Use Droid Default Font Sizes In Xml

How do you use the android default font sizes in xml?

I tried: code.

But i get error code.

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Resetting Xml Preferences Does Not Restore Default Values

Prefs are defined in preferences.xml, arrays.xml, and strings.xml. Default values are defined in strings.xml.

For example:


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Need Persian Font / Phone Support It

I need farsi font! And how android persian support?

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Hint Shown In Different Font When Edittext In Password Mode / Avoid This

When an edittext is in password mode, it seems that the hint is shown in a different font (courrier?). How can i avoid this? I would like the hint to appear in the same font that when the edittext is not in password mode.

My current xml code.

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Php Xml Response Aftersax Parsing - Xml Or Text Declaration Not At Start Of Entity

I need to parse this php xml response in android:


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Get Default Fonts Properties On Droid

I need to draw some text on my canvas, and i'd really avoid hardcoding some particular text size.

Is there some standard way to find a default text size (and other properties) used in the os?

So far i found only textview. Settextattributes(context, resid) to which i can pass Attr. Textappearance.

But the thing is that i don't want to create a textview - i just have a canvas and i want to draw text in it using default font. Is it possible?

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Create Table Layout Without Using Droid Xml

How to create table layout with out using the android xml.

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Looking For Alternate Xml Parser Implementations For Droid

I am looking for an xml parsing solution for android besides the built-in kxml pull parser. I am trying to parse a large (4mb+) xml file downloaded from a server and the kxml parser throws an outofmemory error after trying to allocate a 1mb+ byte array while parsing. A good streaming xml parser shouldn't be allocating such a big array!

The kxml v2 parser being used in android appears to be about 7 years old. I'd like to try something else to see if it fixes my problem, ideally something that implements the same org.xmlpull. V1 interface since my code is already written against it. Woodstox looks like a good choice and it has an xmlpullparser adapter but apparently the android engineers are making it difficult to include the javax.xml. Streaming libraries. I see some rather involved "jar-jar" workarounds but i'd rather not spend a bunch of time messing around with ant if there is an easier way. Has anyone else already gotten another xml pull parser working and can point me to it?

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Where To Get Droid Color Xml Resource File

Does anyone have or know where i might get an android color xml resource file containing all the x11/w3c color codes?

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Motorola Droid 2 - Keep Things To Landscape As Default

I would love to use my d2 in landscape mode all the time. I use dxtop for my launcher so i can force that to landscape easily. Many of the apps and games i use are landscape anyway. My question is about the lock screen. I know the lock screen does operate in landscape mode (with the keyboard open), but when i close the keyboard it goes back to portrait. Is there any way for me to keep things landscape as the default?

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Set Droid:gradientradius Via Java - Onlyt Possible Via Xml

Is it possible to set android:gradientradius of a drawable via java or is it only possible to set this attribute via xml?

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Add Multiple Shapes With Shapedrawable In Xml With Droid

I am currently drawing a number of circles on a canvas in a custom view in code. The circles are static and do not change. I would like to draw them using a shapedrawable in xml to help clean up my code. I will have a number of different drawables which the user can select and therefore i don't want to do this in code. Having 3 or 4 xml drawables seems a lot neater to me.

I have created one circle in xml using a shapedrawable but am unable to add more than one shape to the xml.

How do i add multiple shapes to an xml document using shapedrawable.

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Best Sms App That's Not Default Texting For Droid

I'm sure this question has been asked in the past, but i was wondering what everyone thought was the best sms app that's not the default texting app for android.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Need Default Android Restriction Password

Just got a new droid 2 and when i go into the settings of the menu that require a restriction password (in location and security) i have no idea what it is and never set anything like that up. Is there a default android restriction password that i don't know about?

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Update Droid Default Database Table Schema

May we have rights to update the android database table schema such like people, organization, calendar, events. I want to add triggers on the update, delete and insert of the above mention tables.

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Motorola Droid X - Sending Default Notification Sound

My gf has the fascinate, and heard the notification sound "bell" or "bells" that the x has. (Not the bike bell) shes been trying to find away to get a hold of it. Any of you guys have any idea? Or can someone post it?

