Sending Images Using Http Post

I want to send an image from the android client to the django server using http post. The image is chosen from the gallery. At present, i am using list value name pairs to send the necessary data to the server and receiving responses from django in json. Can the same approach be used for images (with urls for images embedded in json responses)?

Also which of, accesssing images remotely without downloading them from the server or downloading and storing them in a bitmap array and using them locally is a better method? The images are few in number (<10) and small in size (50*50 dip).

The images chosen from the gallery are sent to the server after scaling it to required size.

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Unknownhostexception When Sending Http Post

What i'd like to do is sending a http post request to a rest webservice. However it seems as if my applicaion cannot connect to the host.

The application throws the following exception when sending the request:


The host definitely exists and the url provided is correct. Also i'm able calling the url using the browser of the android emulator.

The application contains the following in the androidmanifest.xml:


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Getting Entity - Body From An Http Post Request

My android app scan avaible wifi access points and generate a xml file with that. Then i send it trough a http post message to a servlet, which gets the message body with de xml content y insert its content to a db.

My problem is that i cant get the http post body in the servlet.

I get something like this instead:


I think it's sth to be with the encoding, but i couldnt solve it.

Here is the android app code(the part that makes the connection):


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Http Post And Get Request For Updating Map

I want to post data onto google map. Since there's no gdata for android, i reckon that i have to do it through http post and get which i am not good at. Is there some reference code for doing http post and get request? I guess it should be regarding the content type. Should i be calling get http on this url to retrieve the xml? And then modify the xml file and do a post http request to this same url again?

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Sending Http Headers In Java

Am i correctly sending an httppost? I am checking my encodedauthstring against my webserver and can verify the string is correct.

Not sure why i am unable to authenticate.


When i hard-code the encoded string, everything is fine.

When i use the base64 encoder i get the same results as the encoded string, but the server returns a 401.

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Http Post Request - Response Code 400

In the following code - i get an http response code 400 - bad request.

If i comment out the post. Setentity() line - then it works fine - response code 200.

Of course i've got internet permission params is a list of 1 entry - string2string mapping.


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Uploading Image / Optional Tags Via Http Post

I am a newbie to android development; and i want to upload an image (not an image file on the device, but a frame from a camera preview) to a web-server. I searched around and got a snippet of code that can be used to upload a byte array. First, is this code right, or am i missing something here? Next, i want to know how can i simultaneously upload image and optional image tags to the server? I got to the level that i need to send a multi-part request, but can't seem to figure out the specifics. Can someone help me?

Also are there some 'best practices' to follow while doing this (like for responsiveness, etc)? Although this may be a little out-of-bounds for this forum, but i'm also writing the server any help/ pointers on how to write it to handle this post request that the client sends? Got to write the server in

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Accessing Http Request Before Sending To Server

I am trying to calculate md5 hash of a http reqest before sending it to server. For this i have to get the http request first.

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Image Upload Via Http Post / Google App Engine

I'm trying to integrate google app engine with an android app i've built but am having trouble with image processing. In the android app, i convert the image into a byte array and send it to app engine via http post to be put in a blob. However, even after searching through all the examples posted, i can't figure out how to retrieve the image and display it from the blob (or if i even sent it to the blob correctly).

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Access A Webpage (php) Sending Data With Post Method

I'm posting here because i searched the web and found nothing about how to http post. What i want to do is to access a webpage (php) sending data with the post method. I'm not interested about seeing the webpage, i just want to send the data. Actually, it's for a game i developed, and users are asking for online scores, so i wrote a php script that takes post data and writes the score in an sql database.

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Http Get And Progressdialog

I have a small test application that simply grabs a url from an edittext box, before downloading the page source for the url, prompting the user to ask if it should display the contents, then doing so, or returning state. I would like to incorporate a progressdialog to appear whilst the get request is in action. I understand this would require threads, and i have attempted to implement this, but to no avail.could anyone assist in this matter?

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Google App Engine Java And Http Performance

A friend and i are currently working on a turn-based game with chat with both desktop browser and android clients, with google app engine as the server.

We're using the java api for gae and using http for communication with the server. We've implemented simple chat functionality, and we're getting undesirable latencies 1-3 seconds from both the browser and android clients while just posting simple one-word chat messages.

My friend thought it would be best to use xmpp instead of http, but we want to use a google accounts cookie for authentication from the android client, and according to the gae documentation, xmpp clients cannot use a google accounts cookie and must use the user's password.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where the latency might be coming from, how to troubleshoot it, and/or what to do about it?

Also, is anyone aware of any opensource implementations of chat (or something similar) on gae done in java? Can't seem to find any.

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Connecting To A Web Server Over Http - Code Snippet

I'v got the following piece of code:


When i run it it logs "error in http connection Unkownhostexception:".

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How To Store Data In A Local Db And Remotely Over Http In One Transaction

I am trying to find out, how to store data in a local db and remotely over http in one transaction. Does exist any native mechanism in android phone for transactional behavior?

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Webview And Https Post

I'm trying to get paypal web page with requested donation parameters. It works within ie or firefox.

Whether i'm running some wrong code?

