User Suggestion On Using Google Wallet App

To all of you who love using google wallet like i do, if you add funds to a google card, write the information on that card down. I love using gw and added funds to it. Yesterday, i replaced my phone and had assumed that reloading the gw app would find all of my funds, but they weren't there. I figured that calling gw would easily solve the issue. I was transferred to the responsible financial institution behind gw and they asked for the user id# associated with the card (found by clicking on the card icon inside of gw app). Since the card wasn't showing up, they couldn't help me without that id#.

I was transferred back to google who asked how if i had "side loaded the app onto my phone" i told them that i had. They said that it isn't officially supported and without that if i had that id# they could retrieve my money, without it i am out of luck. He also informed me that the app could be removed and/or incapacitated if google decided to (and might if alot of people have issues) so i should always keep the id handy, just in case. In the end, my new phone gave me $10 and my old one had a balance of maybe $14, so no big deal. But i will keep up with that information from now on.

Btw, i was very surprised that none of my gw transactions showed up in my google checkout online account. The cs rep reiterated that this was also because the app isn't 'officially' supported. He said there is no news if or when it will ever get the official green light. Just a heads up to save you guys some money, keep up with those id#'s or don't damage or lose your phone.

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Google Talk User Id Exchange

Any google talk users want to chat randomly? Since i came from a blackberry where in the forums they had a placeto exchange pin numbers we can start a thread here for droid users too.

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Can User Upload Apps To Phone Without Google / Operator Intervention

I am new to android and would like to understand the concept. Some beginners questions. Is android truly open in the sense that one can you distribute apps without having to pay google / operator (or anyone else)?

Can the user upload apps to the phone without google / operator intervention (for example by going directly to a site)? How is the upload actually done?

Will there automatically be google ads in the android application or is this controlled by the app developer / user?

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Contact Manager Suggestion

What contact manager do you suggest? Android built in contacts are just not ready for prime time. At least as far as i can tell. They seem fragile at best, and reading through so much of the flakiness just at trying to get around the missing "phone contact" to "google contact" conversion dizzies me. And i'm experiencing flakiness at just adding a contact on gmail and not being able to txt to it from the phone. If these are all because of cockpit errors, it is still the case that the law of least surprise has been violated enough times. Really, this seems like beta release stuff. At least after having designed software products for 20+ years it seems this way. Is there a more bullet-proof contact system that people generally use? I see the name "gocontacts" float around periodically.

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Access Data In Google Latitude To Return Location Of Fellow Latitude User

Is there a way i can access the data in google latitude to return the location of a fellow latitude user?

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App To Draw A Marker When User Touch Map

I'm trying to develop an android app that will draw a mark on the map when the user touch the map. I've been searching around the web but can't find any example or tutorials on it. Can anyone tell me how can i go about doing it?

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App Code - Count Number Of Times User Clicks A Button

Im creating my first market ready app and its a fairly simple idea i think ill be able to finish but i need a way to count the number of times a user clicks a button. Also if anyone knows of a simple way to record the times between clicks that would also be very helpful. Any suggestions?

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Ideas - App For Google Map

I need a app for a android mobile. I have made a map for my blog. This summer im going on a long bike trip and want to update my map on the blog with my position a couple of times each day. I know i can use my web browser on my phone to do this but it is a bit difficult and i need a app that can do this a bit faster. I want a simple app that connects to my phone gps, log my position, i can make a small comment, choose an icon and then send it to my google map. Is this possible? Can someone make a app like that? Or is it already one on the market?

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Google Voice App Text

Simple question: does anyone know how to text more than one person at a time using the google voice app? It seems that you could enter a comma and add more names, but it won't let me do that.

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Weather App And Google Map

I purchased the droid eris today and i like it except for two problems i have found. One of the problems is that for my weather app on my homepage screen, it is saying that i am in a different city then what i really am in. The city that it is stating is about 10miles away. So it is giving me the weather for there instead of where i am.

My other problem is that on my google maps says that i am in a completely different area also. But for the good maps, the location is about 2 miles away. It still is annoying knowing that it doesnt have my exact location.

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Google Voice Callback App Free

Description: this app detects your outgoing call, and uses google voice to call you back and connect you to the call.combined with gizmo5/sipdroid/fring or other voip solutions to make free calls over wifi or 3g. For more detailed information and update please visit their homepage. There are some settings to toggle with first though:

1. ) After downloading google voice callback, go to the official google voice app and go to settings
2. ) In the making calls section, select do not use google voice to make calls
3. ) Now go to the google voice callback app
4. ) Put in the phone number of your phone (not google voice number) for the callback number
5. ) Under callback is enabled when i have whenever internet is available but choose the option that fits you best.

You should be all set now, hope that wasnt too confusing. Now what may annoy you with this is when making calls, this app has to call you back, which can take a couple extra seconds. When it calls you, answer and then you will be connected. But if youre looking to make free calls, that is the cost you have to pay. When you have a good data connection (can be wifi too) it goes very fast. This app is available from the android market for free, but there is a donate version.

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App To Share Any Url To Google Reader

I know you can share things that show up in your google reader. But is there any way to share some random website i come across during my browsing? Like the "note in reader" button you can drag to your bookmarks toolbar?

If i long hold on the url bar, and then pick share, twidroid shows up as an option. So where is the app that ties into google reader and lets me share there?

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Does Google Charge Dollar For Every App Buy

I have a charge from google for a buck, over and above the dollar i paid for the app.

