Htc Desire - How To Backup A Private Application

I'm using astro to back up some not very often used apps, and games. So i can remove them for now.

I have the paid for version of winds of steel, and exzeus that i want to remove. They're listed as private, with no check box for backup.

How do i get around this, or is it a case of tough.

I can see why they wont allow backups, otherwise a paid for game could be ported to someone elses 'droid phone for free. As long as they have astro.

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Htc Desire - Get Private Calendar Back / Set - Turn Off Alarm Per Appointment

Since my desire updated to froyo, i have a few issues with the calendar.
Before froyo, there were 3 types of calendar: calendar (didn't and still don't use it)
2. Htc sync (use it for the data i want to sync with my work calendar)
3. My calendar (calendar on the phone itself, used it for my private appointments and meetings i didn't want to get synced with my work calendar).

Now that last one has disappeared and i really miss it! Now my private meetings also show up in my work calendar.
Is there a way to get this private calendar back? Or is it possible to sync only in one way? I know it was possible with my nokia, so my work data appeared on my phone, but my private data didn't get pushed to my work calendar.

Another issue i encounter with the calendar app (not sure if it is typical froyo) is that every appointment has an alarm. Again on the nokia there was only an alarm if you explicitly entered one.
Is there a way to set or turn off the alarm per appointment?

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Htc Desire - Are There Any Better Backup And Restore Apps

I want to try defrost 2. 9. That's the latest right?It states that a wipe is required. I'm coming from a modaco rom. Im co cerned about a wipe though because i use titanium and don't find it reliable. Last time i installed defrost 2. 6 and restored, i didn't even restore my google settings. It was like i had to set up from scratch.

Is a wipe really essential? Are there any better backup and restore apps? Perhaps my backup pro?

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Htc Desire - Reboot Cycle After Rom Manager Backup

I was about to go for a2sd+.

Performed a backup using ti. Went fine.

Then chose to backup rom (clockwork) using rom manager.

It booted in to a screen that showed details of stuff that were being backed up.

Reached generating checksum/md5. And that's it.

It has been rebooting. Ad infinitum! Vibrates, htc screen, blank, vibrates, htc screen, blank. . .

I tried rebooting via hboot and chose recover. No use.

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Htc Desire - Titanium Backup Vs Mybackup Pro - Difference Between Them

Let me know what's the difference between titanium backup and mybackup pro?

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Htc Desire - Can't Download Pandora Application / What To Do

Can't seem to be able to download? Anyone with any ideas?

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Htc Desire - Application On Andriod To Track And See Satellite

Is there an application on the andriod to track and see satellite etc

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Desire - Turn Off Sms Notifications From Htc Messages Application

How do i turn off sms notifications from the htc messages application?
Cant really expand on that, reason because i have just downloaded handcent again!
I know its possible because i have done it bofre but i seem to have forgotten how to.

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Htc Incredible - Set Gmail Invites To Be Private By Default On Dinc

Is there a way to set gmail invites to be private by default? Google help says that if your calendar is set to private (mine is) then all invites will be private too. That is not the case though - when my husband receives an invite in outlook and he has to manually change it to private. So short of using my pc for all invites (where i can manually set them to private each time) is there a way to do this on the dinc?

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Htc Desire - Remove Application Lables Under App-icon On Phone With 2.1 And Sense

Is there any way to remove the labels (the text) under the app-icon on a htc desire with 2. 1 and sense?

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Access Private Resource In Donut

I saw in old posts that the oem could add internal resource in framework , so they can be able to use them with the special syntax. For example


Now it seems that the latter interface is not provided anymore in android 1. 5 as well as the donut version i'm compiling. But the former still can be used. Why? Is it gonna be supported in further versions?

As oem, we need to create applications with customizable resources, so the most convenient way as far as i know is to modify the private resource, as they can be used from xml scripts, and they wont cause trouble to third party application that should not use them. But i don't know how to check the res ids in the private resources changed or not. They have no .xml file to set their index orders like the public ones.

I saw in a post : ". Private resource ids are assigned dynamically, they basically change in each build of the system". So if i build a new framework-res.apk and i change some resource data, i don't know what is gonna happen to my previous applications? Does this mean all of the ids changed even if you don't add any new resource? Is there a way to check the compatibility of private resources between 2 builds, or to force them to be compatible  - like in public resources we can set the order in the public.xml to keep ids order the same.

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Add Image To Private String

I have a class which holds strings. I declared them like this:

Private string pper[]={"" + "juan", "manuel", . };

This is then displayed as a listview, and that is fine. Now, i want to add an icon/image on its item. How can i do that?

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Private File Last Modified Date

I am trying to get the last modified date of an internal file and it always returns me 0 although i could read the file properly. Can you please let me know if i am doing anything wrong. Creating a file.

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Always Returns 0 When Trying To Get Lastmodified Of Private File / Fix It

I am trying to get the last modified date of an internal file and it always returns me 0 although i could read the file properly. Can you please let me know if i am doing anything wrong.code.

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List Of Private / Hidden / System Apis

In this post I've read about all that stuff about private apis which are annotated with @hide. The presence of hidden apis is not as well-known as the "all apps are equal"-mantra, but i think there should be more information on it. As long as i belivied in the mantra, i had dialogues like that: boss: can you do xyz on android? Me: yes, of course, there are apps on my phone which do it, so we can do it, too! Boss: cool, go ahead and code that stuff. Customers will love it!Two days later. Me: hey boss, i just found out i need some private api for that. Forget all your business plans.

