Motorola Droid - Overclocking Making Phone Run Hot All Of A Sudden / Fix This

I was fine running 7. 1, then i updated that rom to 7. 3, and since then any beast rom has made my battery temp run in the 104 range.going back to a beauty rom, it settles back down under 97and lower. What's that all about?

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Motorola Droid - Battery Drain So Quickly All Of A Sudden / What To Fix

I've had my droid since november with (almost) no problems. The battery always lasts all day. This morning i was using it and battery was at 90%. A couple of hours later i noticed the phone was off, and it would not power up. I swapped batteries with a friend and it started right up, so i know it's the battery. I have it plugged in with usb (i'm at work, wall adapter is at home) and it's showing 5% and holding there (half an hour now).

So the question: why/how would the battery drain so quickly all of a sudden? I had (and usually have) gps enabled, but not wireless or bluetooth.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Dext Won't Recieve Text Messages All Of Sudden / Why Is So - Fix It

My new dext phone that has been working fine up untiil now all of the sudden will not receive text messages all of the sudden. Has anyone else had this problem? If so can anyone tell me what to do to fix this problem?

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Motorola Cliq/motoblur - Notification Volume All Of A Sudden Very Quiet / Fix This

My notification volume is all of a sudden very quiet. I have the ringer volume at max, and the box under ringer volume is checked to use incoming call volume for notifications. It was working fine until the last 1-2 days. I never had this problem with 1. 5, and i have had 2. 1 on my phone for 2-3 weeks? The notification volume was fine for a while running 2. 1 until the 1-2 days ago. Anyone have any idea how to fix this?

Just to clarify. My email and voicemail notifications can barely be heard with ringer volume maxed. Ringer is fine, and i don't get many text, so i'm not sure about that volume.

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Motorola Droid X - App / Something For Making Video Calls On Phone

Is there a good app or something out there for making video calls on the x?

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Motorola Droid X - Verizon Extended Battery Hot Or Phone

Ever since i got this extended battery my phone feels like it gets hot. After 5 minutes of streaming youtube the camera button is even hot. A friend and i both installed a battery temp app. He has the regular batter and his never gets above 87. Mine was at 103 lastnight. Do i have a problem? Strange cause the camera button was hot though. And in the middle of the button and the volume was hot too.

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Motorola Droid - Hot Phone Battery Charge (10% In An Hour) / What To Do

I've noticed that when i'm using my phone in a car dock (a generic that i added a magnet too), with a 12v charger attached, and streaming instructions or maps, that after an hour or so, the battery has lost some of it's charge (10% in an hour) and is also pretty warm, is this normal?

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Lg Optimus V Phone Overclocking

So i put cyanogen mod into my lg optimus v. It is rooted and all i ave some questions

1. I have over-clocked it using setcpu. I went from 600 mhz to 806 mhz. Thats the highest it stays stable on. Is it okay that i am overclocking? Will it damage my phone? I have set profiles so it underclocks when idle.

2. Whats the best way to make the battery last longer?

3. Can i make this any faster? Will getting a fast sd card help?

4. What is a good music app, where i can make a playlist of all my songs? Not a radio like pandors or anything. A app where i can listen to music online and make a playlist and all listen it online not from my card.

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Motorola Droid - Run Sqlite3 On Phone Without Rooted It

Is it possible to run the sqlite3 command on the droid without having rooted it?

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Motorola Droid - Run Java Applets Via Phone Browser

One of my most frequently used websites requires java applet support. Is there currently a way to enable java applets within the browser? If not, when does the droid plan on supporting java applets via the browser?

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Motorola Droid - App Specifically Designed For Making Schedule

I recently switched from a long line of windows mobile phones (which i liked the features of but obviously wasn't a huge fan of the bugs) and i have always used excel to make the work schedules for my employees. It's fast, easy, and simple to email to everyone if they can't remember when they work next.

I just picked up the droid yesterday and as far as i can tell there is no excel (which makes sense) i did notice a few spreadsheet programs on the market but haven't tried them yet. Does anyone know of an app specifically designed for making a schedule? Something basically like a spreadsheet where i can have rows with names and columns with days and times.

I'm going to download one of the spreadsheet programs now and see what i think but if anyone has any suggestions i am definitely open (and interested) in trying something new.

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Htc Incredible - Battery Getting Hot After Root / What To Fix It

I just rooted my dinc yesterday and ever since then my battery has been getting hot. It reached 133 degrees twice and prior to root i never saw it above 107. It seems to happen randomly for no reason and i haven't found anything by searching.
Any ideas guys? Other than this im loving having root access so i don't want to have to unroot for a stupid issue.

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Htc Droid Eris - Can I Get Apps2sd , Livewallpapers And Overclocking Without Custom Rom After Rooting

If i rooted my eris would i be able to get apps2sd, livewallpapers and overclocking without a custom rom?

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Motorola Droid - How To Run Adb

How to use adb. For example where to save it and how to get into it and how to run adb.

Once i get home from owrk today i would like to flash the new 2. 1 sbf with rsd lite (i have no issue with this as i have flashed the 2. 0. 1 sbf a couple times) and then root the 2. 1 ota update following these directions:

Originally posted by samedroidsex
Step zero: download attached zip and extract

Step one: boot into sprecovery

Step two: mount /system from sprecovery

Step three:


Step four: reboot

Step five: stay alive

Enjoy rooted stock ese81, with no need to [wipe your data] install a hacked together copy of ota.

The issue is that i have never used adb and dont know how to use it. Is it a simple program? Is there a good tutorial on how to install it?

I am just looking for some help so when i go home and root the ota i wont run into any problems.

