Internet / Data Connection Problem - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have upgraded to a sg2 but i'm having issues connecting to the internet. I have the data network mode activated & my apn is 02 uk mobile web. However, i get 'internet not available' messages even if i have a good signal & a g showing. I can be standing in the same location that my old se symbian phone connected, although very slowly. And friends with different phones can connect. I hoped the new phone would work better not worse for the internet - the reviews said it was excellent! On the rare occasion i'm in a h area its fine but these spots are infrequent. Are there any other settings i need, any suggestions on how i can get this working.

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Can I Use Phone As A Gps Without Data Plan Or Internet Connection?

Is it possible to use my phone as a gps without internet connection or data plan? I couldn't get any signal it always says waiting for driving location forever!

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Issue: Tethering Makes Data Connection Icon Disappears On Galaxy S2

Everytime i set up my phone for wifi tethering i seem to have a problem. The main thing i notice is my data connection icon disappears i.e 3g, h, h+ with the up/down arrow flashing indication data transfer. However, when i switch off the tethering the icon reappears. The same thing happens when i even try usb tethering. The last time it has worked was before i updated it to 2. 3. 5 from 2. 3. 3. Can anyone advise, thanks in advance.

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Samsung Gt I5503 - How To Switch Off Data Connection ?

I have recently bought samsung gt i5503. Can anyone tell me how to switch off its data connection?
The enable always-on mobile does not deactivates. Also while connecting to kies my device does not show any ext memory present.

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Samsung Captivate - Data Connection Fail W/ Media Mall Downloads

Does anyone know why i keep getting an error message "data connection failed" when i try to download a ringtone i purchased from at&t media mall? I have an at&t samsung captivate i897. I did the "online chat" with an at&t person. She couldn't help me and opened a trouble ticket. I have yet to hear from them.

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Samsung Galaxy 5 Internet Not Connected

I'm using sasmung galaxy 5 and was able to connect to the wifi. But whenever i try to browse, use youtube, email or any internet related apps it always says that i'm not connected. Any reason and solutions for this?

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No Internet Connection Is Present / App Hangs

I'm trying to get an http response using bufferedreader in = new bufferedreader(new inputstreamreader (url. Openstream())); but if no internet connection is present the app hangs here. Can any one give me a way to prevent this

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Samsung Galaxy S2 Will Not Connect To Internet On 3g After Update

After yesterdays update, my galaxy s2 will not connect to the internet on 3g, i have a sim free phone running on giffgaff. I have tried all the things they say, but to no avail.

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Using Usb 2 Ethernet Adapter With Htc For Internet Connection

Is it possible to plug a usb 2 ethernet adapter to an android phone (say htc) and use an ethernet cable to connect to the web? (When wifi is not available)?. Anyone tried this on a phone which also had debian/ubutnu installed?.

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Issue: Phone Switches Off Internet Connection After Few Minutes

Recently downloaded 2. 3. 5 from kies. Phone works ok but when i go on internet it switches off the connection after a couple of minutes and says there is no signal! It also engages something called 'media scanner'. Any suggestions gratefully accepted.

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Samsung Galaxy S - No Setting For Disabling Mobile Internet

A friend of mine was sold an sgs by o2 this week without a data plan. This was at her request because she is not that tech savvy and did not appreciate how integral to android data is. L pointed out that unless she got a data plan she needed to turn off mobile internet to avoid getting stung but when i tried there did not appear to be any way to do it. The options that i have in the settings and power button menu on my desire were missing. I thought these settings were stock android. Am i wrong? Or have samsung or o2 removed these settings?

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Htc Hero - Connect To Internet With A Pppoe Connection On Phone

Can anyone tell me how to connect to the internet with a pppoe connection on a htc hero? I have a free wi-fi access point at work but must sign up with own internet pppoe account.

