Get Preinstalled Messaging App To Stop Sending Me Notifications At Top Bar

Biggest question is that when i instal and sms program, how do i get the preinstalled messaging app to stop sending me notifications at the top bar.

Second, which sms app is the best. I have been using handcent, but it tends to send and load a lil slow.

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Samsung Fascinate - Get Deleted Messaging Icon From Home Bar Back

How do i get the bugger back? I have no idea how i managed it. Late night, bourbon infused. Things happen! The bar that pops up at the bottom when pressing the home key. Phone, contacts, messaging(missing, now a void), apps.

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Remove Cal Counter In Information Bar At Top Of Screen?

I want to remove the cal counter in the information bar at the top of the screen.

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Notifications Continue To Stack Up / Stop It

I am making an app where the user can set an alarm based on gps location. I only want 1 alarm to be active at any one time. So, when the user sets a 2nd alarm, i want to cancel the notification for the 1st alarm (then set a new notification for the 2nd alarm).

Right now, my notifications continue to stack up (as in i can't delete them, so they are all active). Here is my code where i am trying to delete the alarm and notification(s) code.

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Stop All Email Notifications And Internet Activity?

Stop email notifications, from what i can see i have all my notification off, but still getting emails, i am off to spain soon and do not want to come back to a huge bill.
How can i stop all notifications, also stop all internet activity.
Phone is a g1 and running 1. 6.

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Stop Update Notifications For Twitter & Google

Stopping update notifications for twitter & google, i do not use google goggles or twitter, cannot uninstall them, but keep getting update notifications for them on my droid phone. Sine i cannot uninstall the apps, is there a way to at least stop the update notifications? I don't want to keep them updated because the updates take up needed space on the phone.

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - Messaging In Mini Pro Keeps Trying To Send Even Though There Is No Credit / Stop It

When i use a prepaid phone card and try to send a message when i have insufficient credit the messaging service keeps trying to resend the message and ten or twenty pop-ups with "insufficient credit" keeps coming, and i have to close them one by one.

The messaging service should stop trying if it there is no credit.

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Stop Default "messages" Notifications

I installed chompsms and i cannot figure out how to stop the default "messages"'s notifications.

Simple question but i can't figure it out.

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Motorola Droid - App That Allows Me To Only Password Lock My Messaging App

The only thing i want to lock on my phone is my messages so no one else can read them. Is there any app or something that allows me to only password lock my messaging app?

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Samsung Vibrant - Benifit To Remove Preinstalled Apps Aka Bloatware / How To Do

Anyone remove preinstalled apps aka bloatware?

Is there any benifit to it at all?

If anyone has can someone make a how too.

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Switch Content Views On App Sending Over A Variable

I'm trying to switch content views on my application and i wanna send over a variable along with it. So my main class has a button and when you click it, it brings you to a different content view (i have an intent setup) so yeah in the main class it has a variable and i wanna bring it to the new content view. How can i do this?

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Motorola Droid - Messaging App Takes To Calendar

All of a sudden, when i open the messaging app it opens calendar instead.

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Need Instant Messaging App To Use Different Accounts (facebook, Aim)

I'm looking for an instant messaging application where i can use different accounts (facebook, aim).

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App To Access A Sound File Sent To Card From Messaging

Does anyone know of an app that will allow me to access a sound file that was sent to the card from messaging? I was able to save it but can't access it.

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Motorola Droid - Extract Out Unified Messaging App From Phone?

So i went in and tried the droid 2 in the store. There is a totally new "unified" messaging app. It looks like this may be a motorola / blur app.

The thing is that this email app works with my corporate email system, while the email app on my droid w/ 2. 2 still doesn't work.

I'd hate to upgrade hardware due to a software problem, but i really dislike touchdown, and would like to get my hands on that apk.

Is there any chance someone will be able to extract out the unified messaging app from the droid 2?

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Heytell Voice Messaging App Not Working On Evo / Fix It

does anyone use heytell? Cant get it working for me on my evo. Heytell is like a ptt push-to-talk messaging program that works on android and ios.

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Motorola Droid 2 - Instant Messaging App To Send Attachments

Does anyone know if there is an instant messaging app that has the ability to send attachments?

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Display Notifications When Charging App

I was just in the evo forum in a thread about using the evo's kickstand, and i got an idea for an app. I'm wondering if one exists or if anyone knows how to do what i'm thinking. When i'm sitting in my office at work, i've got my phone on the charger. The problem with this is that i get no led notifications when my phone is on the charger (it's solid orange or solid green). I keep my phone on silent at work, so i never know if anything is going on on my phone without waking it up and looking at it. I'm used to a blackberry which i had set up to use the led to notify me in different colors and flashing speeds of anything that might be happening on my phone. I miss having that functionality.

