Samsung Galaxy S2 - Cannot Restore Phone Data After Upgrade To 4.0.3

I have had 4 failed attempts or restore my phone data which i backed up with kies before i upgraded but on my phone i have my apps and pictures and i had to default phone and contact icons for my phone and contact icons so i replaced them with the phone icon and contact icon that was in my menu, but i didn't have all my contacts so i synced all my stuff from gmail on the phone and i have the missing numbers back, but i am still trying to complete my restore on kies just in case i haven't got everything i backed up, anyone had this problem?

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Cannot Disable " Data Background Services " After Upgrade To Ics - Samsung Galaxy S2

Since upgrading to ics (ice cream sandwich) with my galaxy s2, one of the changes is you can no longer disable "data background services". When i bought my phone a couple of months ago i was told in the o2 shop to disable data background services to enhance the battery life. I did this and the battery lasted really well as i only enabled the service when i needed to. This facility has now gone and i am finding my battery life really quite poor.

I don't use the mobile network for internet as have wifi at home and work so my phone is connected to that. I notice it must be doing things in the background as i get alerts for facebook, twitter etc so i presume it is working hard in the background and that is what using the battery. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can improve the battery life. It is really annoying that this has gone with the upgrade as it certainly made a big difference.

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Restore Firmware To Default On Samsung Galaxy S2

I just manually installed ics 4. 0. 3 firmware on my gb 2. 3. 5 and now i am having some problems like my serial number, ip address and bluetooth address are missing now. Can anyone know how to fix it or how i downgrade to my default firmware which i got with phone.

Default csc code=i9100ojpkj1

Ics version info
Pda i9100xwlp7
Phone i1900xxlps
Csc i9100xeulps

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Restore Original Firmware For Samsung Galaxy S2 (at&t)

So i upgraded my galaxy s2 to 4. 0. 3 and it worked, except now my search, back buttons don't work, and i can not send and receive calls, they dial and i can answer but you can't hear anything on either side, i am on at&t so surprise surprise i guess. At this point i just want my phone working, how can i downgrade to the factory firmware - or - get my other features working with 4. 0. 3. Goolged around and there are a million links about this stuff that go no where.

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How Do I Restore Stock Apps On Samsung Galaxy Ace?

I've got gt-s5830 phone running 2. 3. 3. So far the phone is working perfect. I was messing around the other and deleted some stock apps by error. I used ti backup for this. I would like to restore a couple of them back, so i used the restore function in ti backup, but for some reason it did not work. Did not give any errors, just rebooted without the app being restored.

Anyway, i believe i have 2 options.

1). Flash 2. 3. 3 which i found - droidangel.

2) upgrade to 2. 3. 5 which is also located at the above page. But i am not sure what 2. 3. 5 would be best to use. I'm in the uk, using a vf contract with a unlocked phone.

I have no issues on flashing, but i don't want to flash using the wrong rom and messing it all up.

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Htc Evo 4g - Restore Data From Nandroid Backup Running Stock Rooted Sense On Phone

I was thinking about installing the cyanogen mod but i was wondering is it possible to restore the data from a nandroid backup that was running the stock rooted sense on the evo?

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Firmware Upgrade Stayed At 0% - Samsung Galaxy S2

I was trying to do a firmware upgrade on my galaxy s2 via kies and i clicked the upgrade firmware and it showed the window of the "prepare for upgrade" and stayed like that for a hour at 0%! Can you please let me know how much time it generally takes for an upgrade?

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Latest Firmware Upgrade Crashed - Samsung Galaxy S2

I was trying to upgrade my ssg2 to the latest firmware using kies it stopped upgrading at 3% i tried the emergency recovery but it fails to work. I get the message "failed to convert to upgrade mode". The phone is unlocked on 02. I would be grateful for any help please.

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Considering Upgrade To Samsung Galaxy Nexus From Htc Incredible

I have had an htc incredible (adr6300) for about two years now, and i think it's about time for me to jump on to the 4g bandwagon. As is usually the case with anyone even remotely tech savvy, i'm hesitant to actually "pull the trigger" on a new device for fear of picking the wrong one, or missing out on the bigger, better device coming out in the imminent future.

I understand that if i was just to wait for the "next awesome device" to launch, i'd never get a new phone since they're always coming out with new ones. But i'd really like some peace of mind when it comes to picking a 4g android vzw device from the current market. From what i've read, the galaxy nexus looks to be quite a solid phone. I like the idea of ics, as well as the potential for software updates not taking forever-and-a-half as it did with my incredible. And based on friends in my area with 4g devices, the service is available in many of the locations i spend time in.

Would you say that going from an incredible to a gnex is a positive jump? Rooting is important to me, if for nothing more than the ability to appease my short attention span when it comes to software in general. I don't need a physical keyboard - between swype and swiftkey i've become accustomed to touchscreen keyboards with no problem. That said, i have heard the rumors of the htc incredible 4g - though i'm not convinced it's worth waiting for because 1), who knows when it will actually be released, and 2), there's no guarantee that it will be able to be rooted.

