Htc Desire - Settings To Use For Taking Photos In Bad Light And Closeup Pictures

About the camera.
What settings do you use for taking photos in bad light and to take closeup pictures?

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Htc Desire - Change Mms Settings To Send Pictures / Right Area To Add Them

I need to change my mms settings to be able to send pictures but i can't find the right area to add them? I've looked everywhere and i'm feeling really dumb. Can anyone help?

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Htc Desire - Phones Taking Ages To Turn Off

My desire seems to be taking ages to turn off. Sometimes 10mins or more. Is anyone else experiencing this problem and is there anything i can do about it?

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Htc Desire - Market Downloads Taking Ages To Start / Why Is So

Why are market downloads taking so long to start?
It shows "starting download. " And stays there for quite a long time!

It was working fine before, this problem started today.

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Htc Desire - Sync Phonebook With Facebook Photos Of Contacts But Nothing More

Is it possible to sync your phone book with facebook to update the photos of your contacts, but not have all your facebook friends who are not already in your phone book downloaded to it?

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Htc Desire - Small Pixelated Contact Photos From Facebook And Twitter / What To Do?

So all my contacts are saced in my phone. For some of them i have added facebook and/or twitter accounts, so desire takes picture from twitter/facebook and use it as contact image and i love it, but using facebook or twitter pictures for contacts they are pixelated and in bad quality but if i use picture from my phone memory it looks great, why and what can i do?

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What Mods & Settings Should I Be Looking To Alter On New Htc Desire?

I've been researching which smart phone to get for awhile now and it was a toss up between the desire and desirehd. I don't really need phone for videos and most important thing i need in internet whilst on move and sending emails. I have a giffgaff sim ready here just need to get phone now. Just want to get things ready guys, what mods/settings should i be looking to alter first with a desire to get the most out of it? Any help appreciated.

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Htc Desire - Settings That Allow Ringing From Handset Instead Of Headset

Just bought today htc desire and really love it
I have one question though(a bit noobie): when there is an incoming call and i have headset connected phone is ringing from the headset so i miss the call. Is there any settings that would allow ringing from handset instead of headset?

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Htc Desire - Possible To Not Display Certain Pictures In N1 Gallery App / How To Do

I was wondering if it was possible to not display certain pictures in the n1 gallery app. Currently it displays my album art aswell (all in different maps so it gets annoying). And i was wondering if there is a fix for this 'issue'

Now as far as the launcher goes, i've heard that i runs alongside htc sence. Well i don't know if it has been tested thoroughly by those people because it does not on my desire. (Used a link posted by lekky).could be that i'm doing something wrong but for the time being it replaces the sense ui on my phone to the stock android ui

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Htc Desire - Internet Settings Menu - Stock Pdf Viewer

In the internet settings menu, there is an option of open in background - open new windows behind the current one.

It comes unchecked by default, but it doesn't seem to make any difference when i manually open new windows.

Was just wondering what it actually does really.

Second question is related to the stock pdf viewer. How do you delete your previous searches? I was browsing the user manual (ironically for information to question #1) and don't seem to be able to delete the key words i searched for.

I already have historyeraser downloaded and it doesn't have an option for the pdf viewer.

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Led Desire Light / Does Anyone Have Working Link To Get App

I've had it on my phone since i bought it and i'm very disappointed to find that it is no longer available. Led desire light application in tools | droidmill | android repository. The link shows you some old info if you're not sure what i'm talking about.

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Htc Desire - Store A Reasonably Large Amount Of Mp3 Files And Pictures On Phone

I don't particularly understand the memory capacity on these smartphones, except that to my mind the iphone seems to have a lot more?

Is it possible to store a reasonably large amount of mp3 files and pictures on the phone? I've got quite a few photos and a lot of music on my pc which i'd like to have on the phone, the photos in any event.

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Htc Incredible - Is It Possible Full Reset Could Be Bad

I was lucky enough to get a decent install of froyo ota. My battery is awesome, phone and apps are snappy, no lag, no voice quality or 3g issues. If for whatever reason i end up having to do a full factory reset, do i keep my current install or is it overwritten or something?

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Htc Evo 4g - Flickr Account Isnmajor Cause Of Bad Battery Life

Just a headsup for anyone complaining about battery life, my evo was great for the first couple of days made it through 12 hours easily with all the bells and whistles going and fairly heavy use then a couple nights ago i setup a flickr account and the next day my evo was eating battery like crazy it was nearly dead at around 7 and a half hours with very little use. Did some searching around and found setting up a flickr account on the phone seems to conflict with the calendar app and will cause the evo to go into a permanent partial wake meaning even though your screen is off the phone is still running everything else as if the screen were on.

Theres a simple fix, go to settings>accounts and sync, select flickr then select remove account on the bottom of the screen. Reboot the phone and enjoy your renewed battery life.

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Htc Incredible - Soft-key Randomly Do Not Light Up / Why Is So

Has anybody else had an issue with the soft-keys at the bottom of the screen? Mine randomly do not light up and i have no idea why. I think it is more of a software issue maybe. I didn't see anything that had to do with settings. Is anybody else having these issues?

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Htc Hero - Light Vibrations When Typing On Keypad / Turn This Off

When i type on the keypad on my htc hero, i get a slight vibration after each character is touched.

I see it typed, so i don't need the vibration feature.

Is there any way to turn this off?

