Ice Cream Sandwich Ics: How To Disable Background Data ?

I must say i quite never understood what 'background data' really did, but i noticed that it consumed a lot of battery, so with all my android 2. X smartphones i disabled it, turning it on only when i needed to access the market or sync contacts and calendar with google. I don't use gmail for email, so, even with background data off, i still had web access and push email (imap idle with k-9 mail). The difference was not so much in data used, but in battery life: my guess is that with background data on lots of apps and services were always connecting to the internet in background, even if only to send and receive small bits of data.

Now i upgraded my rooted samsung galaxy s2 to ice cream sandwich and, to my disappointment, i noticed that there doesn't seem to be an option to disable background data. If i set a data limit i can disable background data per each app, but i haven't found a way to disable it altogether like i could do with android 2. X; please note, i am talking about background data, not data altogether. Is there a way? If there isn't a way, have you noticed differences in battery life between the new ics and gingerbread with background data off?

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Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade For Asus Transformer

Can someone please enlighten me as to whether the ice cream sandwich upgrade is available for the asus transformer? If so, how does one get it?

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Cannot Find Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade Link - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I want to update to the latest ics but i cannot seem to find anywhere to download this. Has samsung given us a link for this or is it still "unofficial". I plan to root the device as well so i was not too sure what version i should go with. Can anyone help me?

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Cannot Disable " Data Background Services " After Upgrade To Ics - Samsung Galaxy S2

Since upgrading to ics (ice cream sandwich) with my galaxy s2, one of the changes is you can no longer disable "data background services". When i bought my phone a couple of months ago i was told in the o2 shop to disable data background services to enhance the battery life. I did this and the battery lasted really well as i only enabled the service when i needed to. This facility has now gone and i am finding my battery life really quite poor.

I don't use the mobile network for internet as have wifi at home and work so my phone is connected to that. I notice it must be doing things in the background as i get alerts for facebook, twitter etc so i presume it is working hard in the background and that is what using the battery. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can improve the battery life. It is really annoying that this has gone with the upgrade as it certainly made a big difference.

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Disable All Data Connections

Breifly, going on holday to ibiza, i have a desire on vf with vf passport (all calls and texts come out of my normal allowance). However, nothing can be done for data and at 5 a day it wouldn't be cheap. So short of going through all of the auto sync etc etc and switching them all off manually (then back on after) which is not only tedious but leaves the risk of missing something out and getting charged anyways what can be done?

I have seen people day go to setting and wireless settings then mbile networks and disabling data roaming, but my phone had this disabled already (not sure why) yet still managed to connect to the net fine so i dont have faith in this method. Are there any apps or other settings that can keep calls and texts but shut off everything else?

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Can't Delete / Disable Easymoney Widget - Disable It

I've just bought the easymoney app and i've noticed that i can't delete/ disable the easymoney widget . I don't want people to see how much money i have and i thought that having a password will protect that, but it doesn't.

Any ideas on how to disable the widget as it showing all confidential information?

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I Want To Update From 2.3.6 To 4.0 Icecream Sandwich - Samsung Galaxy S2

I am using samsung galaxy s 2 gt i9100 with:

Android version 2. 3. 6, kernel version 2. 6. 35. 7-i9100xwkk2-cl726411
Root2dell88#2, gingerbread, xwkk2

I want to update android version 4. 0 icecream sandwich. So i want to known whether it is possible to change this, if yes i kindly request that any one can help me.

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Motorola Droid X - Ice On Lock Screen

I did a factory reset and prior to that i had the ability to add 2 "ice" (in case of ermergency contact) to my phone that will allow users to call pre programed numbers. This icon was to the right of the existing emergency call icon on the lock menu. Im pretty sure i did not download an app to get this but now its gone and all i have is the emergency manual dial option. Does anyone know where i can find this setting?

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Does Anyone Use 'ice' App

Do you use an ice (in case of emergency) app? Do you label some of your contacts, in the contacts list, as ice?This is like the time when people debated whether everyone must carry their insurance card in their wallet.