Right now i'm considering the galaxy nexus vs the motorola razr maxx. The battery life on the razr maxx is of course awesome, but as long as the gnex is at least equal to what i'm getting on my incredible now, it's fine. I'm rarely in a situation where i am using my phone heavily and have no access to a charger. All in all, i suppose i've already made my mind up for the gnex, but i guess i'm really just looking for people to validate my opinion or give me some first hand experience that might sway me away from the gnex, if necessary.

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Is Ota Upgrade Of Android Version Possible In Samsung Galaxy S2?

I have a sgs-2 and i have a windows vista home os on my laptop and i have kies version when i try to upgrade to the latest android version 2. 3. 3, it says updating and the end it says update failed. I have tried all permutations and combinations. It just does not upgrade to the latest version of android. Like the iphone can android version not be upgraded over wi-fi or over the internet connection ota without using a usb cable. The kies version on my machine is ver. 2. 3. 0. 1

Can it be a windows vista problem ? I would prefer if it can be done ota. When i try upgrading the android version from my phone ota it says connection to the server failed.

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Notification And Ringtones Missing After Upgrade To Ics - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have just upgraded to ics and i noticed all the phones ring tones and notification tones are missing! I backed up my phone before upgrading but it wont let me restore the back up! It keeps saying communication error so restore was stopped! Anyone have any idea how to get the notification tones back as i had several different tones for different apps!

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Battery Life Decreases After Upgrade To Firmware 4.0.3 - Samsung Galaxy S2

After upgrade my samsung galaxy s2 to newest firmware 4. 0. 3 with samsung kies battery life decreases approx 100%. Before upgrade my phone on full battery charge can work 48 - 72 hours. After upgrade my samsung galaxy s 2 can work only 12-18 hours. Is this bug in firmware?

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Ics Upgrade On Unlocked Orange France Samsung Galaxy S2

I think i've worked out that rooting is not what i am after, and i think i have determined that my phone is unlocked but not unbranded, but i'm still short of understanding what i need to do to upgrade my gs2 to ics 4. 0.

1. Unlocked: i have an orange france gt-i9100, for which i purchased a plan. After three months i was allowed, via a tool on their website, to unlock it so that i can put my (non-french) sim in it. This works fine.

2. Unbranded: the phone came with a bunch of orange. Fr applications and widgets on it, which i would generally prefer not to have and just have native android (or samsung's own additions) if possible.

I'm not sure in this instance, where i should expect to get an upgrade from - samsung, orange, or? I have downloaded and installed kies with the idea that this might identify availability of an upgrade for me. It has found an available update.

About phone:
Android 2. 3. 3
Baseband i9100bvkg2
Kernel 2. 6. 35. 7-i9100bvkg2-cltest_i9100bvkg2 root@dell127#2
Build number gingerbread. Bvkg2
Finally, using check for updates on the about phone menu says none are available.

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Mapservicesamsung Has Stopped Error After Ics Upgrade - Samsung Galaxy S2

When deleting multiple texts, a notification called "mapservicesamsung has stopped" error appears from time to time. Has anyone encountered this after ics? It has no major effect on the phone but it's a hassle when you want to delete multiple messages fast.

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Cannot Find Ice Cream Sandwich Upgrade Link - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

I want to update to the latest ics but i cannot seem to find anywhere to download this. Has samsung given us a link for this or is it still "unofficial". I plan to root the device as well so i was not too sure what version i should go with. Can anyone help me?

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Samsung Behold 2 - Restore Phone Before Rooting It

Would you be so kind as to tell me how to restore my phone before i try to root it.

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Internet / Data Connection Problem - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have upgraded to a sg2 but i'm having issues connecting to the internet. I have the data network mode activated & my apn is 02 uk mobile web. However, i get 'internet not available' messages even if i have a good signal & a g showing. I can be standing in the same location that my old se symbian phone connected, although very slowly. And friends with different phones can connect. I hoped the new phone would work better not worse for the internet - the reviews said it was excellent! On the rare occasion i'm in a h area its fine but these spots are infrequent. Are there any other settings i need, any suggestions on how i can get this working.

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Data Packet Keep Switching On - Samsung Galaxy Ace

Why does data packet keep switching on? Just got an ace on o2 payg. My data packets keep switching on despite knocking them off. Usually after the phone sleeps and i reactivate, it is back on again. Please help as this is using my credit i have deactivated all auto updates, auto syncing etc that i can find and checked all apps for permissions etc. What else could be happening here?

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Cannot Install, Update Apps Or Clear Cache Data - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Can't install, uninstall or update any apps either through google play on phone or through internet. When trying on my phone, the screen gets stuck at the blue progress line ("installing", "uninstalling", etc. ) And never completes. Back button doesn't leave the screen, but the home button and recent apps button will get me out, and i can go back to the settings>apps screen and try again.

Can't clear cache or data for any apps from the settings>apps. All apps say "computing. " For storage and cache info and never change. In settings>apps>running a number of games (small street, contract killer, stardom, e. Warriors, etc. ) Auto-start and keep coming back after i force close or reboot.

