Showing File Upload Progress To User

Does anyone have a recommendation on how to visually show progress of uploading a large file to a web server? My app needs to upload one photo at a time, as directed by the user. Images are about 200kb.

I don't want to put up a progress dialog and block the user from further interaction while the upload is in progress. Looks like i can:

Have a service upload the photo, and post status updates to the notification bar.
Upload through service (or bg thread), but post status updates to some in-app notification indicator.

I'm wondering if #1 is more standard, i like the idea of putting off updates to the notifcation bar so it's separated from my main app. I don't really want to build some global upload widget that has to be displayed on each activity my user navigates to.

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Can User Upload Apps To Phone Without Google / Operator Intervention

I am new to android and would like to understand the concept. Some beginners questions. Is android truly open in the sense that one can you distribute apps without having to pay google / operator (or anyone else)?

Can the user upload apps to the phone without google / operator intervention (for example by going directly to a site)? How is the upload actually done?

Will there automatically be google ads in the android application or is this controlled by the app developer / user?

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Allow File Upload In Webview

For example, In the stock browser on an android phone you can press the "browse" button on and navigate to a photo you wish to upload. This works great in the browser. Is there something i should set to true to allow this in a webview?

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Upload A File To Server From Droid Device

Is there any need to use something other than a http post for small files? (<1mb)

With large files anyone know of an existing lib to handle them (and preferably show a progress bar in a dialog)

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Publishing - Upload Update To Market - Getting Error - The File Is Invalid

I have an app which i have just updated to froyo to take advantage of the move to sd card feature. I am now trying to upload the update to the market but i keep getting the following error: "the file is invalid: w/resourcetype( 7193): bad string block: last string is not 0- terminated error getting 'android:label' attribute: attribute is not a string value". I changed the value in the manifest from "android:label="@string/app_name" " to "android:label="test" " and uploaded it, then it started complaining about the icon, saying that it wasn't a string.

The application part of my manifest is shown below and i'm properly confused. The app compiles into an apk, it even installs and runs fine on my n1 (installing from sd card) it just won't upload to the market.


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Samsung I7500 - Can't Upload Big File To Internal Sd / Fix It

I have one issue with my galaxy - i can't upload big files. It just drops a usb connection. For example i'm trying to upload something like 100-200mb file and it just drops and reconnects in a few minutes without uploading it correctly.

Currently i'm using linux, but it has the very same issue on windows (tried that already)

Any ideas? I have usb debugging on, tried without it but no difference

P. S. : This issue occurred in 1. 5 and 1. 6, just annoyed me enough to start looking for a solution.

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Show Progress Bar In Notification When Uploading Image

I'd like my app to upload an image to a web server. That part works.

I'm wondering if it's possible to somehow show the progress of the upload by entering an entry in the "notification bar". I see the facebook app does this.

When you take a picture and choose to upload, the app lets you continue on, and somehow puts the picture upload notifications in a progress bar in the notification bar. I think that's pretty slick. I guess they spawn a new service or something to handle the upload and update that progress bar in the notification bar every so often.

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Motorola Droid - Download Progress Bar Automatically Appeared When Click On Adobe Flash 10 / What To Do

I went into the market recently to try and download adobe flash 10. When i clicked on it to go into the app. Instead of an install button, a download progress bar automatically appeared. The only problem is nothing happened. I waited over 10 minutes and the bar never moved. Is there a step i'm missing here?  I have the original droid running 2. 2.

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Lg Esteem Phone Is Stuck On "download Is In Progress" Screen

I recently tried to update my phone with lg's mobile update software, however in the middle of the update i had a power surge which interrupted the update. Now my phone is stuck on this screen. I tried to to a hard reset by using the volume and power button but to no avail.

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Unwanted Data Upload

Since i got my nexus one in the middle of january, i notice that once a month (on the 5-6th) my phone upload between 30-50 mb in a day. The rest of the month i have around 1 mb/day of upload. Since i have data plan with 250 mb included, 30-50 mb is quite a lot.

I strongly suspect the new auto-backup feature to upload my data to google. How can i disable it? I didn't found anything in settings. How does this auto-backup feature work? Do you guys also notice some unwanted data upload once a month?

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Motorola Droid - How To Upload Custom Background

I've connected my droid to my pc, and dropped the png image i made onto the removable disk folder in my computer. But how do i find it on the droid and set it as a background now?

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Motorola Droid X - Can't Upload Mp3 To Website

I'm a musician and have a website where i post new songs. When i try to upload a mp3 from the phone the site says"  file must have an extension with mp3" . The file is an mp3. I also tried on another site with the same result.

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Upload / Download Any Applications , Games In Admin Site

I want to know weather it is possible to upload r download any applications, games in this site because i am having nearly 1500 applications & games for android mobiles which i had downloaded from other sites.

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Add File With Database Inserts To My App - Where Put File With Data

I have a problem with files. I would like to add file with database inserts to my app. Where should i put this file? In res/then? This file will have 5 mb, so after operation i would like to remove it from system.

I know about /res/raw/file, but this file is only readably by inputstream importsql = res. Openrawresource(r. Raw. Import_sql);

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Motorola Droid X - Whenever Try To Play Audio File / Player Cannot Read File

So it has happened a few times since getting froyo. All of a sudden whenever i try to play an audio file it says that the player cannot read this type of file. I reboot and it goes back to normal. Anyone have this issue?

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Random File Access To A File Bundled In Droid App?

Can i have random file access to a file bundled in my android application? I don't want to copy the file from apk to the sdcard.