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Uk - Getting Ics On Three - Samsung Galaxy S2

It's apparent that ics is available via kies on three. However i've booted up kies, updated it, and still it says i'm on the latest firmware - no update is available. Is there anything else i need to do to get ics on three?

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When Orange Uk Will Release Ics ?

Does anyone know when orange, uk will release ics through kies or ota? I can't help but think it will be a while seems a lot of the unbranded phones still haven't got it yet and they generally get it a lot faster don't they?

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Htc Droid Eris - Large Data Transfers - Most Data Is Only Like 400 Kb Or Less

We have an htc droid and we have unlimited data plans. But i was just looking over the data usage and noticed most data is only like 400 kb or less. Probably checking email and whatnot. But there are these random ones. That are like 3000 kb at around 5, 5:30, 5:50am and even like 2am, when i know for a fact we are all sleeping. And then also there were a couple over the past couple days for around 2500 and 3000 at odd times when i knew we weren't on our phone. What's weird is i know we looked at a couple youtube videos, which might make them that large, but the times it showed we used the 2500 and 3000 were way off of the times we viewed the youtube videos. I don't know if the timing could be off or something? But what would cause these random larger than normal data transfers at odd times? Is it updates? Or what? Anyone else seen this?

I know they aren't horribly large transfers. But large enough for me to wonder what would be causing it at odd times. And with the youtube videos could the time just be off? On our other phone t hey are all in sync. But that phone is an env touch. I know the droid is different. With lots of apps and updates and stuff. So i'm just looking for some clarification on this!

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Best Phone Under $250 Getting Ics Update

What's the best phone on the market that costs $250 or less unlocked that's getting the ics update? I have done some research and it seems the sony ericsson live with walkman seems to be the best one. Please help.

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Is Ics Worth It ? Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

As ics is now available for my xeu sgii, the question is - is it worth it? What are the benefits and have there been any major issues with the release? I have been through the forum and seen a couple of issues but nothing major.

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Not Receiving Emails After Upgrade To Ics Orange

I have up graded to ics orange, i followed instructions and backed up phone before up grade. Everything seems ok accept i not receiving emails! I cant see an option to add in the add accounts.

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Issue: Ics (lp2) No Market Enabler

I tried ics (lp2). It totally breaks market enabler. My current workaround for market enabler on my note and s2 is to uninstall all updates of the market app. That re-enables me to purchase whenever market enabler stops working for me. Ics provided no such workaround, so it's just plain unusable for people in locations that require market enabler.

Also, i found that samsung's ics loses gingerbread's smoothness. It works fine, and i do prefer ics's long press task manager because i can use it one-handed (important on my note). But ics's feel harkens back to froyo: it scrolls fine horizontally and vertically, but with a certain lack of smoothness that's grating on the nerves. Reminds me of my motorola milestone that was stolen and i didn't give a ***.

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No Support For Bluetooth Streaming Or A2dp After Ics Upgrade

Can anyone tell me how i can get my sgs2 to stream audio back to my pc or even get it to connect to a vw golf's bluetooth hfs, without it stuttering and disconnecting. Before the "upgrade" with gingerbread 2. 3. 4 this connected & streamed to the pc without any problem & connected to the car without problem. Bluetooth usb dongle devices on pc can be either v2 or v3, they are not plugged in at the same time, it's either one or other, both devices are a2dp (stereo) capable. I don't want to risk flashing the phone via odin as it's under warranty and with my luck i'll brick it, like i did with a crappy nokia.

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Problem With Htc 3 Button Headphones After Upgraded To Ics

Just upgraded to ics, and am having some probs with the htc 3 button headphones i'm using. I use player pro as my music player. Before ics i had it so the other 2 buttons were set as previous and next track, but now no matter what i try they just control the volume. I tried a couple of remapping apps but it's still the same, the buttons just seen to want to do volume? Any ideas anyone?

