Create Table Layout Without Using Droid Xml

How to create table layout with out using the android xml.

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Not Able To Table Layout Rowspan / Fix It

I want to build the following layout but it is not working.code.

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Make Table Layout To Scroll Both Ways ( Horizontally, Vertically)

I am having a table defined in xml file, which currently set to scroll vertically. But i also want it scroll horizontally as required.

Here is the code of xml in use code.

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Parser Xml Return Table

I'm new to android dev and i'd like to make a parser xml which return a table of string, i've try to find a tuto in the net but without success. I know i should use sax parser but i don't understand his working if anybody can explain to me it will be very nice or if anybody know a tutorial about this.

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How To Reuse Layout.xml

In my activity, i have the following in my layout.xml file. Can you please tell me how can i make it 'resuable'?  For example, i what to create a library so that i can insert a component and it creates 4 buttons for me using linear layout? How can i combine all that into a 'view' or a widget?

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Reusing Layout Xml And The Code Behind

I am trying to turn a couple buttons into a reusable component in android. I have successfully gotten the xml / ui portion working, but i can't figure out how to make code behind it reusable between activities, short of recoding it everywhere.

I've already reviewed this post several times: android layout tricks 3 - part 1 but it seems to be missing a few files, and i do not have enough experience to rebuild them.

A dumbed down version of my main layout:


And then of my "component":


If you have any additional critiques on my xml.

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Use An Intent Go To A Layout In My Main Xml File

Anyone know how to use an intent to display the view of one of my child layouts in my parent xml layout? I am using viewflipper and want a button to be clicked to display a specific view in my xml file:

Ie, something like this code.

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Insert More Stuff In An Xml Loaded Layout

I'm using setcontentview(r. Layout. Somelayout); to load an xml to my activity.
On this layout, there is a framelayout, i want to insert more objects in it dynamically, as an example, more button objects.

I haven't found some getcurrentview() method yet. So, how can i get the current layout from the activity?

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How To Reference Native Drawable In Layout Xml

How to reference native android drawable in the layout xml ?

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Draw A Rectangle On Screen Using Layout.xml File

I am trying to draw a rectangle using layout.xml file without java code. So this is what i tried code.

Can you please tell me how can i do it?

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Set Scrolllayout Dynamically Not In Xml Layout File?

I have android code the display a list of users information , and sometime it needs to have a scroll bar to display all users ?And sometimes not. How can i set scrolllayout dynamically not in xml layout file ?

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Layout - Inflate An Xml Into The Class Which Extending View

I create a subclass of view as an inner class in my activity. I just want to inflate an xml into the class which extending view.

Can anyone provide some code/syntax of both class and xml?


Xml is


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Way To Create A Layout With Listview Set To Use Full Height

Is there a way to create a layout with a listview set to use full height, then some additional panels? Basically i'd like to keep the listview at a height which contains all its children views, then some static widgets below that - all inside a master scrollview - is that possible?

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Modify .xml Layout File In Order To Make Elements Inside Linearview Same Size

I would like to create a dialog to display a video title and tags. Below text i would like to add buttons view, edit and delete and make these elements same size. Does anyone know how to modify .xml layout file in order to make elements inside linearview same size?

The current layout file looks like this code.

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Update Droid Default Database Table Schema

May we have rights to update the android database table schema such like people, organization, calendar, events. I want to add triggers on the update, delete and insert of the above mention tables.

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How To Update Table Schema After An App Upgrade On Droid

I have an unfinished application, but i want to address now the future update of it.

Suppose my app was upgraded, so when starts, detects that the database schema is outdated. So for each table has to update according to version number to the new schema while preserving all data.

I've read somewhere that on android the sqlite database have some version number, and auto update stuff, but i didn't found an example for this specific issue.

How can this be accomplished on an android app, using sqlite databases?

Is there a specific version number per table stored on android sqlite databases? If so, how can i read it, and use for my above purpose?