Layout main.xml:


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Force A Http Head Command To Terminate (for Httpclient And Curl)

If you run this command code.

You will notice immediately that the curl command hangs. (I am running this in cygwin/vista)

If you run it against twitter or facebook, curl terminates immediately.
I suspect it's because twitter & facebook returns connection: close.

In my android 1. 5 cupcake app, i am running the same command using the httpclient framework. And i notice that the connection hangs but terminates after the timeout (thank god for http 4. 0 ! ).

Is there an option to set in httpclient to terminate once i've received the relevant head
http headers ?

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Htc Hero - Apps To Host A Http Server From Phone

My tutor saw my phone and asked if i could get a web server running on it. Hvaing looked around, i couldn't find any apps that could do it. Are there any floating around?

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Make Http Server On One Droid App And Get Its Contents From Another Emulator

I want to make an http server on one android application and get its contents from another emulator. Please tell me if there is a sample code for making this.

Also other than http protocol, is there any other networking api + sample code that someone give me to connect and get content from one emulator to another?

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Send Large Post Param

How do you send a large (>5mb) post parameter (among other post parameters) in android?

I'm currently using org. Apache. http. Client. Methods. httppost and a list of basicnamevaluepair to send the post params.


Hugevalue is a very large string that i would like to read from an inputstream and send as i read it.

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Download An App Using A Qrcode On A Forum Post

Sorry for the dumb question but how so i download an app using a qrcode on a forum post?

I have qrcode apps installed but none seem to so anything in the browser.

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Sending Ringtones Via Mms

I'm trying to send a ringtone from my g1 to a friends phone via text/mms message. I went to compose a new message, hit menu, selected attach - then audio. But only the preinstalled ringtones are there. None of the ones i've downloaded. I have them on my sd card under media/audio/ringtones. How can i send one of my downloaded ringtones via text/mms?

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Sending Info Via Handler

I need to send some stuff to my gui thread and i'm doing this via a handler. But i regularly need to send more then 1 piece of information in one go and using the single message.obj field won't work unless i use an object array or something. I'd really like to avoid this so there is less object creation, is there a better i can send lots of info in one go? The amount of information i send can be of variable length, 1, 2 or 3 depending on the situation.

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Send Xml File With Post And Receive In Php

I'm working on an application using android so and java. I would like to send an xml file as post to a php server, that inserts the information from the xml into a database.

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Can't Find Yesterdays Post With 5 Responses / Resolve It

I posted a question yesterday about "connected device not recognized by adb" or something like that. I checked last night and this morning from home and found responses. Now when i am at the office, i cannot find the post. If i search for john brown it shows all of my posts except the missing one. There were suggestions that i want to try but i was expecting to look at the suggestions while i tried them.

Do posts disappear from this list?

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Samsung Behold 2 - Can Anyone Post Weather Widget From Warheadz

Could anyone put up the weather widget that bh_man used in warheadz? I updated to his take5 and it is awesome other than not having the weather/clock widget that was on warheadz. Btw it is his best looking and running rom yet, i just miss the big ol' weather widget i had on warheadz

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Motorola Droid X - Post Froyo Dx Not Recognizing Sd Card

I was stock 2. 1 not rooted. Upgrade was seamless other than this issue with the sd card not being read. Rebooting doesn't fix it. Should i unmount and reformat (i think these are my only options at this point)? I hate to lose the images i have but if this is the only choice, i guess i have to.

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Stuck In My Outbox - Way To Cancel Sending

I am attempting to email a 4mb file, but it is stuck in my outbox since yesterday. I am on wifi so it should have gone by now. I have tried to delete it but it says attempting to send. I have taken the battery out to try to cancel sending but it is still there. Any way i can cancel sending?

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What Information Is Mixzing Sending To Their Server

So i'm looking at media players and i found mixzing and am moderately impressed with the features in the program. I'm almost willing to fork over the $7, but the more i research it the more i find references to the app talking to a "server" for some reason. I have no idea why and there doesn't seem to be any information out there on why mixzing is talking to a 3rd party server. I know it generates recommendations and downloads album art, but the developer seems to imply that even if you turn off those two features in the app that it will still talk to the server.

Can someone tell me why that would be? Why does mixzing's server need information about my media library if it's not going to be generating recommendations? What other information is it passing to them about my device and my library?

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Htc Evo 4g - Post A Video With Fps Fix Scrolling

Love the evo, and want to buy one but the sluggish and choppy web browser scrolling on full features pages (even w/o flash) compared to epic/droid x is killing my ability to do so.

Can anyone with a fps fixed kernel post a quick youtube ~30s or less of how the browser scrolling looks on say, engadget's full page? Or any other content heavy page. I've seen the home screen swiping fix videos, but nothing with this particular issue that's holding me back.

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Can't Use Google Account To Post Question At Droid Developers / Way To Do

I can't use my google account to post questions at android developers (google groups).

I don't know why since i got my google account: k. @Cis. Nctu. Edu. Tw and, i've joined google groups of android developers.

But when i click the button of "post message" to post, it shows my message would be posted momentarily. However, i still can't see my messages after several hours later.

Shall i do anything to post messages?

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