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Cannot Screen Capture Anything After Ics Update - Samsung Galaxy S2

I updated my sg2 when the ics update came about (im on 3 btw!) Ever since i have been hit with a fair few issues and i wanted to know if you guys can help. I can no longer screen capture anything on my screen, holding down the lock button and the home button no longer does anything, also when i am trying to take a picture now i get vertical wobbly lines down the screen.

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Facebook Browser Interface Has Changed After Upgrade To Ics

I just upgraded to ics and noticed that when using the browser to go to facebook the interface has changed. Before when i used the browser to access fb the interface looked more or less like the app. Notifications on top, profile pics etc. But now its changed. Anyone notice this?

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Gt-i9100p Wont Update To Ics - Samsung Galaxy S2

I decided to make an account here as my provider (o2) has proved unsuccessful in helping solve this issue, hope you guys are smarter than they are! For some reason when running kies software my phone will not update to ics, it claims the latest firmware is already installed (i current have gingerbread 2. 3. 5). Ive been on live chat with o2, i told them my csc number and they told me my phone can update to ics so i dont know why it wont do it. Ive got the latest kies software and have tried it on both my pc and laptop but it just wont work. Has this happened to anyone else and is there a solution?

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Slow Charging Time Since Ics - Samsung Galaxy S2

Does anyone notice charging takes longer to complete since ics?

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Samsung Galaxy S2 International - Updating Sgs Ii To Ics

Im from sri lanka. I have the international model - gt-i9000. Im now on the 2. 3. 5 firmware version and my build number is gingerbread. Xxki4, and it is rooted. Some days back my phone asked me to update it to the new firm. I just canceled it, now i need to update it to the ics via kies and is it the standard way ? And can i know the pros and cons of ics. Is it necessary to update the phone to ics? If im updating via kies do i need to backup everything? Or just update it without doing anything to my files or contacts? Will it be the same after the new update?

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Possible To Disable A Permission In Program Code

My app uses internet permission, is there a way to disable it in the code?

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Disable Mapview When It Not Supported By Device

I've an application with multiple activities. One activity is a mapactivity. Can i disable mapactivity when it is not supported by the device and let the user install the application and get remaining activities or should i develop two versions of the application (one with mapactivity and another without it)?

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Droid Browser Scaling - Disable This

I'm trying to create a mobile website for android. When i set the width of the body to 480px (the width of the screen) the result is about 50% larger than what i expect. It seems that android is scaling what it draws and messing up all my layouts. Does anyone know how to disable this, or work around it?

I'm already using this code.

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How To Run Background Activities

My app runs on a 1 hour timer. I'd like it to run even if it's not in the foreground, and even if the phone is asleep, preferably even if the app isn't even running. I tried to accomplish this via alarmmanager and services. The alarmmanager just seems to queue the process because nothing happens until i bring the app to the foreground, then it runs multiple times depending how long it was inactive.

Services seem to require a separate application which is the service, but even if i could get that to work (which i can't) wouldn't the user have to download both my application and the service from the android market, thus making them install two things? How do i accomplish what i am after? Please note the application extends activity so it can't itself be a service, as far as i know.

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Where To Get App To Use Several Of Pictures And Background

Was wondering if anyone knew of any background app that would let me use several of my pics and the background. Not sure how i am trying to word it- but i guess i am meaning that the background will flash diff pics instead of just the one that you go in and set up thru the setting?

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Image Button Background Never Changes

The image button background never changes (normal, focused, clicked. ) I'm using an image button and trying to different background image when normal, focused and clicked. I have read quite a lot of posts related to this and have implemented exactly as suggested.

Also kindly let me know will the focus works in the emulator when focused using mouse.

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Notification And Ringtones Missing After Upgrade To Ics - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have just upgraded to ics and i noticed all the phones ring tones and notification tones are missing! I backed up my phone before upgrading but it wont let me restore the back up! It keeps saying communication error so restore was stopped! Anyone have any idea how to get the notification tones back as i had several different tones for different apps!

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