Make Table Layout To Scroll Both Ways ( Horizontally, Vertically)

I am having a table defined in xml file, which currently set to scroll vertically. But i also want it scroll horizontally as required.

Here is the code of xml in use code.

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Make Imageview Fill Vertically Within Relativelayout

I put an imageview and a textview within a relativelayout that is used as list items, and want the imageview to grow vertically with the line number of textview. The drawable of the imageview is a png picture of vertical bar.

With the following layout, thought it looks fine in the layout view in eclipse, the imageview does not fill the height of the relativeview at runtime. Instead, it alway keeps the original picture's height.code.

Why does it not work as i expect(or as shown in eclipse layout view)?

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Not Able To Table Layout Rowspan / Fix It

I want to build the following layout but it is not working.code.

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Create Table Layout Without Using Droid Xml

How to create table layout with out using the android xml.

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Can Make Own Appwidgets List Layout

I am trying to create a home application that contains appwidgets. Can i make a own appwidgets list layout that includes appwidgethostview without appwidget_pick intent?I mean i wanna make a visual appwidget list. Actualy i made it, but i couldn't start appwidget some like music widget. I think it does not contain a intent. How can i get the appwidgets intent ?

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Modify .xml Layout File In Order To Make Elements Inside Linearview Same Size

I would like to create a dialog to display a video title and tags. Below text i would like to add buttons view, edit and delete and make these elements same size. Does anyone know how to modify .xml layout file in order to make elements inside linearview same size?

The current layout file looks like this code.

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Add 2 Buttons Horizontally With 50% Width For Each In Droid

How to add 2 buttons horizontally with 50% width for each ?

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Difference Between 2 Ways To Start An Activity

I have seen the following two examples of starting activities in android:

Example 1


Example 2


It seems the obvious difference between the two examples is that you attach the logic of how an activity is created to the implementation of the activity. Are there any other key differences? (e.g. Is the calling activity told to wait until the called activity finishes in one case, but not in the other, etc. )

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Media - Are There Any Apps Or Ways Could Stream Audio

Let me first say i am an insane blackhawks fan, and i haven't missed any of the playoffs or any regular season games that were available in denver. A close friend of mine is getting married tomorrow at the exact time the puck drops, i want to find a way to at least listen to the game (ya know one ear bud discreatly in one ear) while at the wedding . Are there any apps or ways i could stream this audio?I have the mlb app that lets me listen to all the games an nhl version would be the tits. But haven't found anything

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Htc Hero - Delete Google Contacts Both Ways

My hero did sync "all" my google contacts. Also every one i've ever sent an email to.

So, i found out i can sync only one group. Therefore i made a group for the contacts that i want on my phone.

But, how do i delete the contacts already one the phone that i don want. Without deleting them on my google contact as soon as i sync?

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Lg Ally - Easy Ways To Get Ringtones , Apps And Websites

I have never had a problem with getting ringtones on my phone, but this new phone is really different. Can someone please let me know some easy ways to get ringtones. Apps? Websites? Ways to do it?

I use to use and then send it through a txt and save it to my phone. This ally doesn't seem to want to do that.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Syncing Contacts - Does It Work Both Ways?

I have made a few changes to my contacts' details over the last couple of days, both online and on my phone (x10a). If i sync the contacts, will the online stuff over-ride the changes i've made in the phone, or will the phone take priority?  I'd like it to give me a choice of which changes to keep. If it uses the details i have most recently changed, that would be ideal, but i don't really want to try it until i know what will happen.

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Htc Hero - Mms Message Crashed My Phone / More Effective Ways To Handle It

After using my hero for a bit over a month, i've had my first run in with a serious problem. I received a mms text message, and every time i tried viewing the messages page (using the default messaging program) for that contact, i would get a force close error for Mms.

After trying a few more times, rebooting the phone, etc, i decided to try handcent sms. Fortunately, handcent did not crash when i viewed that contacts messages, but it also couldn't read the message stating something like "handcent sms is unable to read this message. " Oddly though, i was able to use the save mms option not only to see the image, but successfully save it as well. I was happy about this, but when i tried to delete the message so that i could continue to use the default messaging program (i like the widget, sorry), it could not delete the message.

The only way i could rectify the problem was by deleting the entire messaging thread with that contact.

Now, this has only happened once so far, and i have yet to try to reproduce it; nonetheless, it's a pressing issue i'd like more information on. Has anyone else had this happen? Are there any more effective ways to handle it other than deleting the entire contact thread?

