Nexus - Error - Application Google Voice (process Has Stopped Unexpectedly

I just installed sweeterhome 2 beta and now when i try to load up google voice i'm getting the error "sorry! The application google voice (process Apps.googlevoice) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. "

I've restarted my phone a couple times. I've also reinstalled google voice. Still, the error persists. Any idea what's going on?! I was looking forward to using sweeterhome but if it kills google voice (for whatever reason. ) I'll have to ditch the awesome new themes! I needs my google voice.

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Clearing / Deleting All Calendar Data Error - Application Google Services Framework Has Stopped Unexpectedly

Today i started getting the dreaded "the application google services framework(process Process. Gapps ) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. Error. In the past clearing calendar data in my settings (calendar storage & all calendar applications) then re-syncing solved the problem. This process is well documented and i'm quite familiar with it. Didn't work today.

When clearing all calendar data didn't work i tried deleting all calendar data in my google account through the website. There is now no data in my google calendar. But when i open my calendar app, if my google calendar is selected, all the previous events suddenly reappear. They shouldn't be there since i've deleted my calendar data both on my phone (allegedly) and in the cloud.

I've tried selecting/unselecting my calendars. I've deleted calendars. I've added new google accounts with virgin calendars. Tried everything i could think of with no success so i'm hoping someone has a new suggestions. Of course every time i try to manually sync i get the error. How do i get my phone to erase all this calendar data? Is there an app on the sd card that i can delete?

Note: i added a new google account to my phone with a virgin calendar. I can manually sync with this calendar without getting an error. However, when i go to the options screen to select which calendar i want to use, i get the "syncing" symbol in my toolbar and a few seconds later i get the error again. This happens no matter what is checked at the time.

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Debugging - Message - Application Widges - Process Widgets.controls - Has Stopped Unexpectedly Please Try Again

I am new to android development but i know programming and i found out that the android development platform doesnt display error messages that make sense. For eg : i am in the process of creating a to-do-list app and this thing give me a message saying that "the application widges (process widgets.controls) has stopped unexpectedly please try again". How in the world am i am supposed to debug this error or know what it means.

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Samsung Fascinate - Process Has Stopped Unexpectedly

So my (samsung fascinate) battery died while i was wiping it from the boot loader and now i have no boot loader menu and when its on it just keeps saying the process android. Process. Media has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again force close. What do i do to get the boot loader back on my phone or fix it!

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Process Acore Stopped Unexpectedly On Home Screen

I am running android 2. 1 on a motorola milestone. I am getting the error "android. Process. Acore stopped unexpectedly" repeatedly when trying to access the home screen. I wasn't using the phone when it first happened so i don't have any clue what might have started it.

When booting up the phone, it shows the lock screen fine and i can unlock the phone by drawing my pattern, but i immediately get the error before anything on the home screen is made visible other than the notification bar at the top and the button for the app drawer on the bottom. (The notification bar is functional but the app drawer is not. ) I am only given the option to "force close", not to "wait". After clicking, the screen goes black (except for the bar at the top) and after a few seconds the background image, app drawer button, and same error message appear. It is an endless loop. None of the back, menu, home, or search buttons work.

I have tried plugging the phone into my computer to use adb, but the device doesn't show up and i can't access the settings on the phone to make sure usb debugging is on.

I really want to avoid having to reset the phone to factory settings (i already had to do that about a week ago because of the bug whereby android won't accept my password after 20 incorrect pattern attempts). I would like to at least be able to back up the data on the phone's internal storage before resetting.

Is there any way to stop this error without resetting the phone, or to back up data first?

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No Voicemail Notification After Google Voice Update On Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Just updated google voice, with the new feature to view visual voicemails in the missed call log selected i don't get notified via sound, vibrate, or pulse light. All notifications are checked off in the google voice settings, don't notice any settings for notification in the dialer/phone. All notifications work fine when voicemail display is unchecked in the google voice settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated as i do like visual voicemail in the missed call log. I have a stock gsm nexus and i don't use lightflow.

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Htc Droid Eris - Set Google Voice To Replace Default Text Application

Does anyone know if you can set google voice to replace your default text application? I know you can text through the gv app, but i was wondering if you could set it up to work through the text app or handcent.

