Samsung Vibrant - Benifit To Remove Preinstalled Apps Aka Bloatware / How To Do

Anyone remove preinstalled apps aka bloatware?

Is there any benifit to it at all?

If anyone has can someone make a how too.

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Htc Incredible - Remove Bloatware From 2.2 (city Id, Skype)

I noticed there are now quite a bit more apps running with 2. 2, anyone have a good list of the location of all of the new stuff so i can axe it?

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How To Remove Default Apps On Samsung Galaxy S?

I have some default apps that i do not want on my phone, their permissions are too invasive as far as i am concerned. I have tried all the usual paths, ie, going to settings-applications-etc but these annoying apps will not go away. The phone is dead standard and i have only about 6 apps that i have downloaded. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Samsung Vibrant - Phone Will Not Go Past Vibrant Screen

I don't know if this is posted somewhere else but i am desperate. I have tired looking for an answer in the xda forums but everything i have tired has not worked for me. Here is my issue: my phone is stuck on the vibrant scree and nothing happens. I am trying to use odin to flash back to stock and it is always stuck on "file analysis" i am connected on com4 and i have all samsung drivers, i using the s1_odin_20100512. Pit and and the t959uvjfd for the . Tar what am i doing wrong why wont odin go past "file analysis.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Tested List Of Bloatware That Can Be Removed / Renamed

I'd like to remove the sprint bloatware, but i've read that you need to be careful of what you remove, and also that on some devices it needs to be there for a 2. 2 update.

Is there a tested list of bloatware that can be removed or renamed? I'd like to get rid of things like amazon, football, nascar etc.

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How To Remove Text Underneath The Apps On Htc Desire?

Does anyone know how to remove text underneath the apps?

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Get Preinstalled Messaging App To Stop Sending Me Notifications At Top Bar

Biggest question is that when i instal and sms program, how do i get the preinstalled messaging app to stop sending me notifications at the top bar.

Second, which sms app is the best. I have been using handcent, but it tends to send and load a lil slow.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - Remove Irritating And Pointless Apps

I just received my new x10 mini on vodafone, and installed pc companion, which prompted me to install a phone software update. On restarting after the update, i have several new crappy apps in my apps pane (e.g. Guitar hero 5 trial, uno trial, wwtbam2010, monopoly trial and various other nonsense).

How to get rid of this stuff? I don't want it on my phone. I want the apps that i choose and use.

I've gone to the settings > applications > manage applications menu, and tapped into the various offending apps, but can't find any way to delete/uninstall them.

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Samsung Vibrant - Connecting To Dm Server

I noticed my phone had a new icon in the pull down menu at the top, and when i pulled down the menu it said "connecting to dm server - device manager". I have googled it and cant seem to find out what is going on with my phone. Whenever i connected it to samsung kies (sucks i know) it said there was an update avaliable for my phone but it wouldn't go through with it.

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Samsung Vibrant - How To Flash A Rom

I have a vibrant and i was looking at roms and they seem awesome so i may flash rom, but i need to know a few things:

Do i need to root my phone first?

How do i go about flashing a rom?

Is there a way i can store roms on my phone then just like pick one?

Is there a way i can get back to stock whenever i want?

Do roms auto update or notify you of an update?

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Samsung Vibrant - Phone Really Booted Or Not

I'm a newbie to android phones , i got the samsung vibrant for tmobile last month , i downloaded an app from the market which is one click lag fix(ryanza's) . And accidentally tapped a button which says: root your phone it took few seconds and said that my phone is rooted. Is that possible ?

Is there anything that i can do to know if my phone is really booted or not?

I looked at the history here in this foroum and found a similiar post i , so i downloaded the titanium back as what was said in there and upon opening it an error message comes up :
"Sorry, i could not acquire root privileges . This application will*not*work!Please verify that your rom is rooted and includes busybox and try again "

Does that mean my phone is not rooted? Should i still expect to recieve the update from tmobile in november?Cause this is what i'm concerned about !

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Samsung Vibrant - Deleted Something - Where To Get It Back

The vibrant has a recycle bin or something similar. Cause i just deleted something and i want to have it again.

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Samsung T959 Vibrant Problem

I just purchased t959 vibrant to use with windmobile in toronto. I am having a weird problem as sometimes while i am using the phone, the phone lock screen comes on, almost as if it just restarted, and starts to search for network and media scan. I don't think its a simple screen lock, because if the lock came on due to inactivity, the screen wont come back on by itself. I think it might be a defective piece. Anyone had similar issue and was able to bypass it.

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Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant Update Without Pc

So, i'm one of those people who doesn't own a computer. I just relocated cross country and have no friends or family with a computer that can help me get this update. I'm wondering if there are any other t-mobile users that have talked to them about alternatives for us to get the froyo update? Or are we just sol?

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Internet Broswer Apps For X10 Mini / Remove Black Grey Line On Screen When Surf Net On Phone

The one i have is slow and gay lol. I was wondering the best broswer for the xperia x10 mini? Or maybe the top 5 best latest broswer app? I'm willing to pay too

Also, at the momment when i surf the net on my phone a black grey line is across my screen? How to get rid of it?

