Htc Incredible - Voice Text - No Network

Sometimes when i use the voice recognition it says "there is a problem with the network connection" and its infuriating and sometimes i can use it with no bars. I dont understand what recognition has to do with the network?

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Text Someones Normal Number Through Google Voice App / Taking Up Text Still

Question, if i text someones normal number through the google voice app, is that taking up a text still?

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Phone Would Work On Carriers Network For 3g Data And Voice

If this phone would work on my carriers network for 3g data and voice?My carrier runs on 1900 mhz. So will this phone work?

Right from htc's website:

Htc - products - htc desire hd - specification

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Htc Droid Eris - Voice To Text And Punctuation

I got the 2. 1 ota on friday and have been playing around with this feature all weekend. Very cool stuff. But. It's not capitalizing the first letter of each sentence, or putting in a period, or making "i" upper case, etc. Please tell me there's a setting for this somewhere that i can't find. No way could the developers of this leave out something so obvious and basic.

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Htc Magic - App - Voice Text - To Work

Has anyone managed to get this app (voice text) to work on their htc magic? I'm running android 1. 6, i think i need 2. 0 or higher for this, can anyone confirm?

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Won't Google Voice Need Some Kind Of Network To Work On

I don't have a 100% understanding of the google voice platform. But i understand that apple & at&t did not accept the iphone google voice app because they're basically afraid it will replace the phone service provided by at&t.

My question is, won't google voice need some kind of network to work on? I mean, you can't buy an iphone from ebay and then use google voice? Right? I'm assuming you'll at least need an internet connection, which also requires a package from some kind of provider (unless you plan on being in a wifi zone every second of your life). Can anyone shed some light on this situation?

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Htc Incredible - Why Do I Want Google Voice

For those of you that have it, is is worth it. Should i get a new number or use my current one. What needs to be turned on or off ect.

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Htc Incredible - Google Voice Broken In Socal

2 days ago i think my google voice just stopped working. I cannot make any outbound calls it just gets stuck at connecting. Texts seem to work ok (in and outbound) and inbound calls through google voice work 100%.

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Htc Droid Eris - Set Google Voice To Replace Default Text Application

Does anyone know if you can set google voice to replace your default text application? I know you can text through the gv app, but i was wondering if you could set it up to work through the text app or handcent.

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Htc Incredible - Possible To Send Picture Messages Via Google Voice

Am i missing something or is it possible to send picture messages via google voice? Cuz i can't find it

Sent from my adr6300 using tapatalk

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Htc Incredible - Flash Sounds Like Ransom Voice / Fix It

I used to be able to stream my local radio station (z100) while out of nyc, but recently i've noticed it sounds like the voice is distorted. It sounds like what you would hear on the phone from someone asking for ransom (best way to describe it).

Radio player

Anyone else hearing this? Other flash sites appear to be fine as far as i can tell.

I'm running the latest flash off the market, dinc + cm6 stable.

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Htc Incredible - Check Your Google Voice Voicemail From Another Phone Number

Does anyone know how to check your google voice voicemail from another phone number?
Let's say you are at work and your cell phone runs out of battery.
How do you check your voicemail from your land line?
Of course you can always check it via the internet.

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Htc Incredible - Phone Repeatedly Asks For Voice Commands When Hook It Up Via Audio Jack / Fix It

Quick question that probably has a simple answer.

When i hook up this phone via the audio jack it repeatedly asks for voice commands instead of just going into playing some music. Anyone know of any setting to maybe disable this or some way to correct it?

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Google Voice App Text

Simple question: does anyone know how to text more than one person at a time using the google voice app? It seems that you could enter a comma and add more names, but it won't let me do that.

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Motorola Droid - Voice To Text

How long can i talk and still have v to t function?  Is there a certain number of words?

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Samsung Galaxy S - Voice - Speech To Text

I am coming from an iphone 3gs. I just ordered my galaxy. (Dont know if im going to keep it yet, just want to test it, beween this and the desire. ) Excited to play with android

Anyway a big thing i require as i hate texting on these phones even though it has swipe is voice/speech to text which the desire comes with as standard.

Does this have it too? Or can you download it as an app? When browsing i would prefer to say what i want than type it. Also considering i am using my phone a lot when driving, it would make it a lot easier

Also any updates on froyo coming to the uk for this phone?

