Apad Irobot Usb Drivers Trouble

From my understanding of it all, this apad simply works when turned on. Sure it has issues due to poor manufacturing but overall it works. Now my issue arises when i attempt to plug it into my laptop. I have windows 7 64x, and i am not connected to the internet with it. I plug in the apad, and the laptop finds new usb hardware, but then concludes that it can't find the drivers. While windows searches for the drivers, the apad, only acknowledges the usb peripheral by turning the screen on to prompt me to unlock it. The usual, "usb connection detected, " does not pop up on it. I have tried both of the micro usb ports on the device. Is there something that i am missing?

I have an apad, figured out that the manufacturer has made it in a manner that forces you to take the black plastic off of the front to get at the screws that hold it together. I don't want to ruin the shody plastic display cover since it is glued onto the tft display, and kind of rips at it when you try to remove it. I would do it if i had 2 of these bad boys, but risks after i learn more about it from a software perspective.

Is anyone able to tell me if anyone has tried "modding" the android os or extracting the driver files from the update image? Any sort of information would be helpful, as i am trying to attempt to upgrade the internal battery, memory (depending on the guts), os, and basic functionality. That is if i could get it to connect with my laptop via usb.

Furthermore, i am unable to go to the websites listed by other form members, where the firmware updates are found. This is due to work firewall restrictions.

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Apad Irobot - Cannot Connect To Pc From Usb

Please help i have an apad irobot with the following specs

256 memory
Model generic
1. 6 firmware
Kernel version 2. 6. 29-00236-g4f8dbbb-dirty
Build no, wmt2. 0_105

I cant connect to pc from usb. My pc does not recognize it and there is no usb settings on the pad can anyone tell me where im going wrong?

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Apad Irobot Problem

Anyone knows how to make a test point to the device? Once a time a had a motorola v3, and while i flashing the light turn off, and was corrupt, and pc doesn't recognize and discover the test point, and this way can plug into the pc and this recognize. The problem is: my irobot works fine, and i request an upgrade t saler, and send me one, i used the files that he provide me, and the flash process was successful, until i turned off the pad and never came up and now the pc doesn't recognize the pad.

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Should I Buy Irobot Apad?

I'm quite new to these forums and i am considering in buying the irobot apad but i'm not too sure as i have read that a few people have experienced some problems with them such as the apad not turning on. However i am so tempted to buy the product as i dont have a laptop nor a computer and an apad would suit me mainly for my browsing needs and the occasional viewing of youtube. I would like to hear everyones opinions regarding this product and if it is indeed worth the purchase. Also to clarify it will be the new one with the rockchip thingy installed if anyone requires the link to where i will be purchasing the product from i will be more than happy to provide you with the link.

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Apad Irobot Power Supply

Just got my apad yesterday and it works really nicely for me. I am still getting used to reading ebooks on it since i am used to the kindle and the apad takes a bit more skill adjusting the page when reading pdfs (but the kindle doesn't read pdf at all. At least mine doesn't).

The only real complain i have about the unit (considering its low price and provenance) is that the power supply cord is extremely short and my model has a detachable plug at the end that comes off really easily.

The last problem is easy to fix with electrician tape but the shortness of the cable is a pain.
I went to fry's yesterday trying to buy an adapter or a equivalent power supply (and a car adapter) but they had nothing that worked. I was told it used the same plug as the psp bit that's not the case. It looks similar but the psp one is much fatter.

Any thoughts on where to get an extra power supply and a cart adapter?

As far as i know, it doesn't charge via usb, right?

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Apad Irobot Brightness Problem

I have device irobot and running on android 1. 7. 4. I faced a problem when tried to reduce the brightness of the display using the program quick settings, set it to a minimum. But this display is fully turned off. How do i turn the display back? I tried to completely disable the device. When booting i see a android logo and android word, but after that the screen is switched off again but still hear the sound when i increase the volume or select icon on blind screen and means my irobot run in 'blindly' mode.

I remembered how i faced this problem, when i tab the screen for while, the pop-up menu appeared, then i click on display setting and select the last icon and after that my display is fully turned off.

Someone asked me to set display setting blindly. Does anyone can help me to give print-screen or video step-by-step for me to set display brightness blindly.

