Sprint Htc Hero - What Easiest Way To Move Everything From Stock 2gb Card To New 8gb Card

I am getting a new 8gb microsd card for my hero, i was wondering what the easiest way to move everything from my stock 2gb card to my new 8gb card? I am wanting to put a good bit of music on my hero and use it for my commute as an mp3 player, but i also am going to have all of the other stuff like pictures and things that the phone saves on the memory card.

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Htc Hero - Phone Seems Really Slow And Laggy Since I Put 8gb Class 6 Sd Card In It / Fix It

Just brought an 8gb class 6 sd card and my hero seems to be really slow and laggy since i put it in

How can this be ?

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Sprint Htc Hero - How To Take Off Back Cover To Install Sd Card

Just got a sprint htc hero and also got a bigger microsd card. How do you take off the back cover to install the sd card? The htc site just says to hold the phone face down and to press "up" with thumb or finger (which i assume up means to slide towards the top?). I tried that many times and no dice. Any suggestions/tips on doing this? Thanks for the assistance and sorry for my stupidity on this

*I did run a few searches on this and there were no videos and the hit i received for this site was the diy disassembly thread but it didn't have any info

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Htc Hero - Get Songs Downloaded From Sprint Music Store On Original Instinct Sd Card

New to smartphones, but how can i get songs downloaded from sprint music store on original instinct sd card that i installed in my new hero to play from htc music player? With a file manager i can find them, open and play, but just individually.

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Samsung Vibrant - How To Get Everything Off 4gb To 8gb Card ?

I have the 4gb card from my original mytouch in my vibrant. I'm considering purchasing an 8gb. How can i easily get everything off the 4gb to the 8gb?

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Can't Move Apps To Sd Card - Lg Optimus (gt540)

Alright, so i got this new phone, i think it has the 2. 1 android version. I've downloaded countless apps managers and none of them seem to do the trick. How do i move my apps to my sd card without having to root my phone? First i dont know how to root it, and second, i'm afraid i'll create a bigger problem if i do it. Thank you guys, any help is appreciated!

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Sprint Htc Hero - Want To Go Back To Stock Radio

I want to go back to fully stock stock phone. I'm currenly on damageless 1. 0 which is cool, but i want back to stock. I have the new 2. 41. Xx radio currently. I would like to go back to the stock radio but if it will brink my phone then i just wnat to go to stock with new radio. Noiw can that be done?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Can Stock Ringtones Be Removed

I'm using darchdroid v2. 8 and it comes preloaded with a crap load of ringtones that i will never ever use. Is it ok for me to go ahead and delete these? I know these are in /system/media/audio/ringtones but i'm not sure if it is ok to delete them? I tried to delete the ringtones from the rom before i flashed it but when flashing, it gave me an error that ringtones couldn't be found. I don't want to try and delete them and find out later that my phone can't reboot. Just want to ask before i even attempt to.

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Htc Desire - Clear Memory Card But Keep Gold Card For A Fresh Install

I need to clear my memory card but keep the gold card for a fresh install. Anyone tell me what i can keep and delet

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Htc Evo 4g - Phone Is Unable To Mount Card / Sd Card Is Ready To Be Taken Out

My friend has this phone and he dropped it. It managed to survive but he thinks it may have cause it to stop reading the microsd card. Whenever he inserts it it says, "the phone is unable to mount the card and that the sd card is ready to be taken out. "

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Sprint Htc Hero - Stock Browser Apk For Phone

Does anyone have the stock browser apk? I installed godzons blue dirt icons and dialer, and its no longer in their.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Go Back To Stock Radio Withoug Using Ruu?

Alright, so i have seen many users ask, and i understand that the ruu (either 1. 26 or 1. 56) will allow you to set the radio back to stock. What i want to know is, is there any way to reset the radio without having a chance of it bricking from the ruu reset. I have heard several people had their phone brick after attempting to use the ruu, and i don't want to risk it. Not that it is a problem if i do, i could just go into the sprint store and say, hey, it doesn't boot anymore. I have tried everything, what is wrong. But, i would rather play it safe and find an alternative method of trying to reset the radio.

Does anyone have some suggestions, or am i pretty much left and stuck with using the ruu if i need to go back?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Keyboard Lag In Stock Messages App (2.1) / Fix This

I have android 2. 1 update running on my hero, and there is terrible keyboard lag in the stock messages app for sms. Am i the only one? Is there a known way to fix this?

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Sprint Htc Hero - Google Places Or Stock Browser Causing 100% Awake

I have been posting semi steadily about my 100% awake time. I've reset the phone twice now. The first time, my 8% awake time lasted one night before reverting to 100%. This most recent time, it lasted about 3 days around 8%. I've been trying to pay close attention to what apps i use to see if any of them are causing the 100% awake time, and as far as i can tell, the only difference last night (when my phone went back to 100% awake), and before (when it hovered between 8-12%) was extended use of the browser and google places. I had used both before in short uses (maybe 4-5 minutes at a time) and i was still running normal awake time, but last night i used them each for about 20-30 minutes. Since then, i'm at 100%.

Also, despite the upgrade and the hard resets, i found that i had to use the handcent workaround, but i don't see that as related here.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Disabling Stock Sms App After Installing Handcent (cm6)

N00b question here y'all:

I just flashed cm6, and after installing handcent, i now get txts on 2 apps (handcent plus the stock app). What's the most efficient way to disable that stock app?

