Detect When User Dismissed Soft Keyboard

I have an edittext widget in my view. When the user selects the edittext widget, i display some instructions and the soft keyboard appears.

I use an oneditoractionlistener to detect when the user has completed text entry and i dismiss the keyboard, hide the instructions and perform some action.

My problem is when the user dismisses the keyboard by pressing the back key. The os dismisses the keyboard, but my instructions (which i need to hide) are still visible.

I've tried overriding onkeydown, but that doesn't seem to get called when the back button is used to dismiss the keyboard.

I've tried setting an onkeylistener on the edittext widget, but that doesn't seem to get called either.

How can i detect when the soft keyboard is being dismissed?

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Soft Keyboard Without An Edittext / Detect Key Presses With It

How can i detect key presses reliably with a hard or soft keyboard?

My app remotely controls another device over wifi, and i need to detect every key press on either a soft or hard keyboard. I don't really need an edittext because i just need to send the characters one at a time as they are pressed and don't need the final text string.

I have tried using an edittext with onkeypress, but ran into the problems here with not getting key presses with soft keyboards. And textwatcher isn't a good option because i need each key press.

I'll use an edittext if i have to, but would prefer not to. What i really want is to:

Bring up a soft keyboard when the user hits a search button
User presses keys and i transmit the codes to remote device. Don't really need to see anything on screen in an edittext since it will be shown on the remote device
User presses the custom done button on the soft keyboard to close it

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Want Soft Keyboard When Mobile In Landscape / Way To Set It

In my application i want soft keyboard when emulator is in landscape mode only. If mobile is in portrait mode i want to use keyboard which was designed by me, give me some suggestions for this.

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Soft Keyboard Doesn't Pop When Using Alertdialog.builder With Edittext / Force It To So

I am using alertdialog. Builder in order to create an input box, with edittext as the input method.

Unfortunately, the soft keyboard doesn't pop, although the edittext is in focus, unless you explicitly touch it again.

Is there a way to force it to pop?

I've tried the following, after the (alertdialog. Builder). Show(); but for no avail.code.

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Catch A "done" Key Press From Soft Keyboard

How do i catch specific key events from the soft keyboard?
Specifically i'm interested in the "done" key.

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Use "+" From Soft Keyboard To Increase Value In An Edittext

I have an application in which i'm using an edittext to enter numbers. Howwever, i need to inlucde another option where the user can use the "+" and "-" to increase/decrease the value entered in the edittext. Is that possible?

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Get Soft Keyboad Render Information

When a edittext is tapped, the soft keyboad will show up, can i get the soft keyboard render information? Such as the width and height in pixel, and the current position (x, y) on the screen?

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Nexus - Increase Soft Key Sensativity

Any way to increase sensitivity?

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Htc Incredible - Soft-key Randomly Do Not Light Up / Why Is So

Has anybody else had an issue with the soft-keys at the bottom of the screen? Mine randomly do not light up and i have no idea why. I think it is more of a software issue maybe. I didn't see anything that had to do with settings. Is anybody else having these issues?

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Detect App Became Active From Mulitiasking

I have developed an android app that contains a list of information. I want the list to retrieve new data from the sever whenever the app 'wakes up' from multasking. Right now it just displays the old data and does not refresh. What function/method i am looking for?

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How To Detect / Query Screen Off Event

Is there any api i can detect the event that the screen is off after time out? Or is there any api i can query the backlight status?

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How To Detect Key Event In Service

How to detect key event in android service ?

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How To Detect Key Event Without Activity

How to detect key event without activty in android? How to detect key event in broadcastreceiver in android?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Soft Rubber Case

Anyone else using one of these? Has holes cut out for usb/cam and phones only? First day i put it on the home page button wouldnt work but soon as i slipped the bottom part of it off it work fine again. Hasnt done it again yet but today while driving the phone turned off on its own? Is this case playing with my x10?

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Motorola Droid X - Soft Silicone Case And Car Mount

I just got the black soft silicone case only to find that it causes the phone not to fit in the car mount, even without the insert in the car mount. Does anyone have an idea? Or any suggestions on better cases?

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Detect Device Has Idle Time In Droid

I have an application(service) that needs to display an activity if there has been no user activity for a certain period. Is there any way to detect if a device has been idle for a certain time or not?

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Detect When A Mapview Is Changed (panned , Zoomed)

I thought this would have an easy answer but i cant seem to find one.

Does mapview have a mechanism such as an onchange listener which is fired when the mapview is either panned or zoomed?

I have experimented with onclick, motion events etc, all are not really what i'm after.

I just need to know when the state of the mapview is changed by the user zooming or moving it.

