Htc Desire - Get Private Calendar Back / Set - Turn Off Alarm Per Appointment

Since my desire updated to froyo, i have a few issues with the calendar.
Before froyo, there were 3 types of calendar: calendar (didn't and still don't use it)
2. Htc sync (use it for the data i want to sync with my work calendar)
3. My calendar (calendar on the phone itself, used it for my private appointments and meetings i didn't want to get synced with my work calendar).

Now that last one has disappeared and i really miss it! Now my private meetings also show up in my work calendar.
Is there a way to get this private calendar back? Or is it possible to sync only in one way? I know it was possible with my nokia, so my work data appeared on my phone, but my private data didn't get pushed to my work calendar.

Another issue i encounter with the calendar app (not sure if it is typical froyo) is that every appointment has an alarm. Again on the nokia there was only an alarm if you explicitly entered one.
Is there a way to set or turn off the alarm per appointment?

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Motorola Droid - Swap Top And Bottom Pull Out Menus / Alarm Turn It Back On When Phone Shut Down

I would like to know if it is possible to swap the top and bottom pull out menus?

Also, if the phone is shut down will the alarm turn it back on?

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Unable To Edit An Appointment That Already Was In Calendar / Solution For This

I use a htc hero (not rooted), have just updated the rom and have encountered the following problem when using the otherwise excellent calendar pad widget by moaiapps :

-I cannot edit an appointment that already was in the calendar. If i select an appointment, i can open it, but the menu key will not give me the edit option, only send vcalendar and delete . This seems to affect appointments that were on the android before the update.

-If i add a new appointment on the android, i can later select it and edit it, the edit option appears as it should.

I have found a workaround, but it is really cumbersome: use the "standard" calendar app from android or sense, then select the appointment and with long press i'll get the edit option.

Anyone else here with the same problem? Or even better, with a solution?

I have updated to the latest calendar pad (1. 1. 2-free), but it doesnt solve the problem.

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Htc Incredible - Set Gmail Invites To Be Private By Default On Dinc

Is there a way to set gmail invites to be private by default? Google help says that if your calendar is set to private (mine is) then all invites will be private too. That is not the case though - when my husband receives an invite in outlook and he has to manually change it to private. So short of using my pc for all invites (where i can manually set them to private each time) is there a way to do this on the dinc?

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Htc Droid Eris - Set Alarm Clock On Helix Launcher

I was able to set the alarm clock by clicking on the clock when using sense, but i don't know how to do it when using the stock android home.

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Htc Desire - How To Backup A Private Application

I'm using astro to back up some not very often used apps, and games. So i can remove them for now.

I have the paid for version of winds of steel, and exzeus that i want to remove. They're listed as private, with no check box for backup.

How do i get around this, or is it a case of tough.

I can see why they wont allow backups, otherwise a paid for game could be ported to someone elses 'droid phone for free. As long as they have astro.

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Set Up Tasker To Turn Down Volume / Turn Off Vibrate On Incoming Calls / Texts

I am having some trouble figuring out how to set up tasker to turn down the ringer volume and turn off vibrate on any incoming calls or texts when i'm at home. I would like to use wifi for determining location.could anyone please go through step by step on how to do this with me? I tried to follow some other profiles people have made and adapt them to this one but for some reason it seems like they missed posting a step and i can't figure it out.

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Htc Desire - Alarm Snoozes At Trackball Activity / Stop It

I use my desire as an alarm, but when the screen is locked any activity at the trackball will make the alarm snooze. Let me explain.

My desire lies next to me in bed (got a big bed) with the screen downwards, so the alarm will be louder (am a heavy sleeper). When the alarm goes off, i flip the phone, the trackball registers this movement and the alarm goes into snooze modus! Only by flipping or even moving the phone!

In the alarm settings one can decide how the sidebuttons are supposed to behave, but there is no option for the trackball.

