Droid Asynctask Download Image Errors / Solution For This

Trying code.

Then i get error.code.

What is the solution for this?

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Motorola Cliq And Download Errors

I'm trying to download .zip and .rar file on my motorola cliq, not sure if it will let me dl the ?Rar file because it says cannot dl on phone format not supported but the .zip just says unsuccessful download. I know when i had my tmobile g1 i could download this .zip file on it but for some reason the cliq cannot. I checked off in the settings allow install of non market items. I want to dl this file and i don't got a computer.

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Unable To Access Pixels Of A Bitmap Image On Droid / Solution For It

In short i am unable to access all the pixels of a bitmap image.

I have used an intent to fire the native camera app and returned a bitmap image to my application activity. The data is definitely a bitmap object and i am able to display, get the height/width etc and access some pixels using getpixel(). However when i use the values of getheight() and getwidth() i get an array out of bounds error. By trail and error i have found i can only access a reduced number of pixels of the image, for example with one image which returned a height and width value of 420, 380, i could also access 200, 100. I then do some image processing and used setpixel() on the original image. When i display the image it shows the, say 200, 100, processing pixels and the rest normal, therefore the pixels are obviously there and accessible by android but not by me. I have to spoken to other people who have also had this problem with images.

Does anyone know anything more about this, reasons? Or a work around?

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Sportstap New Version Will Not Download / Solution For This

Anyone having trouble downloading the latest version of sportstap?

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Image Not Getting Download Showing Empty / What To Do

I am trying to download the image from the server. Here i am getting the problem, some times the image is not getting download it is showing empty. In server i kept the bitmap image. I am using the following code to download the image.code.

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Htc Evo 4g - Can't Download 3d Gallery On Phone / Solution For This

I cant download 3d gallery on the htc evo. I run the app and it stops.

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Cannot Download Image Sent Via Text / Get It To Work

I did a bit of searching and didn't see much on the topic other than a similar issue where a video could not be downloaded. I apologize if i missed a thread with a solution.

Has anyone seen an issue when you receive an image via text, a download button appears and it changes to "downloading" but never seems to complete? If i scroll up a little and back down, that message goes away and the button is back. Also, no notification shows in the status bar to indicate that any kind of download is taking place or anything, either. I've looked around the sd card and picture gallery and do not see that it saved anywhere.

Anyone else have this issue before? Is it something that might be corrected in the coming update?

This is far from a major upset for me, but it is a little frustrating. I suppose i could try a separate app, but i'd rather not.

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Motorola Droid - Way To Report Navigation Errors To Addressed

Is there anyway to report navigation errors so they can be addressed? Found a major one this morning when the gps told me to exit off i-285 in atlanta on exit 30a to get onto i-85 north. Only problem is exit 30a is 85 south and takes you into the city of atlanta. Fortunatley i knew this was wrong and continued to 30b. If there is any way to report these errors other than this forum, please let me know.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Pop3 Account ( Constantly Getting Authentication Errors / Fix It

I use as my primary email account and i am finding that i am constantly getting authentication errors whenever it syncs up with my account. It is telling my username and/or password is incorrect when i know for a fact they are entered correctly. I have re-entered both the incoming and outgoing passwords several times and i still get the error.

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Droid Asynctask Remains In Running State After Completing / Why Is This

While working on an an application i noticed that the thread count keeps growing all the time
Asynctask threads remain open for some reason (im sure they finished proccesing and exited) i have no idea why i keep creating more threads of this type and they keep running indefinitely.
Is there any way to verify that these threads are terminated on complition?
Are there any known issues with asynctasks threads remaing open?

When running this code.

, My question is why is this? My application relies allot on asynctask and i cant have a new thread created and stay alive after each task.

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Confused About Handling Ssl Errors In Webview

I have a webview and i want to capture an error, most likely related to a web page having an invalid ssl certificate (company intranet). Currently the mywebviewclient. Onpagestarted() method is called, and no secure content is shown the the page.generally i would expect webviewclient. Onreceivederror() to be called to handle this situation, although the documentation is not quite clear on exactly what kind of errors this method covers.

Which of course is a method that was removed in 0. 9: 9/changes/android. Webki. I am not clued up enough to take on the webkit source and can't find any documentation on what if anything has replaced the onreceivedsslerror() method. Is this a bug/omission in the android platform?  How was the "release-1. 0" browser complied with missing classes?  Am i doing something completely wrong?