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Samsung Vibrant - Shoutout For Voice To Text

I tried shoutout for voice to text on my vibrant but it says the phone is not supported. Does anyone have a suggestion for such an app? I want to be able to record stuff to send as mail and so on. Some of the stuff on these boards is over my head, but i searched voice to text and didn't fine anything.

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Get Rid Of Dual Clocks On Samsung Vibrant

I added this widget by accident and now i have no idea how to fix it.

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Samsung Vibrant - Check Phone Rooted / Not?

So i bought a used vibrant and i was wondering if there was any quick way of checking if it was rooted or not.

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Samsung Vibrant - Software - Screen Replication To Pc

Does anyone know of any software i could download for my vibrant (either from the market place or on my pc) that will allow me to replicate my phone screen to my computer. I am doing a demonstration on swype for my public speaking class and i need it to go up on the projector.

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Samsung Vibrant - How Slow Non-native Browsers Are

It's odd reading reviews of other browsers in which users proclaim how lightening fast other browsers are compared to the native one. On the vibrant, other browsers are excruciatingly slow. Cnn (m. loads in under 2 seconds using 'web', while it takes other browsers up to 10 seconds, sometimes longer. It's really very odd, and it makes me think that 3rd party browsers on the vibrant cannot shine the way they do on other devices.

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Samsung Vibrant - Wallpaper App To Set Up

I am really frustrated with the set as wallpaper function on the vibrant. It doesn't allow me to set the whole picture into the screen, instead i have to zoom in or out manually to set it as a wallpaper ( i know , due to the wide screen on the samsung ) .

But is there any app that i can just as as wallpaper straight from the original picture ? I download couple great wallpaper from the wallpapper app, it let me set it full screen without doing anything .

Then when i change to different one , if i go back the the previous one , then i have to use the pinzom to set up wallpaper again which is hard to do.

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Samsung Vibrant - Turn Wi-fi On And Phone Froze / What To Do

Doesn't seem like anything too serious. I was turning wi-fi on and the phone froze. I was still able to lock/unlock but it would be stuck on the same screen. Has this happened to anyone else yet?

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Samsung Vibrant - Bricked Phone - Best Way To Recover It

I have heard that the vibrant can always be fixed but i d k my phone was completely stock b4 tonight i tried the one click lag fix thing now it wont get past the galaxy s splash screen i heard something about odin and some others what is the best way to recover my phone

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Samsung Galaxy S - If Root Vibrant Will 2.2 Update Take

I want to root my phone to enable wifi tethering. But! From what i understand the froyo 2. 2 update will allow wifi tethering for our vibarant's. (Can anyone confirm?)Ok, with that said. "If" wifi tethering is availble with the 2. 2 update will i be able to update my rooted phone?The 2. 2 update is also important to me because of the flash 10. 1, so it is definitely a prioirity for me.

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Samsung Vibrant - How To Get Everything Off 4gb To 8gb Card ?

I have the 4gb card from my original mytouch in my vibrant. I'm considering purchasing an 8gb. How can i easily get everything off the 4gb to the 8gb?

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Samsung Galaxy S (vibrant) Home Key Issue

It was too good to be true. A perfectly working phone. So i started having the issue where the home key doesn't register alot of times, and apparently its a known issue over the net. Many people are having this same issue where the home key doesn't work properly. Every other key is perfect, but the home key doesn't listen. I wonder if samsung will recall it, or could this be fixed with a firmware update? Or is it hardware? That's why i should have bought from t-mobile so i dont have to deal with wirefly.

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Samsung Galaxy Gps Problem With T-mobile Vibrant

I read that tmobile has a 20 day return policy so i am thinking about returning my galaxy because the gps issues have not been fixed by samsung. Then i think i will walk back in the store and buy another galaxy and wait another 18 days and if the gps isn't fixed take that one back and keep doing that until they get a fix. I just dont want to be stuck with a phone that spins like a frisby while trying to navigate.

I sent an email to samsung but haven't heard anything back. I been tossing around the idea of rooting the phone but if that doesn't fix it i gotta de-root to take it back.

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Samsung Vibrant - Website To Buy Parts For Phone

I was looking to see if anyone knew of a website to buy parts for the vibrant.

I've recently cracked what i think is the oled screen, and was looking to buy a replacement.

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Samsung Vibrant - Whats Average Quadrant Score

Name says it all do a a few quadrant tests under different conditions like right after boot up after killing apps and processes and under a load and add them all together devide them by the times you did it thats your average


Avg. 2218

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Samsung Vibrant - Rooted And Lagfixed - Roms And Backups

I rooted and put a lagfix on my vibrant but i want to get into custom roms and learning how to properly backup my phone.

Here are my questions.

1) what exactly are roms and are there any froyo roms yet?

2) do roms have the chance of bricking your phone?

3) what the eff is a "nandroid" backup as opposed to a regular backup?

4) since i have rooted and want to use a custom rom, will i still get the official froyo update? (When it finally comes)

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