Am i alone at this? What to do!?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Can't Charge And Alarm While Turn Off Phone / Fix It

In x10, i can't charge while turn off the phone. That means after turn off the phone, the charger is plug in and then the phone was turn on again and charging. But i need without trun on the phone while charging. And also alarm, while turn off the phone, the alarm dun work properly. Last my old sony w580i, it contains this functions. It can charge and do alarm while turn off the phone. But now x10 can't.

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Sprint Htc Hero - How To Turn Sense Ui Back On

So the other day i turned off my sense by going into setting, applications, then selecting htc sense, then i hit clear defaults. Then i hit the home button it asked and i hit the set as default and selected home. Mom i don't know how to turn sense back on

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Htc Evo 4g - Turn Sense Back On Through Another Method

I turned sense off using the "force stop" and "clear defaults" instructions. I just wanted to get a "sense" of the phone without it but did not think ahead to how one can turn sense back on. Just got off the phone with htc support who said to look for "home" as a running application in manage applications - which wasn't there. Has anyone had any success turning sense back on through another method?
Happy to mess around with stock android and all but not happy that i can't undo this (so far). Thanks in advance.

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Any Way To Set Default Calendar

I've been using jorte, and like it, but i seem to have some across a deal-breaker. When entering an appointment from the phone, if you just click on "new event", key in the event, and press "done" it puts the event into "my calendar" by default. "My calendar" seems to be something stored only on the phone. It doesn't sync with google. To get the event into your google calendar you have to press "show details" and select the relevant calendar from the drop down list under "calendar. "The problem is

(A) it's very easy to forget to do this when quickly entering an appointment, meaning that your new event will be in the wrong calandar and will not sync;
(B) there is no way of going back into the event and telling which calendar it has been assigned to; and
(C) even if you realise that you've put the event in the wrong calendar there is no way of going back in and changing it to a different one. You just have to delete it (together with any details or repeat information) and start again from scratch.

This is driving me a bit mad, because i keep finding the odd event which is not coming up on my google calendar online for this reason, and i can't afford for this to happen, so i will need to drop jorte unless i can find a solution. Is my analysis above correct, or am i missing something? To solve this there needs to be a way of setting the calendar which new events get dumped to by default, and also a way of easily changing events from one calendar to another without deleting them.

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Calendar Notification Does Not Turn On Screen

Calendar notifications sound the alarm, but the screen remains black. When i receive an sms, the screen briefly turns on to display the message - it seems to me that the calendar should do the same thing.
(In any case, that's what i'm used to from my palm, mumble-grumble! )

Is this normal behaviour, or have i accidentally set a dumb option somewhere? I've searched everywhere. Do i need a 3rd-party app, and if so, which one?

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Htc Desire - Sudden Disappearance Of Exchange Calendar

So today at some point after 2pm (because i successfully added something to my calendar then) i have lost the ability to add stuff to my exchange activesync calendar which used to be synchronised to my google apps calendar. All the old stuff is still there and the inbox is syncing fine. If i go to the setting the tick box to show the exchange calendar is missing. If i add something online it does show up on my phone. I can even open stuff and read it but i cannot add anything new.

Please help. Saying "remove activesync account and re-add" is not a solution. I shouldn't have to keep doing this every few days to sort syncing issues.

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Htc Desire - How To Turn 3g On

I have finally got an o2 sim with internet for my htc desire. Does any1 know how to turn the 3g on?

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Htc Desire - Set Widget Action

What the *** does that do?

People -> contact -> menu -> more -> set widget action

Can't see what it does.

Thought it might add that contact as a widget, ie quick dial, to then add to homescreen. Wrong.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Set Display To Not Turn Off While Charging

I came from a g1 and liked the fact that i could set the display to not turn off while charging. Is this possible on the samsung vibrant? I see the screen timeout, but i want the display to stay on (dim is fine) while it is charging.

