Copy Android.r.layout To My Project

I'm trying to copy android. R. Layout to my project to ensure consistency.

How do you do this?

I looked in eclipse's package explorer and under
Android 1. 5>android. Jar>android>r. Class>r>layout and find r$layout. Class.

Do i copy the code out of there into my own class? From my very limited knowledge of java, the following code doesn't make much sense:


Inner classes:


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New Sdcard With Copy Of Old One

I have bought a new, larger sdcard for my n1. I want to copy the contents of my old sdcard to the new sdcard, and then start using the new one. I want to make sure i understand the best way to do this, before i dive in.

Does this procedure look reasonable? .

1.connect my computer to my n1 via usb and mount the sdcard.
2.copy the entire contents of my sdcard to an empty directory on my computer.
3. Dismount the n1.
4. Shut down the n1 and install the new sdcard.
5. Restart the n1 and go through any sdcard initialization.
6.connect my computer to my n1 via usb and mount the sdcard.
7. Delete everything on the mounted sdcard.
8.copy the old sdcard contents back onto the new sdcard.
9. Dismount the n1 from my computer and then and restart it.

Will that do the job? Or do i have to perform the copy by mounting each sdcard to my computer via an external sdcard drive ("external" meaning not the n1)?

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How To Share Project

I am trying to send the files from an android project so that a friend of mine can open a new android project in eclipse and mess around with code/run the project from their home machine. However, i have run into some problems dealing with missing manifest files, and non-matching signatures.

What is the simplest procedure for bundling up an android project (not an .apk) to send to someone for their use in eclipse?

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Error In My Existing Project


The project was not built due to "resource already exists on disk: '/project/bin/default. Properties'. ". Fix the problem, then try refreshing this project and building it since it may be inconsistent project unknown java problem

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Project Screen With Droidex ?

I am using mark murphy's droidex tool to project my android device screen; is there a way to supply a skin(e.g. A htc hero skin that we use with android emulator) to droidex?

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Restlet Librairies Use In Project

I use android 2. 0 and restlet 2. 0.

I try to use the tool restlet to make get and post requests to a server. Restlet librairies needed were imported to the project. The imports are correctly validated by eclipse.

Unfortunately at compile and launch of the android application on the emulator, it does not work and an error 'internal connector error - no available client connector supports" appears (in a not-android projet, it works fine).

I tried to add to the root folder of my project a "lib" folder and to copy the necessary libraries directly inside but it changes nothing.

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How To Use External Jars In Project

I have created an android project and added an external jar (hessian-4. 0. 1. Jar) to my project. I then add the jar to the buildpath and check it of in order and export.

Order and export is ignored it seams, and all classes from the external jar is missing in runtime.

Is there a trick to properly include the needed classes from an external jar when building an android application using the eclipse plug-in. I do not want to use ant of maven.

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First Test Project Does Not Start

I'm creating my first android application but it does not start at all.

In my src > android. Sampleapp i created a java file named main. Java with:


In my res > layout > main.xml:


My androidmanifest.xml content:


I get this error:


Lines 3 and 4 is highlighted red.

Could someone lead my in the right direction to just get the application to show on the emulator?

Android 2. 1 sdk with eclipse

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How To Copy Draw-able Object

So i have two instances of progressbar but applying a colorfilter of one will affect the other, how do i copy this drawable object? Any ideas?

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How To Set A Project Target

I dont know how to set a project target. Can you tell me? I got 2 errors.

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How To Copy / Paste From Gmail?

Is there a way to copy and paste from a gmail message?

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What Files Should Ignore In Project On Svn

I have added the 'gen' folder to svn:ignore, are there any others i should be ignoring?


There are some i am unsure about

. Classpath
. Project
The . Settings folder

And also, to ignore a folder i am just typing gen into the ignore list in subclipse, is this correct?

How would it know if gen is a folder or file?

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Develop Useful Droid Application For My Project

I am studying in android programming and would like to develop an useful android application for my project, but i still could't get any good ideas after searching on the internet.
Any suggestions that an app is useful in our dailylife even achieve the society such as about public health, education, security?

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How To Build A Project In Sources Seperately

For example, when i use make external/zlib/android. Mk it tells me 'nothing to be done for external/zlib/android. Mk' what should i do?

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Import Sqlight File Into My Project

I am making an sqlight using eclipse outside the android project

What should i add into my android manifest in order to make it work ?

Thank you mathias, lets take this q to another project who genrate a sql file using java
Assuming this how can i set the code.

