Htc Evo 4g - Phone Turns On And Off Constantly

Hi everyone so i have the evo and i sent it out for service but the problem continues and its worst. My phone turns on and off constantly. This started as soon as i put my sd card in. Now it does it whether theres an sd card in or out of the phone and half of my stuff got deleted off the sd card. So i dont know what to do? I have insurance through best buy and they have treated me so bad. ( Even tried to charge me for a battery). I just put my sprint insurance on my phone.

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Htc Evo 4g - Leaving Gps Feature On Constantly Drain Battery / Fix It

Does leaving the gps feature on constantly drain the battery? Going through some of the threads it seems gps feature uses very little power on its own. Gps uses more power only when a location based app calls on it to determine the current location. Does anyone have any experience with battery life with the gps setting on?

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Samsung Moment - Phone Suddenly Turns Itself Off / Fix It

For the last couple of days my phone will turn itself off. I hit the start button and it powers back on. I thought that it may be because the battery was low, but the battery shows green. It restarts fine. This has happened when i have been using it and it happened today when my co-worker was checking it out. I am very careful with any apps that i install.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Phone Constantly Losing And Regaining Signal / Stop It

My phone is constantly losing and regaining signal. It happens randomly without regard to location or time. Any thoughts on how to deal with this?

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Motorola Droid - Phone Reboots - Turns Off Several Widgets Disappear / Avoid This

Not sure if this is the right forum for ultimate droid questions, but i'm running ud extreme froyo rc2, and every time the phone reboots or turns off several widgets disappear, and ill have to uninstall and reinstall those apps to make the widgets available. Any idea how to fix/avoid this?

Also, the screen takes very long to load and lags after closing apps.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Phone Randomly Turns On Cardock Switches Back Off Then On / Fix It

So i leave my phone on the usb plugged into my computer, lock it, and it randomly turns on the cardock switches back off then on. I don't get it. Any advice?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Screens Constantly Load / Cause Of This

First off, let me say that i really really like these forums. I have been lurking forever and have never had to post any questions because i can always do a search and find a post that leads me in the right direction. This one has me stumped though.

I rooted this past weekend and flashed the new fresh2. 0d rom. I upgraded the 1. 5. 2 image to 1. 6. 2 and i just installed the 2. 42. 00. 03. 10 radio.

Now when i back out of any program i get a black "fresh" screen and my home screen loads like it does when the phone boots up. My twitter app and my bookmarks do the same. This is each time i back out of a program. It only started today after i upgraded the image and radio. Would those cause this or is it another problem?

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Htc Desire - Signal Constantly Dropping To Nothing At All After Upgrade / Fix It

Anyone else having signal problems after upgrading to 2. 2?
I rooted and then installed the official 2. 2 foyo but my signal is constantly dropping to nothing at all. Very frustrating

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Sprint Htc Hero - Cell Stand By Time Constantly High / Fix It

It's always above 35%, i have used the thread with the fresh 2. 0d battery (the xda link). But that didn't work because i never really had the tws setting. Anyone else experiencing this and are there any fixes?

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Htc Incredible - Silent Mode Turns On By Itself All Day Long / Stop It

I miss so many calls because my in coming call volume is either not on, or if i check my phone turns itself on silent mode. I turn it back to off, but it continues to do this all day long. It drives me crazy! I have to check what it is on all day!

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Htc Hero - After Rom Update - Lights On The Buttons -home Menu Back Etc Are Constantly On

Has anyone noticed that there lights on the buttons (home, menu, back etc) are constantly on? Im having problems with apps force closing aswell.

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Samsung Moment - Phone Constantly Says "charging" / Solution For It

Ok having searched the forums for an hour i am going to guess this is a unique or as yet unreported problem.

Moment with 2. 1 installed, everything works fine except 2 days ago it started to read "charging" with the little symbol on the main screen. Even when phone is not plugged in.
This phone is new (2 weeks) no strange add on apps or anything.
Like i said everything seems to work ok but i am worried that this is an harbinger of bad things to come. Any ideas?

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Gmail App Crashes Constantly On Galaxy S2

I rooted my galaxy s ii the day i bought it, back in january, and put the coz rom on it. I have had zero problems with the phone, until today. Nothing has been changed on my phone for a few days now, no updated/new apps, etc. I woke up this morning to check my email, and the gmail app has crashed on my main gmail account which i use for the app sync and everything else for the phone. The app will open, freeze, and then start boot-looping very fast. If i press the home button to close the app, i can be doing something else and the gmail app will just pop up and start boot-looping again. I tried rebooting the phone, nothing. I tried anti-virus software. Nothing. I did a cold reboot (aka power off/remove battery). Nothing.

