How To Delete Search History In Twitter App

How do you delete the search history in the twitter app? I don't seem to be able to delete the history of people and companies i have searched for.

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Remove Google Search History List - Samsung Galaxy Ace

My daughter uses my phone and every time i go onto the internet using google the sites she has searched for come up in googles list, google doesn't open with a blank search it already has her search entered and searched. Can i stop this happening as when i open the internet all i want to see is google and a blank search.

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Delete History On Our Contacts List

How we can not delete the history on our contacts that got me so mad.

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What Is Best App Out There For Sms Forwarding And Call History

What is the best app out there for sms forwarding and call history? Want to see exactly what my daughter is texting and who and when she is making phone calls to before she deletes them,

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Created A Twitter App - Oauth_callback

I created a twitter app i need user of my android application to authorize its use. I'm at the point where i can call twitter app page in the browser and successfully authorize. However, the callback seem not to be working, i end up with the confirmation message and pin in the browser but my android activity is never called (onresume is not triggered).

Here's what i have:


As i stated - i get confirmation but not redirect so the android app is never called back

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Way To Twitter Music From Droid / App To Do So

I am looking for something like qstatus for iphone, that will let you twitter and facebook a current song you are listening to on the radio. I see that shazam has a twitter feature, but it broadcasts it as music you are "discovering" i want something that broadcasts "now playing" anyone know an app?

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Incredible New Twitter App Touiter

The folks who brought us "beautiful widgets" have now worked their magic with twitter: touiteur. Just hit the app store this morning. Free, and us/ $2. 73 for premium (multiple accounts, more). Beyond awesome! Slick ui, feature-rich and smooth functionally (droid). Hard to believe it's a "1. 0" release. I played around with it @ lunchtime, and can't wait to dig in again after work. But it seems to have every feature desired covered. Be sure to long-press on icons to reach em all.

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Search For App On Droid Market (not Browsing It)

How do i search for applications on the market. I have not the patience to browse through thousands of apps until i find a desirable candidate. I simply want to type in my search parameters, then hit "find".

I would prefer using a laptop's browser, but the handheld's will suffice. I can't believe this hasn't been asked already.

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Htc Hero - Best Droid Twitter App

I have a hard choice to make. I like more then one twitter client, but i need one, the best. I like twidroid, it has good options, i like twitter ride's ui and speed and being lightweight, and lastly, swift, awesome options, polished ui, but i don't like the button placement.

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Create Searchbar Just Like Twitter App In Droid

I wounder if there some example on how to create a searchbar just like twitter app in android? Code.

And also i wounder about the popup.
Are there any samples?

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How To Get Call Back Url For Registration Of My App In Twitter

I need a call back url for registration of my app in twitter. How to get it?

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Dialer App That Rivals Blackberry Contact Search / Dialing

Performance - fast!T9 search - start typing letters and it narrows your contact list to contacts that fit what you're typing as you type. And it does it fast. Nice looking ui with several color/format options. Lots of other settings. Search looks very accurate and inclusive of business and personal names. Able to become default "return to" dialer after calls end (not all dialers do this)speed dial! Assign contacts to 1-9 numbers. Optional notification bar shortcut. Rotates and fully functional in landscape orientation! And so on. In short, haven't found a shortcoming yet. Definitely the closest thing to the bb contact search/dialing experience on a droid that i've ever seen.coming in second:

- Acontacts not as fast, not as nice a ui, but good, able to be default dialer
- Spelldial - much simpler ui, few features, very fast and easy to use. No speed dial, and can't replace normal dialer as the "return to" program after a phone call.

Give dialer one a whirl if you're a former bb user and miss the dialing feature, this will fill that void.

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Twitter App Frozen While Installing / Upgrading - Is This Draining Battery

In the app market, twitter was apparently doing an upgrade, and now appears stuck on "installing" for at least the past few hours. Tried to delete the app entirely but unable to. Is this draining my battery?

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Twitter App With Internal Picture Viewer / Preview For Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Looking for a twitter app that has the following features - any recommendations?

- Preview pictures (thumbnails) in the tweet no matter the source (moby, twitter, etc)

- Internal picture viewer (doesn't send me to browser to view the pic)

- Can read/expand long tweets inline without having to go to a browser (twitlonger, tmi, etc)

I used to use twitterlator on the iphone that had these features and i really miss them. Oh, also, facebook integration would be a plus, since i've ditched the native fb client cause its sucks my battery too much.

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Possible In Market To Delete An Existing Free App And Reupload It Again As A Pay App

I have an app i am offering for free for now. At some point, i want to be able to change it to a pay app.

The market doesn't allow a free app to become for-pay and doesn't allow for-pay apps to be priced at 0$.

So is it possible to just delete the original app and then reupload it as a for-pay app ? It's okay in my case if users aren't notified of updates.