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Copy And Paste Function Or App

I can't figure out how to copy n paste names and numbers n stuff like that, its really frustrating for me to go back n forth between apps just so that i can remember a name or something. Is there an app? Or is there a function built in.

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Copy Pixels From One Bitmap To Another Shaped Like A Circle

I am using setpixel and getpixel functions but they are using matrices which is naturally rectangle. I am trying to copy pixels shaped like circle !

Update :
Now i am using this but i hope there is something more efficient than this one code.

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Very Simple Project - Image Viewing Application

Planning to write a dead simple android application it's basically an image viewing application.

I have 10 images preloaded. Each swipe (left or right) will cause the image to switch. That's about it!

So i've looked across many android sites, couldn't find a single tutorial on this. provided tutorials on displaying graphics, but that was in 2008 and many ppl reported errors due to version changes.

I'm also looking into the commonsware site, they have 3 books for 40 dollars/yr. I looked through the contents, but couldn't see anything that fits what i plan to write. Plus the books talk a lot about other stuff like gps, httprequests, servers, databases - none of which i need in my case.

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Motorola Droid - Copy All Content From One Sd Card To Other

So i want to move everything from my current 16gb sd card to my new 32gb sd card.

Is it as simple as copying all content from one to the other?
Can this be done with the phone on and connected to the computer?

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Testing Several Projects With Single Test Project

Is it possible to test several android projects by having only one test project? I've tried various ways like specifying several instrumentation tags: or played with the packages but finally i got only tests for one application working correctly, tests for the other applications are giving java. Lang. Verifyerror. All of the applications are signed with the same key.

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Motorola Droid X - Get Copy Of Backupassistant.apk

Can someone point me in the right direction to get a copy of this file? It was removed in tranquility and i need it back on my phone. I can't seem to find it anywhere.

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Htc V Galaxy - Copy Sms To Email

Can you copy an sms to email, ie when you get an sms can you copy it to an email account and paste it to forward it on.

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G1 Error - Cannot Copy - Usb Device Problem

I am trying to copy some music on to my g1, (connected to the computer through usb). But every time i try adding anything i get the following error: "cannot copy 14: the disk is write-protected. Remove the write-protection or use another disk. " Does any one have any ideas on how to fix this? Also its not letting me delete anything either.

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Can I Copy Everything To Pc And Back To Phone After Installing New Sd Card ?

I just picked up 2 16 gig cards and want to use one. Can i copy everything to my pc and install the new card, and copy everything back to it? I dont have a sd card reader. Not bad, picked up 2 16 gig cards locally for 15 for both!

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Can't Copy / Move Anything Using Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

What i want to do is just simple plug my mobile into my pc via the usb and for the phone to be recognized as a disk drive so i can quickly copy/move stuff but when it's plugged in and recognized. I can't copy/move anything, it says the phone is in use. I factory reset and it still didn't work, the only way i can do it is if i connect via kies then download it which seems a bit long and winding when i'm trying to do something quick.

Also i have problems with scrolling and pinch and zoom, on several sites i'm getting transparency in the background, it's going back anyway as it's only a day old but i would really like to know about it not being recognized as a disk drive.

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Htc Droid Eris - Copy All Sms Texts To Pc

Anyone know if it's possible to copy all your sms texts to your pc? And how?

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Motorola Droid - Copy And Paste A Picture Like Iphone

I did it and it delete from my contacts two. Does anyone know if u can copy and paste a picture like the iphone?

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Resources Suddenly Unresolved In Droid Project / Why Is So - Fix It

Eclipse is complaining about my android project saying all my references to resources are unresolved, even though r. Java does exist. For example:

Signin_btn=(button)findviewbyid(r. Id. Signin_btn); signin_btn. Setonclicklistener(this);

I definately have signin_btn defined in my resources. Dont know why eclipse is not seeing my r class anymore. How to fix?

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Get Error Excalmation Mark Every Time Create A New Project

Im new to android development and havent made much progress. Whenever i create a new android application i get a red exclamation by its file in the package explorer. Also when i go to the open the string.xml file and try to edit anything there i keep getting an error message java. Lang. Nullpointerexception. I heard that using the clean feature in the projects tab may work, yes it gets rid of their exclamation but when i try to edit anything in strings.xml i still get the same error.

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Getting Error When Import Sample Project From A Website / Get Rid Of This

I downloaded a sample project from a website. When i import this project to eclipse work space. I'm getting this error

Project has no default. Properties file! Edit the project properties to set one.

How i can get rid of this problem.

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