Sd Card Delete Data Information By Itself - Lg Esteem

This is for people who have had their sd cards delete their information by itself. I have had this happen a couple of times and i am wondering if it is something to do with the sd card or the android system doing this.

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Delete Stored Credit Card Information

When you enter you credit card information and it is stored is there a way to delete it?

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Lg Esteem Is Reading A Sd Card That Is Not In The Device

So i when to put a 8 g card ( one that i reformatted) and tried to pop it in and it was picking up the old 2 g card. So i took the card out and left it with no card and still its reading a card that is not in the device. Can any one help me.

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Spare Uicc Card For Lg Esteem

Is there any way to get a spare uicc card? I bought an lg esteem off some guy and apparently he took out the 4g lte card for metro pcs and then screwed me over. So i was wondering if there is any way i can get a spare card? Or unlocking the phone please help.

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Sd Card Shows 4gb Instead Of 16gb Storage - Lg Esteem

Does anyone know what is going on here? I installed a 16gb sdcard into my lg esteem and when i look at settings app it shows a 16gb sdcard and a 4gb sim card. However, when other applications show they sdcard the report that there is only 4gb available. For example: the astro file manager appears to have two folders. One called "sdcard", which is 4gb in size and "_externalsd" (hidden), which is 16gb in size. Does anyone know what is going on here? When programs are saved to sdcard are they going to the 4gb sim card or 16gb sdcard or is the 16gb sdcard only showing 4gb of available storage?

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Htc Incredible -setup Personal Contact Card / All Kinds Of Information To Send To Another Phone

So the di has this wonderful feature where you can setup a personal contact card and include all kinds of awesome information to send to another phone. Currently though, you can only send a contact card via bluetooth. I feel this feature is extremely limited and would -love- to see it expanded beyond it's current capability to incorporate more methods of sending contacts to other phones that may or may not be running android os.

This is exactly the reason i am posting though, to see if perhaps there is an app on the android market or elsewhere that extends this functionality and not only allows me to send my own contact card, but other contacts on my list as well. I noticed a feature within the contacts list itself that lets me send via other methods (vcard) but how compatible is this with other phones?

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Lg Esteem 4g Data Speeds Of Metro Sufficient To Stream Music ?

Is the 4g speeds of metro sufficient to stream music without a ridiculously long buffering time? Or no buffer at all would be better and not like "yeah you can stream netflix on 1x but it might not work well. " No i want personal opinions about the data speeds. Like real world experiences. I want to stream music (xm radio to be exact) over the 4g data network at work to listen to. I usually have like 1 to 2 bars with my om at work so im hoping that the esteem will give me better signal too.

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Samsung Moment - Modify - Delete Sd Card Contents

When an app states that it wants permission to "modify/delete sd card contents" when installing. Does that mean it can somehow delete things like pictures on my phone?

I haven't seen this on my moment, but my sis has the "my touch 3g" and some of her apps are giving her this warning.

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Can't Delete Data Using A Getcontentresolver / Fix It

I can get the data with no problem. But i cannot delete the data.code.

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Htc Droid Eris - Delete .zip Used As Update Image From Phones Sd Card

I just updated to the 2. 1 v3 successfully and i am glad that i did. Can i delete the .zip that i used as the update image from the phones sd card?

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Htc Droid Eris - Can't Download Updates For Other Apps / Delete This Data From Phone

My htc mail application is taking up 54. 4mb of memory on my phone, causing a low memory warning to appear, even after i have deleted all the accounts other than my gmail, and this low memory seems to be causing gmail to stop downloading new mail to my phone, can't download updates for other applications, etc. How do i delete this data from my phone? Does anyone know how?

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Motorola Droid - Load Music Onto Phone / Trick To Know Data On Sd Card

I put music from media center onto the mini sd card that came with droid and put it back in the phone and nothing came up in my music app. Is there a different way i should be putting music on the sd card? I thought droid would automatically recognize the music but it is not. I open the music app and the screen comes up black blank. Is there a trick to this phone knowing the data on the sd card?