I went to the application settings and cleared the cache and all the saved settings, which allowed me to open the app and select one of the gmail accounts i have saved to my phone. I selected my secondary account, which is only used for certain messages, and loaded that as my account for gmail to use.

The app worked just fine. No boot-looping, nothing. I can check messages and do everything as normal. So then i went and cleared the cache and files again, and re-logged in to my main gmail account. Guess what? It's acting stupid again! What am i supposed to do!? Does it matter how many messages are saved to my gmail inbox or something? I feel completely stupid at this point! I know how to root my phone and do all that but i can't get email to work!?

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Setting Profiles That Turns On Mobile Data

I'm currently evaluating setting profiles and i would like to do this:

When in the car dock, turn on gps and mobile data, lock orientation to landscape, force speaker for calls and disable screen timeout.

So far i have created a profile with this selected :

Speakerphone on
Orientation off
Gps on
Screen timeout 0

And a rule for "when in car dock"

I can live with the fact that i locks orientation instead of forcing it to landscape. But i can't seem to find a way to turn on mobile data. I can turn wifi on, but that's not what i want, i want to turn on mobile data. Is this at all possible?

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Translucent Theme Turns Black When Using Startactivityforresult / Fix It

I have two activities, a and b a is a background activity and b is a translucent open gl activity i can see the background when using startactivity() , however when i use startactivityforresult, the transparency lost, and the background turns black in color is it a bug for the android? Or someone has a solution about it?

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App To Save Home Screen - Wifi Is On Constantly - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have some questions and would be grateful if someone could let me have an answer or two: -

1. I saw a home screen recently which had a shortcut on it to mobile networks/use packet data. How was this done/what program was used to create it etc?

2. When i first got my phone i configured the phone to only switch on wifi when the screen was active. For the life of me i do not know how i did this. Recently this setting has been lost and the wifi is on constantly. When i am at home i would like it to switch off when the screen goes off and comes on when active. The only thing i can find is "wifi sleep policy, which i have configured to "when screen turns off". However after my screen switches off and i turn it back on, i do not see any signs of it having been off - ie; i do not see it switching back on like it used to do, by observing the top notifications bar. This is a drain on my battery - yesterday i noticed that it had been on all the time i was at work - over 10 hours - and the battery reduced by 50%, which is not what it used to do. In wifi settings, even though i am locked on to my home wifi, the phone is constantly scanning away every few seconds - i would like it to stop doing this when connected. Any thoughts etc please?

3. Is there a program out there which can save your home screens/application screens? Yes i know i can restore my phone using cpw/titanium backup but i only want to restore my home screens after diddling about with new themes etc. I usually always prefer the look and feel of my existing ones but am getting fed up with restoring manually and titanium backup doesn't appear to do this - it wants to restore all my previous apps etc. Again some help would be appreciated.

4. In cpw/titanium backup how do i start to freeze a program? I would like to experiment with freezing wifi sharing but not sure how to do this exactly ie; what exactly do i do? - The opening screens are not that user friendly. Fwiw i am on 2. 3. 4 cpw (waiting patiently for an upgrade via kies) and cf-1 kernel (i think).

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Motorola Droid - Music Shuffles Turns On Without Prompting / Stop It

When i'm playing back music (or an audiobook) on my droid with the music app that came with the phone, sometimes shuffle turns on without me prompting it or even accidentally touching the screen. I've notice sometimes it seems related to the "crackle" noise that it sometimes makes when the ear bud cable moves around in the jack a little. I feel like i have to be super smooth with the handling of the droid when playing music or else it might start shuffling on me when i don't want it to. Any ideas? It occurs with ear buds and with an axillary cable that i use to connect it to my aux port in my car.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Pop3 Account ( Constantly Getting Authentication Errors / Fix It

I use as my primary email account and i am finding that i am constantly getting authentication errors whenever it syncs up with my account. It is telling my username and/or password is incorrect when i know for a fact they are entered correctly. I have re-entered both the incoming and outgoing passwords several times and i still get the error.

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Motorola Droid - Google Places Address Turns To Lat/lon

Whenever i use google places to lookup up a location, it does a fairly good job of finding it. But, when i select the address to have it map the location, it does so using the latitude and longitude of the location versus the address (which is has). This makes directions or navigation impossible without having to re-enter the address. Is this a "feature" or am i missing some setting?

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Motorola Droid X - Sound On/off Toggle Also Turns Off Text Message Vibrations

I've missed a lot of text messages in the past month, and i usually assumed i had missed it because i was walking and simply didn't notice the vibration. Today i did some tests and noticed that the problem is with the phone.

Before i go to far, i want to make it clear that i definitely have vibrate enabled in the messaging app.