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Listview Which Presents A Table Of Items

I have a listview which presents a table of items. The table is supposed to look like:

But if i scroll around a bit, i sometimes see:

Now this only seems to happen when i run the program on an actual device (motorola droid with android 2. 2). I have never seen this happen on the emulator.

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Listen For Changes Made In Contactmethod Table

I am trying to listen out for for changes made in contactmethod table using  the code below:


It doesnt seem to work whenever i change a contacts email address or instant messanger details.

I have a conentobserver method below that should catch and notify me of any changes made to the table but it doesnt.


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Check Whether Table Existed / Not In Database

I want to know how to check whether certain table is existed or not in a database?

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Possible To Add A Button To Scroll View

I have a simple scrollview in a layout that displays an about box in a dialg format. So it just pops up on the phone screen in a dialog. The only way for the user to close the box is to click the back button (it is an intent).

Do i have a way of adding a close button to the box or could i have the user hit the box on the screen with their finger and close it? Code.

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Parser Xml Return Table

I'm new to android dev and i'd like to make a parser xml which return a table of string, i've try to find a tuto in the net but without success. I know i should use sax parser but i don't understand his working if anybody can explain to me it will be very nice or if anybody know a tutorial about this.

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Apply Scroll Through Activity When It In Landscape Mode

How to scroll through activity when activity is in landscape mode, scenario: my textview has around thousand words and few buttons, how to apply scroll to this when activity is in landscape mode

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Display Html Formated Table Using Webview

I am trying a lot but it is not wroking.

Here's my code:


The summary string i have is a lengthy htmlformatted table. But problem is this code is not even working for this simple html formated string. What is it that im doing wrong?

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Code To Move Scroll Bar Automaticaly

I am using grid view for display images, i want to scroll move automatically, whenever i add another images in gridview, is it possible, please give code for that.

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Error Inserting Into Table Calendarevents / Fix It

I'm trying to add an event to the calendar and it works very well. But if i try to add a reminder with an alert i receive the following error message code.

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2.2 Consumes Action_up Where 2.1 Does Not - In Nested Scroll Views

I have custom view in a horizontalscrollview wrapped in a scrollview and i want to act on action_up in ontouchevent when the touch point has been moved but no scroll has been done, i.e. When the wiew is smaller than or equal to the window size. A single touch without move gives action_up as it should.

When running the (following) code under 2. 1 i get action_up as expected. When running the same code on 2. 2 i do not get the action_up (i have tested with both sdk 2. 1 and 2. 2 on the 2. 2 emulator).

Have i accidentally used a "bug that works" in the 2. 1 version and has been fixed for 2. 2 or is this a new error? Is there a workaround?

See the following logcat:




The view:


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Set Scroll View For Textview In Droid

I am adding three text views in a activity. I need scrollview for every textview. If i add scroll view the third one is only have the scroll view. How to set scroll view for all text views in a single screen(activity)

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Unable To See Full Content And Scroll Also - How To Show That

My code for the layout is given below. I am not able see the full content. I am not able to scroll also. How i can show the all content by scrolling.code.

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Games - Dungeon Scroll Free Today

I'm getting ready to release my "word game sort of meets rpg" game dungeon scroll to the android market but would like to run an open beta test. I've put up the full version (will expire in a week) for anybody willing to try it.

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Motorola Droid - How To Scroll Without Opening Items

Is there something i am missing about scrolling?  Whenever i scroll through the calls log (and other lists too but that one comes up the most) it is constantly opening names that i touch when all i want to do is scroll down the list to find a number. How do i scroll on the droid without constantly opening entries on the list and having to use the back button to resume the scroll?  This also affects scrolling speed because if i put my finger down to scroll slowly and not just flick while barely touching the screen, it immediately opens that name and as others have pointed out occassionaly dials it too.

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Dynamically Move Scroll Bar In Gridview / Code To Do So

I am using grid view for images, first time i using 16 images display in gridview after i will add another 16 images in grid view, now totally 32 images in gridview, ok now i want to move scroll bar last 16 images position in grid view, how can dynamically scroll bar in grid view?, Anybody know please give code.

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Update Droid Default Database Table Schema

May we have rights to update the android database table schema such like people, organization, calendar, events. I want to add triggers on the update, delete and insert of the above mention tables.

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Motorola Droid X - Scroll Within A Control On Web Page

I apologize if this has been asked/answered before but i have been unable to find a post related to this topic for the droid x - i have a web page that contains a list of items where the length of the list is larger than the height of the list allows to be displayed. How do i scroll the list?

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