Application That Let - Group My Contacts

Is there any application that will let me group my contacts? On my old palm e2, i could classify each contact, work, personal, business, whatever i wanted. Then i could view the type. I can't figure out how to do that on the g1.

And while i'm at it, my e2 also let me color code events on the calender. I notice that the g1's calendar does have a blue color for events, but i didn't pick it. Is there a way to change the color coding?

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Add Contacts Directly To A Group Without Creating An Account

I have this contacts that needs to be imported directly to a particular group that i created in which afaik that adding of contacts in an account , in the api seems to be broken(can't add other fields) so i implemented my own activity to add accounts.

How do i add them directly to a group?

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Htc Evo 4g - Way To Specify Certain Contacts In Gmail / By Group / Don't Sync To Phone

Is there a way to specify certain contacts in gmail, perhaps by group, where they don't sync to your phone? I'd swear i had it set up to where it wouldn't, but i noticed the other day i had a bunch of random contact on my phone. . .

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Htc Incredible - Set A Default Group Like "my Contacts" (on Google)

I spent a nice amount of time on google sorting my contacts by groups so it's neat and being i dont have a landline i have numbers in there that i dont ever call but i need to kepp them. And i know smart dial searches everyone if they are in a group or not.

My question is: is there a way to set a default group like "my contacts" (on google) when you go into your contacts insteal of "all contacts" (on the incredible)?

On google all the people who are in my contacts just fall under "all" even google considers it a "group"

Or maybe just put all of them in a new group and set it to default to that group?

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Group Messaging Possible In Droid / Implement This

Can any one tell me is group messaging is possible in android or not. If yes then please tell me something like how can i implement this?

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Slow Response Of Discussion Group / Make It Better

I assume that others have noted this as well - you make a post and it doesn't appear for hours sometimes. And then a whole bunch of posts will materialize at once, when the server catches up somehow.

Kinda irritating, what?
You'd think google could make their own group for their own os respond better than this!

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Text To A Group - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Anyone figure out how to send a text to a group? I can't figure it out. Hoping it's possible, because i need to do it multiple times a week for my job.

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Cannot Sync Only The Group Into Contact List - Htc Hero (sprint)

On 1. 5, i was able to sync only the group that i wanted for my phone book (in this case i had created a group called phone) now i don't see this option and it's throwing all my groups into my contact list. I deleted a couple groups thinking i had to do that. Wrong. It's deleting the groups out of gmail period. Any suggestions, i can't scroll thru thousands of contacts.

2ndly on my home screen, clouds just went floating by on my screen lol. I guess that's because it's partly sunny?

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Sms Converting To Mms For Group Sending Message - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have noticed on my vodafone uk bill that when i send an sms (small and large) to multiple people on my contact list, it goes out and arrives to them as an mms. This is not because the message in long. It happens when i send a message to many people (7 for example) despite the message having only 50 characters. I know about issues with the s2 regarding long messages, but to penalize sending multiple short messages just seems daft and a very basic design fault. Can anyone please help me, because yes, i do have more than 7 friends in one group, and i do like inviting them in one text without having to pay 15p each for the privilege!

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - Way To Send Group Texts

I run a girls football team and need to send lots of group texts, but cant find anyway to do it. Can't believe a new phone like this hasn't got such a basic option.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Can't Send Group / Bulk Sms More Than 1 Person / Solution Fo It

Is it me, , my phone, my sms app, my reception or a combination of all of the above?
If i send an sms to 1 person. No problems.
If i send a group/bulk sms to more than 1 person, usually 10 to 20 recipients. Nearly all the messages fail to send. I usually have to go into each message and send it to each contact individually.
I'm using handcent as my sms app, had a quick look round a few forums and don't see anyone else with this problem.
It's just taken me over 1hr to send the same message to 16 contacts.
What a load of b***ocks. Never had this sort of trouble on my old "dumb" phone.

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Htc Desire - Best App For Message And Contacts Management / Update Handcent Not Picking Up Some Contacts - Fix It

?What is the best app for message and contacts management?

I'm using handcent and dialerone at the moment, is there anything better?

