Setting 3rd Home Screen As Main When Press Home Button Key - Lg Esteem

My home screen is currently set to five. The problem is before when i use to hit home it would go to the third screen, now it goes to second home screen. I don't know what i did to change it. Can anyone tell me how to set the third home screen as my main one when i hit the home button?

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What Is Desired Behaviour When User Press Home Key

What is the desired behaviour when the user press the home key? I have a situation here that when the home key is pressed and i call my application again, it returns as if it was not destroyed (actually, ondestroy is indeed not called). So, is the behaviour:

1. When returning to the app, get it as a newly created app or

2. When returning to the app, return it as it was left

As a side note, is there a way to know that the home key was pressed? I don't want to intercept it, i just want to know it was pressed.

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Cyanogen 5 Home Screen Resets When Pressing Home

This has been happening since 5. 0. 8 test four and the latest 5. 0. 8. After i use a couple of apps, say i'm in gmail or using the browser, when i press the home button it takes a few seconds because the launcher/home screen seems to restart. It has been happening with stock anderwebs, market anderwebs, and launcher pro beta. I reinstalled the rom various times. I wiped everything.

Fixed permissions. Tried everything i know of and this still happens. Anyone know a fix? Anyone having this problem? I thought i read this was fixed on the changelog, but i guess not. Again, when i press home after using an app the launcher takes a few seconds to reset. Ex: it goes to the stock launcher with out my settings for a few seconds and then loads up my icons and all. It's actually a real pain and adds up to a huge waste of time

Edit: i think this is the bug that he said was fixed, from changelog: "long standing "disappearing icons" launcher bug fixed" this still happens when i press home icons disappear a few mins and then come back with my settings.

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Customize Home Screen Instead Of Going With Default Home Screen

I am pretty new to android and have a couple of questions:

1. Is it possible to drag and drop a ui widget from one activity to another activity?

2. Does android support multiple non fullscreen applications running active concurently  (say a browser and phone screen next to each other)?

3. Is it possible to customize the home screen instead of going with android default home screen? If so, can we change the layout and widgets in that screen completely?

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Samsung Galaxy S (vibrant) Home Key Issue

It was too good to be true. A perfectly working phone. So i started having the issue where the home key doesn't register alot of times, and apparently its a known issue over the net. Many people are having this same issue where the home key doesn't work properly. Every other key is perfect, but the home key doesn't listen. I wonder if samsung will recall it, or could this be fixed with a firmware update? Or is it hardware? That's why i should have bought from t-mobile so i dont have to deal with wirefly.

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How To Check App Stopped By Which Home Key Or Other Apps

1. As android application life cycle, when i press home key my app will be stopped. Onpause()->onstop()

2. Also if an another app comes to front like an incoming call, my app will be stopped. Onpause()->onstop()

I want to do something differently in each case. But both cases go to onstop() equally. I cannot distinguish which one cause my app stopped.

Is there any way to find out?

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Motorola Droid X - Home Key Doesn't Work Anymore / Resolve This

I'm new here and i've been using blackberrys for 7 years and i need help. I updated my droid to . 604 and now my home key doesn't work anymore, when i press it nothing happens. Before the update it was fine, can anyone help? Thank

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Evo Home / Search Button Not Working

I just got my new evo from sprint couple of days back. Till now it was functioning all right. I just saw few weird things today: home screen button if i press screen just flickers once. Nothing happens. If it is on different screen it does nothing but just flickers once. Search button does nothing if pressed. With search button the screen does not even flicker.

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Home Button Is Not Working - T-mobile Mytouch 4g

Ok, so i cleared the system data and cache using titanium backup, and now my home button is not working. Now whenever i want to exit an application i have to use the back key. Any suggestions?

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Htc G1 - Home Button / System Recovery Issue

I recently purchased an unlocked and rooted g1 for my father, and he seems to have. Broken it. He said he didn't do anything to it, but he called me earlier saying that he was having trouble flashing roms on it, or something along those lines. I'm not too tech savvy, and i don't know anything about these droid phones, but i want to fix this.