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Multitasking Why So Incredibly Bad

First of all, i hope this is at least somewhat on-topic for this discussion group, as it seems to be the only way to reach android developers easily. The problem i would like to discuss is the way android handles running multiple applications at the same time. Take the following scenario, for instance:

1. Open the browser
2. Open a few links that you want to read later in new windows/tabs
3. Open another app (say you received an sms, for instance)
4. Reopen the browser, expecting to continue where you left off
5. Browser has closed all open windows without saving the state or notifying the user

This happens even if you're only jumping between completely android- native apps that came with the os. There are various other similar scenarios, but this is easily the most annoying, since it results in complete loss of stuff i was actually planning on reading later. Why would anyone consider this to be actual multitasking? If there's no guarantee that the app you just left will still have the same state when you come back to it from your other tasks, it's not multitasking. How is it that this is still an issue? We've arrived at android 2. 2, and we still can't minimize a program without running the risk of losing everything we just did? Are there at least plans to integrate proper multitasking in the future? Or a way to allow users to specifically select tasks that are not to be killed under any circumstances?

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Htc Merge For Verizon Poses For Photos

The htc merge, model number adr6325, was spotted in a verizon wireless inventory screenshot at the end of august, and now it seems the device has taken some time to pose for a photo shoot. Bearing the same look and feel as the htc lexikon, which leaked not too long ago, the merge offers up the same global reach as the world edition of the droid 2, as it features a slot for a gsm sim card.

Other features include that full, slide-out qwerty keyboard. There's also a 5mp camera on the back, and you'll find the now-standard microsim card slot for expandable memory. The device is running android 2. 2, and you're going to find htc's sense ui there, too. What you'll also find, as is apparent from the screen shot above, is the usage of bing yet again on an android device. Check out the other images in the gallery, which show more angles of the htc manufactured device.

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Htc Nexus One - Is Google Backing Up My Photos?

This is my 2nd n1 i sold the first one, the thing is after setting up my brand new n1 i installed a live wallpaper creepy crawlies and when applying it i realized that this new phone with a new sd card displayed a background photo which i had taken on my old n1 this is so strange. So i installed the live wallpaper on my friends n1 and it embarrisingly displayed a nude pic which he told me he had deleted over 3 weeks back, we checked his sd card and the photo was not there. Can someone help me solve this mystery?

Try a factory restore and then install creepy crawlies see what image it uses for the background.

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Htc Incredible - Looking For A Wallpaper That Will Shuffle My Photos

I have about 3, 000 art pieces on my phone and would like to make them come on as my wallpaper and change periodically with effect if possible. Does such program exist?

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Htc Aria - Mounting And Getting Photos To Device

I have connected my phone to my pc, and i mounted it, but it is not connecting. I have disk drive as the default connection type. When i click on the f: drive in my computer, it says that there is nothing there. Am i missing something? I want to transfer music and photos to my cell phone.

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Htc Incredible - Soft Key Won't Light Up Unless I Cover Up Its Sensor / Is This Just Normal

My soft keys wont light up unless i cover up the light sensor but i have max brightness on. Am i missing something or is this just normal? Are they normally light up when unlocked or pushed?

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App For Security Alert After Bad Unlock Attempts

I would like to see an app for the moto atrix / any other sp with fingerprint security that, after a specified number of bad unlock attempts, the phone will activate gps, take photo from front camera, and send a sms/mms/email to the owner with the information to locate the device and/or wipe it.

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Htc Incredible - Media Upload - Get Photos On Computer From Phone

I have the droid incredible and a my laptop is windows 7 64 bit os. I am itching to get my photos on my computer from my phone, however when i plug it in it directs me to v cast download, which i did but then says that my computer doesn't support anything other then 32 bit at this time. Does that mean i can't up load my photos from my phone to this paticular computer, or is there another option?

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Htc Evo 4g - Better App For Transferring Music , Photos And Other Things Off Phone

So i have been going nuts with my evo and thanks for all the great information on these forms. I have installed the htc sync program which sucks imo. There must be a better application for transferring music, photos and other things off my evo?

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Htc Evo 4g - Camera Nonresponsive _ Won't Take Photos _ Crashing Phone / Fix It

So up until last night, my camera has always worked perfectly. I'm running 2. 2, non-rooted, totally out of the box. No task killers (ever).


As of last night, when pulling out my camera at a bar to snap a photo, the shutter button simply would not respond, as if i hadn't pressed anything. Frustrated, i tried exiting (hitting home) and re-entering the app, but the phone froze. After a battery pull, the same thing happened. And again. No buttons are working on the camera app (flash, menu, nothing). Today, the menu/shutter buttons won't even appear when i open the camera app. Totally unusable.

When i use an application (like facebook or twitter) to take a photo, the same thing happens. I'm at my wits end! Going to see if a factory reset does the job. Extremely aggravating. Has anyone else experienced this?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - How To Zoom When Taking A Photo In Phone

How to zoom when taking a photo in xperia x10 mini/pro.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - Phone Taking Credit Without Me Using It / Fix It

I just got x10 mini pro, can anybody tell me why the phone is using my credit, i top up 10 and now it says ive only 7

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Htc Evo 4g - Lost My Settings / Get Them Back

This might be the dumbest question ever on this board, but here goes. I accidentally hit some button or series of buttons and managed to change my entire setup. I had everything customized to which apps and widgets i wanted and somehow poof it's gone. I know i am in the right 'scene' now, the sprint one. But i can't seem to get back to the things i had changed. Any clues or tricks?

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Htc Issue With Tmo Apn Settings

I just got a new mytouch 4g but i don't plan to use the line which i used to get the phone with. I would like to use a different sim card (which is my work sim card) but cant seem to get the settings to work. My work sim card has the blackberry unlimited plan on it, but it was working fine in a htc touch pro 2 previously, and also it worked fine on a brand new samsung vibrant when using wap. as apn. I was able to get data with both. So it seems to work on both a different android device and a non android device.

However, i can't seem to get it to work on my mytouch 4g. Is it something with the apn settings? Do i need to call in to t-mobile to activate the line/phone first?

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