For some reason, with the new update handcent is not picking up some of my contacts, is there anyway to fix this?

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Phone Contacts Not Showing In Google Contacts

Just bought a vibrant about a week ago and noticed that my phone contacts are not syncing up to google.contacts sync down to the phone, but contacts i created (or had) in the phone's internal memory do not go up to google.

The touchwiz contact app is a total piece of **** (and the only thing i don't like about this phone which is awesome in every other way).google contacts don't sync down in their former groups and i don't see any way to add custom ring-tones or pictures if they are google contacts.

Been on with t-mobile about this, and all they said was reset my phone, which i did to no avail.

Am i the only one having this problem?

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Unsearchable Contacts

I just took my first business trip and my nexus one (w/ froyo) this week and it was rather frustrating.

I found several work related contacts to be missing and added one as a contact from the call log screen once they had called me. However, the contact remained unsearchable from either "contacts" or the google search widget, which finds my other contacts just fine. The only way i could "find" the contact was by going to the call log screen and scroll down to it, despite the fact that after clicking on it from the call log screen, i could click on "view contact" (it looked just like a regular contact at this point, but still didn't show up anywhere other than on the call log screen).

Why wasn't i able to find this contact from "contacts" or by using search? Do you have to manually re-index the phone somehow?

Also, is there a way to search my exchange emails in android? If i go to "mail" and click on the search button at the bottom left of the screen, it recognizes the key-press, but nothing happens. This further exacerbated the problem since i could search my exchange emails for the missing contacts email signatures to quickly find their contact info.

And is there a way to get the google search widget to search the emails on the phone? I find it surprising that it apparently can't search my gmail account, especially considering i can search my gmail account from within the gmail app.

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Duplicate Contacts

I decided to factory reset my phone (after playing with it for a day), and backed up my google and phone contacts prior to it. I don't know if these contacts are identical, although what i did was transfer my old sim card's contacts into my google account, then link them with my facebook contacts (iirc).

So anyway i imported both backup files, and realized that most contacts were linked to an almost-identical google contact and a facebook contact. Almost-identical means that the phone number has dashes in it (i don't know why, i never add dashes). Some have up to 4 identical google contacts linked.

In the end i went through each one, wasting about 50 minutes of my time. Just curious, why are the dashes added, and when faced with a similar situation next time, is there any simpler way?

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All Contacts Have /1 At The End

When i look at my contacts all of them have a /1 at the end of the names. Some, their last names are first when i put it last on my other phone.

I was just wondering if there was an easy fix for this besides going through every person's contact info and editing it.

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Droid Contacts Display

I have the vzw motorola droid and i have been unable to figure something out. I am using the missing sync, to keep my outlook contacts synced to the phone. Everything is there and i have no issues with data missing. However, i cannot find a way to sort the contact info like i want to.

Some of my contacts have both a company name and a contact name. The problem is that only the contact name shows up in the contact list. I cannot figure out how to have it display the company name if it is available. I had this option on my old winmo phone and i miss it. Can anybody point me in the right direction, or is this even possible?

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Contacts And Software Problem

Okay, so i thought this phone was cool at first. But now i hate it. It screws up on me all the time. I ordered a new battery so im waiting for to come in and yesterday i did the factory master reset. Well i dont have all my numbers yet. I need to figure out how to import them from my gmail. But when someone texts me now or calls whos number isnt saved and i go to save it it will say contact saved/created. But then the contact is not there when i go to call or text it. Its not saving. What do i do? Someone please help. I know i dont know all the ins and outs of this phone yet.

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Contacts Merging Problem

When i click on one of my contacts it has merged info from one with a similar name. If i go to edit the contact, it shows 2 different people like so:

Contact 1 name
Phone number
Contact 2 name
Phone number

I only noticed this after i used facebook sync (thinking it would sync pictures). The contacts aren't merged in my gmail account and work fine like it's supposed to. I wiped my phone and the problem still exists on the phone (didn't reinstall facebook). How do i un-merge them?

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Assign Different Ringtones To Contacts

How to assign different ringtones to different contacts? I can not figure out how to assign different ringtones to different contacts. I have worked and worked on it and searched and searched and couldn't find anything. I'm really hoping somebody can answer this for me. Also, how the heck do i assign a picture to my contacts as well?

