How To Add Default Zoom In / Out In Mapview

Like the map app in the emulator, there are zoom in/out function and beutiful icon in the bellow of mapview, can i write the same function and icon for my mapview?

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Disappearing Mapview Zoom Controls

Since mapview. Getzoomcontrols() is deprecated in api level 5, how do we keep the &*(#$(! Zoom controls from disappearing (when it wasn't deprecated you could add the zoom controls to a zoomcontrols view. To no avail, they still require a user touch and disappear after a few seconds. Fyi i'm in satellite mode if that matters.

Its a big problem. Need a way to know whether user is touching the screen because they want to zoom or because they want to say drop a pin on that spot. With disappearing zoom controls you cannot achieve this.

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Change Discrete Zoom In Droid Mapview To Continuous

Is it possible to change the discrete zoom in android mapview to continuous?
At the moment, if you zoom in with gestures, you actually zoom in steps, as the zoom always bounces back to a certain zoom level.

In iphone e.g. The zoom level is more continuous, because before loading the new tiles of the next zoom level, it just scales the current tiles, and you can stop zooming anywhere between zoom level n and bounces back to either n or n+1.

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Add A Textview Below A Mapview

I followed hello views, google map view and now i want to add a textview under below the mapview. I have only changed the layout file main.xml and placed the mapview and the textview in a vertical linearlayout. My eclipse is set to build this automatically, but when i run the application in the emulator, i can only see the mapview.

How can i add a textview below a mapview?

Here is my layout main.xml code.

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Add Variable-size Labels On Top Of Mapview

I need to add 'balloon'- like markers to my map view. The difficult thing here - these markers include a variable-length text labels so these balloons have variable sizes. Actually this is exactly what implemented in native google-maps application to show labels.
Any idea what is optimal way to do this?

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Setup A Listener On Mapview To Detect Droid Mapview Panned / Zoomed

I'm creating an android app that searches for items based on the visible area of the mapview. Is there a way to set up a listener on my mapview to detect when a map has been panned or zoomed?

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Get Zoom Functionality For Images

Is there a common way to show a big image and enable the user to zoom in and out and pan the image?

Until now i found two ways:

Overwriting imageview, that seems a little bit too much for such a common problem.
Using a webview but with less control over the overall layout etc.

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Htc Evo 4g - Can Zoom With Camera

My evo should be here tomorrow. I had some questions about it:is it true it has a white balance feature with the camera?Can you zoom with the camera? Has anyone tried streaming video with it?With the palm pre, if i need to get a new one, my contacts are backed up on the palm server. How does this work with android?

With the palm pre, i have to connect it to my computer to organize my photos. Do i have to do that with the evo, or can i do it from the phone?Does the facebook app suck as much as it does on the pre?

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Scaling Icons On Mapactivity With Zoom

I been messing around with the mapactivity stuff. Pretty nice how easy it is to add clickable icons/images to the map and make them mean something. That said i notice that as you zoom in and out, they don't scale automatically. Is there a way to achieve this as part of the sdk? I've not found any way to enable this yet. Or do i need to listen for zoom events and somehow resize my icons.

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Htc Legend - Can I Zoom In Internet Explorer

Is zooming available in htc legend, i am trying to zoom when surfing net but no use

Am i doing anything wrong

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What Camera Zoom Numbers Mathematically Represent

I'm trying to write a basic augmented reality app in android, but i'm running into some trouble doing platform-uncoupled calculations because i don't know how to interpret the zoom levels on android.

The zoom levels range from 0 - params. Getmaxzoom(), but i can't find any documentation about what those zoom levels actually mean (for example, zoom level 0 is obviously 0% zoomed in, but is zoom level 1 like 10% zoomed in?)

Are the zoom levels totally undefined and arbitrary abstractions? I hope not - that would make zoomed-in ar pretty hopeless.

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Motorola Droid X - Turn Off Shutter And Zoom Beeping Sound

Am i missing something here? Is there no setting to turn off the camera shutter sound and zoom beeping sound?And setting the phone volume to silent or vibrate is not an acceptable solution.

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Motorola Droid X - Can't Seem To Zoom Video Camera While Shooting - Possible To Take Closeups

I can't seem to zoom the video camera while shooting. It's just frozen on the default. Is it possible to take

Closeups while video shooting?

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Htc Droid Eris - Deualt Zoom And Text Size Bigger

My dads phone is acting up when he goes on the internet. He recently had to factory reset his phone and before he said when he would open up his browser the webpage was already zoomed in but now it is not and the font is smaller. We tried doing the deualt zoom and text size bigger.

