Samsung Galaxy S2 - Reflash S2 I9100 Back To Factory Settings

How to reflash s2 i9100 back to factory settings? I have upgraded my s2 from gingerbread to ics (xxlpq) but with many issues. Battery icon not being displayed on main menu bar. As i didn't backup the apn stuffs im not able to connect to my network operator. Gps not working. I want to go back to my old gingerbread 2. 3. 0, can anyone guide me in reflashing the same (i dont know which version was installed in my phone by the manufacturer).

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 - "reflash" / Restore Phone To Factory Settings With A Locked Screen

So i locked my phone somehow because i forgot the pattern combination and now its asking for a gmail account, i tried my account but it doesn't work! How do i "reflash" or restore the phone to factory settings with a locked screen? Please someone help me i havnt been able to use my phone for a few days now.

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Cannot Find Update For Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2

I am not a long time andriod user. I just bought my s2 5 days ago and i found out that i have old like ancient os version on my system (2. 3. 5)and i tried to check update through device but no update found. So i checked via kies (which is also disgusting piece of app) nothing found.

Csc code=i9100ojpkj1

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Samsung Galaxy S2 I9100 Randomly Reboots By Itself

Since upgrading to 4. 0. 3, (xxlpq) my phone (i9100)randomly reboots by itself, i will look down and it will be on the samsung screen booting back up, anyone else experiencing this? Not sure how often, maybe at least once a day.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Custom Theme - Back To Factory

Uninstalled the custom theme and the other progam that makes it run. That put it back to factory. Then i was doing other things and tried to go back to home, and it made me choose which action to take to get there. I chose "android" and told it to use this by default.

Well, apparently, this takes it back to like the vanilla android, i guess? I don't like it. That was half the reason i hated the custom theme because it ran things like vanilla andriod.

I must be the only person that prefers this, but please help me get back to factory.

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Unable To Connect To Gt-i9100 - Cannot Connect To Kies - Samsung Galaxy S2

I have installed ics update via samsung kies for my s2. After that i can't connect to kies. I am getting below message on kies. Unable to connect to gt-i9100. Failed to retrieve device information

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How To Reset Service Settings For Samsung Galaxy S2 ?

I am stuck in service settings for samsung galaxy sii i9100 after using swift code *#*#197328640#*#*. Even after rebooting and factory reseting my phone the problem remain there. That is in my bluetooth headset and handsfree i cannot hear a call even i can hear music and other tunes. I have checked the headset and handfree on other phones where it works correctly. Please can anyone tell me how to reset or restore the service settings.

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Display Settings For Background And Text - Samsung Galaxy S2

I do my like my samsung galaxy sii very much. But being a long time iphone user one of things i loved on the iphone was the basic display protocol is dark text on a light background, and i much prefer this to the light (white) text on a dark background that all android phones seem to have. On the iphone navigating from screen to screen everything was on a light background so visually it was very easy on my eyes (iphone did have an option to reverse this)

On my samsung galaxy sii i'm talking specifically about the applications section (has black background), or in settings, the background is always black, and just generally navigating around through emails or messaging, the backgrounds are always black and/or very dark. For example when in an actual email the background is white and the text is dark, which is great, but when you're in the screen just before this, which lists all your emails, everything is very dark.

I'm told this is standard in the android operating system, and not a samsung galaxy issue, so it cannot be changed. Is this true? If i can change it, how do i do so, and is it an easy fix?

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300% Battery Improvement Settings - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I have been struggling with battery life for some time now. I have tried every possible combination of settings on juice defender but ran into issues where my 3g wouldn't connect - forcing me to power cycle. Anyway, i disabled jd but did not change anything else and now get a very noticeable improvement in battery life.

Here are screen shots from 2 separate days on the same battery from a fully charged state. In both, i am in my office, connected to the same router. I used the phone almost identically both days - talk time, screen on time, etc.

In the first shot, you can see wifi disables and enables every 5 minutes - per jd. I also had it plugged in 2x for about 5 minutes each. I got 9. 75hrs.

In the second shot, wifi is on the entire time and jd is disabled. Not sure why it was "awake" for the long period of time in the middle of the day but it still didn't affect it. I got 28hrs.

The results are drastic - nearly a 300% improvement. I have read in other places that this phone does better with wifi enabled constantly but here is the proof. Go to forum to see the screen-shots and replies from other users.

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Motorola Droid - Want To Get Back To Stock 2.0.1 / Can I Do A Factory Data Reset

So i have cyanogenmod v5. 0. 4. 3 and i want to get back to stock 2. 0. 1. Can i do a factory data reset what exactly will that do?

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Motorola Droid X - Layout Messed Up / Restore Entire Phone Back To Factory Setup

Something i must have downloaded (app) changed my whole screen  home page is gone. Is there a way to just restore the entire phone back to factory set up?

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Htc Evo 4g - Lost My Settings / Get Them Back

This might be the dumbest question ever on this board, but here goes. I accidentally hit some button or series of buttons and managed to change my entire setup. I had everything customized to which apps and widgets i wanted and somehow poof it's gone. I know i am in the right 'scene' now, the sprint one. But i can't seem to get back to the things i had changed. Any clues or tricks?

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How Do I Back Up The Phone ? Samsung Galaxy S2

Im still not sure if it's worth me doing ics (orange uk) upgrade, or even if i can yet but what i want to know sounds really thick. How do i back up the phone? I'm so untechy it's a miracle i can turn a smartphone on and off so any help will have to be a real. For dummies type answer. Is it possible to back it up so that i can just put everything back how it is now? I'd like my phone to stay the same to look at etc but have the new stuff in it.

