2. It won't let me log in and i can't send pictures to facebook. What do i do to correct this?

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How Does Log.isloggable Work

Just playing around with log. Isloggable(tag, level) method. These all send output to the log except the last. Following the instructions in the api for log. Isloggable i used adb to set the value of logtag to debug as follows - # setprop com. Foo. Bar debug. Where "com. Foo. Bar" is the value of logtag. But the 4th log still does not print. I tried stopping and restarting the emulator and removing and reinstalling the app and setting the property before the app started. No luck so far.

I was assuming the mechanism would allow me to turn up the logging verbosity on a running app, but so far i don't get isloggable to do anything at all. Any suggestions? Related questions: - what api call will get the values that you see with "adb shell getprop"? - Isloggable suggests creating a /data/local. Prop file. Is the idea to copy that file onto the device or is there another way?

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Htc Desire - Facebook Not Loading / Get It To Work?

When i launch facebook - news feed - an error has occured while fetching data (null). Then the screen displays no content. I can view my personal profile and other people's profile but cannot view my account (news feed).

I've had the phone 2 days and when i first set up - it worked fine. Any ideas?

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Motorola Droid - Facebook Not Updating / Get It To Work

I have facebook set to update every hour, but it has not updated a single time since i purchased the droid (day 1).

The only thing that works is logging out and logging back in. Even turning the droid off doesn't work.

I know there are refresh buttons for most of the sections, but what i wanted most was the friends/contact syncs to update.

Does this work for anyone else?

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Facebook Connect In Webview Failing / Get It To Work

My site's facebook connect login scheme does not work when i load my site in a webview. However, everything works fine when loaded in the emulator's browser. Other sites' facebook connect logins are also failing in a webview so i don't think it's an issue with my site's login code. I hope i am just missing a webview setting, but i cannot figure out what i need to do to get this to work. I am using a webview with setjavascriptenabled(true).

Here are some additional details: - the facebook connect button renders properly in the webview - facebook login dialog pops up when this button is clicked - after filling submitting the user's credentials, i can see that the webview tries to load a url that looks something like "http:// mywebsite/xd_receiver.htm?. " - The webview is blank even though the url loads without any errors .

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Log / Catch / Fishing App

I've seen a couple threads about this, however, i am looking for an app that not only allows me to log catch, bait, gps etc, but also share to other app users so i can see who is catching what in my area. Is there anything like that out there?

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App That Can Use To Log Dvds And Blu-rays Into A Database

I'm looking for an app that i can use to log my dvds and blu-rays into a database, preferably by scanning the barcode. I've accumulated so many it's hard to keep track of them. I'm pretty sure i've heard an app like that exists, and it also lets you scan books and mark items as being loaned out. I don't remember if it was for android or ios.

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Looking For Log And Firewal Of Features Which App Accessing / Customize Certain Permissions

I am looking for a log and firewal of the features which an application is accessing. Also is there any way fot me to customize certain permissions? For example, the app where's my droid uses my gps location and that uses my battery. But if i could customize permissionsthen i would disable location for that app.

But my main concern is to see what these applications are doing behind our backs.

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How To Reign In Facebook App

I'm using the generic facebook app from the market that comes pre-installed on some phones. I believe it's provided by facebook itself? Anyway, due to all the recent privacy policy changes i'd rather not give the app carte blanche to do whatever it wants on my phone. I disabled the setting on my profile that let it login without permission. Now it pops up a notification every 10 minutes or so about how it can't authenticate. Is there a way to restrict the app itself to only run when i tell it to?

I've uninstalled it for now and i could easily live without it but if there's a way to use it without giving it unrestricted access to my phone and without the annoying notifications it would be nice.

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Use Facebook App Via Wi-fi Without Data Plan

Ok if i got an htc dream [running the android platform of course] would i be able to:use the facebook app via wifi without a data plan?And would i be able to browse the web using wifi?And yea im a noob to the android phones but since you need a data plan on blackberry to use facebook im starting to decide to switch to android if i can use wifi to use apps [or for most apps]

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Facebook App For Android Bugs

Anyone one know if they are going to fix/give us a good fb app. The fb app for adroid know when i tap news feeds it brings me to my bio info. How do i fix that? Uninstall reinstall?Are they ever going to get it right like the iphone?

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Facebook App Not Updating Notifications / Fix It

My facebook app is currently not updating my notifications and gives me an error when i try to refresh it. Anyone else experiencing this? Any new fix in sight?

