Media - Media Gallery Fail To Open Image

Like the title says, when i try to set a different wallpaper or set a picture for a contact after i click on the desired image it says "failed to open image"

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Samsung Captivate - Data Connection Fail W/ Media Mall Downloads

Does anyone know why i keep getting an error message "data connection failed" when i try to download a ringtone i purchased from at&t media mall? I have an at&t samsung captivate i897. I did the "online chat" with an at&t person. She couldn't help me and opened a trouble ticket. I have yet to hear from them.

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Media - Sound Not Syncing After Conversion / Media Player For Wmv Video Files

Anyone know of a media player for wmv video files? I downloaded a video file (wmv) and converted it to mp4. The file played in the video player (froyo 2. 2), the only problem was the sound was delayed by 2 to 4 seconds behind the video.

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Media - Android Getting Rfid - Object-based Media

Ive read a recent post on this media player that uses physical objects to control media playback. It is based on radio frequency identification (rfid) that triggers various phone interactions when in the range of a wireless tag embedded inside a physical object.

Below is the cool video link:
Iphone rfid: object-based media

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Media - Change Color Combination Of Image (captured By Camera ) While It Show Preview Of That

I have added camera in my application for capturing image and saving it into phone memory or sdcard.
I want to change color combination of image (captured by camera ) while it will show preview of it.

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Create Sd Card Image In Emulator To Paly Files Present In It On Media Player

Can any body please tell me how to create a sd card image in emulator to paly the files present in sd card on media player

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Fail To Open Device

I've downloaded pdanet onto my phone at pc but when i ask it to connect it says "fail to open device". What do i need to do?

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Samsung I7500 - Way To Avoid Loading Of All Images And Restrict Gallery To Search / Open

I have a problem that every time i open the gallery i got a list of all possible pictures (including thumbs and icons) and it counts over 2000 all kind of images. Most of them are just variation of icons in different sizes and all kind of graphic from different apps. It is painfully slow to open (gallery loads 5-10 minutes) or to find anything so i'm wondering is there any way to avoid loading of all images and restrict gallery to search/open only selected folders in the phone.

I don't get it how anybody else didn't find this as a problem?Is there any app that can do the same? Paid apps are not available for me from the market so it should be free.

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Setting Size Of Image In Gallery Widget From Xml

Does anyone know how to set the size of the images in a gallery view from an xml file rather than setting in java using: imageview. Setlayoutparams(new gallery. Layoutparams(120, 120));i have tried inflating the imageview from an xml file (with layout_height=120 etc. ) In the adapter getview method but this does not appear to work.

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Giant Online Image Gallery / How To Avoid Out Of Memoryerror

For anyone who's wondering, the gallery is My app uses the spore api to get the 100 newest creations, then displays them in a gridview. The text data about the creations is easy to store, but the images present a problem.

As far as i know, i can either keep the images in a hashtable or grab them every time they are viewed. Neither of these will work - the hashtable quickly presents an outofmemoryerror, and the constant reloading causes a lot of load on the server and a lot of lag on the client. Is there a better way to store the images?

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Media - Using Droid X In Car

I am getting my droid x on thursday, and planning on buying the car dock, but i am not sure how to get the music from the phone to my car stereo. I have no luck with fm transmitters in my area, too few open channels, and no cassette tape to do that adapter. Does anyone have recommendations for car stereos i could buy that would connect to the droid x easily? Any that can do it wirelessly?

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Media And 1013 Network Use

I've searched the forums, and there are no similar topics, so thought i'd ask!My battery seems to drain quick sometimes, so i checked spare parts to see if i could see anything suspicious. When i checked earlier, "media" was taking up the full bar of my network use. I'm not entirely sure what this media may be, as i haven't even used or looked at any media. I killed all the running/background tasks and checked again. Now it shows "1013" taking up all of the bar, followed by media, which at a rough guess would be 30%, which is then followed by "1010".

Could anyone say what media this might be? And what this 1013 is? It's been at the top of the list a few times that i have checked - and the entire bar being blue.

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Gridview Open Image In Foreground

I am able to create a grid view layout as shown here.

When a image is clicked i would like to bring that image to the foreground (full screen) for 2 seconds and then go back to the grid layout.

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Tablet For Media, Viewing Videos

I'm looking for a tablet primarily for media, viewing videos, slowing off pictures, and reading websites, youtube, etc. The ability to read pdfs would be nice also. I'll probably move files to this using a minimicrowhatever sd card so the ability to accept 16/32 or larger would be great. I'd really like to avoid having to root the device unless i really have to.

