Best Browser For Samsung Galaxy S2

I have the samsung galaxy s 2 lte on rogers wireless in ontario, canada. I've heard a lot of chatter about the default browser that comes with the phone to not be the best. I was wondering if someone, having used this phone for a while could post up what they think is the best browser. Just want to get an idea of what other people have been using on their phone.

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Default Browser Bug On Samsung Galaxy S2

Since ics, i noticed the default browser would sometimes link to something i dis not click. For example if i click something on a page it would actually redirect me to a link beside it like i mis-clicked but i didn't.

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Can I Run Browser Games On A Galaxy Ace S5830?

Does anyone know if i can run browser games on a galaxy ace s5830? For example: ikariam or grepolis etc. If yes, how?

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Htc Evo 4g - When Tap On Browser To Scroll Down Or Up Browser Will Zoom Out

When i tap on the browser to scroll down or up the browser will zoom out when im zoomed in and vice versa. It was rare at first but now its happening all the time. Its starting to ruin my browsing experience.

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Samsung Captivate - Browser Keeps Closing / Fix It?

My browser keeps closing. Anyone have this issue? I will be in the middle of something and for no apparent reason the internet page will just close? Any suggestions?

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Samsung Fascinate - Getting Really Hot When Using Browser Or Games

Anyone else's fascinate getting really hot when using the browser or games? Mine is getting hot. Not just warm, but almost uncomfortably hot. I notice the screen is getting the hottest, but the back of the phone can be pretty warm (even through the case i have on it). It's not that big of an issue, but was wondering if i was the only one having this problem, or if i should consider taking my phone to verizon and getting it replaced.

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Samsung Captivate - Browser Shows Web Pages On The Left Of The Screen

I have the captivate and i'm having problems with the browser.

It shows the web pages on the left of the screen like if it was set up to show everithing compresed on one portion of the screen.

I found it weird so i donwloades the opera an that one works great, but i liked the original beter.

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Samsung Captivate - Why Is Music Playing When Web Browser Is Open / How To Make It Stop

Why is there music playing when the web browser is open and how do i make it stop? Its not even my music. Pp

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Samsung Galaxy S - I9000 No Mobile Ap Setting & Samsung App Store

I just bought my sgs i9000 in france a few days back. It's locked to sfr here. I tried searching the forums for an answer to these but had no luck.

I noticed 2 things:
1. There is no "mobile ap settings" under wireless and network settings. I installed appbrain and i can see the "mobile ap settings" under the installed apps. But i can't run them. Is there any way to enable this? I would love to use my fone as a wireless hotspot.

2. No samsung app store is installed with the phone. Is there any way to do this? I want to install the asphalt 5 game.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Notification

How do you get a text message tune onto the galaxy s. When the phone is connected to the pc, the notifications folder is not found. This folder contains the tunes for text message notification.

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Texting With Samsung Galaxy S

I am fairly computer literate also been using candy-bar type phones for many years. I received my nice new galaxy s just yesterday and one thing has me completely stumped. I wanted to send a text to a non-address book or non "contact" recipient, here's my question.

How can a recipient's number be manually entered into the "to" field in the galaxy s? I have tried everything with it, also contacted my network tech support and samsung and no one can tell me how to do it. Got to say this is a major drawback.

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Case For Samsung Galaxy S

Ive just got a samsung galaxy and i am looking for something to make my phone a little different and look nice from others. Can anyone recommend a case for my galaxy s? Just perfect and fantastic.

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Uk - Getting Ics On Three - Samsung Galaxy S2

It's apparent that ics is available via kies on three. However i've booted up kies, updated it, and still it says i'm on the latest firmware - no update is available. Is there anything else i need to do to get ics on three?

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Samsung Galaxy Email Is Not Working

I noticed my email isn't working on my android samsung galaxy it has to be a setting somewhere. I also cant access my gmail but i can browse the internet and all other things work.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Reusing Launcherpro

I used lp for a while then cleared it as default and then gave tw another go. Now i wanna try lp again but i don't know how to set it as my default home screen again? I can't find it in my app draw? How do i start it again?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Tethering Without Kies

Has anyone used their galaxy s as a tethered modem without installing kies?

According to the manual, you can just set the phone's usb settings to "pc internet" then plug it into the computer. Supposedly after that you just follow "on screen instructions" to install the phone as a modem (presumably the add new hardware wizard).

Has this worked for anyone? I tried it on two computers and the hardware wizard failed. Does anyone know where to download the necessary drivers?

