Game Loop / How To Control Speed And Frame Rate

I've written a game for android, and i've tested it on the dev phone 1. It works perfectly, the speed is just right. However, i'm sure phone cpu's are getting faster. They may already be faster than the dev phone. How do i make sure that my game runs at the exact same speed no matter what the device or how fast it runs? Do you know of any techniques? Should i check some kind of timer at the top of the loop each time?I guess i'm referring to frame rate - but mostly the speed at which my game runs through the main game loop.

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Animation Support Different Resolution Rate

I use animation translate in my application, my mobile phone resolution rate is 320*280, but in the 480*800 resolution rate don't support. I want ask i should how to do ?

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Set Rfcomm / Spp Bluetooth Baud Rate

I am making an app that utilizes the blutoothsocket api and am trying to create a serial connection over bluetooth with rfcomm/spp profile.

I do not see how i set the baud rate for the connection, how would i set it?

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Motorola Droid - Battery Seems To Discharge At Phenomenal Rate / What To Do

My battery seems to discharge at a phenomenal rate, a few hours unplugged and she is tapped. Anybody having a similar experience. I just put the power control widget on my home page to keep things turned off but it is pretty annoying.

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Source Code Not Working - Reading Frame Buffer Through Glreadpixels

I am new to android development and have an assignment to read frame buffer data after a specified interval of time.

I have come up with the following code:


Also, if some one can direct me to better way to read the framebuffer it would be great. I am using android 2. 2 and virtual device of api level 8. I have gone through many previous discussions and have found that we can not know read frame buffer directly throuh the "/dev/graphics/fb0".

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Convert Raw Frame Buffer Pixel Data To A Bitmap?

I am trying to convert a byte array containing raw frame buffer pixel data (height 480 * width 320 * bytes per pixel 2 ) in to a bitmap. To do this using bitmap. Setpixels, which needs an integer array of colors, i need to convert the 2 byte (rgb_565) data for each pixel in to an integer. This is expensive since it needs to be done for (480*320) pixels.

Is there a more efficient way of doing this conversion?

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Custom Buttons - How To Get Border/edge/frame When Read The Background From Xml

Using android shapes in xml i have defined a gradient which i use as the background for a button. This all works nice, but there's no edge surrounding the button. I would like it to look similar to the normal android button but i need more flexibility to control the color and look.

The shape is defined as follows:


I would expect the border to be set in the xml. Why doesn't "stroke" fix it? Stroke doesn't seem to do anything. I checked the android developer spec, but couldn't find the answer there:

I have also looked through all the properties of the android button, but as expected there's no such parameter, probably since it's built into the normal android button. Btw, i checked image-button properties too. I know there's the alternative to make an image with proper edges and use an imagebutton, but there really should be a way to fix this pro grammatically.

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How To Make A Loop ?

I'm new at android programming and java. Today i start my first test project and now i get an error i can't solve. I have a button "show", that shows additional information (load a new view) now in this view you have the button "hide" to go back to the first view. I write a function checkbutton() which switch the views. It works fine. But after i write a loop around it, i only get a black display without any content. What do i wrong? My source code:

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Game Darts Champ - 2d Dart Game Using Accelerometer

I've recently released a new game onto the android market, darts champ. It's a simple but fun 2d darts game that uses the accelerometer as the main aiming method. It is basically an experiment with the adobe air runtime (as it's authored in flash cs5). If you could all take a look (the free demo version will suffice, i'm not expecting you all to buy it) and let me know what you think, it would be awesome.

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For Loop Gives Nullpointer Exception

I am getting null pointer exception at the bellow mentioned line in the for loop.


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How To Debug Endless Loop

I have developed an application (including a native library) that sometimes freezes the phone (becomes completely non-responsive) and after a while i get:w/windowmanager( 184): key dispatching timed out sending to. The 'top' command shows that my application is stealing 97% of cpu which is not quite expected behaviour. I suspect that the application hangs in an endless loop somewhere, but i have no idea where. Not even if it is in the native library written i c+, or in the java part.