I did some searching and found lots of people refering to a program called "sound manager". The application helped me diagnose the problem on the  droid x. The default approach for turning the sound on and off actually appears to turn off vibrations too, which seems like a ridiculous bug.

I noticed in "sound manager" that there are three states for system  sounds. If you bring up the "toggle ringmode" screen, there are these 3  states: 

1. May ring, may vibrate2. Vibrate only3. Silent 

It  appears that in the droid x, when you enable sound (via the lock screen, or holding down the power button) it only toggles between 1 and 3. And when in state 3, the droid will not vibrate for text messages. Text notifications vibrate just fine when in state #2.

In other words, all this time i've assumed that when you put the phone into silent mode, vibration would still be enabled. This does not appear to be the case, if you are using the normal toggle (the one in the lock screen, or holding the power button).

I've searched around the settings and haven't been able to find any way to change the behavior of the standard toggles on the lock/power screens. Am i missing something? 

Is this a bug in the motorola-skinned version of android, or does it apply to all android phones? 

This feature seems really strange to me - it seems weird that it would completely shut off vibration in silent mode. That's when i want vibration the most! 

As a short-term solution i know that i can use sound manager to specifically set the phone into vibrate mode (state #2) but it's not the best answer to this problem, because you have to unlock the phone to do this. It would be ideal if i could configure the behavior of the default lock/power screens.

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Samsung Moment - Can Make Keyboard Light Stay On Longer Before It Automatically Turns Off

I just signed up with sprint after i couldn't get at&t to come back with a better family data plan. We got 3 moments. The selling point was the display, keyboard, and google android. First, i have a bluetooth speakerphone thing. I think it's the motorola t505. And i'm finding that i have to go into the moments bluetooth setting and select it everytime i get in the car. My old phone would just join automatically when it and the bluetooth were in proximity, or when i turn the bluetooth on. Can i make the moment join automatically too?

Next? Why does the spacebar have a speaker icon?

Next? Can i make the keyboard light stay on longer before it automatically turns off? I found that i can press the camera button to make it come back on. But sometime it would be better if it stayed on a minute longer.

Next? When i'm talking on it, and the screen turns off, how do i turn the screen back on? Now, i use the hang-up button then menu to get the display on. This is a bother then i'm on an automated system and have to press '1' to continue.

Last one, pandora stutters and sometimes locks up. How can i get it to playback flawlessly? Is there a trick with a certain combination of wireless settings needing to be off?

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How Often Do You Turn Your Phone Off ? - Htc Evo 4g

For the first week i turned my phone off every night to charge and back on in the morning. The last several days or so i have left it on, charging while on for only a few hours as needed (i have been getting great battery life 24-48 hours, albeit with light use so i was doing it in part to test that). I had an old flip phone before this that i hardly ever turned off, but i was wondering if there is any harm in always leaving a smart phone on? I wouldn't do that to my laptop, so is it okay to do this or should i let it power down and "rest" more to conserve the electronics and the battery?

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Htc Evo 4g - Microphone Work With Phone

I guess the evo isn't coming with earphones/earbuds(?)

If i have earbuds that have a microphone built in, will the microphone work with the evo? Or is it for audio only?

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Htc Evo 4g - Tweaks To Enhance Phone

New to android, formerly a pre owner, and use to downloading "patches" via preware. My evo is rooted (thats what the seller told me), so where do i go to find tweaks to enhance my evo?

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Htc Evo 4g - Built In Im App On Phone

Isn't there suppose to be a built in im app? There was on the hero but i don't see it on the evo?

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Still Missing Features / What To Do

Evo is awesome, but do any of you think its still missing something?
Retail box should include hdmi cable. I wish it had noise cancellation.
Landscape homescreen(no root)

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Htc Evo 4g - Get Custom Lock On Phone

Can we now get custom lock screens on our evo now that full root is out?

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Restarting Itself / Fix It?

This phone is really begining to annoy me . Its already my second evo (my first evo the screen gave out)

For the past 15 minutes the phone has been restarting itself and i cant do anything. When it loads up it sais loading and than itll just turn restart and do it over and over *** is with this phone

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Htc Evo 4g - Fresh 1.0.1 - Why Phone Keeps Restarting

Obviously since i have fresh 1. 0. 1 im rooted. I dont understand why my phone keeps starting over. It has done this to me at least 3 times today. And a few times a day for the past week.

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Dials Then Nothing Happens / Stop It

I left my iphone because i hated whenever i dialed and got an immediate call failure. It wouldn't even attempt to dial out. Now i have my evo, and it dials out all the time, but about 5% of the time, i don't hear the ringing or the other end. I've had it happen where the person on the other line is frustrated with me because they think i'm prank calling to them.

Has this happened to anyone else? Dial out but nothing in the ear piece? If so, did you find a fix?

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