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Htc Hero Will Not Format Sd Card?

I have an htc hero (sprint) and i recently did a factory reset on it. For some reason i deleted everything off of my 16 gb sd card, thinking that it would re-add all of the folders fresh when i put it back in. After the reset, i put the memory card in and formatted it through the phone settings. It has a few folders (footprints & photovault) but nothing else. Before it had a ton of folders, including dcim/100 media or something like that. Basically, im trying to figure out how to add all of the folders that came preset on the card that came with the phone.

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Htc Hero - Instantroot On Sd Card

If i want to root my hero , i need to put instantroot.apk in the root of my sd card - question: do i need the sd card to be empty or can i do that with all my existing applications already loaded on the sd card in the phone?

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Htc Hero Gold Card Problem Birmingham Uk

I live in birmingham uk and i need to get my h3g hero on android 2. 1 and cant be bothered to wait for 3 to sort it out i have been trying and trying to no avail if someone local could please help i would happily give them a little bit o dollar to help me out? I just cant get my head round it myself?

I am trying to debrand or downgrade so i can get ota update? Or even if someone knows of o a better way and lives near birmingham uk i would greatly appreciate your help. I feel stupid i understand nothing on here and im usually good with stuff like this looks like htc took it 2 far 4 me.

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Htc Hero - Go Back To Original Rom From Gold Card

I have a 3uk htc hero which had the 3 rom on it but i used the gold card method to load the 2. 1 update for the generic hero. Using this method guide to beat the wait for 2. 1 on branded phones in uk.

I need to revert it back to the 3uk rom as the phone has developed a fault and i need to send it back to 3. Let me know how to do this or point me to a guide.

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Htc Hero - Put All My Contacts In Phone Onto Sim Card

Wifi trouble with hero on orange so it going back ! How do i put all my contacts in phone onto sim card? It a disgrace that a smart phone can't connect with wifi until it is solved i won't accept it

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Htc Hero - Easiest Way To Get Apps To Sd Applications

I've seen a few apps in the market which claim to partion your sd card. Was wondering id there's any feedback on these apps. I'm a noob rocking modaco custom 2. 9 and looking for the easiest way to get apps2sd.

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Htc Hero - View An Html Page Stored On Sd Card In Phone Browser?

I have copied a saved web page from my pc onto the microsd card. Is it possible to view it in the hero browser?

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Hero - Unlinking Facebook From The Contact Card

I recently purchased a used hero and cant figure out how to unlink the last owners facebook from the contact card.

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Sprint Htc Hero - Remove/change The Word Sprint Above The Time

1. On the unlock screen is there anyway to remove/change the word "sprint" above the time? (Without rooting)

2. While on youtube is there anyway to set your preferences so that the video defaults to high quality if available?

3. Still havent got an answer about if its possible to get gmail to show up on an individual contacts "mail" screen without setting up imap?

4. Is using your phone as a modem only possible if you root?

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Sprint Htc Hero - How Does Everyone Feel About Best Buy Insurance As Apposed To Sprint

I'm picking my phone up from best buy tonight and had acouple of questions. I am considering having bb install an is screen cover, but have heard the screen is pretty scratch resistant. The thing is i am a mechanic and my phone never leaves my side and i don't want any harm coming to it. I also plan on getting the seidio innocase combo once i recover from the money i spend on the phone. Oh yeah, how does everyone feel about the best buy insurance as apposed to sprint?

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Htc Hero - Can't Move _ Erase Widgets / Long Tap Not Working - What To Do

Htc hero. 1. 5 android not rooted.

So my problem cant move or erase widgets. The long tap isnt sometimes there. Whenever i try to press the shorcut or widget long it doesnt wait and opens it. Strange that i can create new widgets with the long tap, but cant erase. Sometimes one widget gets open and the one next can be moved. After that the that was to be open also. Can it be some app? Or some widget i have doing this? Or its my hero just too long running and needs some reboot?

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Htc Desire - Best Sd Card For Phone

I wanted to ask which sd card is the best for desire?
I'm thinking of buying 16gb or 32gb card, which would you recommend? Is sandisk 32gb card only 2nd class, and will it be good with desire, when 720p filming will be abled and etc. ?

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Htc Eris - Tranfer To A New Sd Card

I am running xtrsense4. 6. 1 with the ext3 partition and app2sd and cache2sd enabled with all apps on the sd card.

I have made a full nandroid backup with ext partition and saved it to the pc.

How do i transplant all this to a new sd card? Do i format it in the phone or the pc, how about the ext partitions and the apps on it?

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Htc Eris - Unpartition An Sd Card

How to unpartition an sd card?

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Htc Desire - Upgrade To An 8 Or 16 Gig Sd Card

I want to upgrade to an 8 or 16 gig sd card and was looking at e-bay for prices: they seem verry cheep and this worrys me a lot. Obviously i wouldent buy from a seller unless they had a high rateing so i could trust them, and i definatly wouldent touch an unbrandied make, but what about kingston or sandisk?. Is there makers i should stay away from and makers you would recomend? Has anybody had a sd card from ebay and what was the result? Iv firmly belive you get what you pay for quality wise but also that you can get a better deal if you look around and youse your head

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