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Htc Desire - Keep Getting Messages Generic Network Failure And Also Process Has Stopped Unexpectedly

I got a htc desire and im with prepaid optus in australia and keep getting messages like generic network failure and also the process com. Htc. Bg has stopped unexpectedly please try again. Ive reset the phone how many times and also tried different settings for mms and internet thru optus but still get theses annoying messages when i send a mms message. Also when im on the phone it cuts out of service even though there is service. It does it alot . Ive tried three different simcards from different carriers and the same thing .

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Samsung Fascinate - Application Market Has Stopped Unexpectedly

I've been playing with my fascinate and so far i love it, save for a couple of problems. When i try and download google maps it goes just fine but when i attempt to launch it i get an error that says:

"Sorry! The application market (process Vending) has stopped unexpectedly. Please try again. " I've uninstalled and reinstalled but just can't get it to load. Any suggestions?Also there seems to be a very slight lag with the keyboard. Not sure if that is just swype or just how things are. Would i be better off with a different keyboard?Otherwise the phone is great so far. I love the freedom of android (coming from an iphone). It's already rooted and i did the google fix and it went great.

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Htc Desire - Google Maps Process Keeps Opening Itself / Why Is So

So confused. I'm pretty sure this wasn't happening before, but now when i go to close extra apps using the app killer, maps is almost always running. I don't know why - i have latitude turned off, gps off, wi-fi off and i don't really know what can be making it run as there are no settings inside the app itself that i can see of.

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Can Use Google Voice With Droid

I was curious of some of the functions i can use google voice with my droid. I wanted to disregard my verizon vmail and use g. Voice. Is this possible?

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Google Voice App Text

Simple question: does anyone know how to text more than one person at a time using the google voice app? It seems that you could enter a comma and add more names, but it won't let me do that.

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Send Invites Of Google Voice

How do i send invites of google voice?

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Htc Incredible - Why Do I Want Google Voice

For those of you that have it, is is worth it. Should i get a new number or use my current one. What needs to be turned on or off ect.

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Ransom Voice Application For Phone

I was watching the real hustle in the uk and they made a call to someone and the narrater said it was using an iphone app that could change your voice in real time (to sound like the famous ransom voice in movies).

Is there an app like this for android? I am using a htc desire.

P. S it isn't so i can kidnap a billionaires child and hold them to ransom lol. Just for some fun with friends etc.

Also this is the link to the episode if anyone wants to see it in action.

Bbc iplayer - the real hustle: series 9: celebrity scammers: the jewellery store heist

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Google Voice Callback App Free

Description: this app detects your outgoing call, and uses google voice to call you back and connect you to the call.combined with gizmo5/sipdroid/fring or other voip solutions to make free calls over wifi or 3g. For more detailed information and update please visit their homepage. There are some settings to toggle with first though:

1. ) After downloading google voice callback, go to the official google voice app and go to settings
2. ) In the making calls section, select do not use google voice to make calls
3. ) Now go to the google voice callback app
4. ) Put in the phone number of your phone (not google voice number) for the callback number
5. ) Under callback is enabled when i have whenever internet is available but choose the option that fits you best.

You should be all set now, hope that wasnt too confusing. Now what may annoy you with this is when making calls, this app has to call you back, which can take a couple extra seconds. When it calls you, answer and then you will be connected. But if youre looking to make free calls, that is the cost you have to pay. When you have a good data connection (can be wifi too) it goes very fast. This app is available from the android market for free, but there is a donate version.

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Google Voice Api For Air - Flex

With the release of air 2. 5 for android flex-developers gain access various system api of the operating system. Are there any official (or unofficial) apis google voice for actionscript?

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Motorola Backflip/motoblur - Google Voice Available

For all of you who have not been able to get a google voice number, check out this google blog post. And, yes, the google voice app is available in the market and works well on backflip.

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Google Voice Overage Charge Watchout

I just bought the evo and was reviewing my bill before it came. All my calls are not coming in from my google voice number. They are coming in from some routing number. For those of you with fav's, sprint @ home, or verizon friends you will be billed as all numbers calling from the new number. So even if your wife calls you on another sprint phone it will bill it like she's calling from some landline somewhere.

