Orange T-mobile Default Network - Samsung Galaxy S2

I've got a newly purchased samsung galaxy s2 on an orange contract. The network defaults to "orange", as you'd expect, but i've manually changed that to "orange t-mobile" as it makes a big difference in coverage on my journey to work.

When i power-cycled the phone, it reverted back to "orange" on startup. I don't plan to power cycle very often, but just wondered if there was a way of setting a preferred network on the handset instead of having to manually change every time the phone starts? On my old nokia e72, once i'd set to "orange t-mobile" the first time, it stuck even through many power cycles (crappy thing kept losing data connectivity until reset!).

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Does Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket Work On T-mobile 3g / 4g Network ?

I just got a new samsung galaxy s2 skyrocket as a gift, it is unlocked and i'm currently using it on the tmobile network. The problem is that i can't access the 3g or the 4g and it's just using the edge for data access. Which is sad for such a powerful phone. I read around and find out that this phone does not support the tmobile band 1700/2100. Is that true? And if so, is there a way to change the software or hardware of the phone so i can receive and send on these frequencies? If not, i'll just sell it and buy a phone compatible with tmobile stupid network frequency.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Phone From Cove Will Work On T-mobile's 3g Network In Usa

If i order the galaxy s from cove will it work on t-mobile's 3g network in the usa?

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Mobile Network Signal Bar In Battery Stats - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Has anyone been able to figure out what the different colors in the mobile network signal bar in battery stats detail mean? (The one that shows the large chart of your battery draining over time and has mobile network signal, gps, screen, and awake usage bars under it). I see dark green, light yellow, dark yellow, and red on mine. Based on my usage the last 5 hours our so i'm guessing the following:

Red = no signal
Dark green = 4g
Light yellow = 3g
Dark yellow = no idea, maybe 1g?

Does anyone else have any additional colors, or idea what these mean? I'm just taking guesses here.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Orange Uk Firmware Problem

I took out a galaxy s2 on contract(orange uk) and decided to root it for ics i did this successfully with no problems but i didn't take a note of the original firmware details, now i want to go back to my stock firmware because i would like to get the official orange ics update due to roll out tomorrow but im extremely confused i searched for hours until i found one that i thought matched mine it is an official orange uk firmware turns out it didn't and kies wont recognize it i just get "your device does not support software upgrading via kies" whereas before the root it said something like there is no software update available for your device im not really sure where to go next because i would rather have the official update than a custom rom.

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Ics Upgrade On Unlocked Orange France Samsung Galaxy S2

I think i've worked out that rooting is not what i am after, and i think i have determined that my phone is unlocked but not unbranded, but i'm still short of understanding what i need to do to upgrade my gs2 to ics 4. 0.

1. Unlocked: i have an orange france gt-i9100, for which i purchased a plan. After three months i was allowed, via a tool on their website, to unlock it so that i can put my (non-french) sim in it. This works fine.

2. Unbranded: the phone came with a bunch of orange. Fr applications and widgets on it, which i would generally prefer not to have and just have native android (or samsung's own additions) if possible.

I'm not sure in this instance, where i should expect to get an upgrade from - samsung, orange, or? I have downloaded and installed kies with the idea that this might identify availability of an upgrade for me. It has found an available update.

About phone:
Android 2. 3. 3
Baseband i9100bvkg2
Kernel 2. 6. 35. 7-i9100bvkg2-cltest_i9100bvkg2 root@dell127#2
Build number gingerbread. Bvkg2
Finally, using check for updates on the about phone menu says none are available.

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How Easy To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S To Any Network ?

Has anyone had any experience of unlocking the galaxy s to any network, my girlfriend is looking at purchasing one but its on o2 and she needs to put her 3 sim in it? How easy is it? If its o2 branded would o2 give it to me?

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Samsung Galaxy S Plus Gt I9001 Network Issue

I have the galaxy s gti 9001 with telfort a dutch provider, when i popped over to the uk i had a full signal strength (all bars up) yet when i tried to phone or sms i got told i didn't have permission to use the network. I had to manually set it to orange then it worked, when i got back to nl the same problem again until i manually set it back to kpn (used by telfort).

I used the same sim card in my wildfire and never had this problem. Question is how to i setup the gt1 9001 to auto connect to a valid network when ever i go to different countries? I have it on roaming data etc.

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How To Video Chat Through At&t Network ? - Samsung Galaxy S2 Skyrocket

I am new to the android seen and i have been trying to figure out if the samsung skyrocket that i got from at&t is only able to video chat through a wifi connection on or if you can do it through the at&t network. If you can video chat through the at&t network how?