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Facebook App To Notify Me In Real Time

Which facebook apps will give me a popup/message regarding any facebook updates relevant to me in real time? The 'facebook' app that i have right now only updates itself every 30 minutes, so any pop-ups that i recieve are potentially 30minutes old. This isn't much good for me as i get quite a lot of wall posts some days from friends relating to going out, work issues etc. It seems to have replaced sms for some people!

Are there any apps that will keep me updated 'live'?

Also, what is the best app for facebook chat? I tried ebuddy yesterday, but it caused a login error and on my netbook i was prompted with a security screen because my account had been accessed by an ip in america (the ebuddy servers). The ip is different each time so it seems like this won't be a suitable app for me.

In an ideal world, i'd like an app that was a compressed version of the full facebook site. Buttons for each popular function, a chat facility and updates that happen as-they-happen.

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Htc Incredible - Revert To Old Facebook App

I updated the standard facebook app, thinking it would give me the option to sync w contacts but it didn't. I'm thinking htc intentionally disabled that.

Anyway, with the new updated facebook, it now gives me errors when i try to drag in the facebook widget. Anyone know how i can revert to the old fb app?

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Htc Evo 4g - Facebook App Keeps Loggin Me Out

Why am i constantly getting logged out of my facebook app? I get the error in the notification bar and i have to log back in. It even does it when im in the app. Anyone know why this happens?

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Fixed Action Bar Similiar To The Facebook App

I have implemented the action bar (not the quick action bar) in my app. The action bar is based on the one used in the google io app and the facebook app. I am stumped though, trying to understand how to keep the action bar fixed. When an activity needs scrolling, the action bar needs to be remain fixed.

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Need Instant Messaging App To Use Different Accounts (facebook, Aim)

I'm looking for an instant messaging application where i can use different accounts (facebook, aim).

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Facebook App No Longer Supports 1.5

The official facebook app just updated and no longer supports 1. 5. Our three month old phones are getting less useful by the day.

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Samsung Moment - Facebook Icon Deleted From Homescreen - App Gone Too / Get It Back

I just picked up a moment for my wife and i was setting it up for her and deleted the facebook icon from the homescreen. I tried to re-add it but i cant find the icon or app anywhere. Anyone know how to get it back?

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Looking For Work Time App

I am looking for an app that can record my overtime and my leave (holiday) taken so i can find out in an instant how much overtime i have done by week by month and by year and like wise for my leave.

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Freeview Tv App That Would Work On Droid

Is there a freeview tv app that would work on android?

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Htc Magic - App - Voice Text - To Work

Has anyone managed to get this app (voice text) to work on their htc magic? I'm running android 1. 6, i think i need 2. 0 or higher for this, can anyone confirm?

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Motorola Droid - App That Will Work To Thread Sms

Will this new phone have threaded sms or will there be an app that will work to thread sms. I like that on some of the new verizon dumb phones.

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Htc Evo 4g - Can't Get Youtube App To Work

I can't get the youtube app to work. I can open youtube from within a browser, but it won't open from the app- it just returns me to the home screen. The widgit on the home screen shows the following message "connection problem. Touch to try again" i am on wi-fi when i tried to use the app. My browser is working fine on my wi-fi, and my signal is strong.

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Need Fuel Price App That Will Work In States / At Least In My Locale

I'm looking for an app similar to this . Fuel prices plus uk that will work in the states or at least in my locale.

Preferably like a layer on google maps.

I'm one of those people that will go out my way if there's cheap gas to be had.

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Motorola Droid - Stock (2.1) Weather App Broken / Get It To Work

This has been asked in the smoked glass 6. 0. 1 thread, but thought i'd see if anyone on a different rom was having any issues, so.

For some reason the weather portion of the news and weather app has stopped working (i believe this started yesterday). The app simply says "sorry, weather currently unavailable. " My beautiful widgets weather is just fine. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Htc Desire - App To Turn Wifi On / Off When I Get Home - Work

Location based wifi? As in it will turn the wifi on/off when i get home/work etc?

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Do The Ibeats App That Came With Rezound Work With Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Do the stock ibeats that came with the rezound work with the samsung galaxy nexus, do all the the buttons on the controller work (media controls and call controls) also does the mic work, please answer.

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Best Call Log Application For Droid

I have a htc desire and i'm looking for a good call log application that shows incoming/outgoing calls, missed calls and call duration. Does anyone know or can recommend an android application that shows all of this info?

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