Easy Cash Tracker Free Widget

Easy cash tracker - is a simple android widget for tracking your cash. Add incomes to see how much money you have and enjoy biiiiig green amount of money from your widget. Add costs to see red amount of money you owe.configure your currency for more comfortable displaying and enjoy reset your money when it is necessary and start from the beginning.

For the future:
* Auto-reset each month;
* Daily, monthly and yearly statistics;

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Free Poker App - Play For Real Cash

Free android poker app - play for free or real money on android poker platform. These guys were the first in the world to develop a fully functional mobile casino over 4 years ago. It's licensed in the eu and hosts real casino games. They have big winners every month.

* Inside the mobile application, you can register an account, download more games, deposit and withdraw funds, invite friends, and more.

* Once you've completed the age verification process, they credit your account with your 100% match bonus.

* There are also around 17 other real cash games free to download so it's well worth a try even if you just play for fun.

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Allocation Tracker Disabled / Why Is So

For some reason the allocation tracker is disabled in my ddms. I can see the logcat. Also i can see the process, but for some weird reason the process are shown as '?' in their name.

What could be the reason?

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Need Hurricane Tracker App For Droid

I am a meteorologist down in southern florida and have been wondering why isn't there a hurricane tracking app for android similar to the one from kitty code. Ive used weather bug and a few other ones but there not for tracking tropical cyclones.

Heres a link to the hurricane tracking app from kitty code. Question might this work on the mytouch3g or is this only for iphones. Hopefully someone eventually will go ahead and put an app together.

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App For Phone Plan Tracker - Usages Vs Plan Bar Graph

So everyone is on a voice plan with maybe _ evenings minutes after 5 or 9 or _ weekend minutes and lets say _ sent text messages a month. The app i would love to be made would be you input what you plan allows for and your billing cycle. The app will then record when you make calls so you can see when or if your going over ur phone plan. Your usages vs ur plan bar graph style would be amazing. If you add a tracker for data used it would make this app even better. (Yes i know there are apps out there for data usage tracker). Well i hope you like the idea. If you need me to explain my idea more just let me know. Or if there is another app that does exactly this let me know.

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Motorola Droid X Root Easy Way

We've already told you that the droid x is rooted. In fact, we gave you some pretty good instructions on how to do it. But, not everyone out there wants to get into the adb shell and put in some command line. And we know where you're coming from. So, if you're still interested in rooting your brand new device and getting rid of some of that bloatware, here's an easy method. Yes. It's easy. Like, one click easy.

Thanks to a few folks over at alldroid, you now get an easyroot method, where it just takes one click to let the software either root, or unroot your droid x. See? We told you it was easy. It just takes a quick download, and then you'll be good to go with whatever you want to do. Of course, now that it's legal to root your phone, who wouldn't want to take advantage of this? And, if you do, let us know in the comments.

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Easy Way To Convert My Linearlayouts Into Relativelayouts

I have 4 linear layouts that i would like to convert into relative layouts. Using my xml here, i have, as my preferred format:


How do i change to relative layout, to always display the 1st image button on the very top, always display the button at the very bottm, and have the 2nd image button below the first image button, with the textview between the 2nd image button and the regular button? Code.

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Virtual Keyboard - How Is It / Easy To Type With

Hey my droid x is in the mail, i'm just wondering what to expect. How is the virtual keyboard? I've never used swype before so i'm looking forward to trying that out. Is it easy to type with?

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An Easy Sms Delete Program

Its nice that google mail now has a box where you can check and then delete that mail but what about sms / text mesasages? It takes me a long time to press down on each message then scroll through the list this i find "delete this message" then to do it all over again 50 plus times to clean my text messages up. Is there a sms program that makes it easy to delete many messages?

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Easy Touch Way To Contoll Music In Car Without Looking

I used an ipod (old) that i could click next and back without looking on the wheel. Is there a way to do this on the droid, so that you just have to press the top or bottom or other easy touch way?

I really do not want to take my eyes off the road to control music

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Motorola Droid X - Where To Get Root Application / Easy Way To Use It

I have my droid x and i'm ready to root.

What is a good reliable and easy to use root application? And where can i find it?

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Htc Incredible - Easy Way To Transfer Sd Cards

So i have the 2 gb sd card from when i first got the phone but that just isn't cutting it anymore. I know a lot of apps save data to the sd card and i was wondering if there is any easy way to transfer sd cards and the data that was previously on the first one.

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Htc Desire - How Easy Is It To Get Back To Default

So i have decided to root. I was going to goldcard/ruu to debrand my orange uk desire but i am a tinkerer and would love to flash rooted roms etc. Before i start i have a few questions;

1. Radio firmware: this is the biggie for me - i know that doing any sort of rom change you are likely to run into issues with the radio, this seems especially true on orange ones. So without having to unlock (it may sound cheap, but i haven't been paid for 2 months ) is there a way to avoid potential simlocks? Ie can i keep the radio version that is currently only my phone (just updated to froyo).