Here is what i want:
• 7-ish inch screen (bigger would be great, but adds to the cost)
• able to play flv videos (i already have a lot of my videos in this format)
• must be fast enough to play videos smoothly
• must have a sd, micro-sd or other flash card expansion slot
• access to the android app store
• g-sensors
• android 2. 2 or better (for flash player)

Nice to have
• wifi
• high res screen
• usb port
• android 3. 0

Don't want:
• having to buy a cellular contract

Don't need (but don't care):
• camera
• web cam

Ok, here is where it gets a little harder, looking to spend $200-300. I can bump that up if the right device is more expensive.

Any recommendations?

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Media - Is There Anyway To Download Ringtone To Slide

I'm looking for more ringtones for sms, i don't really like the default ones for the mytouch slide. But, i do like the default ringtones for the sidekick, is there anyway to download those to my slide?

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Media - Is There An App To Sync Over Wifi

I wanted to know if there was an app that would allow me to sync and download media over wifi? I am running win 7 64bit.

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Media - Mpg Video Player

Just wondering if anyone can tell me a mpg video player?Not a conversion app, i need a player as i'm downloading the videos straight from the internet to my phone.

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Media - Logging Music Played

Is there a log file saved in android that would allow me to see what music tracks are played [timestamp]. If this information isnt there, is there a music or external logging application available on the android market?

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Media - Turn Off Music Player

How do you turn off the music player? I can't find an "exit player" control. I have been hitting the pause button then going back to the home screen. When i return to the music player it still shows the song being "paused".

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Media - Where To Find Awesome Ringtone

I swear i have exhausted sites like zedge, myxer, mobile24, oringz, etc. A good example of what i'm looking for are rcp tones (rcp tones | ringtone design) but theyre not amazing really, and htc - htc e-club ringtones. I don't mind paying if they're awesome. I personally am not into music ringtones as in actual songs from bands etc. Can anyone give me some hints? Is it me or are these types of ringtones lacking?

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Media - Best Free Ringtone Website

I am sorry, i did do a search, and i am sure there are lots of threads about this, but i can't find one.

What is your favorite website that you use to browse/search ringtones? Can you send them for free from the site? Anyway to browse from cell and download directly to cell (skipping pc all together)?

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Media - Take Good Photos With Droids

I was just wondering if any of you take good photos with your droids? Would be awesome if we could share them all.

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Application For Media Volume Control

I have my htc desire for about an year and a half, and lately the volume control on the side of the device started to give me trouble. (I need it to control volume during listening to music) so i created a simple app that let you change your volume, you can also set it to the notification on going bar.

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Galaxy S - How To Stop Media Scanning ?

Hi. There were some pics on my galaxy s that i wanted to hide. I got this application called hide it pro. I was going through the gallery, and when i sent the first image to the hidden folder, the media scanner started and it has been going on for an hour. It says 100% complete, but the process is still ongoing. When i try to open my camera or image gallery, it says media scanning, and my camera doesn't open and the gallery doesn't open. How can i stop the media scanning?

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Media - Stream Jim Rome To Phone

Anyone know of a way i can stream this to my eris?

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Media - Not Able To Load Songs Onto My Sd Card / Fix This

When i first got my g1 i saw that i had songs on my sd card i didn't want so i deleted them. But now its not detected. And i would like to load music onto it. Does anyone know how to fix this?

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Media Recorder Error On Start / Fix It

I am trying to record video and upload to web server. I created a temp file but when i try to start recorder. Start(), it gives me "java. Lang. Runtimeexception: start failed. " I tried debugging it but i am not getting it working. Can someone please give me sample code to record video and save. I am really stuck with this error

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Media - Laptop - Android Phone - Yawcam

There is some pretty good free webcam software out there called yawcam (yet another webcam software) i use it on my home pc and can view the streaming video from my samsung moment android phone. Works great!

Now. I use pdanet to teather my phone to my laptop and that works great as well. I want to use the laptop to run a moblie webcam but i cant get the cam to transmit to the web via the lappy and phone. On my home pc, i have to forward port 8081 for the stream to get thru, but there is no way (that i know of) to do that with pdanet or the phone.

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Media - Steaming Music From Ftp - Vpn

I've been using gmote to stream my music stored on my portable hard drive which is vpn'd and mapped to my computer. Of course i have to be on the same network as my computer wirelessly.

However is there another application that can stream music instead of ftp downloading to the g1 so i can just simply stream when i'm using the 3g or any wireless connection?

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Media - Bluetooth Music Blips / Stop It

Ok so play my music through headphones or speaker on phone the music's fine, yet when i connected the phone up to my bluetooth headunit, i get random blips in the songs say 1/2 second of silence then it carries on playing normal this happens say every 2-3 songs, before anybody says it i don't have anything running in the background, just the bluetooth and music player.

Should i be using a different music player to stop this?
Or do i have to just put up with it ? And hope the update coming soon with fix it.
Its not the head unit as i never had this problem with my old se and that was slow as *** ?

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