If this is a difficult task i will more than likely just install a rooted rom as i am ok with useing sprecovery as i was rooted with 2. 0. 1 and was running smoked glass.

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Motorola Droid X - How To Run Adb

I keep hearing about adb and would like clarification on what it is and what i can do with it?

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Htc Hero - Root Phone Without Downgrading And Making Goldcard?

Have got htc hero on 3 contract and wanting to root, is there any way i can do this without downgrading and making goldcard.

Build number is 2. 73. 771. 62

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Htc Desire Hd - Phone Making Clicking Noise / This A Common Fault

I'm not sure if my new htc desire hd is faulty, when i go into message mode and begin to type out a text it vibrates as you touch the buttons which i know is normal but now sometimes i hear a clicking noise as i push the different letters, not sure what to do, is this a common fault? Should i send the handset back?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Phone Not Making A Peep / Make It Sound

So i have been using my phones 16gb memory card to listen to music on my computer at work for most of the day today. I go out to lunch and bring the phone with me as usual. I notice that i have 5 missed calls and 9 texts that have come in over the last few hours. My phone did not make a peep and i now realize why, with the memory mounted via the computer the phone has no access to the memory where the ringtones are stored and thus the phone has no way to make sound.

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Motorola Droid - Phone Locked Up On Me / Fix It Myself

I was using my laptop to move some sound files around and when i finished my phone was and still is locked up. Has this happened to anyone and how could i fix it myself

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Htc Eris - Get Phone To Run As A Droid Through Rooting

Can i get my eris to run as a droid through rooting

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Htc Incredible - Phone Has Been Getting Pretty Hot While In Use

So i've noticed that my phone has been getting pretty hot while in use. Not burning hot, but pretty warm! Anyone else noticing this happen to there phones?

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Motorola Droid - Phone Randomly Restart Itself / Fix It

Purchased droid today and so far it likes to randomly restart itself. Anyone else with this problem?

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Motorola Droid X - Phone Not Updating Correctly / Fix It

I've tried to update my droid x and done the whole update phone deal and the update just keeps searching and searching and searching.

I'm curious if i'm supposed to see a message of "your phone is up to date" or something.

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Motorola Droid - Gmail Not Syncing To Phone / Fix It

I have the sync set for the email to all and it is not syncing. The interesting thing is if i go in and change the frequency to 10 days and then hit sync it syncs once. Then won't sync again. If i go back in and change the sync for the inbox to all it syncs one time and then not again. Everytime you make a change it will sync one time. I have found mulitple posts on this support form for this same issue but no resolution yet.

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Motorola Droid - Phone Widgets Disappearing / Fix It

I have been having an intermitting issue with my widgets disappering on and off. I go into a program and exit, the widgets are gone. Just my background image and the drawer is fine. I have to reboot to get them back. Happened like 5 times in the past 2 days. Hasn't happned in the past 6 hours though. Very weird.

On a side note, people at android central said they have had the same issues as me in the past 24 hours. Anyone else have this issue?

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Motorola Droid X - Sent Emails Disappearing On Phone / Fix It?

I am a new droid user from a blackbery and have two email accounts, one with yahoo and a business account. When i reply or send an email it does not appear in the sent folder. I like to have them to refer back too in the future. Wrong setting?

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Motorola Droid - Phone Keyboard Like Becoming Less Sticky / Fix It

My keyboard on my droid is like becoming less sticky. Like it seems like the adhesive underneath the buttons isn't working so the buttons make a noise every time i push them. I was wondering if this happened to anyone else or if my phone is just messed up because i wasn't sure if its even worth it to get a new one or if it'll just happen again.

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Htc Incredible - Phone Getting Very Hot And Rebooting / Solve This

For the last few days my phone has been rebooting randomly. Some of the reboots have gone into the reboot loop where a battery pull is needed. I've owned the phone since launch and it has been great. The only thing that has changed the last few days was my installation of the slingplayer app. When i watch the slingplayer, the phone does get very hot. I'm thinking this was the culprit. But i also had a reboot with the phone on the car charger and the radiotime app running. The battery widget i have running shows the temp near 108f right before reboot. Verizon is sending me a replacement. Has this happened to anyone else?

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Htc Incredible - Phone Is Getting Hot / Screen Goes Blank

Hello my name is mj i just got the incredible i hate it really. The phone is getting hot. The screen goes blank i joined this form to get more info on problems with the phone can anyone help

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Motorola Milestone - Latency Being Extremely High - Making Browsing Ect Over Wi-fi Feel Slower Than Over Hsdpa

I've had my motorola milestone for just under a week now and although an excellent handset, i like others, am experiencing some wi-fi problems , usually just refusing to communicate (although still apparently connected), this is resolved by turning wi-fi off in the handset, and then back on again.

But the main problem is latency being extremely high, usually around 800ms but up to 1400ms, making browsing ect over wi-fi feel slower than over hsdpa.

The latency was determined by pinging the handset from a wired ethernet computer from the command prompt.

I upgraded from android 2. 0 to 2. 0. 1 over the air hoping that it would resolve the problem, which it didn't, and then to 2. 1 from and developers, but the problem still persists.

I've also tried pinging my ipod touch, which produced a time of around 250ms and my samsung galaxy portal (android 1. 5) which had also had a latency of around 250ms.

So it would seem that the problem is inherent to the milestone rather than android handsets in general?

I'm using a us robitics 5450 802. 11g access point, and the signal strength is good. Pinging the access point itself from a wired ethernet computer produced a latency of less than 1ms, and i do not have any issues with any other wi-fi connected devices on my network.

I've yet to attempt pinging my milestone from a different wi-fi ap.

Has anyone else her had similar latency issues, and have you had any luck resolving the problem?

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