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Remoteviews Addview Function Returns Errors On Appwidget / Fix It

I'm trying to create a appwidget that displays a number of items (which can change). I'd like to generate textviews dynamically, i assume i do this by using code.

But this returns a "problem loading widget" error. The widgetitem.xml is just a textview within a linearlayout. The widgetmain.xml is two textviews within a linearlayout.

What am i doing wrong?

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Motorola Milestone - Can't Get Default Tether To Work On 2.2.1 / Troubleshoot These Errors

Recently i upgraded to g. O. T 2. 2. 1 with cm6 for my milestone. I am wanting to try out the default 3g mobile hotspot and usb tether setting. But i'm having problems.

3g mobile hotspot: it tells me "cannot setup data link. "

Usb tether: my computer does not seem to have rndis drivers. I have read and understand i needed to install windows mobile device centre (i am on windows vista). I did but still cannot find the drivers for: rndis ethernet data and remote ndis based internet sharing device.

How can i go about troubleshooting these errors? I know i can use other 3rd party app to do tethering, but i'm hoping these default stock one will be able to do its job so i don't need more apps install.

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Unable To Click On Regions Of 1st Image Where 2nd Image Overlapping / How To Do

I have 2 imageviews which have animationdrawable backgrounds to animate a box opening and closing when you click on it. The 2 images are slightly overlapping (the transparent area) so they can be closer together.

The problem this is causing is that i am unable to click on regions of the 1st image where the 2nd image (transparent area) is overlapping.

Is there a way to set a clickable region of an imageview?

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - Symbol In Left Hand Corner Saying Checking For Sim Errors

I got the phone plugged it in to my computer and it just seems that nothing is happening and not updating like i would expect. Still able to use it so i dont know what happened. ?

I went abroad last week. Turned my phone on and there was a new symbol in the left hand corner saying checking for sim errors. Fair play i thought. It then started going off and on and off and on. So on and so forth.come home yesterday charged my phone turned it on symbol is still there and keeps turning off and on. Can some one please explian y the phone is broke. How to fix it. Etc. Etc

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Onpostexecute On Cancelled Asynctask

Does onpostexecute execute if the asynctask has been cancelled? If it does execute, is it safe to say that i should always ask if the task has been cancelled (iscancelled) at the start of onpostexecute, before doing anything else?

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Asynctask Calling Onprogressupdate()

I have a very simple task, which i can't seem to do.

The application runs a background thread to process some files. As it goes, i thought it'd be nice to just show the progress as it happens.

My first thought was to have a thread, and call append() on a textview from the activity as each file was processed.

That didn't work because of this error: calledfromwrongthreadexception: only the original thread that created a view hierarchy can touch its views.

Ok, so i saw this tutorial, but i can't make it work: http://android developers.

It looks like i should be able to do this:


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Asynctask - Onpostexecute Always After Onprogressupdate

I'm messing around with the asynctask class for a few hours now and got a little question:

Is onpostexecute() guaranteed to be executed *after* onprogressupdate () in any case?

It should be because both are located in the main thread, at least that's how i understood the reference, and onpostexecute() is always run after doinbackground() which executes onprogressupdate() by invoking publishprogress(), but nevertheless i'm not completely sure about the above question.

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Asynctask And Database Lock

My problem is about asynctask and database lock. I have an asynctask which does a full restore (from an amazon s3 storage) of my database. In order to avoid any inconsistency i use a sqllite transaction. From the ui thread i display a loading message while launching this asynctask and was thinking it was not possible for the user to use the application at the same time but for example if i click on search it goes to the search screen of my application and then i encounter database lock problem.

Do you have any idea how i can handle it ? (i.e. Be sure the user is "locked" to my loading message)

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Cancel Asynctask When Activity Finishes

In my activity i use multiple asynctask classes.

How to cancel asynctask when activity finishes?

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Asynctask Thread Does Not Terminate / Get It To Exit

I am using asynctask. When i call the 'execute' function, a new thread is created. However, when the doinbackground function returns, the thread remains (seemingly forever), even though i have no references to the asynctask object anymore. This is true, even if i force a garbage collection.

How do i get the asynctask thread to exit?