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Samsung Vibrant - Shoutout For Voice To Text

I tried shoutout for voice to text on my vibrant but it says the phone is not supported. Does anyone have a suggestion for such an app? I want to be able to record stuff to send as mail and so on. Some of the stuff on these boards is over my head, but i searched voice to text and didn't fine anything.

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Motorola Droid - Voice Text App

Does anyone use this app here?

Voice text v2. 42 application for android | communication

I can't find it in the marketplace on my droid.

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Motorola Droid X - Voice To Text And Email

I am considering purchasing the droid x and would like to know if i can use it for voice to text and email. Can somebody who owns/is familiar with the droid x let me know? 

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Voice To Text On Phone

If anyone knows of a free app to download.

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Htc Incredible - Deleted Email And Text Msg

Do the deleted txt and email go to a folder that needes to be cleaned or are they just deleted from the phone

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Htc Incredible - Get Free Text Messaging With Droids

My buddy has the first droid phone and he showed me his plan on verizon. He gets unlimited text and doesn't pay anything? I am kinda confused. Is there something im missing here? Is there a way to get free txt msgs without buying the stupid plan?

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Htc Incredible - No Text Alerts After Froyo Upgrade

So like others i "randomly" noticed that i was not getting text message alerts. So, i started testing all kinds of use cases and finally came across a precise repeatable way that i'm guaranteed to not get an alert. However, i think its a new froyo feature vs an actual bug (and i don't like it). If you are viewing a message thread from "person a" and "person b" messages you, an alert will sound. However, if you are viewing a message thread from "person a" and "person a" messages you, an alert will not sound.

I imagine this is setup so that your phone is not alerting when you are actively texting a person. However, i will typically leave a message thread open while the phone is awake and set it aside and will then all the sudden notice there are new messages w/o being alerted. If the phone goes to sleep, you will be alerted. Any thoughts? I'd like to be alerted no matter what. I reviewed the message settings and did not see anything obvious.

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Motorola Droid - Talktome App - Use Google Voice To Speak Text Messages

Just wondering if anyone has purchased the talk to me app. Apparently you can use google voice to speak text messages.

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Getting Duplicate One From Regular Sms Service As Receive Text Via Google Voice / Fix It

I noticed that everytime i receive a text via google voice, i also receive a duplicate one from my regular sms service as well. I disabled the notifications via sms features on both the app on my phone and on my google voice settings page, but i am still receiving the dupes. My text bill for verizon is getting larger and larger. I was wondering if anybody has a solution to this?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - Compile A Text Message - How To Do This By Voice

If i want to compile a text message how can i do this by voice?  My phone already has google voice search (which works great), so i guess it already has a voice to text engine. How do i make use of this to do voice to text for text messages etc?

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Way To Change Led Notification Light On Droid Eris For Text / Gmail / Voice Mail

I am new to this forum and had a quick question. Is there a way to change the led notification light on the droid eris for text, gmail, voice mail, and/or any other notifications?

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Get App To Send Text Messages From Incredible Using My Mac

Is there an app which would allow me to send text messages from my incredible using my mac?

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Htc Hero - Turn Off Predictive Text On Text Messages On Phone Keypad Setting Permenantly

I have a load of problems with my hero (on orange)that i bought off ebay and i put some in different threads but i thought it better to put them in one thread instead of clogging up the board with minor probs.

1) my aol email acount was working great untill last night when emails stopped coming through. I deleted the account and added it again but still no joy.

2) i need to update to 2. 1 but my phone cant find htc sync on my vista laptop

3) is it possible to turn off predictive text on text messages on the phone keypad setting permenantly?

4) again on my text messgaes they have started going out of sent/recieved order. Can i set this again?

5) when i log into facebook or ebay it either logs me in then logs me out when i try to go on next page or it just says my password/username is incorrect

6) aggghh i have more but i suppose i need to sort these 1st!

Im starting to think i should have got an iphone as loads of my mates have them and seem to have no problems. Although everything i do i seem to have problems so if i did get an iphone it probably explode or somthing!Hopefully someone with a bit of patience can help and sort these problems out.
Fingers crossed!

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Htc Desire - Keep Getting Messages Generic Network Failure And Also Process Has Stopped Unexpectedly

I got a htc desire and im with prepaid optus in australia and keep getting messages like generic network failure and also the process com. Htc. Bg has stopped unexpectedly please try again. Ive reset the phone how many times and also tried different settings for mms and internet thru optus but still get theses annoying messages when i send a mms message. Also when im on the phone it cuts out of service even though there is service. It does it alot . Ive tried three different simcards from different carriers and the same thing .

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