Prevent Droid Emulator Using Custom Mouse Cursor

Is there a way to prevent the android emulator using the custom mouse cursor (black with white outline), and instead use the normal system cursor?

This is the cursor that's shown when your mouse enters the emulator window.

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Custom Cursor Wrapping A Matrixcursor

I want to implement cursor so that it wraps another cursor (probably matrixcursor) and can swap out the wrapped cursor as necessary.

I've tried two approaches:

1. Subclass cursorwrapper. The problem with this is that any calls to registerx/unregisterx methods land on the wrapped cursor. Therefore, instead, the wrapping cursor needs to maintain these observers and how they are notified. This gets messy.

2. Subclass abstractcursor and override some methods to actually get the data from another cursor (the matrixcursor). This is also tricky because you are trying to juggle two cursors as one. This just feels *wrong*.

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Prevent Droid From Backing Up Wireless Settings

Whereas i don't particularly care that google has access to my contacts and even stuff like my facebook password, i have no intention of sharing my wifi key with them. And i'm shocked that my googling doesn't turn up anyone else who is concerned by this. Does anyone know of a way to prevent that aspect from syncing? I have root and am technically inclined.

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Droid Loading Dialog Freez / Prevent This

I have this code in android. But when the thread begging the loading in freezing. How i can prevent the freezing. Here the code.

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Motorola Droid - Prevent Text Messenger So Only Handcent Visible

I installed handcent on my phone. When i get a text the stock text messenger still comes up. Is there a way to prevent this so only handcent is visible?

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Cursor Stay Valid Across Database Changes

I am looking to create objects that internally store a few cursors. When asked for data, those objects will use the cursors to get the data from the database. This is to hide my database structure from the rest of my app.

My question is, if i get a cursor, and change the database with many insertions/updates/deletes, would the cursor still be pointing to the correct location? (Assuming i did not delete it's data).

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First Call To Cursor.getcount() So Slow / Why Is So

I've noticed quite a strange thing with cursor object. If i use my own database (with sqlitedatabase and sqliteopenhelper) and run some query on it (using any of sqlitedatabase query() methods) this query is finished very quickly, in a few milliseconds. But then first call to some of cursor methods (like getcount(), movetofirst(), etc) takes 1000+ milliseconds! On the other hand if i query some contentprovider (using getcontext (). Getcontentresolver(). Query()) then this query takes about 100 milliseconds to finish, which is understood. But then first call (and subsequent calls) to any of cursor methods described above is very fast.

My question is: why first call to say cursor getcontent() is so long in case i use my database in contrast to using contentprovider's?

Am i missing something?

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Motorola Droid X - Setting That Will Prevent Wifi From Turning Off Every Time Phone Sleeps

I asked this on the motorola forum as well and am hoping someone somewhere can help. Am i missing a setting that will prevent wifi from turning off every time the phone sleeps? The only setting i can find asks when to let it sleep and i have it set at never but every time i pick up the phone wifi has dropped the connection and it takes several minutes to reconnect. With my droid that never happened, once connected it stayed that way until i turned it off. 3g is terrible in my house so i miss stuff while wifi is "sleeping".

I only have a few days left to return this phone and these small, nagging issues keep turning up making me really consider returning it. I can't find another phone to replace it yet. I really wish i hadn't sold my droid. I hate to return to my razr until something good comes out.

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Possible To Populate List View From Cursor Row Id

Is it possible to populate a listview based on a row id from a custom cursor adapter. I keep getting an error "illegalarguementexception column: _id does not exist". But the database has it and is already being used correctly. I don't know what to do, because i would need to populate different listviews from the same database and i don't want to have to create multiple database which will still have the same column names code.

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Use Bluetooth In Droid Emulator

I want to create an application based on bluetooth operation in android. I am using the following code.

The adapter is returning null value, which means the android emulator is not having bluetooth capability. I am using android 2. 1 the latest version of android. Anybody knows how to use the bluetooth from android emulator.

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Droid Emulator To Use On Windoze Xp

Is there an android emulator that can be used on windoze xp? Or would i have to use linux?

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Way To Paste Text On Droid Emulator

Is there anyway to (copy)paste clipboard content to editview on android emulator?
(Just for the sake for ease to development/test)

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Send And Receive A Sms With Droid Emulator

I'm a beginner in android platform. I want to know how i can send and receive a sms with android emulator. I have followed example given in this link: but i can't really send and launch the second emulator for receiving an incoming sms.

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Increase Memory Capacity Of Droid Emulator

My application is almost 1 gig. I don't intend to sell this. This is for personal use. I have large audio files that needs to be stored folder. The emulator won't launched it since it's big. How can i make the emulator accept a large apk (1gig)?

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Show Static Html Page In Droid Emulator

I want to display one static html page in my android emulator. I
Don't know how to do this.

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Attach Back Droid Emulator To Adb To Stop Debug

After i start the emulator by hitting debug in eclipse, after certain time it disconnects from the adb, but the emulator stays open. It is responsive, i can navigate and start apps.

How can i attach back the emulator to adb, to be able to debug from eclipse?

(The current workaround is the terminate the emulator, close eclipse and restart both of them, which takes 10 minutes as you know the emulator needs time to start up)

Edit 1
Check out this image: http://img52.

Edit 2

After i kill and restart server. One emulator process shows up in devices tab in eclipse. But that cannot be expanded, and i don't see sub-processes.
I can't hit debug already, as it says: debug already running. (How to i stop the debug?)