Apparently installing kies installs the drivers needed, so you can then tether the phone without running kies. The problem is that kies requires an internet connection to install, so even if you carry around a kies install on the phone, you end up in a catch-22.

All of this was done on xp pro sp3. I have an international i9000 with zsjf7 baseband.

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Samsung Galaxy S - How To Mount Sd Card

Should i wait for froyo before rooting? How do i mount the sd card?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Best Way To Unlock Phone

Anybody have idea how to unlock phone easy safe way?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Rooting Through Oclf

The most simplest way to root your android device is by downloading a app from the market, just type in one click lag fix in the search box and it will show up. Once you install this app, just go to your app menu and click on it. In it, it will give you series of options to choose, first, click 'root device/phone' after it does that, reboot your phone and hold the power button and the volume buttons at the same time when you turn it back on. When you see the menu where you are in download mode, use the volume button to select download packets. Once that is done, then your phone is rooted.

After your phone is booted up and ready to go, go back to oclf and click on 2. 0+ lag fix, this will put your phone on plane mode and will take a while to finish. Once it does finish, it will reboot and turn back on (by itself, i believe) once you get to the galaxy s logo (before your phone is booted up and on it's ui) it will take a while, so do not panic! It takes about 2 to 3 minutes for it to load up. After that, you're set and you may do what you wish to do!You must have a high end phone for this and it must be running eclair for you to install this.

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Quadrant Advanced - Samsung Galaxy S

Hi guys, the samsung galaxy s is supposed to have the fastest cpu, yet in quadrant, its miles behind the nexus one 2. 2, is it purely a froyo thing, does froyo really improve the cpu that much?

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Samsung Galaxy S Problem With 3g After New Update

I have just updated me sgs on kies to 2. 2. 1 froyo jpj i think it said. But since then it took long time to start the phone again, and now its not giving my 3g, only wifi. How can i fix this.

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What Case For Samsung Galaxy S 4g (t959) ?

I just got a new samsung galaxy s 4g (t959) and it feels pretty fragile in my hands. I want to buy a good case for it. I was thinking about the otterbox, that seems to be considered the best one. Do you agree or have different suggestions?

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Cannot Do Format On Samsung Galaxy 7500

I have this phone and know i want to do format to it. I tried to do the follow method: settings/sd card and phone storage/factory reset. But the phone just don't do nothing i tried to do restart but didn't help. What others way that can help me? Can i do it with anther way? My android is 1. 5
2. 2. 27.

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Samsung Galaxy 5 Internet Not Connected

I'm using sasmung galaxy 5 and was able to connect to the wifi. But whenever i try to browse, use youtube, email or any internet related apps it always says that i'm not connected. Any reason and solutions for this?

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Need 2 Free Up Ram On Samsung Galaxy S

Can anyone tell me a way 2 free up ram on my phone with out putting a root on my phone. (Wouldn't mine having one if i knew what it was).

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Galaxy S - Samsung I9000 3g Problem

How can i make sure that the samsung i9000 is not connected to 3g, there's a umts network icon on top right hand side on the screen, and i found out that on my bill, gprs are being used. So how can i make sure that 3g is disconnected.

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Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant Update Without Pc

So, i'm one of those people who doesn't own a computer. I just relocated cross country and have no friends or family with a computer that can help me get this update. I'm wondering if there are any other t-mobile users that have talked to them about alternatives for us to get the froyo update? Or are we just sol?

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Htc One X Vs. Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I am in denmark / europe. So no g4 network for phones yet (bahhh), but free choice of carrier. I have had the htc desire since it came out, and my boss just asked me to buy him a new smartphone and to get one for myself. I am one happy camper. I use my smartphone mainly for e-mails, browsing, camera, team viewer, gps navigation, guitar tuner and listening to pod casts. I don't watch videos much on my desire. I am considering the htc one x or the the samsung galaxy nexus

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Htc One Vs Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Has anyone here had their hands on both? I saw a review on the verge got the htc one. It looked pretty cool. I had the evo a while back and it was a good little phone. The nexus has been good as well, but is it going to be better than the htc one? They aren't in the us yet, so uk guys?

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Kies Not Recognising Samsung Galaxy S2

Trying to connect my s2 to kies via a usb cable, but it won't recognize it at all, doesn't even give an error message. If i turn off usb debugging, on my s2 i get "mtp connected", but still nothing on my mac, when i turn on usb debugging, i don't get anything on my phone or mac. I've tried different usb ports, different usb cables, nothing. Any suggestions?

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