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Ideal Way To Cancel An Executing Asynctask

I am running remote audio-file-fetching and audio file playback operations in a background thread using asynctask. A cancellable progress bar is shown for the time the fetch operation runs.

I want to cancel/abort the asynctask run when the user cancels (decides against) the operation. What is the ideal way to handle such a case?

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Using An Asynctask Instead Of A Service In Broadcastreceiver Or Appwidget

As you should know, you should not be running code that takes a long time to complete, such as a network download, in a broadcastreceiver. The reason is that it is run on the "main thread" and will cause an anr (application not responding) if the code does not complete within a short amount of time. The proper solution is to handle this long running code on a background thread.

I've seen conflicting comments about whether or not it is safe to use an asynctask from a broadcastreceiver (btw, an appwidget is a child of broadcastreceiver, so we can use the two terms interchangeably). On the one hand, i've heard that you should only use a service, because the thread forked by asynctask can be killed, along with the broadcastreceiver thread, once the broadcastreceiver's onreceive() is finished due to android killing the process. On the other hand, i've actually seen code that simply uses an asynchtask from an appwidget to download background data.

If the first point is correct, then it would imply that the second point is incorrect. Unless there is already an existing background service which keeps the process alive, which i don't know about.

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Memory Leak Due To Asynctask

I'm stuck with a memory leak that i cannot fix. I identified where it occurs, using the memoryanalizer but i vainly struggle to get rid of it.

Here is the code:


The activity is terminated on a button click, like this:


Memoryanalyzer indicated the memory leak at:


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Asynctask - All Onprogressupdate() Done At End Of Task

At the beginning of my application, i load a serialized dictionary in a asynctask while the ui thread should print a progress bar showing the loading progress. At the execution, the dictionary is well loaded but, the progress bar becomes full at the end of the asynctask, just before the postexecute() function is executed (where the main ui is drawn). So the user doesn't know about the loading progress since the progress bar doesn't change before the end of the loading.

The code of my asynctask class:


I found this, explaining the same problem : http://vkroz.

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Asynctask Wait Until Task Has Finished

I use a subclass of asynctask in the main thread. I would like the main thread wait for the end of the asynctask. How can i do that? I saw methods "get()" in asynctask but i don't understand them.

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How To Wait For Asynctask To Return With Data - Without Locking Up The Ui

I'm calling an asynctask in my ui thread from a button click. The asynctask is collecting data from the hardware sensors, and will store the info into global variables that i'll perform work from. I'd like to know how to either wait for the asynctask to finish without locking up the ui, or how to trigger an event when asynctask is finished.

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List View Not Properly Updated From Asynctask

After digging with the apis i still cannot figure out how the asynctask properly works and why some behavior occur. I'm trying  to achieve one contact list that can be updated from a background async task very frequently. There are situations where invoking ui updates from the background thread just freeze the ui as you see in example #2. Or make the list not to react properly to finger as a regular contact list. Can anyone give me some hint on how to achieve the expected behavior? I added here the activities that form my project (sorry for the lenght of the post, my idea was to share the complete problem with everyone)

Example 1: contact list without background task. This code contains the behavior of a default contact list. This code produce the expected behavior in responsive for the user but do not update. This activity shows the ideal response for a contact list.

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Cannot Download From Phone Unsuccessful Download

Ive paid for it but cannot download from my phone. "Unsuccessful download". I download it on my desktop pc and i cannot find the apk file. Anyone else experiencing this and do you have a solution.

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How Should Decompress Large Data File In Asynctask.doinbackground?

I have a large data file, which is zipped, and approximately 20mb. When it's unzipped, it's up to about 50mb. The following source code works fine. I found the original on the web somewhere else and modified it a bit. And this method is called within the asynctask. Doinbackground.

So, what i want to know is, how can i save the on going status? And resume the procedure later? I mean, this method takes a bit long time (about a minute on an emulator), and i know there is no way since the data is kind of huge. So, if a main activity of this method gets killed, i want to save the current status of decompressing the file, and when the activity gets active, i want to resume decompressing from the last point. Hope my explanation clears my intent.

I was thinking using a service, but i also want to interact with ui, such as showing a progress or whatever. I can't find good information to do that in the service when i roughly scan the reference, but is there a way to do that in the service? And do you think i should use it?

Anyway, my main point is how to resume decompressing a file.


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