What i'm thinking would be handy would be a desk clock type of application-something where i stick my evo on the charger, flip out the kickstand, and have it display any active notifications (and update as they arrive). That way a quick glance would tell me if i have new email, a new sms, etc, just as a quick glance at my blackberry used to do. Since it's on the charger, there's no problem with it staying awake. I would just want the application to avoid any screen burn. I figure a refresh of the active notifications along with a move on the screen at a preset interval would provide this. Anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for me? In a blackberry-to-evo thread yesterday, the lack of blackberry-style led notifications came up multiple times as one of the few areas of disappointment with this phone, so i imagine this would be a popular application if someone wants to jump on board to develop it. I know i would happily throw a fews bucks out there to have this feature.

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Facebook App Not Updating Notifications / Fix It

My facebook app is currently not updating my notifications and gives me an error when i try to refresh it. Anyone else experiencing this? Any new fix in sight?

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Name Of App That Turn Bluetooth On And Off Through My Notification Bar

On my old hero i managed to be able to turn bluetooth on and off through my notification bar, please can someone let me know what app has this.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Need App To Control Notifications

I saw on here somehwere that people are using an app to lower volume on notifications during the night and yet still use the phone as an alarm clock.

The name of that app would be great

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Fixed Action Bar Similiar To The Facebook App

I have implemented the action bar (not the quick action bar) in my app. The action bar is based on the one used in the google io app and the facebook app. I am stumped though, trying to understand how to keep the action bar fixed. When an activity needs scrolling, the action bar needs to be remain fixed.

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Looking For Ebay Selling App That Gets Info From Bar Codes

In a few weeks in gona be selling a load of xbox 360 games on ebay, i have scanned a few of the games with the bard code reader and the games get picked up. Im looking for an app that can scan the games, then upload the description to ebay, does any one know of any apps that do this?

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Htc Incredible - App To Modify My Vibrations For Calendar Notifications

Does anyone know a good app that will modify my vibrations for my calendar notifications?

What i need is something that will let me know that i've got a meeting coming up even if i'm somewhere where i've had to silent my phone.

I've tried searching through different vibration related apps on appbrain.

And downloaded a few with no luck.

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App Name To Scan And Stores Bar Codes (gym , Gas Cards)

I know i've read about the app before but can't remember what it's called. I'm looking for an app that can scan and stores the bar codes such as gym cards, gas cards, etc so you don't have to carry the cards around.

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App For Phone Plan Tracker - Usages Vs Plan Bar Graph

So everyone is on a voice plan with maybe _ evenings minutes after 5 or 9 or _ weekend minutes and lets say _ sent text messages a month. The app i would love to be made would be you input what you plan allows for and your billing cycle. The app will then record when you make calls so you can see when or if your going over ur phone plan. Your usages vs ur plan bar graph style would be amazing. If you add a tracker for data used it would make this app even better. (Yes i know there are apps out there for data usage tracker). Well i hope you like the idea. If you need me to explain my idea more just let me know. Or if there is another app that does exactly this let me know.

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App To Stop Calls Being Made By Mistake

I've just had to hard rest my desire. One program that i used all the time but can't remember the name of was an app that required confirmation of a chosen number prior to it being called. Although it required an extra key press each time a call was made, it was for me invaluable. Can anyone please remind me of the app's name.

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How To Remove Or Stop Default Email App On Galaxy S2?

How do you remove or stop the email app on the sgs2? I have maildroid now and i am using that from now on i don't want to use the other app, i have took the tick out of the default email app on the phone that is already installed when you get the phone so i don't receive notifications from that email app how do i get rid of it or stop or completely?

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Gps Wont Stop Even After Removed Listeners Or Exited App

My app have 1 view, on chekbox it starts gps and on onother check it stops gps to get current location. I have private listener class to listen to location changes. Onlocationupdate it updates couple of static variables. I am explicitly removing the listener but i am still getting updates to the static vars. I tried to set the listener to null, system. Gc you name it.

I put a toast to make sure that lm. Removeupdates(locationlistener); is happening and it is getting to that line.

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App Reloads Previous E-mail And Considers It A New When Delete It / Stop This

I have a question about k-9 mail.
The application works great and i love it except for this one issue.

Whenever i delete a new e-mail, the application reloads a previous e-mail and considers it a new e-mail and i get a new notification and a new mail (which is old) that is marked unread.

Is there a way to stop it from pulling previous e-mails and only new e-mails?

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