Motorola Droid X - Sending Default Notification Sound

My gf has the fascinate, and heard the notification sound "bell" or "bells" that the x has. (Not the bike bell) shes been trying to find away to get a hold of it. Any of you guys have any idea? Or can someone post it?

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Motorola Droid X - No Sound During Calls / Get It

Anyone else have the phone "lock up" in such a way that calls can be made and received, but neither party can hear the other? Reboot does not help, only battery removal.

Its getting very aggravating. It has happened 8-10 times since the 2. 2 upgrade.

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Motorola Droid - Slider Sound Applicaiton

My 3 year old loves playing with the transformers sound board. I changed my message notifications to the "transforming" sound and he gets a kick out of it each time. I was wondering if there was a way to tie that "transforming" sound to play each time i slide the screen up (exposing the keyboard)? I'm a new droid owner coming from the bb storm 1. Loving every bit of it so far.

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Motorola Droid - Sound / Video Not Matching Up / Fix For This

Anyone have a problem with the sound/video not matching up? I put some movies on my droid to help with travel time and had lag problems. Video is crisp (the hangover, for the record), but the sound was slightly off. Checked the file and on my computer all is fine. Is there a fix for this?

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Motorola Droid - Way To Have Sound Dedicated To New Visual Voicemails - Its Receipts

Is there anyway to have a sound dedicated to new visual voicemails or voicemail receipts? 

Its currently the "default" notification which is the same as text messages that i haven't specified with one either and would like to distinguish between the two

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Motorola Droid X - Turn Off Shutter And Zoom Beeping Sound

Am i missing something here? Is there no setting to turn off the camera shutter sound and zoom beeping sound?And setting the phone volume to silent or vibrate is not an acceptable solution.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Can't Connect On Wifi - Everything Sound On 3g / Fix It

Can't connect on wifi. But everything is sound on 3g?

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Motorola Droid - Buzzing Sound While Using Car Bluetooth / Fix It

This is really annoying, but it's not a deal breaker. While using the bmw car bluetooth, every a few minutes (random) it makes buzzing "zzzzzz" sound. When this happens, the call is interrupted on both parties. I tried two different droid's, and they both have the same problem. Anyone experienced this issue before?

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Motorola Droid X - Sound On/off Toggle Also Turns Off Text Message Vibrations

I've missed a lot of text messages in the past month, and i usually assumed i had missed it because i was walking and simply didn't notice the vibration. Today i did some tests and noticed that the problem is with the phone.

Before i go to far, i want to make it clear that i definitely have vibrate enabled in the messaging app.

I did some searching and found lots of people refering to a program called "sound manager". The application helped me diagnose the problem on the  droid x. The default approach for turning the sound on and off actually appears to turn off vibrations too, which seems like a ridiculous bug.

I noticed in "sound manager" that there are three states for system  sounds. If you bring up the "toggle ringmode" screen, there are these 3  states: 

1. May ring, may vibrate2. Vibrate only3. Silent 

It  appears that in the droid x, when you enable sound (via the lock screen, or holding down the power button) it only toggles between 1 and 3. And when in state 3, the droid will not vibrate for text messages. Text notifications vibrate just fine when in state #2.

In other words, all this time i've assumed that when you put the phone into silent mode, vibration would still be enabled. This does not appear to be the case, if you are using the normal toggle (the one in the lock screen, or holding the power button).

I've searched around the settings and haven't been able to find any way to change the behavior of the standard toggles on the lock/power screens. Am i missing something? 

Is this a bug in the motorola-skinned version of android, or does it apply to all android phones? 

This feature seems really strange to me - it seems weird that it would completely shut off vibration in silent mode. That's when i want vibration the most! 