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Htc Desire - Phones Taking Ages To Turn Off

My desire seems to be taking ages to turn off. Sometimes 10mins or more. Is anyone else experiencing this problem and is there anything i can do about it?

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Htc Desire - Can't Turn 3g Connection Off After Root

I have used unrevoked to root my phone and since this i am unable to turn my 3g connection off, is this know issue?

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Motorola Droid - Set Phone To Have Screen Turn On When I Take It Out Of Holster

Just received it today. In a word, it is great. Is there anyway to set my droid to have the screen turn on when i take it out of the holster so i do not have to press the button on the top each time?

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Htc Desire - Turn Wifi And Apn Off To Save Battery

Just an info. When the wifi is on does apn go off or do i need to do it manually?
Is it better to turn it off too save battery?

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Htc Desire - Bill From China - Turn On Gps On Phone

How can i turn the gps on, on the htc desire?

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Desire - Turn Off Sms Notifications From Htc Messages Application

How do i turn off sms notifications from the htc messages application?
Cant really expand on that, reason because i have just downloaded handcent again!
I know its possible because i have done it bofre but i seem to have forgotten how to.

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Htc Desire - App To Turn Wifi On / Off When I Get Home - Work

Location based wifi? As in it will turn the wifi on/off when i get home/work etc?

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Htc Desire - How Easy Is It To Get Back To Default

So i have decided to root. I was going to goldcard/ruu to debrand my orange uk desire but i am a tinkerer and would love to flash rooted roms etc. Before i start i have a few questions;

1. Radio firmware: this is the biggie for me - i know that doing any sort of rom change you are likely to run into issues with the radio, this seems especially true on orange ones. So without having to unlock (it may sound cheap, but i haven't been paid for 2 months ) is there a way to avoid potential simlocks? Ie can i keep the radio version that is currently only my phone (just updated to froyo).

2. I know you can't get ota updates with rooted roms, but i like to keep up to date. I assume the guys making the roms are coming out with new ones all the time so is it quite easy to flash a new rom and be on your way?

3. Titanium backup and nandroid - i have seen people saying to use these for backups when you root. As far as i can tell titanium backup is good for settings etc, and nandroid is good for getting all your apps back, right? They both seem to require root access, so that surely means i can't backup all my settings before i root?

4. How easy is it to get back to default?

5. Which rom? I have seen many singing the praises of defrost. Is this pretty close to stock rom?

6. Anything you suggest i do/install when i am rooted? Anything especially cool .

I have seen many guides about, this in particular looks pretty damn easy to follow. Though the latest comments seem to be people having trouble now that they are on froyo and not eclaire. Also i got my phone early april, so i assume the screen is amoled, it doesn't seem to suffer from backlight bleed and its black as black on black backgrounds.

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Api To Get Back Image Set For A Button Programmatically

I have setup background image for a button as below code.

In certain cases, i want to replace this image with the another second image if the first image is set. As i need to check the condition as first image set or not for button, i need to know what image is already being set for the button. So i want to get, image set for the button? Is there any api which gets image id set for a control?

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Htc Desire - Switch Back To Sense Ui From Launcherpro Plus

I was wondering if someone could tell me how to briefly switch back to the sense ui from launcherpro plus. I read on here that my battery could be dying faster if i still had sense widgets running so i wanted to switch back & clear everything but don't know how.

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Htc Desire - Lost Phone Clock / Get It Back

Ive inadvertently lost my clock. My main clock for the htc desire.
How can i get it back?

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Htc Desire - Screen Lock On Phone / Get It Back

Right here goes i seem to have lost the ability to screen wipe on the main screen . i.e if i press the power button there is that swipe bar . Well thats gone missing . Any clues on how to get it back?

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Htc Desire - Missing Icons After Froyo Update / Get These Back

I have an orange branded htc desire and i updated today to froyo. Once the update was complete some of my icons were missing, ones that turned my wi-fi on/off, airplane mode blutooth and one other that i can't remember. Does anyone know how to get these back?

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