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Why Does Person With No T-mobile History Get Vibrant

I've been watching the prices for t-mobile's vibrant:

- On their web upgrade pages it's 199. 99 after the $50 mail-in-rebate
- When i selected to compare it to several other phones, the comparison page shows it at 149. 99 but the details page goes back to 199. 99
- On their web site without logging in, the price is 99. 00 with no mail-in-rebate bull!

Why does a person with no t-mobile history get the vibrant for 1/2 the price they want from me plus they don't have to deal with the mail-in-rebate stuff?I think i'll be making a call to their customer service soon.

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Htc Desire - Phone Not Pulling Contacts To Call History / Solution For This

Am a newbie to htc desire and phone seems to have a number of bugs. I've just returned back after os trip and phone is now not pulling my contacts to my call history or in messages. However old texts have a contact assigned and if i go via people directly it showed their call history. But not in main phone view - all numbers are coming up as unknown, and when i try and pull a contact to send a text to it is only pulling from gmail contacts. I've changed nothing and this only seemed to have happened once i landed back home. I didn't have international data roaming on only phone roaming and it worked fine overseas.

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Delete Couple Accounts In My K9 App

I need to delete a couple accounts in my k9 app but i see no way to do that. I've looked everywhere but don't see delete account. Does anyone know where that option is?

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Need To Delete / Re-add Widgets After Updating App

I have pure calendar on my home screen, and that widget has frequent updates. Do i need to delete the widget and re-add it every time market downloads and installs an update?

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Motorola Droid - Need Best Droid Twitter App

What's the best android twitter app?

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I Need Email App That Doesn't Delete Emails Instantly

Had a samsung s2 for a few days now, on advice from a couple of forums im sending it back, new one arrives tomorrow. One thing i have to get sorted with new phone is to find an email client that doesn't delete emails virtually instantly. I tried everything with standard email app, installed k-9, tried gmail, they all deleted emails. I changed the setting everywhere i could, still no joy. I really need to have a definitive answer quickly as it's just one of those things i really need to use on a phone.couldn't get the email client to even get new mails without waiting for an eternity. Then it took the message content ages to show.

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App Reloads Previous E-mail And Considers It A New When Delete It / Stop This

I have a question about k-9 mail.
The application works great and i love it except for this one issue.

Whenever i delete a new e-mail, the application reloads a previous e-mail and considers it a new e-mail and i get a new notification and a new mail (which is old) that is marked unread.

Is there a way to stop it from pulling previous e-mails and only new e-mails?

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Voice Search Problem

Sometimes when i end all tasks on the task manager my voice search stops working. I excluded the tts service on the task manager and it still doesn't work. Are there any other services related to voice search that i should be excluding? I have to restart my phone to make it work again. This is with android 2. 1, and strangely voice to text will work in other areas besides voice search. Anyone else have this problem?

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Search Widget On Magic

I got my vodafone magic on monday and today (thursday) it upgraded to 1. 6 ota. I checked out some of the differences between 1. 5 and 1. 6 and the 1. 6 search widget has a mic for speech input but it is missing from mine is it a vodafone mod or do i need to change a setting to make it work.

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Updated Market Search In Froyo

I don't know if this is limited to just froyo (someone with eclair or donut can confirm whether this is the case) but the search feature in the market appears to be helpful when you make a mistake while searching. You used to have to know the exact words for which you were searching. Now, if you misspell an app name it will give you suggestions based on words like it. It will be noted in the search results by the question "did you mean: xxxxxx" where xxxxxx is the suggested corrected search term. It will also show you a few possible results with the option to show all of the results for the corrected search term. Go ahead. Type in "rwitter" instead of "twitter. "

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Search Contacts By Phone Number

I want to search my contacts by phone number. Why? Because i got my bill and there are some numbers i don't recognize - but they may already be in my contacts list. For reference, this is on a motorola droid, but i suspect the same solution, if any, will apply to any android device. I also suspect this is similar to the poster trying to search contacts by company name.

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Clearing Search Widget Cache

My friend got a hold of my nexus one and thought it would be funny to search up "gay ***" on the search widget. I tried clearing out the cache with cachemate but that didn't help. My nexus is rooted. Does anyone know how to clear the search cache?

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Can Use Timer To Start Search In Another Thread

I am implementing a type ahead search so that results are returned as the user is typing. I want to have a timer so that the search is not sent to the server until the user stops typing. "Stops typing" is defined by a number of milliseconds. I figure that i can use a timer to start the search in another thread. If another type ahead character is received then i can restart the timer. Is this a reasonable approach or is there a simpler way?

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How To Search Custom Locations On Gmap

How to search custom locations on gmap?

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Overriding Home Screen Search

I want to completely replace how the home screen handles searches, i figured out that this declaration in the manifest is enough to intercept both alphabetic and numeric entry on the home screen:


But that also means that my app is now responsible for handling all dial intents. Which i don't want. I only want to intercept numbers entered from the home screen. If i leave out the second intent-filter, alphabetic input is received, but numbers go to the dialer.

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