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Deploy Droid Application Onto Google App Engine

Is it possible to deploy an android application to the google app engine environment? Ie to deploy it to appspot?

If not, is there any kind of "container" which would allow one to do this?

I would like to create an application that can be deployed on both android, and a web based environment

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Google App Engine Java And Http Performance

A friend and i are currently working on a turn-based game with chat with both desktop browser and android clients, with google app engine as the server.

We're using the java api for gae and using http for communication with the server. We've implemented simple chat functionality, and we're getting undesirable latencies 1-3 seconds from both the browser and android clients while just posting simple one-word chat messages.

My friend thought it would be best to use xmpp instead of http, but we want to use a google accounts cookie for authentication from the android client, and according to the gae documentation, xmpp clients cannot use a google accounts cookie and must use the user's password.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to where the latency might be coming from, how to troubleshoot it, and/or what to do about it?

Also, is anyone aware of any opensource implementations of chat (or something similar) on gae done in java? Can't seem to find any.

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Nexus - Remove Google Talk Storage App

I have cyanogen 5. 0. 6 baked on modaco with a lot of things stripped out.

Having a task manager as well i can see what's running in the background, i've noticed that 'google talk storage' is running constantly and reloads once killed.

I do not have, nor want, google talk so i don't see why this app would continue to run even when killed. I would presume that gapps is reloading it but i cannot tell for sure.

Does anyone know what the apk name is for this so i can remove it from my device?

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App / Widget For Ndroid Which Lets Me Get Google News

I am a big fan of google news on my pc google news

Is there an app or widget for android which lets me get google news? I have no idea how to use google reader or what it does - this is the only thing i found when i searched for it.

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Drop Spots On Google Map In Droid App / What To Fix Them

I'm developing an android application where i want to pin out certain spots/addresses on a google map. I have managed to add point to a mapview using overlayitem and a drawable. That works great.

But i have installed an application where the pins/spots are added asynchronously, and it looks like they are dropped from the top of the screen on to the map. Looks really nice.

I think i can manage to code the async functionality using threads, but i have no idea how to implement the "falling" feature. Does anyone have a clue?

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Htc Incredible - Rooted Missing Google Talk App

I rooted and put the overclocked kernel, then last night i went to the stock underclocked kernel and i haven't noticed it since before i rooted, but today i got a google talk im and it popped up in my notification as usual, but when i clicked it nothing happened, so i went to manually try to open it and i can't find it anywhere on my phone, any ideas? Also, i can't find it in the market to uninstall.

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Image Upload Via Http Post / Google App Engine

I'm trying to integrate google app engine with an android app i've built but am having trouble with image processing. In the android app, i convert the image into a byte array and send it to app engine via http post to be put in a blob. However, even after searching through all the examples posted, i can't figure out how to retrieve the image and display it from the blob (or if i even sent it to the blob correctly).

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Motorola Droid - Talktome App - Use Google Voice To Speak Text Messages

Just wondering if anyone has purchased the talk to me app. Apparently you can use google voice to speak text messages.

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Htc Evo 4g - Need Google Browser / App To Have Synced Bookmarks On Chrome Into Phone

Is there a google branded browser for android? (Or is that the default browser).

2ndly and more important to me: google sync on google chrome. Is there an app to have my synced bookmarks on chrome into my evo? Maybe like just a bookmarks widget or app which syncs to my google chrome bookmarks. That would be sweet.

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Integrate App With Inbuilt Droid Map(google Api 7 Enabled Device)

Can i integrate my application with the inbuilt android map(google api 7 enabled device). Actually i am showing the listing of a particular city and want to display it on map.

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Google Clock From A Stock Phone To Install / App That Works With Voice Commands

Ive read that the voice commands have been updated to do stuff like set an alarm just by pressing the button and saying "set alarm for 30 minutes" but it doesn't seem to work on the evo cause the clock app was replaced by the one htc added. When i tried to use it and it didn't work the app told me to install the newest version of the clock app but there doesn't seem to be one in the market. Does anyone know of a place to get the clock app that works with the voice commands?

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Htc Droid Eris - Pulled All Google Contacts In Google / Fix This

My eris pulled all my google contacts in - not just the "my contacts" in google. How do i fix this?

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App Couldn't Access To Web Service - Deploy It On Google Droid G1 Phone

I actually want to deploy my app on a real phone after deploying it on a an emulator. The problem is that i access to a web service (.net) hosted on my machine , i used the address 10. 0. 2. 2 to test it on emulator and everythg went well, when i install my app on my htc i couldn't access to my web service, i tried to change the address by using a real machine ip connected to a lan but it didn't work!

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Samsung Behold 2 - Google Maps - Phone Won't Let Me Update App To Version Has Nav / Fix It

I had a my touch and used google maps for nav but my behold 2 wont let me update the app to the version that has the nav. Any help would rock!

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Text Someones Normal Number Through Google Voice App / Taking Up Text Still

Question, if i text someones normal number through the google voice app, is that taking up a text still?

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Is There A Way To Request Permissions From A User As You Need Them

I suspect there has to be. I mean i saw for bluetooth there is. I was wondering why it is not as easy for the other permissions. I mean heck we can intercept urls without even asking a user for the most part, so i would have to suspect that permissions have to have this ability.

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How To Make User-control

I have two questions.

First. I wanna know how to make user-control and how to use it(in xml code).

Second. I want to find color picker dialog, but i don't find it. Where can i find it?

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