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Use Matrix Scaletype To Zoom An Imageview / Translate Method To Be Focused At Center

How to use the matrix scaletype to zoom an imageview and also how to use the translate method so that it can be focused at the center? I have tried using webview to be able to use the zooming and scrolling functionalities i needed but it is not nice to look at.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini/pro - How To Zoom When Taking A Photo In Phone

How to zoom when taking a photo in xperia x10 mini/pro.

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Can I Personalize Items Of My Mapview

I have a mapview with itemizedoverlay, like in the example of mapview in androids developers guide

I have my own icon on the items, but also i want to personalize them, adding some text, not only the icon. But i mean text visible on the map, not when i press on the item. Can i do it? How?

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Display A Mapview With A Subacivity

I have a main activity. Its main.xml generates a view that holds a slider, which on click, revels some area for content. In this area i want to display a map. So i need a second activity. I am able to call the sub activity but i want it to be displayed in the area of the slider of the main.xml, however the map has its own mapview.xml. Any ideas?

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Motorola Droid - Browser / Display Settings Everytime Go To Website Don't Need To Zoom In To Read

Is there a way to set up the browser/display so that everytime you go to a website you don't need to zoom in to be able to read? Sometimes i have a hard time finding a place to touch the screen without touching a text on a website.

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Removing Paths/points From Mapview

I have drawn something like this: http://i43.

How to remove the paths and points?

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Onclicklistener For A Mapview Never Called / Am I Missing Something

I have setup a onclicklistener for a mapview and find that it's never called. I have set clickable to be true but it's still not working. Am i missing something or is the onclicklistener not supported on a mapview?

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Get Image Of Map Displayed In Mapview

Is there any way to get the image of the map displayed in mapview?

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Disable Mapview When It Not Supported By Device

I've an application with multiple activities. One activity is a mapactivity. Can i disable mapactivity when it is not supported by the device and let the user install the application and get remaining activities or should i develop two versions of the application (one with mapactivity and another without it)?

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Implement Something On A Mapview That Acts Much Like Zoomer

I'd like to implement something on a mapview that acts much like zoomer - slides in whenever you touch the map, then fades after a bit of inactivity. Mapview is closed-source, sigh. I'm sure i can figure it out, but if anyone else already has, i'd love to have some code to look at.

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Mapview On Top Part Of Screen

Does anyone know how to put mapview on the top part of the screen? The map always occupies the whole screen and squeezes out the views below. It works if the other views are on the top part of the screen and the mapview is at the bottom part.

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Displaying Multiple Locations On Mapview

Ok, time to ask, i've searched, tried things suggested, and have spent a day on this to no avail. Any suggestions gratefully received. I am using the mapview tutorial as a base and i can only get one marker/ location to show up - the one in mexico, another off of cape cod, but not both!  (I checked the data on the locationlist array and it is there with different lat/lons as ints)

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Handling Touch Events In Mapview

On issue #1, i scavenged some online code snippet and tweaked it to work properly to translate from screen pixel to geopoint::


This works in the case where either entire view area is covered with map. However, if you zoom out far enough, you can go off the top or bottom of the map. In this case, mapview. Getmapcenter() returns a point off the map (i.e. , > 90 or < -90 degrees), but mapview. Getlatitudespan() returns the height of

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Detect When A Mapview Is Changed (panned , Zoomed)

I thought this would have an easy answer but i cant seem to find one.

Does mapview have a mechanism such as an onchange listener which is fired when the mapview is either panned or zoomed?

I have experimented with onclick, motion events etc, all are not really what i'm after.

I just need to know when the state of the mapview is changed by the user zooming or moving it.

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Mapview Getlatitudespan And Getlongitudespan Not Working / Fix It

Sometimes when trying to get the latitude span or longitude span of a mapview with getlatitudespan() and getlongitudespan() i get 0 and 360*1e6 respectively. This doesn't happen always but it is a problem, has anybody got this problem? Any workarounds? I tried using getprojection() too but i get the same problem. Here is the piece of code.

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Small Circle Sometimes Appears In Center Of Mapview

I'm seeing some strange behavior with mapview. Sometimes when i display the map, i'll get a small circle drawn in the center of the map - it is just stroked black. As soon as i tap anywhere in the map, it disappears. This happens about 20% of the time i display the map. I don't have any overlays or anything like that. Does any one else get this? I'm not sure where this artifact is coming from.

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