Can Samsung Galaxy S Forward Text Messages To Email ?

I have been offered a samsung galaxy s in-place of my faulty htc desire. Can the samsung forward text messages to email. Should i stay with htc or switch ?.

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How To Turn Off Vibrate On Receiving Email Or Text? - Samsung Galaxy S2

I cannot find where to turn off the vibrate setting when i receive a new email or text. I do not like hearing my phone vibrate when i'm trying to sleep.

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Some Text Messages Received Are Disappearing On Galaxy S2

So i went to reread some texts i received from a friend only a couple weeks ago, and for some reason, they are gone. Some texts from before them are there, and many others afterward. I'm wondering now if texts from other people are disappearing too, but it doesn't seem like it from what i can remember. I didn't delete them either. Also, you know how large texts get sent as multiple pages? Sometimes not all of the pages arrive when i get a large text. Anyone know how to fix either of these problems?

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Samsung Moment - Can't Open Text Messages With Images / Fix It

I can't open my text message that i receive sent from people with attachments. I get the download button on the screen but, i get an error message saying it can't dowload.

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Htc Hero - Turn Off Predictive Text On Text Messages On Phone Keypad Setting Permenantly

I have a load of problems with my hero (on orange)that i bought off ebay and i put some in different threads but i thought it better to put them in one thread instead of clogging up the board with minor probs.

1) my aol email acount was working great untill last night when emails stopped coming through. I deleted the account and added it again but still no joy.

2) i need to update to 2. 1 but my phone cant find htc sync on my vista laptop

3) is it possible to turn off predictive text on text messages on the phone keypad setting permenantly?

4) again on my text messgaes they have started going out of sent/recieved order. Can i set this again?

5) when i log into facebook or ebay it either logs me in then logs me out when i try to go on next page or it just says my password/username is incorrect

6) aggghh i have more but i suppose i need to sort these 1st!

Im starting to think i should have got an iphone as loads of my mates have them and seem to have no problems. Although everything i do i seem to have problems so if i did get an iphone it probably explode or somthing!Hopefully someone with a bit of patience can help and sort these problems out.
Fingers crossed!

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Handcent Deletes Messages - Samsung Galaxy S2

Within the last week or so i've noticed that sms threads are missing and it seems that handcent is deleting them for no reason at all. There's no logic behind it either because it have been threads with around 100 texts, and i still have threads that are well above 400 texts. Have anyone had this issue? It's bugging the *** out of me. (Like ics).

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Motorola Droid X - Email - How To Get Logo/ Text Icon To Show Getting Text?

When i get a text , i get a notification up top, fine. How can i get the logo/ text icon to show i have a text? Like doesn't have like a 1 or 2 ontop to let me know?

Also, email is there a way to separate accounts , i just see that one email icon and all my accounts are in there.

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Samsung Galaxy Email Is Not Working

I noticed my email isn't working on my android samsung galaxy it has to be a setting somewhere. I also cant access my gmail but i can browse the internet and all other things work.

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Samsung Moment - How To Forward Message

Had this phone a couple weeks now and still haven't figured out some of it. Text messaging: how do you forward a message? How do you send a text or forward it to multiple contacts?Is there any way to save or "lock" a text message? Picture mail:how do you forward a picture message?Is there a way to "upload" or save a picture that you receive as picture mail?

General:how can you copy and paste a link or text into a text message or e-mail? How can you "refresh" a page in the browser? Example - refreshing a "live" game internet broadcast like on espn or cbs. I have more - but that'll do for now.

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Samsung Captivate - Get At&t To Forward Unanswered Calls To Gv

How do you get at&t to forward unanswered calls to gv. Right now i just get a busy signal.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab Email Not Deleted Using Imap

On a verizon version of the samsung galaxy tab, when using imap there are at least three or four different ways to delete an email and they will be deleted from the device. However, they are not deleted from the server so on the next email check the ones just deleted are re-downloaded. If the email is checked from another device, those previously deleted using the galaxy tablet are marked as read, but obviously not deleted.

Does anyone else have this problem? Is there a configuration i have not found to prompt the galaxy to delete the imap emails from the server when deleted on the device or is this a bug in the verizon version?