If i managed to start the debugging of another project, it hangs out in the emulator telling me: waiting for the debugger to attach. Nothing happens.

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No Hello World Display - Droid Emulator Not Starting All The Way Up / Test Installation Of It

I followed the tutorial to the letter. I select run then the emulator starts up. Problem is that i never get to a home screen, nor does the text hello world display.

Is there a way to test my installation of the emulator?

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Make Http Server On One Droid App And Get Its Contents From Another Emulator

I want to make an http server on one android application and get its contents from another emulator. Please tell me if there is a sample code for making this.

Also other than http protocol, is there any other networking api + sample code that someone give me to connect and get content from one emulator to another?

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Run Emulator (from Sdk) To Emulate Verizon Droid Incredible

Is it possible to run the emulator (from the sdk) to emulate the verizon droid incredible? I don't mean just the generic os, but the environment as bundled with the phone?

In particular i would like to debug some issues with the mail client in the emulator without using the actual phone?

If its possible where would i get the image? Would i somehow download it from the phone?

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Prevent All Music To Show Up As Ringtones

How to prevent all my music to show up as ringtones? In my music player i can set which folders it looks in for music. But since i added music to my phone all the songs shows up as ringtones which makes it very hard to pick one since i have a large sd card with a lot of music on it. Any way to only see ringtones when i want to set notification for programs?

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How To Prevent That Keyboard Hides My Edittext

I have a relativelayout at the top, then below i have a listview in the center and finally at the bottom i have another relativelayout with an edittext and a button inside.

I want the listview to resize when i click on the edittext and the ime(virtual keyboard) appears. If i put adjustresize in the manifest, the listview is resized to leave space for the ime, but the relativelayout with the edittext that is below is covered by the ime and i can't see what i'm writing. If i put adjustpan, the keyboard pushs up all, the listview is not resized and i loose the top relativelayout. My code.

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Prevent Default Animation - Right To Left

I wanna disable the automatic slide in from right to left animation/transition. All new intents/activities in my app are supposed to have no animation. How can this be achieved?

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Droid Emulator Doesn't Use Windows Host File / Get It To Work

Chrome using the windows' host file:

Android emulator:


"On windows, the emulator obtains the addresses by calling the getnetworkparams() api. Note that this usually means that the emulator ignores the content of your "hosts" file (/etc/hosts on linux/os x, %windows%/system32/hosts on windows). "

How can i use static ips in the emulator?

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Prevent Screen From Locking On Playing Music

Is there a way to do this? I'd prefer to not have to unlock my g1 while driving because i want to change songs. Unless i'm g1 stupid (which is entirely possible, since i just got it yesterday), and there's a way to control my playlist by using some button i don't know about? I could control songs on my old blackberry by hitting 6 to skip to the next song.

Alternatively, is it possible to completely disable the auto-screen lock and just lock the phone manually when i want to toss it in my purse?

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Prevent Back Button From Closing Sub-activity

I have a main activity. It's main purpose is to handle tab menu. If a user click a tab it'll load another activity as a sub-activity, still showing the tab menu. I am using intent to do this:

Setcontent(new intent(this, b. Class))

This sub-activity has an onclick function as well. If the user clicks one of the links it'll load xml layout file using setcontentview command:

Setcontentview(r. Layout. B1);

Now, when the back button is pressed while xml file is loaded, it'll close the entire application. Is there a way to prevent this, say, return to the sub-activity or the main activity?

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Custom Views In Listview - Custom View Be Made To Fill The Entire Width Of The List View

This app is building custom views for elements of a list view. How can the custom view be made to fill the entire width of the list view?

This xml for the elements view is inflated from this:


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Nexus - How To Prevent Amazon Mp3 From Self-launching All The Time

I guess it doesnt really harm much, at least in terms of memory and cpu load, but its just the principle. I dont want that spamware on my phone in the first place, and the fact that it is already taking whatever amount of valuable internal storage that it is is bad enough. Any app for this? Something that just prevents apps from launching?

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Prevent Rooted Phones To Access Sqlite Db And Preferences

I have seen a few discussions on this, but i just wanted to see if there has been anything new. Currently, a rooted phone can access the /data/data/ com. Here/ path. Insides are all the wonderful areas like databases, files, and preferences. In fact, i was actually horrified to see that i could browse all the apps data on my development phone.

Is there a way to protect someone from accessing these (ie, password protect the database from shell access)? My issue is specifically in the database. While there isn't anything regarding passwords stored inside, there is some intellectual property in terms of the actual data and schema that could make it easier for people to copy what my application does.

My solution right now is to clear the particular tables i don't want people seeing in the database in ondestroy (when the user exits), or more accurately in onpause() with isfinishing(). Every time the application is launched the database is repopulated, so i am not worried about losing any data. I do realize that this isn't foolproof, but it seems to be better then nothing.

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Error : E/bluetoothsppport(23252) Port Not Connected / Prevent This Situation

When i lost connection i catch ioexception but beside this in phone log i can see that android generates a lot of lines saying: e/bluetoothsppport(23252): port not connected

Turning on/off bluetooth doesn't fix the problem. Only killing application stop generation of this line. I have htc legend.

Does anybody know how to prevent this situation?

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Samsung Captivate - Music Player Automatically Starts Up / Setting To Prevent This

Whenever i finish using my headphones on the captivate and unplug them, the music player automatically starts up. It starts playing a random song from my playlist out through the external speaker, which is getting really annoying. Also sometimes when i have my headphones plugged in, some sounds still play out the external speaker. Is there a setting i can setup to prevent this?

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