Using Custom List View - Get User Clicked Row Value

I am using custom list view . I have trying to get user clicked row value
Can anybody tell how to get the value?

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Custom Views In Listview - Custom View Be Made To Fill The Entire Width Of The List View

This app is building custom views for elements of a list view. How can the custom view be made to fill the entire width of the list view?

This xml for the elements view is inflated from this:


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Possible To Populate List View From Cursor Row Id

Is it possible to populate a listview based on a row id from a custom cursor adapter. I keep getting an error "illegalarguementexception column: _id does not exist". But the database has it and is already being used correctly. I don't know what to do, because i would need to populate different listviews from the same database and i don't want to have to create multiple database which will still have the same column names code.

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Return Empty Row In Custom Arrayadapter Without Having To Filter List Used For Listview

When my listview is being filled by a custom array adapter, i check for a certain parameter in the current list item, and if it is false, i want to return an empty row. At the moment, i am doing this by inflating an empty xml file, but that creates ugly list item dividers when a number of items should not be shown, and is obviously not the best way code.

I have tried to return "null", but it clearly expects a view to be returned. Is there anything i could do without having to filter the list that is being used for the listview beforehand (i want to keep it intact as i am doing other things with it, too).

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How To Know In Which Pixels Of A Image User Clicked

I want to draw a image filling the complete screen.
Then when user clicks in any pixel or group of pixels they turn black.
How can i know where the user clicked exactly and how can i turn the touched pixels black?

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Indicate To User That A Row Long-clickable - Typical Ui Mechanism For It

I have a listview. I let the user perform some action on a long-click (pop up a picker dialog with a few choices) on row items.

Is there any typical ui mechanism that should be used to let the user know that they can long-click a row item? Right now i feel like users would have no idea to long-click the rows for a list of choices.

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Add Progressbar To Row.xml View Not Working / Fix It

I'm trying to add a progressbar to my row.xml view but i can't seem to make it work i keep getting error code.

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View Overlap - Created A Custom View As Gallery Item

I had created a custom view as gallery item. My custom view contains an image view and a textview. I want textview to be below of imageview but it overlaps.



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How To Do My Own Custom List

How to do my own custom list? I mean, that each element of list will be looking like i want.

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Custom List Adapter Repeats Entries / Fix It

I am trying to create a listview that will be populated with the entries from an array.

So this is my item layout code.

Anybody else encountered this problem? I do not understand what is going on since i thought it should be straight-forward grabbing from the array.

Edit: included the whole of my getview() method. Pardon the ugly way of getting the icons, i haven't figured it out yet,

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Autoscroll A List View In Droid

How to autoscroll a list view in android?I am adding data to the list so i want that when i add it should autoscroll and the last added item should be visible.

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Display Virtual Keyboard In A Custom View

I am building a custom view and would like to pragmatically display the default on-screen input method (if any) when certain conditions are met. Due to some specific features of the view i am not able to reuse the textview and edittext views with all the functionality already present. The idea was to simply display the keyboard and capture the keypress events in the view.code.

While the approach seems to work with edittext i was not able to show the on-screen keyboard ( showinputmethodpicker () seems to work ). While browsing the textview source code i came across the following method: code.

I was not able to find the class editableinputconnection in the documentation or in the source code.

I would appreciate any kind of advice on how to show the on screen keyboard and how to properly register my view so it can receive the keypress events.

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Startactivityforresult And Onactivityresult Within Custom View Class

Is it possible to implement startactivityforresult and onactivityresult within a custom view class?

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List View Not Properly Updated From Asynctask

After digging with the apis i still cannot figure out how the asynctask properly works and why some behavior occur. I'm trying  to achieve one contact list that can be updated from a background async task very frequently. There are situations where invoking ui updates from the background thread just freeze the ui as you see in example #2. Or make the list not to react properly to finger as a regular contact list. Can anyone give me some hint on how to achieve the expected behavior? I added here the activities that form my project (sorry for the lenght of the post, my idea was to share the complete problem with everyone)

Example 1: contact list without background task. This code contains the behavior of a default contact list. This code produce the expected behavior in responsive for the user but do not update. This activity shows the ideal response for a contact list.

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Trying To Get Button At Bottom Of Screen Having List View

I am trying to get a button at bottom of a screen having a list view. This button is non-scrollable and the list view slips below the button if it is larger than the size of the button.could someone please help me get the right xml properties. Tried layout_gravity and other things but it doesnt seems to be displaying.

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Custom View That Takes & Delete Camera Picture

I am trying to create a custom view that takes as well as deletes a picture and looks like the following:

Following operations a view can perform:

Take a picture (by clicking on the no image available sign) - works
Delete a picture (by clicking on the red cross) - works
Preview a picture

How do i create a listener to find out when the image has been taken by the camera? The location of the image that needs to be taken is known before.


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Pass Current Attributeset To A Custom View Class?