2. I know you can't get ota updates with rooted roms, but i like to keep up to date. I assume the guys making the roms are coming out with new ones all the time so is it quite easy to flash a new rom and be on your way?

3. Titanium backup and nandroid - i have seen people saying to use these for backups when you root. As far as i can tell titanium backup is good for settings etc, and nandroid is good for getting all your apps back, right? They both seem to require root access, so that surely means i can't backup all my settings before i root?

4. How easy is it to get back to default?

5. Which rom? I have seen many singing the praises of defrost. Is this pretty close to stock rom?

6. Anything you suggest i do/install when i am rooted? Anything especially cool .

I have seen many guides about, this in particular looks pretty damn easy to follow. Though the latest comments seem to be people having trouble now that they are on froyo and not eclaire. Also i got my phone early april, so i assume the screen is amoled, it doesn't seem to suffer from backlight bleed and its black as black on black backgrounds.

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How Easy To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S To Any Network ?

Has anyone had any experience of unlocking the galaxy s to any network, my girlfriend is looking at purchasing one but its on o2 and she needs to put her 3 sim in it? How easy is it? If its o2 branded would o2 give it to me?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Easy Way To List My Apps

Just wanted to see if there was either a straightforward way or an actual app that would allow me to, say, generate a list of all my installed apps so that i could keep them in case i needed to re-download them (factory reset, etc).

Seems simple enough.

Nother think i'd like to see would be more of a shopping cart and/or wish list set up in the market. Ever been looking for one app and ran across 2 other kick ass ones. Or some that you'd at least like to look into. But knew would completely distract you from the original app you were looking for? I'd like to be able to "tag" an app as something i'd like to look into later.

Anyway, please let me know if there's an easy way to produce a list of all the apps.

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Lg Ally - Easy Ways To Get Ringtones , Apps And Websites

I have never had a problem with getting ringtones on my phone, but this new phone is really different. Can someone please let me know some easy ways to get ringtones. Apps? Websites? Ways to do it?

I use to use and then send it through a txt and save it to my phone. This ally doesn't seem to want to do that.

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Motorola Droid - Easy Way To Back To Stock For Ota

How easy is it? I'm curious about it since it isn't ese53.

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Htc Tattoo - Easy Method To Move Podcast To Phone

I have had my tattoo for 1 week and would like to move some of the podcasts i have downloaded with itunes. I would appreciate an easy method to do this .

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Easy Way For Windows-based Developer To View Droid Framework Source Code

My immediate need is to take a peek at the source for edittextpreference and see what i need to do to implement support for preferences with more structure. Can i run git or repo under cygwin perhaps? Is there an easier way?

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Motorola Droid X - "easy" Way To Downgrade From Leaked 2.2 To 2.1

I know this question has been asked a billion times. But is there any "easy" way to downgrade from the leaked 2. 2 to 2. 1? I found a couple guides but they seem pretty complicated and a chance for a lot of issues.

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Hands Free Through Pc

I have looked through the forums and can't see anything that specifically answers my question, which is; can i use my pc as a hands free kit (ie make use of its speakers and microphone through a bluetooth connection). I am using the g1 phone and my pc runs windows 7 home premium, with a belkin class 1 bluetooth adapter.

I can connect the two together, however, i see no "phone" options when i do that, as the pc really treats the phone as a storage/data transfer device only. I would be grateful if anyone could show me the light on this one.

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Looking For Free An Im App

I currently have the htc tattoo android phone and i'm looking for a good, free im app so i can get in touch with my friends from yahoo, gmail, facebook, etc.

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Free Sat Nav To Use

Anyone know of a good free sat nav app that i can use. Doesn't need voice directions, just visual direction will do.

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Text Messages For Free From Your Mobile Or Pc

Www. Smsx. Me - text the world for free from your mobile or pc - beta-testers needed. Beta-testers needed for our new free texting service. Save up to 100% on your texting and still get instant notifications of your incoming smsx messages in roaming or in home networks. Send smsx messages totally free to your home country or abroad.

Installation instructions:

1. Open your pocket browser and add www.Smsx. Me to your favorites.

2. Register and confirm the registration email to activate your account.

3. You are ready to send smsx messages to your friends, relatives, to the world

Add this number in to your contacts: +38659086630 and save it as "new free smsx", you can also add different sound to this contact.

Smsx messages can be sent from

- Mobile to mobile
- Pc to mobile
- Pc to pc
- Mobile to pc

With instant notifications and *totaly free

How does it work?