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Apad / Irobot E7001 Ram

I am new in the world of android tablets, i ordered rockchip 2808 7" tablet from and it has 128mb of ram, i know that with costume firmware 5. 1 and no multitasking this device runs ok. But i was wondering that is it possible to change ram, i read from somewhere that these devices come with 128/256/512 mb of ram. Ram should be a separate chip on motherboard, and by my logic it should be possible to change it. If someone knows how to do it, or has done it himself, please let me know how to do it and where to get the chips. Sorry about my english i am from estonia which is probably the worst country where to order from because our government charges for everything and ordering from out of eu 200% tax.

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Update Irobot Apad With Android 1.6 To 2.0

I received my irobot apad with android 1. 6. How can i update to 2. 0 or newer? I just received my irobot apad and it's just great. After checking the android version, i've had an unpleasant surprise: i have android 1. 6 installed (i won this on ebay and in the auction details, the product description said it has android 2. 0 but it seems it doens't). There are many applications that don't work in android 1. 6 so i would lke to update it.could anyone tell me how can i do this?

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Irobot Apad Android 2.2 Won't Turn On

It has been almost 2 wks since receiving my apad from china. It worked great without any problems. Now it won't power on. I downloaded some apps from android market including an app anti-virus scanner which scanned no problems with apps. Played around for a couple hours in different games and apps. Next day, it won't turn on. I charged again, but nothing happens when i try to turn it on. I tried to get a response from seller but in 5 days no response yet. What can i do to get it working again?

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Samsung Moment Usb Drivers Installation On Windows 7

I created a video tutorial on how to install the samsung moment usb drivers on any windows 7 platform 32bit & 64bit flawlessly. I created this video tutorial to aid those having such difficulty installing the usb drivers i hope this helps you out. This video will teach you with confidence how to successfully get the drivers installed. Go to forum to see the video tutorial.

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Htc Eris - Usb Drivers Not Working After Flash To Latest Rom (ota) / Fix It

After following the guide to a t that grdlck posted, i cannot get to the adb. When i try to add the drivers, i get an error saying not found. I have tried on 2 diff machines. Win 7 32bit and 64bit. Anyone have any ideas on how to fix this? Am i missing something?

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Apad 7" Usb Connection Trouble

Last week i have just bought tablet apad 7" but when i try to plug in my flash disk to apad. It seems like my apad won't detect the usb flash disk. I have tried the settings many times but it also not work. I think maybe the usb port is broken. But i try again to plug in my mp3 player. It was on and light up but my apad still did not detect the usb mass storage. Please any body get this porblem and help me and kindly reply my problem.

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App For Drivers To Drive Safely

Howamidroiding is the "how am i driving" android application, allows drivers to know if they are cruising safely. It uses the accelerometer of the phone to determine if the driver should have made that turn more carefully or shouldn't have speeded that much. It is possible to save the tracks to further reverence and see your overall performance on the system dashboard. Sorpasso

I've just released howamidroiding version 2. 0. It includes automatic accelerometer calibration, markers to show the exact location you should drive more carefully and several algorithm improvements. The more feedback i get, the most interesting and useful this app will be.

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Moto Milestone Device Drivers For Xp/32

I am trying to find moto milestone device drivers for xp/32 so i can debug on the device. There's some info and software available on motorola's web site, however it points to more generic drivers for iden and other types of devices; this doesn't seem to provide what i'm looking for. I am sure there's plenty of devs who are using a milsteone/droid as a dev device.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Epic Drivers Problem Syncing Phone To Computer

My question is, has anyone else had any problems syncing their phone to the computer? I downloaded the drivers for the epic from samsungs website, but every time i hook it up to my comp it knocks out all my usb ports, including my wifi usb. Now i don't want to keep trying it, because i have to reboot several times to get them back. Not sure what is going on. Any ideas?

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Irobot Wifi Issue

Just recently bought a 7" irobot from ebay and it seems reasonable but i am having trouble connecting to my wifi. Whenever i connect to the network, it connects then disconnects. Can someone please tell me if they have experienced similar with theirs? And how do i resolve the problem?

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Which Apad Is Better?