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Ics - Roaming Indication On Home Network - Samsung Galaxy S2

Recently upgraded my galaxy s2 to ics using a guide at All appears to work fine apart from one thing - sat at home, my signal indicator shows that i am roaming and a warning notification reports "you have lost data connectivity because you left your home network with data roaming turned off". To clarify, i'm at home, a three network customer and never saw the roaming indicator at anytime before in the uk. I also have data roaming turned off for the usual obvious reasons. Has anyone encountered this and does anyone have any ideas how i can remedy this situation?

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Samsung Galaxy S - I9000 No Mobile Ap Setting & Samsung App Store

I just bought my sgs i9000 in france a few days back. It's locked to sfr here. I tried searching the forums for an answer to these but had no luck.

I noticed 2 things:
1. There is no "mobile ap settings" under wireless and network settings. I installed appbrain and i can see the "mobile ap settings" under the installed apps. But i can't run them. Is there any way to enable this? I would love to use my fone as a wireless hotspot.

2. No samsung app store is installed with the phone. Is there any way to do this? I want to install the asphalt 5 game.

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Default Browser Bug On Samsung Galaxy S2

Since ics, i noticed the default browser would sometimes link to something i dis not click. For example if i click something on a page it would actually redirect me to a link beside it like i mis-clicked but i didn't.

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Restore Firmware To Default On Samsung Galaxy S2

I just manually installed ics 4. 0. 3 firmware on my gb 2. 3. 5 and now i am having some problems like my serial number, ip address and bluetooth address are missing now. Can anyone know how to fix it or how i downgrade to my default firmware which i got with phone.

Default csc code=i9100ojpkj1

Ics version info
Pda i9100xwlp7
Phone i1900xxlps
Csc i9100xeulps

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How To Remove Default Apps On Samsung Galaxy S?

I have some default apps that i do not want on my phone, their permissions are too invasive as far as i am concerned. I have tried all the usual paths, ie, going to settings-applications-etc but these annoying apps will not go away. The phone is dead standard and i have only about 6 apps that i have downloaded. Any advice would be appreciated.

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How To Change The Default Apps In The Taskbar On Samsung Galaxy S2?

Hi, does anyone know if you can change the default apps in the taskbar (i want to change the default messaging app) and also how can you stop the default messaging app from running as i want to use go sms instead.

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Feeds Reader Default Setting On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Just noticed a default setting in reader that syncs your feeds every hour for offline reading. I'm turning it off to see if it saves some battery at my desk where i have little to no data. I usually read in the crapper where shockingly there's better signal.

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Memo App - Samsung Galaxy S2 (t-mobile)

Does anyone know how this works when it comes to emailing it? I emailed it to myself at work but when i pulled it up it says it needs to work with another program in order for me to view it?

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Unlock From Samsung Galaxy S2 T-mobile (root)

Couple of days ago i got brand new samsung galaxy s2 gt-i9100. It was on t-mobile network but the seller said it can be unlocked to any network. I bought the phone from him and the same day i took it to a nearby phone shop for the unlock. After the process i saw a new application on my phone - superuser. I know the phone has been rooted which apparently voids the warranty.

The phone acts funky now - when i turn it off the display alternates between the large battery icon in the centre of the screen with 5 white dots below it and an empty battery icon with a yellow warning sign and a thermometer icon overlaid. By the looks of it the battery seems to be overheated but it is at room temperature. The phone can only be turned on if connected to a pc or a power source. I am going to try another battery tomorrow, hopefully it is only that.

If i will reset the phone to factory settings or delete superuser - will the unlock still be there? Or will the phone reject the simcard? I am not sure what to do, if battery replacement won't work then i will not have any other choice but to unroot the phone and send it to samsung. But does it mean that i will have to do the whole unlocking process again or will it be unlocked? Can someone help me please?

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Samsung Galaxy Gps Problem With T-mobile Vibrant

I read that tmobile has a 20 day return policy so i am thinking about returning my galaxy because the gps issues have not been fixed by samsung. Then i think i will walk back in the store and buy another galaxy and wait another 18 days and if the gps isn't fixed take that one back and keep doing that until they get a fix. I just dont want to be stuck with a phone that spins like a frisby while trying to navigate.

I sent an email to samsung but haven't heard anything back. I been tossing around the idea of rooting the phone but if that doesn't fix it i gotta de-root to take it back.

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Samsung Galaxy S - No Setting For Disabling Mobile Internet

A friend of mine was sold an sgs by o2 this week without a data plan. This was at her request because she is not that tech savvy and did not appreciate how integral to android data is. L pointed out that unless she got a data plan she needed to turn off mobile internet to avoid getting stung but when i tried there did not appear to be any way to do it. The options that i have in the settings and power button menu on my desire were missing. I thought these settings were stock android. Am i wrong? Or have samsung or o2 removed these settings?