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Htc Desire - Clear Memory Card But Keep Gold Card For A Fresh Install

I need to clear my memory card but keep the gold card for a fresh install. Anyone tell me what i can keep and delet

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Is Unable To Mount Card / Sd Card Is Ready To Be Taken Out

My friend has this phone and he dropped it. It managed to survive but he thinks it may have cause it to stop reading the microsd card. Whenever he inserts it it says, "the phone is unable to mount the card and that the sd card is ready to be taken out. "

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Sprint Htc Hero - What Easiest Way To Move Everything From Stock 2gb Card To New 8gb Card

I am getting a new 8gb microsd card for my hero, i was wondering what the easiest way to move everything from my stock 2gb card to my new 8gb card? I am wanting to put a good bit of music on my hero and use it for my commute as an mp3 player, but i also am going to have all of the other stuff like pictures and things that the phone saves on the memory card.

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Htc Droid Eris - Large Data Transfers - Most Data Is Only Like 400 Kb Or Less

We have an htc droid and we have unlimited data plans. But i was just looking over the data usage and noticed most data is only like 400 kb or less. Probably checking email and whatnot. But there are these random ones. That are like 3000 kb at around 5, 5:30, 5:50am and even like 2am, when i know for a fact we are all sleeping. And then also there were a couple over the past couple days for around 2500 and 3000 at odd times when i knew we weren't on our phone. What's weird is i know we looked at a couple youtube videos, which might make them that large, but the times it showed we used the 2500 and 3000 were way off of the times we viewed the youtube videos. I don't know if the timing could be off or something? But what would cause these random larger than normal data transfers at odd times? Is it updates? Or what? Anyone else seen this?

I know they aren't horribly large transfers. But large enough for me to wonder what would be causing it at odd times. And with the youtube videos could the time just be off? On our other phone t hey are all in sync. But that phone is an env touch. I know the droid is different. With lots of apps and updates and stuff. So i'm just looking for some clarification on this!

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How To Get Information About My Application From Market

I find some web site can show information about my application, such as user comment and download count. Does anybody could tell me, how to retrieve those information from google?

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Need Information For Developing Application

I want to develop one application. I want to use tabs in my application. My applications has required 5 tabs in home screen. I am not able to display all tabs in main screen, because if i display all tabs in mail screen, tab names are not showing properly.

So i want to diaplay 2 tabs first after that i want to show some arrow icon, if i click on arrow icon remaining tabs shold be displayed on main screen

How to do this?

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Best Browser On Lg Esteem

Many people (like me) have been trying to find out what is the best browser on our lg esteem. I'm undecided, so make your vote to help me out as well as others.

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How Fast Is The 4g On The Lg Esteem ?

A couple concerns with 4g, first how fast is the 4g on the esteem n second if you root your esteem, is their any tweeks to improve the 4g?

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Get Soft Keyboad Render Information

When a edittext is tapped, the soft keyboad will show up, can i get the soft keyboard render information? Such as the width and height in pixel, and the current position (x, y) on the screen?

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Get Information On Which Activity Currently Showing (in Foregorund)

I wonder if there is a way to get information on which activity currently has focus (is in the foreground)? I am using instrumentation and i would like to know which activity is currently running in the application that i am testing against.

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Getting Transit Information From Google Maps

I'm trying to write a widget that will determine where the closest light rail stop is in my city, there's only 13 so it's not too hard to do those manually. But i also want it to show the next departure time of the eastbound and westbound trains at that stop. This is difficult since there's not a whole lot of rhyme or reason to the timing. Since google already does this online and in the maps application i was wondering if it's at all possible to grab that info?

If it isn't, does anyone have any suggestions on what i should do? It's not at all feasible to hardcode all of the times (something like 7000) so the only think i can think of is screen scraping, but even that could get ridiculous fast.

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What Information Is Mixzing Sending To Their Server

So i'm looking at media players and i found mixzing and am moderately impressed with the features in the program. I'm almost willing to fork over the $7, but the more i research it the more i find references to the app talking to a "server" for some reason. I have no idea why and there doesn't seem to be any information out there on why mixzing is talking to a 3rd party server. I know it generates recommendations and downloads album art, but the developer seems to imply that even if you turn off those two features in the app that it will still talk to the server.

Can someone tell me why that would be? Why does mixzing's server need information about my media library if it's not going to be generating recommendations? What other information is it passing to them about my device and my library?