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Samsung Galaxy Gt I5503 - Unable To Browse Internet / Cannot Connect To Pc Using Usb

I bought a new galaxy 5 mobile recently. I have few issues. 1. I have a wireless connection for internet at home. I am able to connect my mobile to the wireless modem. But i am not able to browse the internet? Can anyone help on this. 2. I have installed the latest version of kies software. But when i connect my phone using usb to the pc a dialog box appears "windows-no disk with tabs cancel, retry and continue. If you cancel or retry or continue it will return back until you remove the usb. How can this be sorted out.

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Gw620 Makes Data Connection

Gw620 makes data connection, edge or 3g, by itself. I restored factory settings, all sync profiles are gone, but still it makes connection. I made an empty profile for data, so it can not connect. Where can i see, what program wants to connect?

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Randomly Losing Data Connection

I've been having issues with my intercept lately. I will randomly lose all data connection about twice a day for at most half an hour. I've only had it for a week, but i've experienced this problem over the last several days. Has anyone else experienced this issue?

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Samsung Galaxy S2 - Cannot Restore Phone Data After Upgrade To 4.0.3

I have had 4 failed attempts or restore my phone data which i backed up with kies before i upgraded but on my phone i have my apps and pictures and i had to default phone and contact icons for my phone and contact icons so i replaced them with the phone icon and contact icon that was in my menu, but i didn't have all my contacts so i synced all my stuff from gmail on the phone and i have the missing numbers back, but i am still trying to complete my restore on kies just in case i haven't got everything i backed up, anyone had this problem?

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Data Packet Keep Switching On - Samsung Galaxy Ace

Why does data packet keep switching on? Just got an ace on o2 payg. My data packets keep switching on despite knocking them off. Usually after the phone sleeps and i reactivate, it is back on again. Please help as this is using my credit i have deactivated all auto updates, auto syncing etc that i can find and checked all apps for permissions etc. What else could be happening here?

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Licencing Servermanagedpolicy Returns Dontallow When No Data Connection Is Active

I've implemented the android licensing in my application following the example code using the servermanagedpolicy.

The licence checker works fine, however when a device or emulator has no data connection then the licensing code will always return dontallow(), while i want it to allow. I cannot seem to find anything on the page above that details how to avoid this.

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Htc Evo 4g - 3g Data Connection Suddenly Drops / Solve This

I keep running into this issue. First of all, i live in a very good service area, so it's not lack of a strong signal that causes this. I'll be using the web browser and suddenly a page won't load and i look up to notice my 3g icon is gone! It usually takes turning off/on the phone to get it back. It's super annoying and i was wondering if anyone else ever experiences this and if so, is there anything that can be done to fix it?

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Cannot Install, Update Apps Or Clear Cache Data - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Can't install, uninstall or update any apps either through google play on phone or through internet. When trying on my phone, the screen gets stuck at the blue progress line ("installing", "uninstalling", etc. ) And never completes. Back button doesn't leave the screen, but the home button and recent apps button will get me out, and i can go back to the settings>apps screen and try again.

Can't clear cache or data for any apps from the settings>apps. All apps say "computing. " For storage and cache info and never change. In settings>apps>running a number of games (small street, contract killer, stardom, e. Warriors, etc. ) Auto-start and keep coming back after i force close or reboot.

Here's what i've done so far to try to fix it. Reboot, shut down, battery pull. Force close every suspicious app. Certain apps keep coming back. Tried to clear cache of google play store app, but it doesn't seem to clear. Also, clear data, uninstall update never completed. Read more at the forum.

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Cannot Disable " Data Background Services " After Upgrade To Ics - Samsung Galaxy S2

Since upgrading to ics (ice cream sandwich) with my galaxy s2, one of the changes is you can no longer disable "data background services". When i bought my phone a couple of months ago i was told in the o2 shop to disable data background services to enhance the battery life. I did this and the battery lasted really well as i only enabled the service when i needed to. This facility has now gone and i am finding my battery life really quite poor.