Here's what i've done so far to try to fix it. Reboot, shut down, battery pull. Force close every suspicious app. Certain apps keep coming back. Tried to clear cache of google play store app, but it doesn't seem to clear. Also, clear data, uninstall update never completed. Read more at the forum.

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Problem: Galaxy S2 Gt-i9100g - No Firmware Upgrade Available

My dad bought a samsung galaxy s2 from ksa. Below are the details:

Android 2. 3. 4
Baseband version: i9100gdzkh5
Kernel version: 2. 6. 35. 7 root@dell81 #2
Build number: gingerbread. Jpkh8

Thing is, i am in india. When i try to upgrade the firm ware using kies over wifi (have given up on finding a solution to the usb cable problem) it says no firmware upgrade available. I'm a complete newbie at android but have seen a lot of posts saying that update for gingerbread 2. 3. 6 is available for this model.

Can someone help me with understanding if im doing something wrong coz i dont really want to miss out the updates. Also, since my dad created his own samsung account on the phone, i cant seem to remove that and put mine instead. Any help for this would really help me a lot.

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Do Not Upgrade Via Samsung Kies

After having a chat with a member of staff at a local carphone warehouse store, whilst returning my samsung galaxy s to have a manual upgrade, the staff member told us that samsung are having huge issues with samsung kies. He went on to say that, even if samsung kies does work, all it does is pile the firmeware versions on top of each other. It does not replace them. He said he would not recommend upgrading via samsung kies until samsung fix the piece of software. Alternatively, if you take it into a official samsung help centre branch of carphone warehouse they'd be happy to manually upgrade it for free. This is what i've done. They've taken my phone away from approx 3 days to do a manual upgrade.

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Upgrade Samsung I5700 With Os Android 1.5 To 2.1 Eclair

How to upgrade samsung i5700 with os android 1. 5 to 2. 1 eclair. This is a complete guide to flash (upgrade) your samsung i5700 galaxy spica to android 2. 1 (firmware exxjce (march 2010)). I have tested it on my own spica with firmware version dxil1 and two of my friends with firmware version dxja1 and it really worked. You can use this guide to upgrade your spica at your own risk and dont blame me if you turn out your spica into a bricked device.

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Motorola Droid X - Use Univerisalandroot - How To Get Phone To Restore A Backup

This might seem dumb and noobish ( i am new to android, had dx for a month from a bb) but what are the best steps after i use univerisalandroot. I keep seeing it suggested to back up, but how is the best way to do that? Do you save a backup on the sd or on a pc? How do you get the phone to restore a backup? I think these are the questions that are holding me back from rooting but i might have others.

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Motorola Droid X - Restore Media Widget That Came Loaded On Phone

I'm trying to restore the media widget that came loaded on the phone. It looks like viewfinder and it has 3 shortcuts for the camera, camcorder, & sideshow. I can't find it anywhere.

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Transfer Files From Phone While Phone Is Unresponsive - Samsung Galaxy S2

Basically when i turn my sgs2 on and enter the pattern lock many force close boxes appear and its impossible to get rid of these and i cannot access anything. I was told this is due to some problem with corrupt files/software or something, and the only way round it is hard reset(factory reset). So i was wondering if there are any tricks/tips or anything like that which will allow me to transfer my pictures/music. Kies wont work.

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Motorola Droid X - Layout Messed Up / Restore Entire Phone Back To Factory Setup

Something i must have downloaded (app) changed my whole screen  home page is gone. Is there a way to just restore the entire phone back to factory set up?

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Firmware Upgrade Phone's Not Compatible - Htc Hero

So i'm using a white hero from europe i believe but it doesn't function as it should (i'm referring to the ones on youtube). For instance, i can't drag an app on homescreen to delete it. The red delete box does not appear at the bottom nor can i drag it to begin with. Also, i can't use the pictures i downloaded to backgrounds folder on my sd card to use as wallpaper or lockscreen even when i'm using linda file manager.

And i only had english to choose from at the beginning when setting it up. I went to htc websites from us, uk, and europe for firmware upgrade and my phone's not compatible with any of them. This is my very first smart phone, so if i could get some help, i'd appreciate it very much!

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Samsung Galaxy S - Best Way To Unlock Phone

Anybody have idea how to unlock phone easy safe way?

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How Do I Back Up The Phone ? Samsung Galaxy S2

Im still not sure if it's worth me doing ics (orange uk) upgrade, or even if i can yet but what i want to know sounds really thick. How do i back up the phone? I'm so untechy it's a miracle i can turn a smartphone on and off so any help will have to be a real. For dummies type answer. Is it possible to back it up so that i can just put everything back how it is now? I'd like my phone to stay the same to look at etc but have the new stuff in it.

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Htc Desire - Phone Broken After Firmware Upgrade / Fix It

My htc desire did a firmware upgrade last night eversince the phone will only boot up to the 02 welcome screen and freezes there nothing works not even a hard reset or battery pull

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