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Lg Esteem Vs Connect - Comparison

I have an esteem got the connect a week ago and wanted to leave my input for everyone to know. So i tried all roms and kernels on my esteem and found best combo to be zvd cleaned up and zvd speed kernel. I use tsf shell which is a 55mb ram launcher but so worth it. I used overclocked for a month too. So i got the connect to see how it is and i really wanted to use 4g while on the phone. I did not realize how much a difference it would be. I was skeptical due to the smaller screen and no hdmi. And quite frankly i was very surprised

The lg connect with its massive ram is excellent at multitasking. It was faster snappier and better than my esteem overall while bloated. The screen is clearly much more vibrant more contrast and very nice colors better than the iphone 4s which my friend has. I am very impressed with the phone overall no lag no bugs and no overheating as others have claimed. Battery life i would say is 30-40 percent better than the esteem with the exact same setup of apps and all. The difference in screen size was unnoticeable and not worthy of mentioning honestly it did not bother me at all and i did not feel a difference. It is also alot nicer in the pocket but i did like the dock with my esteem which i dont have here and i realized i never use my hdmi out to be honest.

So would i recommend the lg connect? Yes i would i am sure you will feel a clear difference especially with the ram difference and 4g while on the phone. Im loving it. Will keep you updated with what i find. Btw i now have it rooted and de-bloated to a certain extent using just freeze. I still have the lg esteem and i switch between them occasionally to test some things out on 4g ability but nothing noticeable thus far.

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Phoenix Launcher - Lg Esteem

Has anyone tried this home replacement out? It still could use a little more updates but if you want ics this is practically the closest thing to it!

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Cracked Screen - Lg Esteem

Well, i was running and slipped cut my leg open right across my shin, could have gotten about 5-6 stitches but i don't have insurance but i do for my phone lol but at this point i read another person said the screen is not covered under insurance. So, i was looking for just the glass part but looks like they only sell the part as a whole unit. The digitizer is fine and so is the lcd cause the phone still works fine and other than the top layer being cracked and the lcd isn't bleeding etc. Only the glass broke and when i say broke its shattered/spider-ed pretty bad. So, i have a question. Does anyone know for sure that insurance will not cover this? And if it does not cover it maybe someone has a bricked esteem they want to sell me cheaper than this. Touch screen digitizer for lg metro pcs lg esteem ms910 + tools | ebay

I am kinda worried about that screen cause it says metro in the picture but its supposed to say lg and when you scroll down it says revolution ***? And i was reading they are not the same exact part.

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Ringtones Will Not Stick - Lg Esteem

No matter what i do my ringtone will not stick. And are constantly randomly changing! The only way i can get a ringtone to stick is to change the format to . Ogg and inject it into the system where all the default ringtones are kept! Anyone know how to fix this or anyone else have this problem?

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Lg Esteem Vs Apple Iphone 4s

I've been an apple fan for 20 years. My girlfriend gave me an lg esteem for my birthday, and will pay 60 dollars a month for unlimited talk and data on metropcs's 4g lte network. My apple friends said i should reject her gift, and get an iphone 4s on sprint, verizon, or at&t. Verizon for the fewest dropped calls, sprint for unlimited data, and at&t if you want your iphone to surf and talk simultaneously.

Problem: i tried a demo of each phone for 15 minutes, and cannot decide what to do. So far the following seems true: iphone is more expensive than esteem (esteem is $250) and the iphone has a mandatory two year contract for at least $100/month. Metro's esteem has no contract and is 60 dollars month-to-month for unlimited talk and data on 4g lte in the bay area. Iphone is only 3g, not 4g. Iphone has a much longer battery life and is a little smaller and lighter. Esteem has a larger screen and surfs faster on the web. Iphone will back up everything to your computer, whereas only parts of the data can be backed up with the esteem, but i have no idea how to back up the esteem. Iphone's battery is built in, whereas the esteem has a replaceable 1500 mah and 3000 mah battery. I forgot to try "siri" on the iphone, but the esteem's talk to text seemed good, but failed on capitalizations and punctuations. Iphone had a better camera, but the esteem pictures on the screen looked better. Apple's iphone has up to 64gb of built in internal memory, whereas esteem has less even if you add a card.

Apple users say android is not good, and android users love their android phones. Can't find anyone who has used both often. So which should i chose, the esteem or iphone4s, and why ?

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How To Downgrade To Zvb On Lg Esteem?

I have version zvc and i want to downgrade to version zvb, please help me, i want root access again.

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