What kind of debugging mechanisms are available in this case? I've had a quick look at 'traceview' but the problem is that i have to call debug. Stopmethodtracing() to write profiling data from the recording buffer to file, and i am of course unable to make that call after the endless loop.

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Htc Evo 4g - Boot Loop / Not Rooted

So ive looked through 3 days worth of "boot loop" q & a, forum after forum. Nothing answered my problem ive got a ver 3, never been rooted evo ive had since june. Over the last 2 weeks it started randomly rebooting. Last 2-3 days, its turned more frequent and became boot loops, to the point of pulling the battery 5+ reboots. Ive tried -

The gps fix, using msl #
Wiped the cache/dalvik in the boot menu
Restored to factory through the phone & boot menu
Pulled sd card, wiped, still boot looped with no sd card
I dont use any exchange mailing
Ive tried "always on data" checked and unchecked

Took it to, bb where i got it (with bb insurance), 2+ weeks turn around, and the rep told me if they reload software and it runs for 5-10 minutes they will assume it works and ship it back. The problem lies herein - the phone works for 5-10 under any kind of load, then loops. Games, music, navigation, youtube, anything, 5 min on average and it loops, everytime, completely repeatable. They offered a loaner phone without gps/nav . I need nav for work went to a sprint service center, they were stumped, said for $35 they could have me a brand new one the next day. However they suggested to call htc because they carry the 1 year parts/defect warranty. Anyone dealt with htc for anything like this? Turnaround time/shipping costs, anything? He said they would replace it for "free", but i cant be without a phone. Or has anyone else solved a similar problem? I can completely wipe everything, load nothing after skipping to set up email, everything, get on the net for 5-10 minutes and it will boot cycle.

Please dont merge my post into another thread based on rooting problems and gps/boot loops. It still persists after gps reset and/or gps is off. Oh and, phones always been in a case, never dropped/abused, no water contact, nothing particular happened or was changed/installed before this happened.

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Flushing Toast / Textview Buffer In While Loop

I have a mini app i use to connect to a tcp listener script. The problem i am having is taht when a message is received by the listener script, it will send it to all open sockets currently connected.

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Android 2.1 Cmid 7" Tablet Suck In Loop

After downloading the barnes and noble ebook application i now have 3 continuous errors "the process android. Process. Acore. Has stopped unexpectedly" "the process Process. Gapps has stopped unexpectedly" and ""access b. Bn. Ereader has stopped unexpectedly" - i have powered off numerous times, tried the factory reset and run the battery down. I cannot access any of the other commands as the error messages are overriding the system. I found this video on youtube which shows exactly the same problem:

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How To Speed Up Restlet When Using Odata

I am attempting to use restlet for android to query an odata data source. However, i am not impressed with its performance in both the emulator as well on a real device. I have the requests made in a wrapper asynctask to make the ui responsive but it still takes over 1 minute to finally return the objects.

I get plenty of these in the logcat window: 10-04 18:20:41. 667: debug/dalvikvm(278): gc freed 7872 objects / 523928 bytes in 279ms

What can i do to speed up the queries?

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What Are Your Speed Vs Accuracy Settings

For you swype users out there what are your speed vs accuracy settings? What does this actually do? Does it affect when you tap out a word at all?

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How To Get More Control Over Gradients

I have the following drawable code.

Is there anyway to start the startcolor at 50% or the endcolor at 50%?

Are there any links that show me all of the attributes i can apply to a gradient?

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Is There Speed / Software Difference Between Mytouch And G1

So i been using an iphone 2g for a while, and because of the good reviews android is getting i would like to change it. Im a t-mobile customer. Which phone would you guys recommend? Is there speed/software difference between the mytouch and the g1?

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What Speed Are You Guys Getting On 3g Using Htc Nexus One ?

What kind of speed are you guys getting on 3g, for those of you who do not have any 3g issues? My 3g connection is good here in dallas. Currently deep inside a hospital building with 3g speeds of 678/143. Tethering i got 981/352.