As a short-term solution i know that i can use sound manager to specifically set the phone into vibrate mode (state #2) but it's not the best answer to this problem, because you have to unlock the phone to do this. It would be ideal if i could configure the behavior of the default lock/power screens.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Keep Things To Landscape As Default

I would love to use my d2 in landscape mode all the time. I use dxtop for my launcher so i can force that to landscape easily. Many of the apps and games i use are landscape anyway. My question is about the lock screen. I know the lock screen does operate in landscape mode (with the keyboard open), but when i close the keyboard it goes back to portrait. Is there any way for me to keep things landscape as the default?

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Motorola Droid - Loose Volume Button Make A Rattle Sound / Fix It

Mine feels a little loose, and it make a rattle sound, am i the only one with this? Its like the plastic isnt tight or something, but when you press it its nice and firm to "click" up or down.

Also the bottom of the screen/whole left side where the kb is kind of dips down about a hundreth or tenth of an inch wen you press something on the screen on that side, im guessing thats normal for a slider.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Need Default Android Restriction Password

Just got a new droid 2 and when i go into the settings of the menu that require a restriction password (in location and security) i have no idea what it is and never set anything like that up. Is there a default android restriction password that i don't know about?

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Motorola Droid - Can't Get Email Notification / What To Do?

I've got yahoo mail and have the droid set up to go to yahoo to check my mail every 5 minutes. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Also, when i do get an email to show up, it will not notify me of it. No ring tone or icon in the upper left corner. It is set up properly and this is the second phone that i'm on. The first one did the same thing. Keep in mind that all of the settings are done properly and verizon did them.

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Motorola Droid - Get Notification Bar On Phone

The blue hue on the droid x's notification bar is really nice. Much better than the white and cleaner than everyday black imo. Only place i have seen it is in fabolous' xtheme port, but it is no longer blue. Or maybe the screenshot was off, not sure. Just wondering if there is any easy way to get it on the droid?

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Motorola Droid X - Phone Have A Preloaded Sound Recorder / Need To Keep Searching For App To Save In Mp3

I can't seem to locate a sound recorder on the x, i downloaded one but it's no good for sending sound's with a text. Does the x have a preloaded sound recorder or do i need to keep searching for an app that can save in mp3?

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How To Create A Shortcut For Notification Panel On Motorola Droid ?

How do i create a shortcut for the notification panel? I have a bunch of email accounts setup on my droid. Dragging down the notification panel or clicking menu then notifications gets tiresome after a while. I would like to create a shortcut for the notification panel, that i can place on my home screen. Anyone know how i can do that?

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Motorola Droid - Default Home Screen Forcer Closing / Fix It

Does anyone else have the problem of the default home screen force closing all the time? It's been happening alot after the 2. 1 update and it's getting annoying. I dnt have live wallpaper on so that couldnt be the issue.
How do you fix this?

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Motorola Droid - Set Soundboard Wav As Email Notification

I downloaded a few of the free soundboard apps and would like to set a full metal jacket soundbite as my email notification. I have managed to save the soundbite to my sd card, now can i get it to be my email notification?

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Motorola Droid - Set An Audible Beep / Notification For Missed Calls Only?

Is there any way to set an audible beep/notification for missed calls only? I still want vibrate for all other notifications, phone calls, etc.

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Motorola Droid X - Change Notification Bar Color From Grey To Black

Changing the notification bar color from the grey it is now to black?

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Motorola Droid - Get Notified Many Times For Same Emails After Initial Notification Cleared / Fix It

Has anyone else had problems with email notifications? I get notified over and over for the same emails even after the initial notification has been cleared. Does anyone have a fix?

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Motorola Droid - Get Phone To "sound" When A New Email Arrives

How do i get the droid to "sound" when a new email arrives?

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Droid Sending Wrong Email / Solve This

I know this has been posted before. Maybe i am not searching the correct words. Can someone point me to the correct thread/solution?