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Htc Hero -trouble In Mobile Network After Battery Drain

I just got my hero from sprint last week and i love it! But i have one small problem. When my battery drains and the phone shuts itself off (ie powers down). After i charge it up and turn the phone back on i have no service, if i try to go turn my mobile network back on it wont allow me to open the program and it forecloses on itself. The only way i am able to do anything on the phone or use it is to reset it to factory settings which causes me to lose everything. Has anyone had this problem or know of anyway to fix it when this happens?

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Desire - Need Replacement Widgets For Htc Mobile Network And Gps

Are there any replacement widgets for htc mobile network & gps.

Both of these turn on or off the feature, others i've seen only take you to the setting for the feature.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 (t-mobile) - Auto Reject / Block / Answer

I am a happy s2 user with a question about auto reject. Yesterday i decided to give it a try and added two numbers that i get calls from almost every day. When i unlocked my phone at lunch time to use it, i was a bit shocked to see that one of the numbers on the list had called me, and that it looked as though it had automatically been answered. The call had lasted 20+ minutes but no one was on the other end so i hung up.

Today the same thing happened, only this time the call had lasted over 3 hours before i even noticed in my phone's call log it shows these two calls and their duration.

The odd thing is, first of all i do not see these calls coming in as i usually would. Calls unlock my screen and my phone vibrates or rings depending on what the current setting is. For these calls it did nothing. Second is that when i checked my usage online with t-mobile, the "calls" do not show up. But they do in my phone, as phone calls with call times. So does anyone know what's going on? Is my phone auto answering these or blocking them? And if it's blocking them, why does it look like it's answering them instead? Because i don't want to use up 3 hours of minutes on a call i'm not even on.

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Samsung Galaxy S2 (t-mobile) Box Didn't Have Hand Free

Extended 2yrs and got this phone for free by tmo over the weekend while they are in promotion. I am all time iphone user. The interface is a little bit confuse to me right now. I am wondering the home screen is set to have 7 pages? Can we have more? Also, i found out the tmo box didn't have hand free headphone come with? Did the store take mine or they never came with one?

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Issue: Unlocked T989 Samsung Galaxy S2, Not Working On T-mobile

I'm looking for the samsung galaxy s2 and cause i use t-mobile i know i'll have to get the t989 if i want the 3g/4g networks to work. I also travel a lot so i was looking for the phone unlocked in ebay and i found some of them that they're supposedly unlocked, but they clarify that the phones does not work with t-mobile. So how can be like that? I mean if it's a t-mobile phone why doesn't it work with t-mobile networks?

Does it mean if you unlock your t-mobile device it won't work with t-mobile network again? It leaves me very confused. If i just get a t-mobile galaxy s2 that is not unlocked and i ask for the code to t-mobile so then i unlock the phone, will i be able to use t-mobile again?. I have seen some videos on youtube that you can get your unlock code just straight from t-mobile, is really that easy? I know it sounds kind of stupid, but i want to be sure before spending +$400.

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Can Get Account Info From Mobile Phone Using Facebook / Gmail Apps On Wifi Network

On the browser you can use https. Anyone know whether firesheep can get account info from a mobile phone using the facebook/gmail apps on a wifi network?

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Phone Never Turn Back On After Flash Ics Rom - Samsung Galaxy S2 (t-mobile)

I recently just got the phone and then i flash ics rom on the phone for some reason after i rebooted it it never turn back on i guess its brick now i call customer service and lied to them that i drop the phone into water then they told me i gotta go through my insurance asurion if i go threw them and lied thats a fraud right and they will figure out it was rooted i dunno what to do please help what should i do.

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Can't See The Edge Network Icon After Update From 2.1 To 2.2 On Galaxy S

Hey i have successfully update my samsung galaxy gt i5800l 2. 1 to 2. 2 froyo, i'm currently on a edge network. Before the update i was able to see the edge icon or the 'e' to signify that i was connected to the network but now am not seeing that since the update from 2. 2. I lost my free internet because of that any ideas?

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'share Mobile Network' Function Om Htc Hero 'grayed Out' / Why Is So

Anybody got an idea why the 'share mobile network' function om my htc hero is 'grayed out'? I don;t now if this is what it is called in english, but i mean the tethering function. It was working before, but now i can't select the option anymore?

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Issue: At&t Network Shows No Signal In A Stadium - Galaxy Nexus

This has happened multiple times, so i'm quite sure it's not a fluke. When i go to a stadium, my phone works and it has full signal. However, once the stadium fills up with 40, 000 people, my phone no longer works. No network whatsoever. You'd say it's a network overload issue, but i doubt it: i'm using at&t, and other people sitting near me are also on at&t. They are surfing and texting away, but my phone is basically a brick. So i want to know why this is. Thoughts?

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