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Detect And Pick Up Gesture In A Filled Listactivity

I have a piece of code that enables me to detect fling/swipe left and right, thereby calling moveleft() and moveright(). This works fine in a normal activity and listactivity. When the listactivity screen is fully filled with entries this code does not pick up the fling/swipe, but instead triggers the

Protected void onlistitemclick(listview l, view v, int position, long id) {

How can i code this both allowing fling/swipe left and right and also detecting onlistitemclick? Code.

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Samsung Galaxy S Cannot Detect Home Wifi

I was going to connect to my home wifi and i accidentally pressed "forget" on my samsung galaxy s and now it can't even detect my home wifi.

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Possible To Detect Which Grid Sections Used By Widgets On Home Screen

My understanding is that any of the available home screen spaces are compromised of a grid view. These slots in the grid view can contain a simple shortcut to a program or/and a single widgets can take up multiple rows or columns of the grid (e.g picture frame generally takes up one 2 columns & 3 rows)

Is there a way to detect which grid blocks are occupied on the home screen and what is available and how big of a block is available? There must be since sometimes when trying to add a widget it will tell you, "no space on this home screen. "

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Htc Incredible - Soft Key Won't Light Up Unless I Cover Up Its Sensor / Is This Just Normal

My soft keys wont light up unless i cover up the light sensor but i have max brightness on. Am i missing something or is this just normal? Are they normally light up when unlocked or pushed?

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Motorola Droid X - Touch Facebook Site Doesn't Detect Phone / Way To Do

I use the facebook touch site (touch. to check out all my info rather than the app. The only thing that i notice that is a little weird is when i scroll all the way down it says "download facebook for your xperia x10"

Is that supposed to be like that? Shouldn't it say ""download facebook for your droid x"

It doesn't change anything anyways. It's just a little thing that i noticed.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - How To Do Soft Reset Or Any Sort Of Reset On Phone

Does anyone know how to do soft reset or any sort of reset on this xperia x10? I have been locked out because of my son has performed the unlock pattern too many times.

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Setup A Listener On Mapview To Detect Droid Mapview Panned / Zoomed

I'm creating an android app that searches for items based on the visible area of the mapview. Is there a way to set up a listener on my mapview to detect when a map has been panned or zoomed?

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Detect Face And Smile - Face Matching

I want to know following things is possible on android or not?

1. Pick a photo and detects faces and show rectangle, and detect smile of each face and show smile percentage of each.

2. Pick a photo from photo library and show faces. If you click faces, it search all photo library and show list of possible same person.

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Is There A Way To Request Permissions From A User As You Need Them

I suspect there has to be. I mean i saw for bluetooth there is. I was wondering why it is not as easy for the other permissions. I mean heck we can intercept urls without even asking a user for the most part, so i would have to suspect that permissions have to have this ability.

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How To Make User-control

I have two questions.

First. I wanna know how to make user-control and how to use it(in xml code).

Second. I want to find color picker dialog, but i don't find it. Where can i find it?

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Restful User Authentication

I want to develop a restful web service for my android application. I have some questions and problems. I want to use a database for the user login and signup for the beginning. But how can i make a restful webservice (in java) where i can authenticate a user. The user has to login with a username and password and this username and password has to be checked. How can i make this? I have read a lot but i don't find a solution. I want to use this webservice in my android application (using http and xml/json)

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User Experience And Ui Refinements

I think android has a ton of functionalities and that's definitely wonderful. I am not trying to be overally critical since i know the android team has been working hard and this is highly appreciated. However in all systems, there are rooms for improvement and here are a few areas where i think android can improve upon:

1) ui refinements - currently it's actually pretty hard to create good- looking ui in android. This is one of the main reasons why uis in android look like childplay compared to iphone apps. Any of the base/ core ui components in android (to be blunt) are not that pretty. To customize and add in the appropriate gradient and create the kind of sophisticated uis that are comparable to iphone apps is twice as hard. Having done development in both, this is something android should target. Overall the android ui is too blocky, too funky, and not stylish. And in some cases, they are moving backwards. The new tabs in android 2. 0 look worse than android 1. 6. The new spinner is also not doing justice either. A focus in this area will be helpful in order to create better ui for android applications.

2) user experience - instead of constantly just adding new functionalities, focus on user experience. For example, always having to click the menu key to bring up a menu requires additional clicks that are not necessary. Having to click a back key and guess where the current application ui will take me back to is also not great. Possibly provide a built-in on-screen menu in the framework? Provide a breadcrumb component as part of the framework as well?

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Delete Words From User Dictionary

I have looked till i was blue in the face, for a way to delete certain words from my user dictionary. When i pull it up, i get very few words. There are some words that i know that i've entered mistakenly, yet i can't seem to fine them to delete them. Does anyone know the trick or tricks to manage the entire available dictionary?

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