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Email Disappear After Receive On Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

Having some issues with the e-mail application which comes with the sii. First problem is that when i receive e-mails, within 5 minutes, they disappear. It's set on never delete from server, and i can't find anything else to do with saving them. I want my e-mails to stay on my phone for future reference.

Second problem. If i receive them on my phone, i don't receive them on my pc. Any ideas? I'd appreciate the help.

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Email Gmail Speed Slow On Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

Why does it take 15-30 seconds for me to get my gmail either through the included email app or the added gmail app? Everything else on this phone is blazing fast but email has been the one sore spot. Sometimes it won't even pull the latest email. I've looked at the settings but seem to be missing something obvious.

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Issue: K9 Mail Not Saving Sent Email Addresses On Samsung Galaxy S2

I'm not definite but i'm sure it's done it in the past so it should be possible. I have to manually type out email addresses (if they aren't associated with a contact saved in the phone) every time, where as i think in the past the phone has prompted me with previously used email addresses so i can tap them to complete the field. Does anyone know where i can enable this?

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Push Email Support For Personal Domains - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I need to check a few of my email accounts daily, and so push email is important to me. I used to be a strict bb user, until i made the switch over to apple this past summer, confused about the fact that iphones don't support push email for all types of email accounts. I have a few personal accounts that i have to keep a track of which are tied to websites i own - so they're not your common hotmail/gmail/yahoo account. My iphone that i've been using for the last six months hasn't given me the support i need and while it is still a pretty good phone i'm thinking about making the switch to android after playing with my buddy's gnex today. I love the bigger screen, i like the ui, it just seems like a solid device.

What i want to know is will the galaxy nexus be able to support push email for these kinds of email accounts? I set up his hotmail account on his phone today, set it to push and sent him sent some test emails. It worked perfectly. That's already a step up from the iphone, since hotmail doesn't even push on that. But does anyone have any knowledge on whether your personal hosted email accounts will be supported with push?

Edit: i'm aware i can forward those email accounts to like a hotmail or gmail account, but i'd really like to avoid that all together. Also, anyone know the maximum number of email accounts that can be configured on the gnex?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Voice - Speech To Text

I am coming from an iphone 3gs. I just ordered my galaxy. (Dont know if im going to keep it yet, just want to test it, beween this and the desire. ) Excited to play with android

Anyway a big thing i require as i hate texting on these phones even though it has swipe is voice/speech to text which the desire comes with as standard.

Does this have it too? Or can you download it as an app? When browsing i would prefer to say what i want than type it. Also considering i am using my phone a lot when driving, it would make it a lot easier

Also any updates on froyo coming to the uk for this phone?

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Text To A Group - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Anyone figure out how to send a text to a group? I can't figure it out. Hoping it's possible, because i need to do it multiple times a week for my job.

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Display Settings For Background And Text - Samsung Galaxy S2

I do my like my samsung galaxy sii very much. But being a long time iphone user one of things i loved on the iphone was the basic display protocol is dark text on a light background, and i much prefer this to the light (white) text on a dark background that all android phones seem to have. On the iphone navigating from screen to screen everything was on a light background so visually it was very easy on my eyes (iphone did have an option to reverse this)

On my samsung galaxy sii i'm talking specifically about the applications section (has black background), or in settings, the background is always black, and just generally navigating around through emails or messaging, the backgrounds are always black and/or very dark. For example when in an actual email the background is white and the text is dark, which is great, but when you're in the screen just before this, which lists all your emails, everything is very dark.

I'm told this is standard in the android operating system, and not a samsung galaxy issue, so it cannot be changed. Is this true? If i can change it, how do i do so, and is it an easy fix?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Change Text To Capital Letters Automatically

This may sound like a very minor and/or basic problem but i find it really frustrating. I have a samsung i9000 galaxy s and when i text (predictive enabled) it won't capitalize the first letter of any sentence including the first? So you constantly have to go in and change the letter to a capital manually. Any ideas how to fix this? Surely the phone is smart enough to do this. I used to have a basic nokia that could do this. I've searched through the settings but no joy.

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Motorola Droid - No Way To Search Email Messages / What To Do

I've been trying out the 2. 0 emulator and the quick search box. The search box searches google, bookmarks, web history, application names and contacts but not email. I looked in the preferences and there is no option to include mail in search. Am i missing something or is there no way to search email? I sure hope i missed something simple or that this is just a limitation of the sdk.