Before i take the leap of faith into getting me an apad, i need to know if i can play hd videos, read pdf/ms office documents and play some 3d games. I have to read tons of stuff and consume much video media on the internet on a daily basis.

I searched in several tablet forums and finally lock my eyes on two apads below:

8" android 2. 2 apad - 1ghz cortex a8 processor - 512mb ddr2

10. 2" android 2. 1 apad - 1ghz telechips 8900 processor - 256mb ddr2

Does anyone know if i can do my job with an apad? And which apad should i choose?

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Apad Will Not Turn On

I received the google android m-0001 yesterday as a birthday gift. My friend turned it on before shipping it to me, to make sure it worked. It did turn on, but they did not plug in the charger or computer connection. When i received it, it would not turn on. I plugged in the charger and the indicator light did not turn on. Even after leaving it plugged in all night, it did not charge.

Do i have a bad charger? Did the tablet just run out of 'juice' while being shipped? I really want to use my new toy how and where can i get or try another charger to see if that is the problem? I live in the ann arbor, mi area.

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What To Expect With Apad?

I've actually been dying to get an ipad, but it's waaaay too expensive for me to possibly afford in the near future. (Thanks, apple. ) I don't have any experience with the android operating system, and while i am fairly good with computers, flashing and whatnot isn't something i have experience with.

I'm interested in getting an apad since it's affordable and far simpler to carry around than my netbook or the unfordable ipad. I don't need to do a lot of fancy stuff-in fact, i don't even care if it doesn't connect to the net, since i'll be using it at work and we don't have wifi anyways. What i need it to do is simply allow me to work on my writing, listen to music, possibly do a little photo editing, read some e-books, and play games.

I have some questions, and would really prefer people who have both purchased their apad and currently have it in their hands to answer them, but will welcome any info that anyone has. Basically, i wanna know your experience with the device.

My questions are:
1) where can i get one?
2) how do i know if it's the latest version? (Batch 3, i suppose. )
3) what kind of problems should i expect?
4) how reliable is it?
5) what shouldn't i do with the device to avoid a problem?
And finally: 6) if something does go wrong, (like a firmware issue), how easy is it to repair?

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Apad Firmware 2.1 Or 1.6 ?

I recently bought a apad from ebay and now i am getting a little worried that the seller has put false information about this item. First off he says its andriod os 2. 1 its posted everywhere that its 2. 1 so i know that previous versions cant use the android market. After reading everything on the listing i notice he says its android os 2. 1 firmware 1. 6 ? So im really worried he just said it was 2. 1 and its really 1. 6 ? Is it possible to be on os 2. 1 with a firmware of 1. 6? Or is this just ridiculous?

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Epad / Apad Install

I was thinking about buying a epad/apad tablet device. It comes with android 2. 1 but i understand 2. 2 is much better. I have a few basic question about this whole thing.

1) is android a free os like other linux distros (assuming android is a linux distro, which it looks like it is)

2) can i install android on a epad/apad like i would install any os on any computer? Ubs install i'm guessing.

3) (might be wrong forum but someone here might know) do these epad/apad device function in the same way any pc would, bios, looks for boot device, can dual boot, ect?

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Apad - Cannot Recognize The Device

To get this out of the way: it's a 7" apad with webcam and a red light when charging. It came with android 1. 7. A few things i need to sort but am ripping my hair out trying to do myself:

1.connect to the pc. My ipod cable fit perfectly in the bottom then into my pc via usb but then my pc (vista) says that it cannot recognize the device. Do i need to download drivers or do anything in particular? Links to drivers much appreciated.

2. Upgrade from 1. 7 to 2. 1/2. 2 is something i really want to do, looking about some say it's hard/impossible but others say there is a way. Even if it's a longshot, anyway to upgrade would be great as i want to install flashplayer which is apparently only for android 2. 2.

3. Install flashplayer. But this needs android 2. 2 i think.

4. Downloading apps from the android market is not working. They all get stalled right at the start without downloading anything at all. Why?

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Cheap Apad For Ereading

I need an apad just for ereading. Well, 90% of the time it'll be just reading. So i'm thinking something with a 10" screen and good battery life that doesn't get hot from prolonged use. That's all i need. What's a cheap model that would do that?