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Htc Incredible - Media Upload - Get Photos On Computer From Phone

I have the droid incredible and a my laptop is windows 7 64 bit os. I am itching to get my photos on my computer from my phone, however when i plug it in it directs me to v cast download, which i did but then says that my computer doesn't support anything other then 32 bit at this time. Does that mean i can't up load my photos from my phone to this paticular computer, or is there another option?

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Flickr Upload Tool That Supports Gallery Root Screen

I'm after a flickr upload app. I'm aware there are loads but i need a specific thing that no one appears to do. When you go to the gallery screen and you see the piles of photos on that first screen, you can press them and select piles. You can also choose select all to select all piles. If you then click share, none of the custom file uploaders appear, only the inbuilt ones (picasa, google mail, etc). I'm after a flickr app that will hook in to that menu though i'm assuming that there is a reason that none of them can.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Anyone Else Having Lousy Upload Speeds In San Jose

I live in south san jose, ca and since activated as of the epic's release date, i have been getting under 200 kbps for my upload test via the speedtest app pointed at the san jose server. Just curious if anyone else is experiencing this issue. I've already called sprint and they were helpful as usual, not. I've driven around my area and noticed normal download speeds, but uploads have been abysmal.

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Image Upload Via Http Post / Google App Engine

I'm trying to integrate google app engine with an android app i've built but am having trouble with image processing. In the android app, i convert the image into a byte array and send it to app engine via http post to be put in a blob. However, even after searching through all the examples posted, i can't figure out how to retrieve the image and display it from the blob (or if i even sent it to the blob correctly).

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Htc Evo 4g - Unable To Save File To Sd Card Due To Insufficient File Permissions / Fix It To Take Picture

Tried to take a picture and the evo said '' unable to save file to sd card due to insufficient file permissions''.
On my notification bar at my home screen, there is a picture with a question mark. When i pull it down to read it it says '' mounted read only'' in bold type. Belpow that it says '' the sd card has an unexpected problem. Tappin. '' and the rest is unreadable because it is cut off by the corner of the screen.
1. What does this mean?
2. What should i do?

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Ide For Phone To Edit , Compile And Upload Sketches To My Arduino Board Via Usb

I am wondering if anyone knows of a ide for my android tablet that i can edit compile and upload sketches to my arduino board via usb?

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Upload Photo Picasa Album List Blank On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I just noticed this recently when trying to upload a picture from the gallery to picasa - the folder list is blank, clicking it or the new folder button does nothing. I've used it in the past so i'm not sure what changed - also working fine on my t prime, and, all of the folders are visible in the gallery itself, just not the upload screen. What i've tried so far that hasn't worked:

1) rebooting phone
2) disabling then enabling photo syncing in accounts and sync
3) clearing gallery and media storage data
4) multiple combinations of the items listed above

Anyone else have this issue? Or know how to fix it? ( I'm running stock ics ).

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Motorola Droid X - Upload Picture / Screen Shot Of Quadrant System Information For Cpu

Could someone do me a favor and upload a picture/screen shot of the quadrant system information on their x for the cpu. I know its a ti omap 3630 but i need to see the system information.

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Htc Incredible - Wav File Player - Player Does Not Support This Type Of Audio File

Every time someone leaves me a voicemail on my home phone number, voip home phone voice mail box sends me the voicemail as a . Wav file attachment. When i try to play this . Wav file the phone refuses, saying "sorry, the player does not support this type of audio file".

So, i take it the . Wav files cannot be played on android phones. Has anyone found a workable and simple workaround to this yet?

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Deal With Media _ Its File Format And Convert Into Dlna File Format?

We are developing plugins which convert media file as the source and convert in to other format that can be used by dlna compatible device in android.

Any help on how to deal with media and its file format and convert into dlna file format.

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Is There A Way To Request Permissions From A User As You Need Them

I suspect there has to be. I mean i saw for bluetooth there is. I was wondering why it is not as easy for the other permissions. I mean heck we can intercept urls without even asking a user for the most part, so i would have to suspect that permissions have to have this ability.

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How To Make User-control

I have two questions.

First. I wanna know how to make user-control and how to use it(in xml code).

Second. I want to find color picker dialog, but i don't find it. Where can i find it?

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Restful User Authentication

I want to develop a restful web service for my android application. I have some questions and problems. I want to use a database for the user login and signup for the beginning. But how can i make a restful webservice (in java) where i can authenticate a user. The user has to login with a username and password and this username and password has to be checked. How can i make this? I have read a lot but i don't find a solution. I want to use this webservice in my android application (using http and xml/json)

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User Experience And Ui Refinements

I think android has a ton of functionalities and that's definitely wonderful. I am not trying to be overally critical since i know the android team has been working hard and this is highly appreciated. However in all systems, there are rooms for improvement and here are a few areas where i think android can improve upon:

1) ui refinements - currently it's actually pretty hard to create good- looking ui in android. This is one of the main reasons why uis in android look like childplay compared to iphone apps. Any of the base/ core ui components in android (to be blunt) are not that pretty. To customize and add in the appropriate gradient and create the kind of sophisticated uis that are comparable to iphone apps is twice as hard. Having done development in both, this is something android should target. Overall the android ui is too blocky, too funky, and not stylish. And in some cases, they are moving backwards. The new tabs in android 2. 0 look worse than android 1. 6. The new spinner is also not doing justice either. A focus in this area will be helpful in order to create better ui for android applications.

2) user experience - instead of constantly just adding new functionalities, focus on user experience. For example, always having to click the menu key to bring up a menu requires additional clicks that are not necessary. Having to click a back key and guess where the current application ui will take me back to is also not great. Possibly provide a built-in on-screen menu in the framework? Provide a breadcrumb component as part of the framework as well?

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