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Handcent Not Showing Contacts

Htc desire v2. 2. When i go to type a new message and want to enter a persons name, their contact is not at all coming up. So i have to first goto that person in the people section of the phone and then send a message using handcent.

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Contacts Only Showing In Messaging

My contacts are only showing in my messaging but not under people. When i go to create a new message it has all my contacts but not when i go into my "people" app. Im guessing my messaging app is finding them on my phone somewhere but my people app isn't.

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Use Contacts Manager In Droid

I have an app which shows the received messages as a toast through a broadcastreceiver. I am presently using the smsmessage.getoriginatingaddress() method which gives me the number of the sender, how can modify it to get the corresponding name of the sender if stored in the contacts?

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How To Manual Aggregate Contacts

I read in contactscontract api that applications can manual control contacts aggregation by adding a row to the contactscontract. Aggregationexceptions table. Any suggestion for manual contact aggregation that works?

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Replicating Fastscroll Like In Contacts

I'm looking for a tutorial on implementing the fastscroll feature found in the contacts view. I'm using a listactivity with a custom array adapter to display my list (i use subtext under the main text info). I've seen the list9. Java class in the samples directory, but it's not the easiest example for me to follow - i'm not ashamed to admit the concept of the subclassed array adapter baffles me, even though it works quite nicely. All my attempts to use this have ended with a fc and an unceremonious boot to the desktop.

Is there one good example out there that explains things? Failing that, maybe different examples? I'm listing songs on the sd card. You know, the usual.

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Lg Optimus S Issue With Contacts

I am having a problem within my contacts. I use gmail/google for everything sync-able. Any ways, recently i went from the palm treo pro to the lg optimus s and synced everything w/o problems, however, recently i noticed an issue. One of my contacts is the mother of another one of my contacts. They both have same last name, but different first. Yet, they combine the two contacts together. This has caused me to call the other when thinking i am dialing the opposite. I cannot get them to separate within the phone. On gmail they're listed and appear as separate contacts, so it' gotta be in the phone. Does anyone know what's causing this or how to correct?

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Cannot Download Outlook Contacts To Droid

I cannot download my outlook contacts to the phone. I searched the forums and found out i had to pull my notification bar down. The phone seems to show that it's connected validly (my option is to "turn off usb storage). But, when i get through the process to tell the computer to export files to drive l, the usb into which i've plugged the phone, it's only letting me download to something called a backup folder on the phone. I've got a million contacts & i gotta get this right.

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Importing Contacts From Iphone To Captivate

Just got my new captivate today (so long iphone) n the att clerks was trying to transfer my contacts from the iphone into the captivate. Btw, i am such a android newbie its scary. But cant wait to learn.

Anyways, when i try to go into the contacts i get an error: "android. Process. Acore has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Dumpstate_app_201007191334_android_process_acore. L og has been saved"

I know the contacts are in here somewhere because when people call me their numbers pop up from my iphone contacts, but cant access them in contacts.

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How To Sync Phone Contacts To Google?

While using the android os for a couple of months, i found one thing that seems to not working very great with my htc hero. I have imported my contacts from my addressbook (mac) to google mail. From there i set up a sync with my hero. So all contacts are copied/synced nicely to my hero.

But in time i also added new contacts in my phone, however they appear only to be in the phone memory and will not be synced to google mail. When i add a contact my hero only give me the option to store in in the phone- or sim-memory and it does not sync it to google mail/contacts. So in my contacts list you see behind a lot of names google and a few contacts (i personally added) names phone.

How can i add the functionality to store my 'internal' contacts to google mail automatically? Because i like the way to keep it in sync so i always have a backup of my contacts and also to assign e-mail adresses to my contacts.

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Search Contacts By Phone Number

I want to search my contacts by phone number. Why? Because i got my bill and there are some numbers i don't recognize - but they may already be in my contacts list. For reference, this is on a motorola droid, but i suspect the same solution, if any, will apply to any android device. I also suspect this is similar to the poster trying to search contacts by company name.

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