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Htc Incredible - Aol Not Sending Email On Droid / What To Do

My aol email stopped sending on my incredible. This happened when i first got the phone when i went in to put my name on the user, but i changed the password and it seemed to work fine. Not sure what i did this time, but a couple weeks ago it stopped sending again. I have always been able to receive mail though. I tried deleting the account and creating it again, a few weeks ago, i gave up, but the next morning it worked again so i thought maybe it was a system thing. I don't always send emails, so i am not sure when it stopped again. Today, i tried to send a email and it won't again. I always get the "unable to send email" "the account setting is incorrect (aol)" message. This will take me to the account settings tab, it seems to verify the account every time, but when it sync's the error will come up again.

I also have a yahoo account set up in "mail" and that account is fine. This is starting to get frustrating.

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Motorola Droid X - Notification Led Multi Color Similar To Nexus One / Is It Tri-color

Is the notification led multi color similar to the nexus one or is it tri-color (green, orange, red).

And if it is tri-color can you select all 3 different colors for different notifications?

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Incredible Facebook Notification In Notification Bar / Takes To Web Address That Won't Open

I have the facebook app on my incredible, and it works fine as far as i can tell. However, when i get a facebook notification in the notification bar at the top of the screen, it takes me to a web address that won't open, every time. I've tried a battery pull just for fun, but no better. I have no idea why a battery pull would help, but i figured i could cross it off the list. (Came from a storm)

I'm left going through my "profile" on my app to the mobile site, and then i can get messages. Any ideas about having the notification link work to the page it's trying to render?

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - No Sound For In-coming - Out-going Calls / What To Do

Symptoms - no sound for incoming or outgoing calls the volume button says "bluetooth in-call volume". However bluetooth is not connected to any devices. Turning off the bluetooth by holding the power button does not help. The volume button still says "bluetooth in-call volume". Powering off the phone and then powering it back on fixes the problem temporarily. Motorola support suggested to reset the battery. The problem continued. Then asked to wipe the phone back to default and start from scratch. I have done a wipe of the device and re-installed all the applications and settings to no avail. The problem persists with the phone. I noticed that it happens right after i unplug the headset jack from motoflip in my car. I do have a bluetooth connection in my car for phone calls and also use my multi-media wire to listen to audio (don't have a2dp. ) Perhaps, it only happens when the headset is used for multi-media while the bluetooth is connected. When wire is unplugged, all sound is funneled to the bluetooth somehow and the device sound is stuck on bluetooth. Hence there is no sound for "in" or "out" going calls on the phone itself. This is a major problem for me. I get several missed calls a day because of this issue and i have to reboot the phone everytime it happens.

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Motorola /motoblur - Cliq Won't Really Play At All With Sound / Get It To Work

I have already posted about this but there has been new developments so here goes.

I am trying so hard not to be negative because i really love everything else about my cliq. But whenever i receive a video in a text message it has no sound. Tech support at t-mobile was extremely nice yet not so helpful. They sent me a new cliq. No offense but i knew that wasn't the issue the same thing was happening to my 1 friend who has the cliq!

Today i went to the t-mobile store. Zack was amazingly helpful and informed me it was the software and got me an app called meridian. It sort of helps but not always. 1 of the videos i saved from my texts played with sound. But now it wont really play at all with sound. 2 other videos have come in since leaving the store and those wont play with sound either.

Is anyone else having this issue? Please anyone someone respond with some suggestions because its making me insane! And yes. The media volume is all the way up.

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Motorola Defy - Notification Fault

I have a motorola defy. I took a photo and tried to send it via email through the phone. It failed and for the past three days i have received a notification to tell me that it hasn't sent. There is no record of it on my email or in the phone and i can't seem to do anything to stop these notifications being sent. Please advise.

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Way To Make Droid Emit A Sound Of Arbitrary Frequency

Is there any way to make android emit a sound of arbitrary frequency (meaning, i don't want to have pre-recorded sound files)?

I've looked around and tonegenerator was the only thing i was able to find that was even close, but it seems to only be capable of outputting the standard dtmf tones. Any ideas?

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