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How To Make User-control

I have two questions.

First. I wanna know how to make user-control and how to use it(in xml code).

Second. I want to find color picker dialog, but i don't find it. Where can i find it?

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Looking For Video Player Increase Playback Speed

Love my droid x. I like do copy videos to my phone and watch / listen while working. However i would like to be able to playback at an increased rate. On my old htc smartphone i used tcpmp (which is now called coreplayer) to play videos and i could increase the playback speed to 1. 5x or 2. 0x or whatever. They audio sounded like chipmunk, but as long as i could understand what they were saying i didn't mind.
Does anyone know for sure if a video playback application with this feature exists for the droid x?

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Personalize Ringtones And Set Up Speed Dial

Ok so i have my new droid and well im a bit over whelmed, ive looked thru several post and cant seem to find out how to or if you can personalize ringtones and set up speed dial, any one know were or how i can do this ?

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Calculate Average Speed From Gps Coordinates

I have here a device which can give me gps coordinates. The time intervall i can define. I want to use it to calculate the average speed during driving or travelling by car. Actually i used a orthodrome formula to calculate the distance between two points and then divided it by the given time intervall. By the implemenation i followed this term(http://de. Unfortunately i could only find a german link, but i think the formula should be understandable in any language ;)

Unfortunately, using this formula and a time interval of 1 second gives very unprecise results. The speed while walking is between 1 km/h and 20km/h.

So i wonder if there is a general reference on how to implement distance calculation between two gps coordinates (i found something similar on so) and particulary, which is the best time interval to update the gps coordinates.

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Htc Hero - Messaging Become Very Slow / Speed This Up

Have a small issue regarding messaging. Mine has become really slow now. Even after i rooted to froydvillain1. 3. There are around 5000 messages and the problem is i want to keep them all because of some of the priceless conversations i've had. Any idea how to speed this up? New memory card? Install a kernel? Update rom? Apps?

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Tutorial On How To Boost 3g Speed To 1mbps ? - Lg Esteem

Warning: don't blame me if your phone dies. Apparently the samsung admire guys figured out how you can boost your 3g speeds: using qpst, you change your "mobile ip behavior" to "simple ip" and it just works. People are saying that they are getting up to around 1mbps on metro's 3g network which is pretty good actually.

How to boost 3g in stock 2. 3. 4. I can't do it because qpst won't recognize my phone. I think it's the dlls or something so i'll try on my netbook tomorrow. I spent like 2hours trying to get it to work but failed, and must sleep now. I hope someone else takes a crack at it. I won't be able to try again until tomorrow evening. I'm wondering if it'll boost 4g speeds as well? Go to forum to read full post.

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Can A High Class Sd Card Speed Up Your Phone?

Can a high class sd card speed up your phone? Well the question in the title box is the only one i have for now.

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Android Power Control Widget

I have installed the android power control widget on my home screen. I understand it is meant to consolidate the various control widgets (gps on/off, bluetooth, wireless). But there is a 4th switch, which logically should be the 3g net on/off. But it isn't, and i have no clue what it is meant to do. [It looks like a yin/yang symbol, or two opposing circular arrows. ]

Can someone tell me what it is meant to do? Am i wasting my time turning on/off the 3g to try to conserve power?

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Share An Webview Control Among Different Tabs

I'm developing an android application based on html.
I made several tabs and put a webview into each tabs to display the page.
Currently i want to use just single webview instance for all tabs to support login/out feature.
I mean i need consistency of user's status during transition of each webpages in tabs.

Is it available to share an webview in different tabs?

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Control Mp3 Player Via Bluetooth

Does anyone know if the ability to control the mp3 player via bluetooth has been developed?

This would be a great item to include as when bluetooth stereo comes out, the user could use their bluetooth car radio to controll the music.

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An App To Control A Dslr Camera

For iphone and ipod touch users there is an app that can be used to be able to turn their device into a wireless remote control to trigger the camera to snap a picture. Just wondering if anything like that is available for the droid. Btw, i have a nikon d90.

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