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Mid 07r1 Apad Questions

I have this apad from eternal international via alliexpress.

Model # sdkdemo
Firmware 1. 5
Kernel 2. 6. 25
Rockchip version 1. 2. 7(rulguan)
Build rk-1. 3. 2 eng root 20100512. 140303

This is aluminum unit with seperate menu and back buttons on top instead of one. Also has 1. 3gig camera. Came with 4 gig onboard and i have 8 gig sd card format with fat32.

2 questions: i have tried every driver on web for these type units and cannot load it in vista 32 also i hold the main interface icon ( the one that slides out the android apps) and if you hold it for a while then a waste basket appears so i can delete apps off the main screen. But it does not work for me. All else works except for sound volume and loading you tube videos.

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Apad Tablet And Android Market

Ok, so bought one of these "chinese ipad wannabes" on the net and frankly i'm impressed with just about everything about it - at the price - save for one thing. How to convince google to let me register it so i can download apps from the android market. I have a google account, and a gmail address, but i don't know how to specify the device to google to get permission to load apps. It's not a "phone" as such (only has wifi network connection) and doesn't have the android market pre-loaded. Is it possible to set things up to download apps, and if so, is there an idiots guide to how to do it available to download. It runs android 2. 1, but the manufacturer keeps his name pretty well concealed.

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Tablet Apad Stuck At Loading

Exactly as the title says, i updated the firmware to get rid of the wannabe apple looks and after that it is just stuck at the "loading. " Even after saying it was successful and everything. I don't understand why it would do that. Can anyone help me? Its a 8. 5 inch tablet, camera facing you at the top middle device.

Did the update for m003 apad.

Android version 1. 6
Kernel version 2. 6. 29
Wmt sdk version: 1. 9. 1

What am i doing wrong?

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10" Apad - Flash / Update.img

I see a lot of info for the 7" apads, but nothing really solid on the 10". I have the red flashing lights and no camera on here. I was told it could be updated to 1. 9 although i don't see anything for 1. 9 on the sdk manager(?)

I received a completely different apad than the auction specified so the seller just refunded me and said not to send it back. I have free reign with this. Ended up getting an ipad connector usb, plastic casing, and android 1. 5 instead of 2 usbs and aluminum alloy with dual processors.

I was able to do a custom rom, but it didn't upgrade my apad to where i could download the kindle app. I used the only image file i could find for the 10. 2" size and the version info is empty.

I've been looking all day though add finally figured i should put a post out here so someone can help me out. It's a great device wth long battery life (about 4 hours) and very quick movement. I just want to upgrade to get the additional apps with later versions of android.

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Apad Ver2 Problem With Mains Power Charger

Just bought an apad second generation. Have a problem with the mains power charger where the jack does not make a good connection in the socket. The supplier is going to change the unit when i send this one back on monday. Lucky i bought it from an aussie supplier here so the wait won't be long.
However i have being playing around to get used to it. Managed to connect wifi at mcdonalds and try some emailing from my web account with yahoo. I was pleased with myself though i will have some questions soon on other applications.

At the moment it has a 2gb microsd card installed in the slot. It shows up in the settings as does the internal flash storage. However when i connect to my pc running xp and do the "mount thing" it shows on windows explorer as "rock-chips" drive, with a number of directories and files. However the drive properties only shows the used space (123mb) and free space (928mb) of the drive internals, but where is the additional 2gb sd to be found?

For the future when i install applications can i install them on the additional sd drive? Last question for now. An important application that i want to install is skype. I still have the original 20mb application install file on my pc which i used for it. Is this the installation file i can re-use on the apad or is there a special one for the android? . The plan when i travel is to use my laptop as the "mother pc". This has ms vista operating system on it. Any known issues?

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Is Usb / Charging Standardized

The subject really says it all. Can i use a charger or usb from a htc with samsung or motorola phones?

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No Usb Driver In Sdk Available Packages

I'v just downloaded and installed the latest android sdk package and followed the instructions to the letter on win 7, (apart from there being no sdk installer.exe file as per the readme.txt (so i ran the sdk manager.exe instead). When i finish the install, there is no usb driver package listed in the available packages pane. All the posts i'v read say it should just be there. Any suggestions?

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