How do i pass the current attributeset to a custom view class? If i use a constructor that only has context in the arguments, i lose all themes and the ability to use "style" tags in the xml for that custom view.

What i've done is create an activity that contains my custom view already in the xml file, and then programmatically create a new one and add it to the layout. What i find is the one that is made in the xml has the proper styling, and the one i create programmatically doesn't.

The difference between the two as far as i can tell is that the system uses the customlayout1(context context, attributeset attrs) constructor. The problem is i can't figure out how to get the attributeset for the application to pass to this custom view when i create it programmatically.

Here's the activity code.

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Motorola Droid - Where To Put Custom Wallpapers To View Them Through Its Menu Item?

Where can i put my custom wallpapers so that i can view them through the wallpaper menu item from the "add to home screen" menu? I know i can just dump my wallpapers in the dcim/camera directory, but i would like to have all my wallpapers accessible from the actual wallpaper gallery.

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Idea / Procedure To Implement Scratchable Ticket Kind Custom View Item In Droid

I need to develop a instant lottery game app.

I need an idea/procedure to implement scratchable custom widget similar to instant lottery tickets in android.

The requirement is like, the actual content(secret number) should be covered by some image(which indicates scratch area). When the user touch and scratch the image, the image has to disappear slowly and the background content(secret number) should appear accordingly.

Please let me know the best way to implement this. I am in real need of it.

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Samsung Epic 4g - Force Videos To Pick Up Thumbnail - To Change View In Gallery To List

I've put a bunch of videos on my phone for my daughter (gotta keep toddlers happy when they're waiting!) But the thumbnails for all but one in the gallery are blank. Is there any way to force them to pick up a thumbnail or to change the view in gallery to a list?

I know i can just make a shortcut to the folder the videos are in for her, but the ocd in me just hates those blank thumbnails in the gallery.

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Listview That Can Be Clicked

I'm trying to create an application where a listview contains items that can be clicked. However, i can't seem to find a way to have an onclick() handler. Can someone post an example please?

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Get Index Of Clicked Item In A Listview

I want to get the index of the selected item ( clicked ) in a listview.

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Capture Text Value Of Item Clicked In A Listview

What i'm trying to do is set the text of the item i click on into the myedittext. Not sure how to access the specific item in listview though.code.

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Listview Row Overlap

I just updated my app and i am getting some odd complaints from people who update it. I am only getting complaints from people with non-stock android phones (phones that manufacturers have modified. Htc phones, cliq, pulse, etc), other phones like the droid, nexus work fine. My app (photo frame deluxe) has a list in it with a image view, text view, view (spacer) and checkbox, all in a row. What happens on the affected phones is that the rows start overlapping and it cuts the top half of everything off. My layout code for this is below, i am pulling my hair out on this, what might i have wrong in this layout.
Why does this work on some phones and not on others?

Row layout:


Layout row is inserted in:


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Droid Access Listview Row From Another

Suppose i have a listview with 3 rows. If the user clicks a button in row 1, it expands a menu (it's just a linear layout that's shown/hidden). If they then click on an item in row 2, i'd like to be able to collapse the menu in row 1. Is this possible? If so, how?

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Droid App Crash On Row Insert / Why Is So

I'm just getting started with android development, and i've ran into some problems my textbook isn't helping me with.code.

It crashes on the db. Insert line with a nullpointerexception. Can anyone tell me why?

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Listactivity Row Color Based On Object State

I have a listactivity displaying a bunch of objects from a list. I want to change the background & text color of the row based on the state of the two booleans in the monitorobject.

Do i need to extend arrayadapter? If so, a code sample would be greatly appreciated as i have been trying to figure it out for a few days with no success.


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Way To Change Inbox View So That Don't View Messages As Threads

Apologies if this has been asked/answered before. I searched and couldn't find anything, and can't figure it out on the phone. In the stock gmail app, is there any way to change your inbox view so that you don't view your messages as threads? In other words, even if i move previous replies in the chain to the trash or to another folder, in the inbox, you still see all instances of the message chain. I don't like this. Is there a way to change that or do i just stick with k9.

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Delete Last Row In A Table With Sqlite Database Tools Of Droid

My question is quite straightforward. I have a table, with, lets say x rows, with each an id, but i don't know how many rows i have. Now i want to delete the last row of my table for some reason. Is there an easy way to do that in android? I have been trying to use the last_insert_rowid in my where clause. But no luck so far.
Any idea to do that with the sqlite database tools of android?

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Clone Hidden Row And Display Cloned One With Visibility Seetings To True

As part of my dynamic adding of table rows. However in perf tips of sdk i see it takes. Inflate 1 view from xml 22, 000. Which is a huge one. In order to have a decent perf, looking to close the existing tablerow and add this as new row. Is cloning of existing table row possible assuming that i always close from a hidden view only. Does clone takes care of closing the sub views sub components clones.

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