Getting Error Frequently When Making Httpconnection / Cause Of It

I am getting this error frequently when making httpconnection.

Sometimes it connects and sometimes not.

I have tried with various link. It behaves same with all.

What may be the cause? Code.

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How To Send Mms Using Httpconnection (droid 2.1)

I am trying to send mms using code sample from here. I am not sure i understand how to deal with mmspart part and parts vars: where and how should they be filled?

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Motorola Droid - Delete Frequently Called Phone Number's

I downloaded app. I cannot figure out how to delete frequently called phone #'s

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Phone Continous Reset / Crash Frequently

Just bougth my xperia brand new 2 weeks ago, and start to resetting continously  up 10 times or more (until remove battery) when accessing emails or when taking pictures, or at anytime. Software already updated but problems continues.

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Layout - Making Three Tables With One Column

I need to represent the following diagram: each x will be an image button. I was thinking of making three tables with one column each and have each cell height be half the height of the table. The problem is that the table needs to be able to stretch or shrink because i am worried about getting everything on the screen and the tables are the only part that can change size and have the entire thing still look ok. The problem i am having is that the rows are only as big as the image buttons. While all the image buttons are the same size, the left and right table in particular, need to have some padding around the image buttons to make it alright. I would add margins to the buttons but that defeats the reshaping problem i am having. I think.

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Making Your App Available To 3rd Party Applications

I want to integrate my application with 3rd party application, my understanding is that both application can agree of a action which can be used in intent filter for any activity to be exported which could be used when 3rd party app fires the intent with that particular action in it, any body has a better approach to this.

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Making 9patch Images With Single Pixel Borders

Is there a trick to making 9patch images with single pixel borders?

I'm not talking about the single pixel black borders that you use to define the stretchable and content areas. I'm talking about the image itself. If i create an image that has a 1 pixel border around it, often times android will pick one of the edges and stretch it to 2 (or sometimes more) pixels, even though i specifically left the edges out of the stretchable area in the draw9patch utility.

Here is a screenshot of what i mean; in this screenshot i've got two buttons in a vertical linearlayout with the same background image. The top button obviously has a thicker border, though it shouldn't.

Here is a closeup of the screenshot button (on the left) and the actual 9patch image (on the right).


Buttons are not the only place i've seen this. If i create a background image with a 1 pixel border and use it as the background for listview rows, sometimes the border appears to be 2pixels instead of just 1.

It's hard to get a ui to look exactly how you want it with these problems. There's got to be a way to get it to appear how you think it should.

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Motorola Droid - App Specifically Designed For Making Schedule

I recently switched from a long line of windows mobile phones (which i liked the features of but obviously wasn't a huge fan of the bugs) and i have always used excel to make the work schedules for my employees. It's fast, easy, and simple to email to everyone if they can't remember when they work next.

I just picked up the droid yesterday and as far as i can tell there is no excel (which makes sense) i did notice a few spreadsheet programs on the market but haven't tried them yet. Does anyone know of an app specifically designed for making a schedule? Something basically like a spreadsheet where i can have rows with names and columns with days and times.

I'm going to download one of the spreadsheet programs now and see what i think but if anyone has any suggestions i am definitely open (and interested) in trying something new.

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Htc Hero - Root Phone Without Downgrading And Making Goldcard?

Have got htc hero on 3 contract and wanting to root, is there any way i can do this without downgrading and making goldcard.

Build number is 2. 73. 771. 62

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Motorola Droid X - App / Something For Making Video Calls On Phone

Is there a good app or something out there for making video calls on the x?

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Htc Desire Hd - Phone Making Clicking Noise / This A Common Fault

I'm not sure if my new htc desire hd is faulty, when i go into message mode and begin to type out a text it vibrates as you touch the buttons which i know is normal but now sometimes i hear a clicking noise as i push the different letters, not sure what to do, is this a common fault? Should i send the handset back?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Phone Not Making A Peep / Make It Sound

So i have been using my phones 16gb memory card to listen to music on my computer at work for most of the day today. I go out to lunch and bring the phone with me as usual. I notice that i have 5 missed calls and 9 texts that have come in over the last few hours. My phone did not make a peep and i now realize why, with the memory mounted via the computer the phone has no access to the memory where the ringtones are stored and thus the phone has no way to make sound.

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Motorola Droid - Overclocking Making Phone Run Hot All Of A Sudden / Fix This

I was fine running 7. 1, then i updated that rom to 7. 3, and since then any beast rom has made my battery temp run in the 104 range.going back to a beauty rom, it settles back down under 97and lower. What's that all about?

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Can't Get Widgets From Main.xml Referenced In Java Program / Basic Mistake Am I Making

Made a very basic xml file to try and access a simple button widget. The main.xml file is code.

The error on the 'button' line is:
Button01 cannot be resolved or is not a field

Any ideas, what very basic mistake am i making.

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Motorola Milestone - Latency Being Extremely High - Making Browsing Ect Over Wi-fi Feel Slower Than Over Hsdpa

I've had my motorola milestone for just under a week now and although an excellent handset, i like others, am experiencing some wi-fi problems , usually just refusing to communicate (although still apparently connected), this is resolved by turning wi-fi off in the handset, and then back on again.