I don't use the mobile network for internet as have wifi at home and work so my phone is connected to that. I notice it must be doing things in the background as i get alerts for facebook, twitter etc so i presume it is working hard in the background and that is what using the battery. Does anyone have any suggestions as to how i can improve the battery life. It is really annoying that this has gone with the upgrade as it certainly made a big difference.

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Samsung Exhibit 4g Connection Problem

Whenever i try to use my 4g connection it is able to send a receive data from the tower just fine
After a few minutes it starts to glitch out on me and it gets stuck on sending data to the tower with no response. The only way to fix this error is to turn on and off data packet data, but it happens again and faster each time i do that. So ive decided to switch to a slow-as-molasses edge connection. My data plan is limited by 2gb per billing cycle then afterwards it gets slowed down. The time when i get a new bill is the only time it seems to work again. But then again, i only have 2gb. Can anyone help me with this?

I have a samsung exhibit 4g
My carrier is t-mobile
My android model is gingerbread
And the version is 2. 3

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Samsung Moment - Internet Explorer Can Be Downloaded On Phone

Can anyone tell me if internet explorer can be downloaded on my samsung moment phone? I found a spoof of ie but it doesn't seem to work for me.

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Samsung Moment - No Internet / No Uploading Of Android Apps

I just got my moment upgraded to android 2. 1 today at the sprint store, and at first it was working fine, but then. No internet, no uploading of android apps. I did a hard reset, and still no luck. Should i just bring it back to the store tomorrow, or does anyone here have any tips for me?I am not the most tech savvy, but i am a quick learner.

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Samsung Fascinate - Set Internet Exploerer Browswer On Phone

On my bb storm there was a way for me to adjust my browser settings so that the websites i visited recognized my browser as ie browser. I have been unable to track down an option like this for the fascinate. Does anyone have any advice for how i might make this happen as some of the sites i use require the browser to either be ie or mozilla?

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Samsung I7500 - Disable Internet _ Syncing Of Things Like Calendar And Contacts

Can i disable the internet or syncing of things like calendar and contacts?

My internet access is very expensive so i'd like to control when it's on or off.

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Samsung Fascinate - Phone Looses Net Connection After A Few Minutes Connected To Pc / Fix It

Well we got 2 phones and installed pdanet on both. My phone looses net connection after a few min connected to the pc but wifes works perfectly. I have to reboot my phone way too much to get my internet access. I am taking it back tomorrow and see if a new one fixes the problem. Her reception is also much better than mine. Love this phone but i think qc is different from phone to phone.

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Samsung I7500 - Can't Find Paid Apps - Wifi Never Seems To Hold The Connection

There was a time when i could see paid apps in the market and have purchased several including better keyboard. For the past couple of months, i just cannot see any paid apps on the market and nor do i see upgrade notifications for paid apps that i have already purchased (for instance, i cannot find newer versions of better keyboard although it's installed on my i7500, and was purchased from the market). Any idea what the problem might be?

Also, wifi never seems to hold the connection when the phone goes to sleep even though it's set to 'never' in the wi-fi sleep setting.

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Data Not Working After Swapped From Galaxy S2 To Skyrocket

I just swapped to a skyrocket from a normal gs2, and now i can't get the data to work at all. Wifi is fine, but no data. It seems like a setting or something but i have the "data packet" checked on in the mobile data settings. My sim card says 3g and is white and blue, not sure why that would matter though. I live in an area (ottawa, il) that doesn't have lte so i should have h+ but im not sure what im doing wrong? I checked the power save mode etc. Any ideas?

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Samsung Moment - Clear Data Music Storage

Can anyone clear their music player data ?

Under settings/application settings/manage applications/musicplayer

I can clear the data under music, but i cant seem to clear the data under musicplayer. The problem im having is my music player seems to be cache so when i add new music or edit music to my sdcard, it dosent see the changes. So i figue if i could clear the data it would refresh or "rescan" the music on the sdcard. Im just not able to clear the data 16. 00kb.

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