1. Each of your fiends or family you want to send free smsx messages needs to be assigned.
2. When you are positive that your friend is assigned, type his number and send a free smsx message.
3. He(she) should receive a short notification call from number that you (and they) have added to phone contacts list as "new free smsx" as described in "installation instructions" above.
4. Your message will appear in their smsx. Me inbox and can be replied or forwarded.
5. At this moment by sending the first message you should have them automatically added to your smsx. Me contacts list.

. And one more thing, smsx messages are not limited in lenght in compare to 160 characters sms

Register now at www.Smsx. Me and enter the free texting world

* - When you are coonnected on wireless, have at lest 50mb of data for free onyour account.

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Transferring Free Apps To Another Phone

Million dollar question? Can it be done? I am looking on instructions on how to transfer a free app ( no longer free) to another phone. I believe it can be done using the sd card , however, i believe my phone blocks 3rd part apps. Any suggestions?

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A Free Stock Watcher Apps

Istockdriod is a stock watch apps, the key feature compare to other apps is that it will clearly display the stock trendcy in cradlestick form in your andriod device, it will also provide some key technical analysis such as moving average, gap up/down, support and resistance in interactive mode. The following is the feature list, -auto complete stock code for us/london/hk market
-Fetch the stock data from web
-Plot the graph in cradlestick
-Highlight some technical analysis(support/resistant, gap up/down, average)
-My stock watch list
-Global index watch list
-Currency watch list
-News feed list
-Clear summary such as last trade, trade time, change, previous close, open, bid, ask target est, day randge, 52 wk range, volume, average volume market cap. , Pe, eps, div yield net assess, ytd return.

1. Enter "" in [data source url]
2. Select the default ta such as period, volume.
3. Back to main screen, press [menu] to add new stock to watch
4. Type the stock name such in yahoo syntax, such as 2628. Hk or goog
5. Press the stock name in main screen, it will download the data and plot graph

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Free Game Icy Splash

Icy splash was greatly inspired by puyo puyo. Rules in a nutshell: try to connect four scoop of ice-cream together to melt them. Pretty simple right? Wrong because not only do you have to break the scoop of ice-cream you must also make sure you are able to do chain combos.

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Free Game Skeeter Beater

New game: "skeeter beater free" has been posted on the market today. We've worked hard on it so i hope you enjoy. Use the phone sensors and sounds to follow and find skeeters or play in 2d mode.
Use the sky background or turn the camera on to see them fly around your environment.

Do you hate those pesky mosquitoes that seem to buzz annoyingly around you when you are trying to enjoy that summer evening. Well here is your chance to take revenge on those skeeters. This fully interactive game allows you to use your finger to squash them while moving your phone to find more. Happy skeeter beatin'.

- Gameplay -

Use the touch screen to beat the skeeters. Beat enough skeeters within the time limit to advance to the next round.

A point is deducted after a level specific number of missing touches. Each round becomes increasingly more difficult with faster skeeters, shorter time limits, and higher required scores.

Bonus mode is entered when enough points to pass a round has been obtained. Bonus mode lasts for the remainder of the round, allowing for additional points without the risk of point deductions.

Each round ends when the time is up or when all skeeters for the round have been beaten.

- 3d mode -

Utilize phone sensors to track skeeters in full 360 degree range of motion. Move the phone up, down, left, and right to track and find skeeters. When no skeeters are visible, use the sounds to determine their location.

- 2d mode -

Restricts skeeters movements in proximity to the screen. Phone movement has no effect on the game.

- Hud -

Top left:
Number of skeeters required & remaining misses (red)
Top right:
Remaining round time

Bonus mode top left:
Total round score (green)

- Game modes -

Hunt 3d: move the phone to hunt flying skeeters.

Search 3d: move the phone to search for "motionless" skeeters.

Bash 3d: move the phone to bash a large number of skeeters.

Bash 2d: bash the skeeters without using phone sensors.

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Free Androids On T-mobile, What's Best?

So since t-mobile is giving away all smartphones friday the 11th and saturday the 12th, i'm thinking about upgrading my tired g1. What's the best/most future-proof/mod-able one they have? I'm looking at the mt4g for its processor & ffc but crave the pure android os & i haven't found a stable rom from the cyanogen team. The g2 looks slick but its a little lacking in hardware dept. Thoughts?

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Free Green Android Stickers

So here is a deal, if you ever had put any videos on youtube or vimeo you can get few cool android stickers from me ( .

First: send me email if your interested to make little clip of you talking about this stickers, show of your sticker, show how you put it on ( on laptop, on car window, phone? On anything you can imagine) then post it ether on youtube or vemio.

Second: now you are still interested, email me and i send you little sample pack

I sell them on ebay, but it will be very cool if anybody in community did this video.

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