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G1 Text Messages

I just bought the g1 a couple days ago, so i am still new to the phone, but i have figured out how to work it pretty well. I've noticed a couple times i will get a text message and when i go to messages i can see which one is the new message and what they wrote, but when i go into the thread it won't show what they wrote. The last thing is what i wrote. But i can back out and look again to where it shows the numerous threads and it will show the message under the name, but not in the thread. Does anyone know why this is?

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1 Text Message To Read Notification - Ics Issue - Samsung Galaxy S2

Just moved over from the easy life of blackberry to android (not even been a week yet) and all was going well till i upgraded to ics. I have a gt-l9100 running 4. 0. 3 the issue is, i receive a new text message, i read and reply to it yet i still see '1' in a circle over the message icon at the bottom of the screen. I went in to the messaging section in applications and cleared the cache and that just created more issues (all sms failed to send from then on), i rebooted the device and the icon was gone and i was able to send sms again. I did try to search for a solution, but with no luck.

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How To Type Sms Text Without Keypad Tone On Samsung Galaxy Ace ?

How to type sms without the tone/vibration? How can i compose sms in silent? I have turned off the keypad tone. But when i am composing sms, the tone still sound and vibrate too. Please let me know how shall i turn the tone off and also the vibrate when composing sms.

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Issue: Multiple Recipients Text Message - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

On my droid 3 (gingerbread 2. 3) my incoming and outgoing texts were easy to tell if it was sent to multiple recipients. If it was sent to three people, when i went to my list of text messages, i could open the newly received text and see who it was sent to. And if i replied to it, it would reply to all by default. I liked this.

I just received a multiple-recipient message from my friend, but i had no idea it was also sent to my other friend too, without going to the "message details" from the settings menu. And when i reply to the one who sent it, it doesn't go to all.

Is there a way to fix this to tell who it was sent to, and to reply to all? Phone is galaxy nexus with ice cream sandwich 4. 0. 2.

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Email Only Gets Some Messages / Possible Fix

My backflip only receives a some of the emails that my gmail account receives. I use the corporate sync so i have my calendar. I would think using the corporate sync more messages should come through than others, but it's not the case. Anyone experience similar? Possible fix?

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Single App For Email Messages From Gmail, Yahoo

Just got the galaxy g2, coming from blackberry 9700. Other than missing the message notification led on the outside of the case (noled app just isn't the same), what i loved about the bb is that all my messages, sms, gmail accounts, yahoo accounts, pop3, etc, were queued up in a single messages application. Other than socialhub, which seems to do that, but which doesn't look so good, is there a way on this phone to do that?

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Phone Vibrate Problem With Text Message After Ics Update - Samsung Galaxy S2

I just updated to ics (vodafone) 2 days ago, i for 1 liked that when i had my loud profile for messages/calls that it would vibrate when some 1 texts me but after this update i cant get it to vibrate when i receive a text. Can any 1 help?

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Text Messages Picture Viewer

Is there a way to move back an forth on pictures in a text message? When my brother sends me a picture message with ten pictures it always plays at slideshows. Is the smart phone os really so dumb that i can't stop the slideshow and go back a picture or just go to the next photo without waiting for the slideshow to change pictures.

In a regular phone like my lg chocolate when i viewed picture messages i could just push to the left or right to change picture and up and down to go to next and previous message.

Is there an app to fix this or a setting to change?

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Migrating Text Messages From Symbain

Task: i have a symbian based nokia n73 device, and i want to migrate all the user data (i.e.contacts, messages, etc. ) To my new android based htc desire.

Solution: i have already exported my contacts, pictures, videos and music to my pc and then imported them easily to my new device. I have used nokia ovi suite 2. 2. 1. 23 and microsoft outlook 2007 (12. 0. 6539. 5000) sp2 mso (12. 0. 6535. 5002) and htc sync 2. 0. 28.

Problem: but how do you go about to migrate all those text messages? I know there is no official way to do that or any commonly known way of doing that, but i figured there might be some way to do it.

Q: do you guys know any way of migrating text messages from symbian to android?

Info: fwiw, the model name is n73 and the type is rm-133, and it's running s60 3rd edition of symbian. The android device is a desire a8181, and it's running android 2. 2 (froyo). I am running windows vista 64-bit sp2 on the pc.

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