The phone boots into 'android system recovery, ' specifically
Build: ra-dream-v1. 7. 0/

My first guess was to wipe the phone back to factory settings, and go from there, but this recovery system requires you to "press home to confirm. " The catch is the home key doesn't work. I've tried everything, and googled to kingdom come to no avail.

Can i change this 'system recovery' so that it accepts confirmation from the send button rather than the home button? And if i do that, do you think wiping all the data to factory settings will fix the problem anyways?

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Htc Evo 4g - Home Button Stop Working

So i got my phone saturday and have run into the problem of the home button stop working. Now it did some it's update and i'm still having the home button issue and now none of my notifications are showing up in the upper bar "taskbar" ie my gmail or text notifications or my trillian icon when its running. The shortcuts on the dock show the number of emails or texts though, just not up top like it did.

I swear this makes me want to go back to hero. I didn't have these problems on that phone like i do with this one. I don't really want to go back to the hero but i'm frustrated as bell right now and i've had the phone 5 days.

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Motorola Droid - Setting To Delete Gmail From Phone But Not From Home Computer

Is there a setting on motorola droid so that i can delete gmail from droid but not from my home computer?

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Home Button Stopped Working - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

My home button seems to have stopped working. If i'm in an app it won't return me to the home screen or bring up the tap and talk screen. Also if i hold down the power key i don't get the list of options to go into flight mode etc but just "power down". This just happened today?

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Stuck On Home Screen But Can Access Boot Screen

I purchased this device from someone that was already a second user. That makes me the third. No warranty at this point. I got this phone for $50 in current state hoping that i can fix this via flashing new rom. It has turned out to be dead end after dead end. This is my first time flashing an andriod device aka noob so help me out people, please

I have gone through every forum post about how to gain root access. Here is the issue i am running into. Everything goes great, download sdk, get drivers, i am able to connect the device to and get a response with device pin number in command screen. Then i type in 'fastboot oem unlock' and it gives me this terrific message:

. Info[err] partition_read: :failed to read page 261120 or it is em
Info[display_err] sp_custom partition: sp_custom_img_hd read err
Info[display_err] can not load custom splash
Infoloading custom splash failed

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Can Widgets Be Home Screen Aware?

Do android homescreen widgets "know" when user returns to that homescreen? Specifically, can a widget know (and use this knowledge) when a user comes back to that homescreen after:

- Unlocking the device
- Swiping back from another homescreen
- Completing a phone call
- Closing an app
- Closing a popup
- Pressing dedicated home soft/hard button
- Closing all-app list

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How To Drop Appwidget To Home Screen

I checked out the "simplewikitionary", the demo project mentioned in the blog "http://android-developers. home-screen-widgets-and.html". I tried to start the application in the emulator. The application was installed successfully on the emulator, but i could not see the wiki- widget on the home screen. I added also some logging code in the "wordwidget::onupdate()", however, the code seems never to be called. Does the emulator delivered in sdk 1. 5 support the appwidgets framework? Or i did forget to do some configuration?

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What Are Some Good Home Screen Alternatives

So i just got my new captivate and wanted to know the must have apps. What are some good home screen alternatives? Share the wealth!

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Overriding Home Screen Search

I want to completely replace how the home screen handles searches, i figured out that this declaration in the manifest is enough to intercept both alphabetic and numeric entry on the home screen:


But that also means that my app is now responsible for handling all dial intents. Which i don't want. I only want to intercept numbers entered from the home screen. If i leave out the second intent-filter, alphabetic input is received, but numbers go to the dialer.

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Install Home Screen Widgets Programaticaly

I have main activity window in my app, which displays three icons on it, also there are 3 home screen widgets in this application.

Is there a possibility for long press on one of the icons in the main activity, to do the same behavior as when you install the program shortcuts from the application menu when dragging shortcuts on the desktop?(For example this video:
Or the user to have to go to home screen menu add widget?

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Programatically Move A Widget Through Home Screen

Is it possible to programatically move a widget through the home screen?

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Command To Back To Home / Destop Screen

What's command can back to home screen or destop screen? Eg:

A. Java have a button can link to b. Java, and b have a button can back to home/destop, is by finish()? Should a. This. Finish() or b. This. Finish()? Or both needed?