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Android -read A Particular Value In Droid Manifest File / Xml In Phone

Lets us assume that i am using service or database path in my application, so whenever i change the location path, i don't want to edit in all the ton times in coding. So is it possible to store the value in some xmlfile or manifest file and read it directly to a variable? Or i have to use xml parser? Any idea?

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Draw Borders For Textview Created Using Code Not By Xml In Droid

I created my textview through code rather than xml. I want to draw a border around the textview. How can we do this using code rather than xml? I also wanted when i try to settext for the textview which is of some 2 lines then textview is moving downward?

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Library / Class In Droid Api To Encode Xml On Phone

I need to encode an xml document into a format that will pass through an xml parser as a string (i.e. Strip tags). I then need to decode it back again and i need to do this on android. What is the library/class in the android api that i'm looking for?

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Add Two Map Tangs In Single Xml File In Droid

I am creating tab bar in my application. For one tab i set map activity as tab spec content and add overlay on it. Now i have to move on next map as user clicks on overlay.
In short i have to create two layouts each on has map and at run time i have to set visibility and one after other.
For that i create one xml layout which has linear layout as root layout and then create two separate relative layouts to hold two maps but it gives me error that unexpectedly closed.

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Htc Droid Eris - Make Handcentsms To Be My Default Sms Program

How do i make handcentsms to be my default sms program?

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Htc Droid Eris - Changing The Default Avatar In People When There Is No Picture

On the eris on 1. 5, is there a way to replace the default avatar for contacts with no photo (the gray silhouette icon) to a custom graphic? I have searched the file structures and didn't find anything that i thought was the correct image.

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Motorola Droid - Default Home Screen Forcer Closing / Fix It

Does anyone else have the problem of the default home screen force closing all the time? It's been happening alot after the 2. 1 update and it's getting annoying. I dnt have live wallpaper on so that couldnt be the issue.
How do you fix this?

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Hide Intent Chooser Window In Droid / Select Default App As Youtube Programmatically

When i click the button i start a activity for youtube video like this code.

If i use this its redirect to the intent chooser to open that video url on browser or youtube app. How to select the default app as youtube programmatically?

My output should open that video directly on youtube player. How? Any idea?

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Htc Droid Eris - Set Google Voice To Replace Default Text Application

Does anyone know if you can set google voice to replace your default text application? I know you can text through the gv app, but i was wondering if you could set it up to work through the text app or handcent.

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Wrapping A Linearlayout From Xml

I'm trying to make some android view classes (which are just wrappers around layouts defined in an xml file).

Is this correct:


So the idea is just that i can construct my views like that, and they have logic inside for modifying their child views etc. The layout looks like:


It just looks like i'm going to get an extra unnecessary linearlayout. The wrapper class is itself a linearlayout, and then it will attach the inner linearlayout from the xml file.

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Server And Receive Xml

On my web server i will be creating a bespoke xml file for a client app to access. This means i must authenticate the client and then give the client the xml file.

I believe the client application will need to post data (login, password) to the server and once a connection is established, it will receive the xml file from the server (most likely php).

If you have any advise it would be most welcomed. Particular classes to look at and any potential dangers.

I have found something relevant in c sharp, however i am limited to java as the app will be for android.

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How To Reuse Layout.xml

In my activity, i have the following in my layout.xml file. Can you please tell me how can i make it 'resuable'?  For example, i what to create a library so that i can insert a component and it creates 4 buttons for me using linear layout? How can i combine all that into a 'view' or a widget?

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Can't Even Start Xml

I am new to android and google groups. I dl the sdk and tried to install into eclipse and nothing really happens. I don't have virtual device and i can't even start a new android xml. I recently got together a forum widget for a fourm that i am part of and wish to bring it onto the android platform. Can someone help me?

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How To Decrypt An Xml File

I am trying to to download and decrypt an encrypted xml file. I have implemented the download part and have tested with an unencrypted file and it works fine. However i now need to be able to download an xml file that has been encrypted using aes and the key "xxxx" so i am only concerned with decryption as the encryption on the xml file is already done.

At the minute i am trying to decrypt the whole file using cipherinputstream is this the correct approach? My code above gives me the following exception: warn/system. Err(5274): java. Io. Ioexception: last block incomplete in decryption. Is this a setup error or what might be causing this error? Are there any tutorials on how to decrypt an xml file in android/java? Am i going in the right direction as to how to decrypt the file or is my code completely wrong?

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