But the main problem is latency being extremely high, usually around 800ms but up to 1400ms, making browsing ect over wi-fi feel slower than over hsdpa.

The latency was determined by pinging the handset from a wired ethernet computer from the command prompt.

I upgraded from android 2. 0 to 2. 0. 1 over the air hoping that it would resolve the problem, which it didn't, and then to 2. 1 from and developers, but the problem still persists.

I've also tried pinging my ipod touch, which produced a time of around 250ms and my samsung galaxy portal (android 1. 5) which had also had a latency of around 250ms.

So it would seem that the problem is inherent to the milestone rather than android handsets in general?

I'm using a us robitics 5450 802. 11g access point, and the signal strength is good. Pinging the access point itself from a wired ethernet computer produced a latency of less than 1ms, and i do not have any issues with any other wi-fi connected devices on my network.

I've yet to attempt pinging my milestone from a different wi-fi ap.

Has anyone else her had similar latency issues, and have you had any luck resolving the problem?

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Error After Publishing

My application runs fine when locally testing. But after publishing it, i am seeing the following error in my developer console page.


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Startactivityforresult Error

I can't launch a new activity with startactivityforresult/startactivity method.

Below is the code.


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Error During Preparation

I try to read some radio streaming with android media player but some errors occurs during the prepare() method. Is there anybody that realize successfully a stream player like this ? Can anybody help me to correct my source code ? Or does media player can just play audio stream ?

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Error With Db Onupgrade

I have multiple databases in my app. At the start of the application , i initialize all the databases and access columns from the required tables. What i did is , for one of the databases  i incremented the version of the db. So now i have started getting error of " no such table say abcd while compiling " query. This table is in another db than the updated db. I dont have any code in the onupgrade right now. Is there any thing thats striking anyone why this behavior is happening? Is there anything that happens in the onupgrade method that causes all the dbs to be inaccessable temporarily. I am saying this because if i place a breakpoint in onupgrade and debug , then i wait for a few seconds on the 1st stmt in onupgrade and then everything works fine.

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Error - Classcastexception

This is the exception i am getting while running my gpssens application. Can any one please tell me what is the reason for this error

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Error When Installing Rom

I recently rooted my phone and i am interested in installing a new rom. I downloaded three or four roms to test out and placed them on my sdcard. I am using clockword mod recovery and when i attempt to install any of the roms (install zip from sdcard), i get the following report:

- Installing: sdcard:sdcard/
Finding update package.
Opening update package.
Installing update.
Assert failed: getprop("ro. Product. Device") == "sholes" || getprop("ro. Build. Product") == "sholes" || getprop("ro. Product. Board") == "sholes"
E:error in /sdcard/sdcard/
(Status 7)
Installation aborted.

I have tried a factory reset as well as re-rooting. It is quite frustrating. Any advice?

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Error In My Existing Project


The project was not built due to "resource already exists on disk: '/project/bin/default. Properties'. ". Fix the problem, then try refreshing this project and building it since it may be inconsistent project unknown java problem

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Usnig Proguard - Get Error

I am trying to use proguard with android. I have found several proguard scrips to use, with the following one being an example (i have found several others that are the same or very similar). However, when i try and run proguard using this script, i get the error:

"Expecting java type before ';' in line 23 of file . "

I am completely new to proguard. Can someone explain what is going wrong here


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1.6 Error With Numericshaper.class

When i try to open my sdk 1. 1 project with donut, i get an error (pasted below). I did a search and cannot find the numericshaper anywhere in my code. As a matter of fact, i cannot even find an import or call to the java/awt package. Can i get a clue about how i might solve it?

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Keep Getting A Network Connection Error / Solution For This

Anyone noticing any issues with the market tonight? I keep getting a network connection error but i have 3 bars. I restarted my phone and cleared the. Cache. Anyone else experience this?

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Listactivity Onlistitemclick Error With Webviews

I've been figuring how to popup a webview all day when a row in my listactivity is clicked. I can't even show a toast when it's clicked.


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Getting Error On Apps Page / What To Fix

Anyone else get the "error" when clicking on an app on the apps page?
I cant view/download anything.
Tried on my android, on chrome, on firefox, even on ie and same error.

Am i just stupid and missed something or what?

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Droid Sdk Error / Fix It

I'm trying to get the android sdk running on my computer so i can start working on some apps but when i open the android sdk and avd manager and try to download a package, i get the following error: xml verification failed for Error: the markup declarations contained or pointed to by the document type declaration must be well-formed. Failed to fetch url, reason: unknown failed to parse xml document

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Lg Ally - Keep Getting Compile Error / Fix It

I feel like an idiot, i keep getting this error when i attempt to compile a kernel for the ally. I am trying to take the .config file from the ally and incorporate it into the cm source.code.

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When Installed And Run Application On G1 It Gives Error

I had written code which encode image in base64 format. It requires base64outputstream class, as i know it is present in api level 8, but i want to develop application for g1(api level- 4). Save in src folder of android application . The program compiles and when i installed and run application on g1 it gives me error as java. Lang. Verifyerror .

But this code produce encoded string but when i decode it , this site then it gives me error as the input is not a valid base-64 string as it contains a non-base 64 character, more than two padding characters, or a non-white space character among the padding characters.

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