I totally agree with those two reasons for private apis: 1. Some features would be too dangerous from a security perspective 2. Some apis were not ready to ship when 1. 0 came out, so they should be published later

The post i mentioned above is about two private apis:
* Installing apps without any intervention by the user
* Calling emergency phone numbers like 911 i'm sure there are more private apis, i think those are good examples:
* Everything related to bluetooth
* Reading contancts from a sim card / writing them there but im afraid there may be many more which i'm not aware of.could we create an exhaustive list of them? I think no such list exists yet. For each api/feature it would be nice to know: 
* Why is it private?
* Will it ever be public?
* If yes, are there any schedules when this might come true, in terms of release numbers or in terms of a date?

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Htc Wildfire - How To Make A Backup

I want to know how to make a backup for my wildfire.

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Htc Incredible - Rom Manager Backup

After rooting my incredible last night using unrevoked, i downloaded rom manager to be able to flash rom's, mod's, etc. I flashed the clockwork mod recovery option using rom manager.

I wanted to able to backup my current rom using rom manager. I clicked on the option within the application, named my backup, and the phone appeared to reboot. However, it got stuck on the black screen with the white lines on each side.

I thought that using rom manager and enabling clockwork mod would prevent this from happening?

I had to pull the battery, boot in hboot, and reboot the phone in order to get it to operate again. What did i do wrong?

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Htc Evo 4g - Titanium To Recognize Backup?

I just updated to froyo, but i made several titanium backups prior. When i created a back up in the past, i would copy and paste the titaniumbackup folder from the sdcard to my desktop.

After updating to froyo, i went to reload all my data, but titanium failed to recognize the backup after i cut and paste it from my desktop to my sdcard.

I'm not so much worried about the apps as i am about the sms and what not. How can i get titanium to recognize the backup?

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Htc Incredible - App To Backup Everything On Phone

Is there an app that can backup everything on the phone?

Mail, txt, and contacts are taken care of with google sync.

But all the settings i have on the phone and all the settings i have in each app aren't backed up. My homescreens arent backed up. I also have to re-install all my apps which may not be a huge deal with app brain.

It would be nice to have something i can use that will just backup everything and restore everything. That way if my phone ever dies and i get another incredible, i'll beable to have everything setup without spending hours going through all the settings trying to remember.

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Htc Evo 4g - Titanium Backup Guide

I've looked for a guide on how to use tb, to no avail. It came with omj's 2. 1 rom and i'm going to be flashing cal's and the fresh roms over the next two days, just to see how they differ, and would like to bring all my app and app data with me (so i don't have to go through an hour of setup again). Thanks in advance.

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Htc Aria - Looking For Backup App For Phone

I m looking for a decent backup tool for htc aria with stock rom.
Something that can backup the apps as well.

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Can't Sign Droid App Lite Version With Same Private Key / Create Another For It

I just signed my paid app and now i want to sign a lite version of it with the same private key. My problem now is that, am receiving this error:

Jarsigner: unable to open jar file.

Do i have to create another keystore for it? Or is the problem coming from the fact that i am saving it as a different file name? What can i do?

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Htc Incredible - Unable To Backup Through Rom Manager

I get a picture of the android dude and a triangle! And the following message:


I did the root method and then used the unrevoked tool to put on the clockworkmod. Any ideas on what i should do? I was able to do a back up through nandroid the "manual" way i guess.

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Htc Incredible - Backup User Defined Dictionary

Is there a way to backup the user defined dictionary when switching between roms? I searched around a bit but couldn't find a solution for htc phones. Would restoring htc_ime using titanium backup work? (Assuming you are restoring sense 2. 2 on top of 2. 2?)

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Htc Incredible - Can't Open Titanium Backup

I tried to search but the answers i found related to more on how to get titanium backup open and working on the original htc rom.

I rooted last night and installed virtuous v3. 0. 1

I rebooted. No issues there.

I go through the marketplace refresh and it finds all my purchased aps.

I install tb, it goes through no problem.

I go to find it in the apps tray, nothing there. I go back to the marketplace, i see it there, but open isn't highlighted.

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Htc Incredible - Best App To Full Backup Of Device

I am wondering what application is best for backing up the entire device. Not just messages, or applications, but all settings. Now that root has been achieved (thanks guys, great work) i want to back everything up so i can ignore all warnings and try rooting my inc. This way, when i destroy my inc i can just restore and go back to breathing normally.

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Htc Incredible - Best Way To Create A Full Backup For Phones Running 2.2

I've looked through several other posts here before adding this question and no one posting seems to get to everything so i'd like to re-ask everyone the question:

How can i backup everything on my phone - and all the apps that are installed on my sd card? Does it require two steps or can one app (or nandroid) do both?

Here's what i've gathered so far:

1) nandroid works for full backup of everything except the apps installed to my sd card. I've read about some nandroid "ext" feature but i don't understand how that works and if it is still relevant for phones running 2. 2 can anyone explain?

2) there's my backup pro and titanium backup but i'm not clear if either of these apps will backup everything that a nandroid backup would do (and include the apps installed to the sd card). Does anyone know?

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Htc Hero - Won't Have Backup / Will Be Able To Install Another Rom

I'm following this tutorial: installing custom roms - villainrom wiki. If i skip to step two, because the previous steps don't work, i know i won't have a backup, but will the install still work? Will i be able to install another rom if all goes wrong?

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Htc Evo 4g - Restore Data From Nandroid Backup Running Stock Rooted Sense On Phone

I was thinking about installing the cyanogen mod but i was wondering is it possible to restore the data from a nandroid backup that was running the stock rooted sense on the evo?

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Htc Desire - Debranding Htc Desire Didn't Work

I am tryed to debrand my virgin mobile, all went well, i created the goldcard and then ran the rom update and i got a error 7001 or something like that, and the phone was stuck on the bootloader and would reboot, so i ran the update again and it restored it back to the normal rom and is still branded to virgin mobile. Any one know of a deffo way i can debrand my phone?

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