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Delete Last Row In A Table With Sqlite Database Tools Of Droid

My question is quite straightforward. I have a table, with, lets say x rows, with each an id, but i don't know how many rows i have. Now i want to delete the last row of my table for some reason. Is there an easy way to do that in android? I have been trying to use the last_insert_rowid in my where clause. But no luck so far.
Any idea to do that with the sqlite database tools of android?

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Php Xml Response Aftersax Parsing - Xml Or Text Declaration Not At Start Of Entity

I need to parse this php xml response in android:


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Play A Short .wav On Layout In Droid

In android, i have a view flipper that has a child on it that i would like to play a short . Wav on when it is accessed some of the time (basically on random).

Is there a quick and easy way to play that wav right when the xml layout is accessed by the user?

I have a main class with a bunch of methods, so i can't really place it in oncreate. The layout page is shown based on when the user clicks a button - and it is all in a linear layout on a view flipper

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Setup A Main Menu Layout In Droid

For the app that i'm making, i plan on having a main menu composed of 6 different icons, with 2 per line. This is very similar to the twitter main menu layout seen here:

So basically. How should i go about setting up the xml? Linearlayout, tablelayout? And then, what do i actually do to get the icons and text to be evenly spaced and such? I've tried everything i can think of so far and to no avail.

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Motorola Droid X - Layout Messed Up / Restore Entire Phone Back To Factory Setup

Something i must have downloaded (app) changed my whole screen  home page is gone. Is there a way to just restore the entire phone back to factory set up?

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Listview Which Presents A Table Of Items

I have a listview which presents a table of items. The table is supposed to look like:

But if i scroll around a bit, i sometimes see:

Now this only seems to happen when i run the program on an actual device (motorola droid with android 2. 2). I have never seen this happen on the emulator.

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Listen For Changes Made In Contactmethod Table

I am trying to listen out for for changes made in contactmethod table using  the code below:


It doesnt seem to work whenever i change a contacts email address or instant messanger details.

I have a conentobserver method below that should catch and notify me of any changes made to the table but it doesnt.


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Check Whether Table Existed / Not In Database

I want to know how to check whether certain table is existed or not in a database?

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Use Droid Default Font Sizes In Xml

How do you use the android default font sizes in xml?

I tried: code.

But i get error code.

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Looking For Alternate Xml Parser Implementations For Droid

I am looking for an xml parsing solution for android besides the built-in kxml pull parser. I am trying to parse a large (4mb+) xml file downloaded from a server and the kxml parser throws an outofmemory error after trying to allocate a 1mb+ byte array while parsing. A good streaming xml parser shouldn't be allocating such a big array!

The kxml v2 parser being used in android appears to be about 7 years old. I'd like to try something else to see if it fixes my problem, ideally something that implements the same org.xmlpull. V1 interface since my code is already written against it. Woodstox looks like a good choice and it has an xmlpullparser adapter but apparently the android engineers are making it difficult to include the javax.xml. Streaming libraries. I see some rather involved "jar-jar" workarounds but i'd rather not spend a bunch of time messing around with ant if there is an easier way. Has anyone else already gotten another xml pull parser working and can point me to it?

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Where To Get Droid Color Xml Resource File

Does anyone have or know where i might get an android color xml resource file containing all the x11/w3c color codes?

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Display Html Formated Table Using Webview

I am trying a lot but it is not wroking.

Here's my code:


The summary string i have is a lengthy htmlformatted table. But problem is this code is not even working for this simple html formated string. What is it that im doing wrong?

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Error Inserting Into Table Calendarevents / Fix It

I'm trying to add an event to the calendar and it works very well. But if i try to add a reminder with an alert i receive the following error message code.

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Set Droid:gradientradius Via Java - Onlyt Possible Via Xml

Is it possible to set android:gradientradius of a drawable via java or is it only possible to set this attribute via xml?

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