I added my google voice number to sprints @ home, but that number doesn't show up on the bill. My first reaction was to add the new number to @home, but googling i found that these numbers have been subject to change for people all over the country. Not only that but i cant change the number in my online account preferences? I have to call in to change it which im not entirely sure they'll do. "Oh you have an @home number 600 miles away sir?"

I only know one person who uses a landline so normally i wouldn't care but every call made and received is a landline i can't take advantage of anymobile. Are my choices to leave sprint, or leave google voice? Gotta figure this out before my 30 day return contract is up.

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Find A Way To Use Google Voice Without Cell Signal

Has anyone downloaded and used this app with any success/problems? I am trying to find a way to use google voice without a cell signal. Basically make a voip call with my google number.

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Access Google Voice In Htc Evo

I want to know whether i can access google voice through htc evo , mobile, if yes , is there an application which can be a great addition to google voice.

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Integrating Google Voice Messages Into Inbox

I'm having a hard time integrating my google voice messages into my inbox. Anyone know how i can fix this?

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Htc Incredible - Google Voice Broken In Socal

2 days ago i think my google voice just stopped working. I cannot make any outbound calls it just gets stuck at connecting. Texts seem to work ok (in and outbound) and inbound calls through google voice work 100%.

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Motorola Droid - Will Trade Google Voice For A Gizmo5

So apparently google has acquired gizmo5 gizmo5 has been acquired by google. I'm still wondering if anybody has a gizmo5 invite? I will give you a google voice invite in return.

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Motorola Droid X - Use Google Voice To Avoid Roaming

Am i able to use google voice to avoid roaming charges? Is there such thing as data roaming?

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Shortcut For Voice Commands - Samsung Galaxy Nexus

While i really like ice cream sandwich, count me as one of the many people who's a little *** at google for the change in button layout and the permanent search box at the top of the default launcher's home screen. I rarely, if ever, use the application switcher, but with my nexus one i used the "press and hold the search button" all the time to complete voice searches.

Frankly, i would be completely fine with all of the changes if it weren't for one thing: for whatever reason, i simply cannot hit that voice search button. You know the one in the right-hand side of the search box? For some reason it takes me like 5 presses to initiate it, and that's if i'm using the phone two-handed. If i'm using one hand i just give up. So what i'm looking for is a way to make a shortcut on my home screen that can initiate the voice commands prompt. It used to be a lot easier to get a selection of shortcuts, but i'm not really sure how/if i can add them in ics. It looks like i only have the options to add settings and gmail label shortcuts.

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Htc Droid Eris - Google Voice Not Pushing Sms / Why Is This

I just got the eris yesterday and i used to have blackberry storm. Blackberry storm would always push my gmail that was linked to my google voice so i could my messages instant.

On the eris neither is my gmail pushed and google voice pushes messages 1/5 times. I have inbox sync on so what is the problem? And yes i use the offical gmail app. My friends incredible gets gv messages instantly.

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Htc Incredible - Possible To Send Picture Messages Via Google Voice

Am i missing something or is it possible to send picture messages via google voice? Cuz i can't find it

Sent from my adr6300 using tapatalk

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Motorola Droid X - Battery Manager Could It Be Google Voice Conflict

After the update, i didn't have the battery manager foreclose problem that people are complaining about. Last night, it was the very first time that i tried google voice. Later on during the night i tried the battery manager and it now forecloses as reported in this forum. I wonder if google voice is what is causing the conflict. I cannot think of any other app that i might have installed and caused the conflict. Any ideas?

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Won't Google Voice Need Some Kind Of Network To Work On

I don't have a 100% understanding of the google voice platform. But i understand that apple & at&t did not accept the iphone google voice app because they're basically afraid it will replace the phone service provided by at&t.

My question is, won't google voice need some kind of network to work on? I mean, you can't buy an iphone from ebay and then use google voice? Right? I'm assuming you'll at least need an internet connection, which also requires a package from some kind of provider (unless you plan on being in a wifi zone every second of your life). Can anyone shed some light on this situation?

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