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How To Go Back To Your Original Rom? - Samsung Galaxy S2 (international)

Yesterday i got the ics but as web user i didn't really like it, because you can't watch youtube in the internet explorer without using youtube app, or any other video. I used to watch live tv or football games but now it says u need flash player or sometimes just a black page. If any one know how to go back to your original rom, i remember its android 2. 3. 5 gingerbread but i don't know the first characters like kxx.

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Samsung Galaxy S - Difference Between Different Type Of Cases (gel, Hard Back) / Which One Best

If anyone search on ebay for cases of samsung galaxy s i9000 many results come up and there is a wide variety of different type of cases. Gel, hard back etc. I was wondering whats the difference between them, which one is suited for which purpose and which are most effective?

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Phone Never Turn Back On After Flash Ics Rom - Samsung Galaxy S2 (t-mobile)

I recently just got the phone and then i flash ics rom on the phone for some reason after i rebooted it it never turn back on i guess its brick now i call customer service and lied to them that i drop the phone into water then they told me i gotta go through my insurance asurion if i go threw them and lied thats a fraud right and they will figure out it was rooted i dunno what to do please help what should i do.

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Samsung Fascinate - Spontaneous Factory Reset

I have experienced multiple spontaneous fascinate reboots that leave the phone in its factory state. Is anyone else seeing this? What could be causing this?It is highly annoying to reinstall everything time after time.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Can't Get Factory Reset To Work

What's the trick to doing the factory reset by holding the volume down, power button and camera button at same time?All it will do it turn the phone back on.

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Samsung I7500 - Can't Find Sound Recorder Under Application Settings / Install App In Order To Record Audio

I can't find sound recorder under application settings but no way to use it. It's at 0b.

Do i have to install an app in order to record audio?

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Htc Evo 4g - Can We Do A Stock Reflash Of Evo

Both my g/f and i have an evo. She's had hers a little longer and tinkered, loaded apps etc. And it crashes and reboots about 3 or 4 times a day. Mostly at random while not even touching the phone. I've only had mine a few weeks and it has not restarted once. She may have bad hardware but we don't know. So we went into settings, sd & phone storage, factory data reset. We ran that option and it cleared the phone for the most part. We thought that would be the fix but her phone still reboots a few times a day.

So is there a way to do an actual reflash of the phone? I assume that means getting the evo rom (is that right?) And an app to reflash it. We don't want a custom rom or anything, just a stock reflash so it quits crashing. Can we do that or do we have to take it into the sprint store and wait around for hours?

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Samsung Captivate - What Are Complete Settings For Receiving E-mail With E-mail Boxes That Come With Phone

I went to the att site to get the proper settings to set up my mail account and they are incomplete on their site, so therefore i think i am experiencing problems receiving mail. What are the complete settings for receiving e-mail with the e-mail boxes that come with the phone? I don't want to set up the yahoo icon stuff. I want one place where i can look at my e-mails. I also set the frequency to 5 minutes, the lowest time, even though i am used to "push".

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Samsung Captivate - Phone Keeps Going Back / Why Is So

Does anyone have this problem?

I just got my phone today, was testing the phone to see if it works correctly. I open the menu, it went back to home screen. I clicked on the application on the menu, the application opened and soon it went back to the menu. It is random, but happens pretty frequent. It is becoming annoy because it stops my work and went back to previous screen.

Is it a hardware or software issue?

I had hard reset the phone, but doesn't work.

Does anyone have same problem?

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Samsung Vibrant - Deleted Something - Where To Get It Back

The vibrant has a recycle bin or something similar. Cause i just deleted something and i want to have it again.

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Samsung Captivate - How To Get Back Into Launcherpro

Yesterday i turned off launcherpro to transfer stuff back and forth with my pc and when i went to switch launcherpro back to default i accidentally hit twlauncher instead. How do i get back into launcherpro? I've tried reinstalling but that didn't help.

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Samsung Captivate - How To Back Up Phone Using A Mac

New to the whole android experience. How would i go about backing up everything on my captivate? I work on a mac. Any suggestions? Also, my phone is not rooted.

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Samsung Captivate - Get Cognition Keyboard Back

On the cognition 2. 2 rom, there's apparently a lack of the original android keyboard. Being my favorite of the available keyboards, i'd like it back. Any ideas as to how to get it back?

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Samsung Captivate - Antenna Plug On Back Of Phone / For What This Is

I noticed what looks like an antenna plug on the back of the phone. Anyone know what this is for? It looks like a wifi plug like the ones in laptops.

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Samsung Behold 2 - Get Default Home App Back

Bh_man's roms are great and everything, but i'm a little disturbed that choices get made for me like which home screen app to use and there's no way to even switch back - the default home screen app is gone. How can i get the default home app back? I just want the stock system, i thought these roms were supposed to be lightweight stock roms

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Samsung Behold 2 - How To Change A Folder Back To .apk

How the heck do i make the apk file work on my phone? Lol. I (think) i signed the framework-res.apk file and pushed it over. Assumed that's all i had to do. What am i missing?

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Samsung Fascinate - How To Just Get Phone Back To Stock To Start Over

I was able to root my phone. Then i installed voodoo. A custom rom etc. I was unable to download any apps from the market. I tried to wipe and the root and return everything to factory reset via odin. Long story short my phone attempts to reboot and there is a *** load of "force close" appliation message that pops up over and over. How do i just get this phone back to stock to start over? What is the simplest method?

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