If it can work possible?

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Motorola Droid X - Where To Get Different Home Screen Thing

I just switched from iphone so i am new to droid, where do i get something different than the android green bug giving you tips like you can have the htc clock or something like that

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Way To Find Out When An App In A Folder(on Home Screen)

What i'd like to do is find out the name of the folder an app placed in. A folder on the home screen that is:

Is there a way to find out if an app is in a folder(on the home screen)? And if so, what the folder name is? I'm guessing this would not have anything to do with the app's location in the file system. I'm i right?

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Slow Home Screen Recover When Closing Applications

One thing i've noticed is that when when closing certain applications the home screen takes some time to recover. What i mean by recover is that the home screen initially only shows the background and a few icons, but no widgets, status bar and drawer. These items takes a while to come back on the screen. This doesn't happen with all applications, but when closing some (like skyfire) it always happens. With most applications the home screen is there instantly, so i was wondering why some seems to slow down the home screen like that. Ideas anyone?

I'm running android 1. 6 with adw. Launcher (but the same thing happens with other launcher including the built in android one).

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Process Acore Stopped Unexpectedly On Home Screen

I am running android 2. 1 on a motorola milestone. I am getting the error "android. Process. Acore stopped unexpectedly" repeatedly when trying to access the home screen. I wasn't using the phone when it first happened so i don't have any clue what might have started it.

When booting up the phone, it shows the lock screen fine and i can unlock the phone by drawing my pattern, but i immediately get the error before anything on the home screen is made visible other than the notification bar at the top and the button for the app drawer on the bottom. (The notification bar is functional but the app drawer is not. ) I am only given the option to "force close", not to "wait". After clicking, the screen goes black (except for the bar at the top) and after a few seconds the background image, app drawer button, and same error message appear. It is an endless loop. None of the back, menu, home, or search buttons work.

I have tried plugging the phone into my computer to use adb, but the device doesn't show up and i can't access the settings on the phone to make sure usb debugging is on.

I really want to avoid having to reset the phone to factory settings (i already had to do that about a week ago because of the bug whereby android won't accept my password after 20 incorrect pattern attempts). I would like to at least be able to back up the data on the phone's internal storage before resetting.

Is there any way to stop this error without resetting the phone, or to back up data first?

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Possible To Detect Which Grid Sections Used By Widgets On Home Screen

My understanding is that any of the available home screen spaces are compromised of a grid view. These slots in the grid view can contain a simple shortcut to a program or/and a single widgets can take up multiple rows or columns of the grid (e.g picture frame generally takes up one 2 columns & 3 rows)

Is there a way to detect which grid blocks are occupied on the home screen and what is available and how big of a block is available? There must be since sometimes when trying to add a widget it will tell you, "no space on this home screen. "

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Motorola Droid - How 5 Home Screen Wallpapers Work

Looks like we get 5 home screens in v2. 2 coming out this week.

Does anyone know, will it be one wall paper image, like it is now, that as you shift home screens, you shift across the picture?

Or, will it be more like a completely different wallpaper per home screen?

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Programmatically Press / Release A Button

How can i programmatically press/release a button? I was playing with the button. Dispatchtouchevent(motionevent); but failed to programmatically generate  the motionevent to be passed to the dispatchtouchevent

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Problem With Google Quick Search Function On Home Screen

I have a motorolla droid firmware version 2. 0. 1 and build number esd56. For awhile now i've been having a strange problem with the google quick search function on the main desktop type screen. When i touch the text box, the bottom half of the box will light up orange and the top half will not show any kind of activity.

I will start typing in my search and i can only see the bottom half of the letters typing out. If i had something previously typed in the box, it will stay there in the top half (where no activity was shown). So basically what's happening is that only the bottom half of the google search box will work while the top half just isn't functioning at all.

The only way i can temporarily make it work again is to turn off the phone and then restart it. Has anyone else had this problem and how do i go about fixing this?

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Motorola Droid - Widgets Disappearing From Home Screen / Why Is This Happening

I was running an application today, and when i returned back to the home screen, no widgets. The only way i found to retrieve them back was to restart the phone. Has anyone had any experience with this ever happening?

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